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Finally feeling better-YAY !!

I went in for a tummy tuck to repair scars from...

I went in for a tummy tuck to repair scars from previous surgeries..
Nothing I would do would flatten my stomach and thought well why not..
I went in for surgery Sept 6 2012..
I had the t incision tummy tuck and everything was healing well til a week and a half later when I noticed a black spot on my bottom incision line..when I saw my surgeon sept 26 he said it was skin necrosis and had to cut it out..so now the fun begins ugghh..so I was sent home and a home care nurse came in daily to pack my wound..I noticed it was starting to infect and couldn't wait to see the surgeon on Oct3..so when I did see him he admitted me to hospital right then and did surgery that night..he removed more dead fat and tissue and hooked me up to a vac therapy machine..that helps keep blood flow to the wound and sucks all fluid out..the wound is big but not as deep anymore ..I'm hoping this helps and I don't need the vac to long..the dressing changes hurt so much and is a pain to lug around..
I see my surgeon again oct 17 and I really hope everything is healing well..I don't think I can take anymore of this..

Hi sorry to hear the trouble (pain) you have had to endure! Hopefully things will get better real soon!!!! Good luck to you in your recovery process!!
I'm sorry to hear that. I hope this will help with the necrosis. Hope you have a quick recovery!! Happy healing
Wow, I am so sorry you are going through all of this, I cannot imagine what you are going through.

Well..went to my appointment and have to have the...

Well..went to my appointment and have to have the vac for another 2 weeks..was hoping I could get it off ..but I guess it's better than getting an infection and it cuts healing time in half ,if not more.I just don't like the dressing changes,it sticks to the wound and kills coming off.my home nurse is really good though..she takes her time and is as gentle as possible.I find I just work myself up with anxiety before hand..I just can't wait til this is over..I am so happy I have such a wonderful and supportive husband..he has been such a big help in every way..I don't know what I would do without him...so right now I so regret this and wish I never did this..but I know later when I am well I will love the results.I still have swelling also but I guess it's normal.
I go back to see my surgeon oct 31st and hopefully I will be vac free..as of now my nurse comes to my home Monday,Wednesday and Friday for my dressing change..I take pain medication before hand and it does help some..
Thank you so much ladies!!:) Hope your recovery is going great:)

Well woohoo!!! Finally got the wound vac off...I...

Well woohoo!!! Finally got the wound vac off...I finally feel free..This has been a long hard recovery and on top had to deal with J-pouch infection which I am finally getting over..I had my large bowel removed in 1999..which caused most of my scaring..which led me to my decision to have a scar revision/tummy tuck...Thank God my husband has been so supportive...I am able to do most things I did before now ,but get tired faster and still have a hole in my abdomen that needs to heal..My wound is 10 cm by 5.5 cm now with hardly any depth..My surgeon says it will be completely healed by end of December ..But I think it will be sooner..I am still glad I got this surgery done though..My surgreon says I might need a revision surgery in the future >>I think because the scar is going to be hidious..I still have alot of swelling and can feel it in my legs and butt too...I dont know if this is normal or not...Right now I just cant wait to go back to work ...I do alot of lifting,so when I see my surgeon Nov 20th I will ask him when I can..I just know this site has been such a lifesaver on so many levels.:)))I will post some pics..before and 4 weeks post op..
I am leaving to see my doctor tomorrow and for my 39th birthday get to see the new Twilight movie..I can't believe how much my hole has closed in..It is only at 7 cm by 4 cm now ..with no depth...I am so happy this is almost over..Can't wait until I can exercise and go back to work..Its been 3 months now and I am super bored..The only real concern I have right now is tenderness around my belly button..maybe it is normal..
I'm so sorry for what you are going.through! i hope by next.year (Jan) it will all be a distant memory!

I am finally almost healed now..The hole in my...

I am finally almost healed now..The hole in my stomach is only maybe 3 by 2..I really can't wait til I can have a bath..I always liked my baths at night..I can shower before my dressing change,but it is just not the same..Skin Necrosis doesn't happen to everyone..Just smokers apparently..Earlier I didn't explain much I guess..I am a mother of 2 boys 20 and 14..I had my first son at 18 and after that had numerous bowel surgeries..I had ulcerative colitis.which they removed my large bowel..then a hysterectomy..so i had numerous scarring and one part the scar attached to my muscle..so the doctor did a scar revision/tummytuck..I didnt know you had to quit smoking so when I went in for my surgery Sept 6 I was still a smoker..so im sure that was why I got skin necrosis and the fat in my stomach died which led to my second surgery Oct 3..I then quit smoking !!It has been 2 months since I smoked and I am healing great now..Although my result isnt what I had hoped for..it is still way better than before..I gained 15 pounds since my surgery..I guess from not doing much and not smoking..so I have alot to lose now..And hopefully can go back to work soon..The doctor wants to do a revision ,,but I think I will wait a year for that..I need a break!! and I guess scared the same thing will happen again.
Aww poor you can't believe no-one told you about giving up smoking. My surgeon refusedto did mmine until I'd given up for 6 weeks prior to surgery. Luckily I had no problems healing and very naughtilly started smoking 2 weeks after surgery. At least your on the mend now . X
I find it very hard not to smoke,but it did help with speeding up my healing.the weight gain sucks though..glad you had a great recovery:)
Glad to hear you are on the final stretch of recovery. What a scary thing to have happened to you. I was a smoker until October 1, 2012. I would not have quit except for my surgeon telling me he would not perform the surgery if I didn't quit at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. After reading your posts, I'm glad I listened to him. I knew I needed to listen to him but there was this thought in my head that said "eh, what's the worst that can happen" and "how will he know". I'm glad I ignored those thoughts and just did what he told me to do.

I finally got discharged from homecare..Doctor...

I finally got discharged from homecare..Doctor said just to leave rest of wound open to air and it will scab over..sort of worried about that but just want this over with..Was a bit depressed looking at it without the bandage on..it is really disgusting and it puckers all my skin up at the bottom and it has a bulge,,,I guess he was right I will need a revision done..Maybe next year though as Im just done with all this and want to get back to normal..He also gave me an okay to go back to work..I gained 15 pounds since my surgey ..so I really have to work my butt off to lose it now..UUgghhh!!.The results are still way better than they were to begin with..But along my belly button it is still hard and tender to touch..Is this normal or something I should be concerned about? I guess im worried because he had to pull alot of dead fat out of my stomach and im scared more died..Blaahhh I would so not want to go through that again..
Anyways i am just venting!! I will post more pics soon...
Glad to hear your wound vac is gone. Your ps would not have pulled it if there were still alot of drainage so you so good to go girl.
I really hated that wound vac!! Blah.. I really feel it will get better from here ..thank-you!!:) Btw ,you look great!!
Thank you, I feel so good and can't believe that I do look good. My husband is sick of hearing about my tt he said that is all I have talked about for the last year. So I gotta quite commenting about how big my jeans are and how I need a new this or that. LOL. Men just don't understand how important this is to us women. They appreciate the outcome just not the process.
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