Chin Implant Mistake - Saskatchewan, SK

I would really think this through if you want a...

I would really think this through if you want a chin implant. I did not and now I COMPLETELY hate it. It is way more pain then i thought. Even after 2 weeks. I think it is a good choice for those with a really receding chin.

This totally changes my face and not in a good way. Seriously consider the consequences if you do a chin implant.

No one told me about possible lifelong problems or deformities if you get one and then want it out. Make sure the doc explains all types of implants available. I personally would never go with Medpor Stryker implant (thats what i got) as tissue grows into it making it harder to remove and more possibilities of deformity if removed.


Thanks for sharing your experience on RealSelf! When you say your implant changed your face for the worse, what do you mean specifically?
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1) My face asymetrical now, the left side is bigger, lower hanging than the right. 2) I have jowls now and this has aged me 10 years, terrible, did not think about that. Completely opposite to my goal 3) The implant is too big in general. To wide in particular 4) the curvature or the implant does not compliment my face, it is dull and rounded, I have shape features. It does not belong on my face. I look like James DeFranco above my lips, and Ben Affleck under my lips. Horrible. 5) I already had a longer face, the implant has accentuated this. 6) There is a flat area on the left lower chin where there should be a nice rounded contour. Very noticeable. Not nice. Gets flatter, bigger everyday. I have a hard time looking in the mirror now. I can't stand it. This was the worse decision I have ever made. Now I worry about permanent, life-long deformities after it is removed. And it absolutely must be removed. I hate the look more and more as days go by. It is getting worse. I will never do anything like this again.

One month post op - I hate the implant more than ever

The swelling has mostly left. Enough to know how it going to look.

It is terrible. The implant is completely wrong for my face. It is too big and wide and extends my face way too far down.

Every day as the swelling leaves, it gets worse and more noticeable that it out of proportion.

Surgery for removal has been scheduled for August 22/14, way too far away for me. I worry every day now about permanent deformities as a result of this terrible decision.


It is not the swelling. It is the implant itself. And it has to go ASAP.

Total cost for implant then removal, $10,000.

Biggest mistake of my life. I wish I never did this.


Also I wanted anyone that reads this, yes! It makes your face look longer! U need to be ready for that. No one told me that and I didn't read it anywhere. I thought it would just be projection out but somehow it elongates my face. I wasn't ready for that and it's going to take some getting used to.
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I got the same thing done. I went in for a rhinoplasty and the surgeon suggested that i get a chin implant. I never noticed that i could possibly even need it. I regretted immediately. My face was exactly as you described. I couldnt even look in the mirror. My face was already longer so the implant just made it horribly worse. The implant appeared to large and went across my chin and not just in the front like I expected. It was square and heavy and was a clear separation from my original jaw line to make matter worse, as the days passed the swelling from my nose went down and my chin got larger and my face got longer. BUT i can say that Im 6 weeks post and I think that I can see the light. I went to the orthodonist yesterday and she mentioned that my profile was perfect, and that was nice. My chin is starting to sharpen out and is less bulky and square. The swelling is still there but is better and my jowls are receding too. Everyday it gets better. I can say I was not prepared for it. My surgeon did not give me enough warning on what I would go through pain wise and looking like. If they had, I probably would have not done it. I've had other surgeries but an implant on your face is drastic. I think that you really have to have a recessive chin and really "need" this in order to appreciate it. Im not writing to tell you that its swelling. Im not looking at you, it could very well be horrible. I just wanted to share with you my experience.
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Yes!! Exactly my situation!! I went for rhinoplasty too, but was suggested a chin implant. I never even thought of it before. In less than 2 weeks I had this stupid thing in. I had thought of a nose job for years and years, not a chin implant. The implant is too large and goes all the way along my jaw line all the way to the mandibles. It looks like I have mumps 24/7 (yes swelling is gone now). My face literally gets worse every day now. There is major dimpling happening and creasing in 3 directions. And the end of chin is bulbous, like the prow of a ship. I can't look in a mirror either still (2 months post op), I have a hard time telling people how much I hate the effect, then to have people to repeatedly ask me to point out everything I hate is getting more than just annoying. Do people ask fat people to display all that the fat person hates? Surgery for removal has been moved up to Aug 14th, thank god. I hate this thing so much. I still recommend that NO ONE EVER GETS A CHIN IMPLANT UNLESS YOU HAVE A SEVERE BIRTH DEFECT, ETC. I absolutely cannot wait until this ugly piece of crap out of my face in 7 days


1st photo is 1 week PRE-OP. Second photo is 2 months post op and swelling is gone now mostly. It is horrid.


