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7 months post op and I am feeling better then I have in a long time--new pics

Hey everyone! I am a mother of 2 beautiful...

Hey everyone!

I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids! I have been considering a MM for about 5 years now. I had bugged and bugged my husband for years about having it done, oddly enough it took one lunch hour with a business friend to change his mind!! He at that point called me to tell me to book it! My surgery is in less then a week eeeeekkkkkk so excited and a bit nervous.

15/092012 Today I am total ``scrambled`` ...


Today I am total ``scrambled`` brains!! I have 5 days left till my surgery and I feel like I am going crazy lol!! My kids are at a friends house so the house seems so quiet, this gives me more time to obsess over my upcoming surgery. Wow I wish I could just click my heals together and it would be Thursday!! I talked to my nurse yesterday and I am so happy!!! I will only be at the hospital for 30min before surgery, mine is the first surgery of the day!!

I am going to upload some photos once the surgery is complete. I will put some before and after photos up. Is it strange that I want a few pics taken during the surgery??

Anyways hope you all have a great day, I am going to go clean up the house some more, lol it is almost like I am nesting like when I had my beautiful kiddies.

Yeah 4 more sleeps to go!!! Im so excited that my...

Yeah 4 more sleeps to go!!! Im so excited that my toes are tingling lol!! My awesome husband came home on friday with the Bra I have been looking for!!! Let me tell you this bra rocks!!! It is the Under Armour Endurance Bra (Zips up in the front) The girls are not going any where with this thing on!!

Happy Sunday ladies!!

WooooHooooo 3 days to go!!! I am in full blown...

WooooHooooo 3 days to go!!! I am in full blown nesting mode lol, I have been cooking up a storm today!! My husband and kids should not have to worry about much! I have also got to the point where I can go from 0 to psycho in under 60 seconds and it really sucks. Yesterday I was having break downs and freaking out over the house being suck a mess. My husband is away a lot on business and used to staying in a hotel room in which he has a maid, I think he has honestly forgot how to throw things away, put his dishes in the dish washer and clothes go in the hamper not the floor lol. See there is the PSYCHO in under 60 coming out.....lol

I have for a long time joked about my tummy looking like Freddy Krueger;'s face, It will be so nice to now have a tummy that looks like it is smiling and flat. Oh can these 3 days just be over with???

Have a great Monday ladies

2 more sleeps!!! I sat up last night and started...

2 more sleeps!!! I sat up last night and started thinking the worst or the worst outcomes, grrrrrr I hate getting nervous. I am so thankful that I have such amazing friends. Today one of my friends assured that everything was going to be fine (she said "listen there is nothing taking you down, your a fighter" xoxo so nice to hear) For the first time in a very long time I had a phone conversation with a friend and talked for about an hour about things that we are both going through, I honestly forgot how nice it is to talk on the phone rather then just text.

Today I went out and got the last of the things that I needed, including my raised toilet seat and new bedding ( I have an odd obsession with bedding, my bestie always teases me about how often I buy bedding). Tonight we are going to the kids school and meeting the teacher and having pizza (last time ill be having that for a while lol). I am really looking forward to the night with my kiddies and fur babies (2 big big dogs)

OMG and of course this week of all weeks I get my period. So that will be interesting during recovery. However maybe that explains the reason I was feeling so crazy a few days ago....hmmmm

Any ways hope you all have a great night

Hey everyone! Today is day 3 PO and I am feeling...

Hey everyone! Today is day 3 PO and I am feeling great!! I have not had any pain killers today and I am walking almost straight. I have been meaning to get on here for a few days to update but was a little sleepy. Today I woke up and felt great, I slept all night only waking once to go to the bathroom.

