Derma Rolling Old Stretch Marks at Home - Saskatchewan, SK

I had a tummy tuck in 2011 which removed some, but...

I had a tummy tuck in 2011 which removed some, but not all, of my stretch marks. I also had a baby last year (yes....after my TT which is wonderfully intact!) and developed a few new horizontal stretch marks near my belly button.

Stretch mark description:
They are white
Width is small, measuring only a few mm each, but are 5inches above TT scar

I have decided to try at home micro needling. I purchased a derma roller from amazon and some palmers skin oil. Current plan is to rub oil every day and preform micro needling on abdomen and tummy tuck scar once a month. I am also micro needling my TT scar, although it is actually thin and white. I have read it will take awhile to see improvement. I am going to micro needle once a month x 1 year. My goal us to improve the appearance enough that I am comfortable in a bikini.

I will only post photos is there is a drastic improvement. I don't want my pictures used for other purposes, but if the appearance is significant I will show you guys.


Hi ladies I am using the derma roller,have been for bout month, I have stretch marks , as a black lady they show more in bright light, they are fading, But I want to share with you is I have a burn, on my leg from chip fat oil, my leg was on fire. Now this burn is 28 yrs old the stretch marks are 30. I decided to go for my leg and see if it works and I feel I have to say it's WORKING. Soon as I work out how to put pics on I will on both,
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So glad that it's working for your scar! I'm really interested to hear more about your microneedling of stretchmarks. I've read that needling involves pigmentation risks on dark-skin individuals, such as lasers do, apparently. However, my thoughts were that if done properly, with the right topicals, there should be minimal chance of discoloration. Have you noticed any discoloration so far?
Just saw this, have you seen results? I have done needling on my skin and am beginning to see positive changes (lessening of wrinkles, increased firmness and improved texture). Just had a rejuvapen with PRP on face and neck that I am documenting in a review on RS. I am also waiting on a roller to address an unattractive and visible surgical scar from wrist surgery. I have seen pictures of good results with stretch marks, but it's not a quick fix (since there is no other option, I think that's fine). I am interested in any info you wish to share. Thanks!
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