This Just Got Real!!!! - Canada

Ok so this just got real!!! I have been on the...

Ok so this just got real!!!
I have been on the waiting list for 5 months and I just got the call today that I am scheduled for my full TT in 2 weeks.
I am so excited, I have been waiting for this for so long! But I am also so nervous!
I have lost 93lbs. And have kept it off for 3 years.
I have been following so many of you and you all look absolutely amazing!!!!
I have so much to do to prepare, getting house ready, kids ready, husband ready(that will be the biggest challenge, to get him to follow routine as best as possible). I am bit of a control freak and that is going to have to go on back burner for the next little bit.....hope I can do this!
Will most definitely have to post pics of before and after.
Congrats girl! This will be the longest wait of your life! The next longest wait is getting the drains out. It really isn't long but u will be counting down the days befire those suckers are removed, lol. Best of luck!
Congratulations on the weight loss!  Wow what an amazing job you have done.  Time to finish this transformation up.

I am so ready for this!!!!!

So I have been thinking of my TT surgery non-stop ever since I learned of my date. 11 sleeps and counting. Just like a kid waiting for Santa.
I have to admit my mind wonders to the what if's, but I am quick to bring myself back to way I am doing this.
I have worked so hard to loose an enormous amount of weight and I deserve this so much.
I absolutely hate what my stomach looks like and I think I hide it very well.
I have taken some pics and I honestly cannot believe that I am sharing them.....I am so embarrassed.
But what the heck, here it goes. :/
Can't wait to see pics of the new you! I feel the exact de way as you I have caught myself contemplating cancelling the surgery. But us girls deserve to look like we have been working hard on our bodies which we have been.
I hear you!   You are going to do fantastic.


Ok so today I had a meltdown.
I am trying to get organized( I am a control freak), have three more days of work left and my hubby came home early( works on the road), with a serious cold!!!!!
Now I have to try nt to catch the damn thing from him.........
He has been great at keeping his distance but omg I am so stressed today.
Seven more days til I get my TT. It is so weird but today I am feeling so overwhelmed.
I know it will all pass and I am glad it is happening today rather then the day before surgery, but good gravy, I cannot believe how emotional I am.
All of my meal planning and prep has been done. Bit of baking left to do for the kids lunches(15.13,7).
One child has a broken leg, cast comes off on Monday morning and then boot goes on.....hope he will be able to get around a bit better since I will not be able to help him like I have been.
I tell , I might need a vaca after all this is over with :)
Ok my rant is done, time to pull up my big girl panties ( won't be big for much longer) and suck it up.
Feel better now ;)
I guess the bad nerves are part of the package lol. I have my surgery march 31st and I'm a nervous wreck!! Good luck Hun.
wow, im going for mine one day after yours! we should keep in touch re: recovery. What have you prepped for meals? I need to get thinking about this stat. congrats on your amazing weight loss, how did you get the weight off? the pic of your belly from your hands and knees is awesome as it shows exactly what will be taken off by the surgery. You are going to look amazing! good luck to you and i'll try to practice what I preach and say.. don't stress and worry too much, it will all be over soon!


We'll today is my last day of work.....not sure how I am feeling about this.
Kind of a bundle of nerves the past few days.
5 days til I get my TT. Have almost everything ready.
I am on RS at least three times a day seeing the results of others. Amazing transformations.......
Well I made it!!! I am on the flat side. Surgery went very well. Hubby waiting fore when I got to my room. Last night was a bit rough, gas pains- holy that doesn't feel good. Now I feel like my muscles have had the biggest workout of my life! I love pain meds lol. Want to load pics but phone won't let me :( Happy day RS friends :)
congratulations on your weight loss and good luck with the surgery. See you on the flat side!
Good luck!

The time has come!!!

So I am leaving in the a.m.
I will be going to the hospital 7:00 Wednesday morning.
I have everything prepared(as much as possible).
Bags are packed, nerves are in full gear. No turning back now :)
I cannot believe how excited I am, even with the nervousness.
Flatside here I come.........


