Chin Implant Mistake - Saskatchewan, SK

I would really think this through if you want a...

I would really think this through if you want a chin implant. I did not and now I COMPLETELY hate it. It is way more pain then i thought. Even after 2 weeks. I think it is a good choice for those with a really receding chin.

This totally changes my face and not in a good way. Seriously consider the consequences if you do a chin implant.

No one told me about possible lifelong problems or deformities if you get one and then want it out. Make sure the doc explains all types of implants available. I personally would never go with Medpor Stryker implant (thats what i got) as tissue grows into it making it harder to remove and more possibilities of deformity if removed.

One month post op - I hate the implant more than ever

The swelling has mostly left. Enough to know how it going to look.

It is terrible. The implant is completely wrong for my face. It is too big and wide and extends my face way too far down.

Every day as the swelling leaves, it gets worse and more noticeable that it out of proportion.

Surgery for removal has been scheduled for August 22/14, way too far away for me. I worry every day now about permanent deformities as a result of this terrible decision.


It is not the swelling. It is the implant itself. And it has to go ASAP.

Total cost for implant then removal, $10,000.

Biggest mistake of my life. I wish I never did this.
Dr. Rick

My doc was great. This was all my fault.

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Can you post any pics of before and after... The first few months are the worst and it takes time to adjust and get used to the new look
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No. IT IS NOT THE SWELLING FOR THE LAST TIME! I will not add any photos: 1) Photo's will not show the details I am talking about. 2) All people are going to say is "looks ok to me". And that will just piss me off. You do not know what you are looking at. I am absolutely, 100%, TOTALLY AWARE OF THE SWELLING ISSUE. THIS IS NOT SWELLING!!!! I hate the shape. It is WRONG FOR MY FACE. Please reread my prior comments. My face has lost all its "niceness". It is horrible now. I have an entire new jaw line that I DID NOT WANT AT ALL. IT IS THE WRONG IMPLANT COMPLETELY. I had beautiful, refined features that my agent and photographers loved. AND THAT IS ALL GONE. You people that keep talking about the swelling simply do not understand. For the last time, IT IS NOT THE SWELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The professionals I work with are fully aware as I am thank you. PLEASE STOP WITH THE EASY ANSWER ---> SWELLING & "you'll get used to it" I DO NOT WANT TO USED TO IT. AGAIN, IT IS UGLY Worst mistake of my life. Never doing anything like this again. And I still worry now about life long deformities after removal. I highly, highly recommend that no one gets this done.
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Ok bud, was just trying to help. Best of luck
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Thanks for sharing your experience on RealSelf! When you say your implant changed your face for the worse, what do you mean specifically?
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1) My face asymetrical now, the left side is bigger, lower hanging than the right. 2) I have jowls now and this has aged me 10 years, terrible, did not think about that. Completely opposite to my goal 3) The implant is too big in general. To wide in particular 4) the curvature or the implant does not compliment my face, it is dull and rounded, I have shape features. It does not belong on my face. I look like James DeFranco above my lips, and Ben Affleck under my lips. Horrible. 5) I already had a longer face, the implant has accentuated this. 6) There is a flat area on the left lower chin where there should be a nice rounded contour. Very noticeable. Not nice. Gets flatter, bigger everyday. I have a hard time looking in the mirror now. I can't stand it. This was the worse decision I have ever made. Now I worry about permanent, life-long deformities after it is removed. And it absolutely must be removed. I hate the look more and more as days go by. It is getting worse. I will never do anything like this again.
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