Also, what implant did you get, and I was thinking of a terino style 2 square implant which is an extended anatomical implant.. I wonder if you got that too
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Hey, I was thinking of getting a chin implant because my chin is too small and not wide enough. Basically I want to achieve your pre-op chin. I have a face kind of like yours low body fat, everything is pretty defined the jawline, cheekbones etc.. From your after pic your chin looks like it is from someone older who is a little bit fat and looks weird, like full of fat. I want a sharp square chin like your first pic but now have second thoughts..
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I think you should still look into it if you actually have a receding chin, I didn't really have a receding chin, just barely. But I did not research the implant choice at all, or have any information on it at all really before the operation. Mine is the Medpor Stryker implant. Maybe really discuss it with your doctor and be very clear with what you expect. I basically let him make all the decisions and just trusted we had the same vision. We did not.

scar tissue growing into the implant

The lower portion of my face is in effect stapled to the implant now. The scaring form healing has attached the skin of my face to the implant. Very uncomfortable. The skin on my chin is completely attched to the impant and wont move. I was told this would not happen, was temporary, etc. But is has not been temporary. Where the implant was put in, the skin is getting very hard and immobile, like the skin is sewn straight to my bone.

Every day I have this is in, the more I think it should not be used at all.

Anyone considering a porous implant right under the skin should be ready for this effect. I was not told about it, and I have not read about it anywhere.


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At that type is silicone by the look of it. Make sure to ask your doctor about what happens if you want it removed.

Paid for the removal today

Paid the balance today for removal of this chin implant. It is gone in 2 days. Total paid for this mistake -> $10,400.

Thank god.

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Implant out!

Just had the implant removed! Much happier.

Will post some photos later.

The pain is not bad


Thank you so very much for sharing your story. I am getting a chin implant on 8/21 and now I will know what to tell the doctor I do NOT want. So much pain, heartache on top of so much $$$. This has been a miserable lesson. I'm praying you will heal well now that it's out and just put this down as a lesson well-learned. And the fact that you told us about it means so very much. That's what this site is for, so those of us who are innocent (and sometimes uninformed) can learn both the good and the not-so-good of PS. Take care and hope you feel well and "normal" very soon! Maggie
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One day after chin implant removal

I had the medpor chin implant removed yesterday. And I am much happier. I like my looks better already even with the swelling whichisn't to bad actually.

It is not painful at all today. There was a bit of pain along the jaw for a few hours after surgery but that went away in 4 or 5 hours.

I will post up some pics of today. I am back at work, so these are form my work computer in the office, sorry about the quality.
First 4 are from Aug. 15/14, approximately 24 hours after removal.

The rest are all pre-implant surgery.
And yes, I was able to go to work the next day.


Thank you for sharing. You look great! You looked perfect before the implant from both front and side.... What made you decide to get an implant?
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I have posted some pics after removal, and some with the implant, and some before the implant. Hope that helps. I sent an earlier reply but it was not allowed by the site for some reason. Not sure why. But really think it through. Best wishes, ask me anything!

correction about the photos

The first 4 are from 1 day after removal,

The next 5 are pre-implant.

And the last 3 are with the implant in 2 months after surgery.


I am glad you took that out! You are a good looking guy and never needed the chin implant.. it looked really hideous.. shame on the Doc who suggested you to get a chin implant!
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Thank you, I appreciate that :)
I'm happy for you that it is gone. Your relief is palpable.
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One month post removal of Styker chin implant

One month out and I am very glad I had the implant removed


I just read your story and i completely agree that you looked much better before the implant. I'm glad you got it taken out. That was NOT swelling! Good luck to you moving forward!
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What you needed is jaw surgery, not implantation. I recommend searching on youtube "bixmax jaw surgery", and watch the video "erin has jaw surgery". The results are AMAZING and will correct your problem :)
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I hate my chin implant to I want it out now but I was told I need to wait; ( It's been 8 days since I had this stupid implant I hate it.
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Dr. Rick

Changed my mind. I did not get all the necessary information before getting this ugly thing in. He did a fine job in surgery, but everything else was not good. I am not happy at all

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