On my way to hospital!
About to wet my pants too.....
See you all on the flat side!!!!
That's great! I just had surgery today I've been dozing on and off, love the pain meds as well. I'm taking them every 4 hours along with gravol cause if get nauseated easily. The worst thing is in trying not to cough. Throat tickles and I have to focus not to cough. Dr almost didn't do surgery today as was worried about the muscle repair and pulling while I cough. It's hope everything heals smoothly/stays together. Do these meds make you so loving? Man in the nicest person ever, keep telling my sis how wonderful she is and how much I love her. I better be careful with my emails or texts! I can see me writing my boss or the guy I'm dating and saying wacky things!!!! I'm drainless so I don't know what that's like. Been up to pee once, that was ok. I'm worried about tomorrow, heard day two is more painful. Sending positive vibes your way!!!! Happy healing!!
Ya the meds are something else! I have been up walking about a couple times, getting back into bed is the hardest thing for me. I find peeing a challenge too. Takes forever!!! My binder keeps riding up as well. I get my dressing changed in the am so I want to take some pics if that. I don't think my Dr will send me home tomorrow , most likely Saturday. Which is ok, the more rest I get here the better. I was told this would feel like a c section.....wrong! My sections were s walk in the park compared to this. I have never felt anything like this before, but I am so glad I did it. You take care, watch those emails n texts (hehe), happy healing my flat side friend!!

Feeling pretty good

I feel not too bad. Pain meds at minimum. Seen Dr. This morning and she said I look good. She is extremely happy.
So if she is then I should be hey??
Haven't seen anything yet, binder on-feels awesome!
Drainage tubes are not bad at all, I have 2. The worst pain was throughout the night. I have been u 5 times to washroom. Don't like getting back into bed.
Might be able to go home tomorrow but not sure yet.
So as of now I have no regrets, feeling a bit high :), and my Dr., hubby n nurses have been fabulous. Wanted to post a couple pics but phone is being silly/ or maybe I am.
Will do so when I figure this out ;)
Happy day my RS friends, happy day!


Ok so these gas pains can go to hell!
Now I have been up walking and only a little toot happened! Seriously......
Any advice in how to get this moving along?
My binder keeps riding up too. Kinda feels to big. I feel very swollen, and a bit cranky.
I know this will pass but holy shiznit this past 24 hrs have been rough.
Just got more meds hope it helps ;)
Congrats on the weight loss! I lost 90 and you are going to be so happy to get the extra skin gone! The first week is the worst. Stay on top of your messages and get plenty of rest. Also drink lots of fluids. Have you tried gas-x?
*meds not messages
Congratulations on the weight loss, that's amazing!!! I'm getting close to my goal after losing 23kg so far, I can only imagine how brilliant you must feel! I can't wait to see some pics, I hope the pain is settling :)

Mobility is my friend

So I had an awakening... Suck up the pain a little bit cause I am only going to get worse if I don't start moving.
My gas pains are starting to subside since u started walking. Stool softener a are now going to b my best friend :).
I have one more dose of antibiotics n then my iv is out!! I cannot wait.
Got my dressings changed, got to take some pics of the new button!
My binder is too big, it always has to b adjusted and that is annoying.
Oh well I really shouldn't complain all is going rather ok.
Uploadingt pics, hope they turn out!

New button!!

U look amazing u must be so happy with the results
Looking good so far
Looking good! :)

Home time

Seen Dr. I get to go home today.
I am happy to be going but I am so nervous.....
The drive is 2 hrs home
I have my family n friends to help me but bring 2 hrs from Dr. Is scary.
Drains are going to be the biggest pain in my ass.
I can have a shower here if I want! Yes!

Home sweet home

Being at home is absolutely marvellous.
Getting into vehicle was easier than I thought, the drive was uncomfortable.
Had everyone helping out so much, was truly touched at by my teenage boys. And mt little girl was telling everyone what they should be doing :) too cute.
Pain meds are my best friend for sure. My back is the worst , cannot get rid of the aching. Home care should be here in the morning to change my dressings.
Not too much in my drains, hope they are out soon.
This morning, my stomach is so flat! So different from last night(I was so swollen from the days activities )
How are you feeling today?
I feel not too bad today thank you. Showered and it was heavenly, felt wonderful on my back.
hey how are you doing today? my back is killing me. tummy isn't bad at all.. I'm still taking tylenol maybe every 4-6 hours. I'm walking 95% straight i would say, and getting up and down isn't too bad. I've had BM (yay). Im only coughing a little which is painful, but trying to manage it. ANy ideas on how to help this back from aching so much? Im thinking of trying a heating pad? do you have to wear your binder 24/7? I do, its itchy as heck and uncomfortable.

Another day closer to feeling 100%

Today I showered and oh my it was so awesome!
Got to see my new tummy standing up for the first time..... I have to admit I got emotional.
I can honestly say it was the first time looking at myself naked that I wasn't disgusted with myself.....I would always suck my belly in (still didn't look good but for some reason it made me feel better). Well I wasn't sucking in n I could see even with being swollen n not completely flat that I already look amazing! My hubby was standing there staring at me....wasn't 100% on board with the whole TT but he told me by the look on my face that it was so worth it. That meant the world to me.
I have to say I have been pushing myself a bit too much. I have to learn to give others the reins so I can rest, I don't want to undo what has been done!
Hope to have my drains out by the end if the week.
And on another note, I really want a pedicure!
Happy day my RS friends ????
you've inspired me to shower.. how did you do it? i was told not to get by incision tape wet yet.. ugh.. not sure how to do this. my hair is so greasy and i feel stinky. i would just feel so much better.
My Dr. gave me the ok before I left the hospital. I didn't try avoid my incision, just showered as normal. Afterwards I laid down and let myself air dry. Put more dressing on and then my friendly binder :) Do you have staples or dissolvable stitches? I have the dissolvables but they are inside and then I have a knot at each side of incision. I am so thankful she did it that way. I hope you find a way to shower, you truly will feel so much better. The only downfall is that it is very tiring. I have spent the rest of the day laying down. Happy healing my RS friend!

Mother of God

I need to poop so bad!!!
It won't happen, it has been 7 days and I think this is where my pain is coming from.
I have tried everything.


Just read your story, so cool to hear about your journey -- you look amazing!
Thank u !

Relief finally

Well.I finally had my first BM after 7 days.
I have to tell you all that I NEVER want to go through that kind of discomfort again!
I tried not to push n let it happen naturally but my stomach started clenching and now I am scared I hurt something.
My hubby says that I couldn't have or I would be in extreme pain but it is in the back of my head and now I am so worried.
Wow, you look great!!
Thank you :)

Another step to full recovery

This morning I got 1 drain removed. Felt so weird! I have to say though I am so glad it was taken out, they truly are annoying. Next one on Monday if all goes well with drainage amounts over the weekend.
I feel a bit of nausea now. Hubby gave me some gravol, cannot vomit!! It hurts so bad to cough I could not even imagine that!!! Ouch!
Taking a day to stay in bed, I think hubby is right n I have been overdoing it. He leaves on Tuesday to go back to work n then it is me, kidlets, n Hugo(St..Bernard). Life should be very interesting then ;)
My legs have been bothering me while in bed. Cannot get comfy. Do wish I could sleep on my side.
Do any of you know if that is ok? Would it hurt the healing process? I thought u had to stay in a laying position.
Have a good day all!!!
hey Cinhorn, how are you doing?

On my own.....

We'll this morning my husband had to leave to go back to work, on my own now
:(. I know my kids will help out, but I sure wish he could still stay home.
I got my second drain out yesterday and I cannot believe how great I felt afterward.
I am trying to find another binder, this one is too big. Harder than one would think, might have to look online.
I am in swell hell I think, had a meltdown the other morning cause I don't look like I thought I would, I know the swelling will go down.
I know everyone is different, but does anyone have any posayive words about how long this swelling will last? Does it get worse the more you are up and around?
I see my Dr. on Thursday, I hope she is still pleased with her work.
Have a great day everyone :)
Not too bad. Drove for the first time today, that wuss interesting. Took some fancy footwork to get into Yukon. Hubby left yesterday morning, I was exhausted last night! Sleeping a bit better. Worried that I am not putting my garment on tight enough though. How are u???? How is work? Still have your nanny ?

New pics......swollen. How long will it take to go down????


Well I had my first post op, everything is great.
I still am down in the dumps over the swelling, she told me it will take awhile to go down. Kinda made me sad, I know in time it will go down but I just wish it was now.....
I have some fluid build up but it is my own fault for doing too much. So, she has told me to rest!!!!!! And I am now doing just that.
I do as little as possible and all my kids are such a great help since hubby went back to work. I am so thankful I am not back to work yet.
My incision is healing so good! My belly button rocks too!
Just have to deal with swelling do I can put on jeans on :)
I understand your swelling issues, it sucks! I am hoping to gets better quickly, but I know I have a long time to go. You could try a belly belt wrapped tightly around your swollen belly over your cg.

How long has it taken for your swelling to go down???????

I have been feeling kinda crappy about being so swollen. And yes I think I have pushed myself a bit but I have really slowed down.
I have noticed a bit of a difference but not a lot. It is from my belly button to the incision and right above my incision at my hips.
I tried on all my dress pants on this morning n they fit good but a tiny muffin top, I really hope it is the swelling :(
I tried on a pair of jeans and it hurt when I did them up, I think I need to heal more before I can wear them.
I am healing nicely, my incision is really low, I think it will almost be non-existent after awhile. And my belly button, I love it! I can see it, I don't have to bend to find it anymore!!! Lol
Please ppl any words about the swelling? It is really starting to bring me off my high of the entire experience.
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