My surgery went great, I was able to look at my tummy and perky teenager boobies 1 day post op. When I saw it I cried and almost everytime I look at my tummy I cry. I have waited so long and been so unhappy ( took over so many parts of my life, including my sex life. Sorry tmi) now I look down and my tummy is beautiful!! haha I can finally see my va-j-j again lol!
The good Dr took the skin off from just above my belly button and down. He has given me a nice low scar that will be easy to hide with a bikiki!! Oh and I love my new belly button, thinking once it heals ill go get it pierced!!!

Well that's all for now but I will update soon xoxo!

Today is 5 days post op and I am feeling pretty...

Today is 5 days post op and I am feeling pretty great! I went to see me PS today and everything is looking great. My drain will come out on Thursday so excited for that. It was also just night to get out of the house, my DH and I got groceries while we were out so that was nice not to just rush back home. I also had 2 dear Friends come to visit me this evening which was so nice. My one girl friend pained my toes for me (as she does every 2 weeks, she is amazing at it) she also did my daughters and moms while she was here! My daughter loved it, it was a surprise for her for helping me so much while I have been recovering.
I will say this I have found out that sneezing sucks, it felt like my tummy was ripping open. Aside from the sneeze, a cough or laughing the healing process has been great so far.

1 week post op!! So excited that I got that drain...

1 week post op!! So excited that I got that drain out today although it felt like a snake i moving out out of my body. I cant believe the difference in my body in just one week. I have slept through the night for the last 2 nights and that felt great. The most annoying thing is how itchy it is where I had lipo, its driving me bonkers. I just cant wait to go shopping and by some cute new clothes. I have to keep it short tonight feeling a bit sleepy and think I over did it a bit today!! I drove for the first time in a week and it scared the shit out of me. Anyways good night everyone

I have been trying to make time to update my...

I have been trying to make time to update my reviews and I have just been so busy. I am feeling great at 3 week PO. I am so so happy I had my MM, it has made me so much more comfortable in my own skin. It is truly an empowering experience. I looked through my photos tonight and I cant believe the changes my body has gone through. I think the next 3 weeks may kill me cause I want to get back to the gym so bad.

I do find that as happy as I am with having my MM I am also very grouchy this last week, maybe cause it has been so busy at work for my husband and I. I feel like I am over doing it an that he gets annoyed when I ask him to do things. I came home tonight and he had the kitchen a total mess and I could have totally blown up. I am not liking this bitchy feeling I have been having and I hate not being able to do everything on my own like I am used to. Sorry for venting and sounding like a crazy woman.

I have updated my pics tonight and I am now excited to see what I will look like a week from now, I have found that the scale can be the enemy, it is frustrating not seeing the lbs go down. 1 thing I wish I would have done before my surgery was do measurements of my body and keep track of my progress.

any ways I hope your all feeling great and healing wonderful

New pics. I an back to working out again and...

New pics. I an back to working out again and feeling pretty good. I can finally at 7 months say that I have started to get abs!!!! I took these pics a month ago but Ill take some more soon and post them. I hope everyone is doing great :)
Dr Anil Duggal

I had a few other friends go to Bluewater and spoke so highly of that clinic, it seemed like a no brainer to me. I had also seen the beautiful work they did.

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Omg! I looked thru ur pics before reading ur update and I assumed the last couple were someone else!!! U look amazing!!! Great job!
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Thank you very much. I still want to continue to loose a few more but watching the transformation has been pretty Cool. How are you doing?
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I'm excited to say I started running again this week! I think my body and mind have been missing the endorphins I get from running... My depression has gotten better every day :0) I can't wait to see "abs"!!!
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Oh depression can be horrible. I find that if I am not working out I get so sad and depressed. I did the squat challenge and now I an doing it again and a crunch challenge it seems to help lots.
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You look great! I agree that it's an empowering experience. Glad you're doing well. Happy to know your hole healed!
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WOW...You look great!
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Thank you so so much vmtimeForMe :)
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You look amazing!! You have no visible swelling around your waist, you look so tiny too! so happy you are feeling better too:)
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Thanks Mrs AZ! You just made my day :) My Dr said no gym till the 3 month marker so I am going crazY!
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3months.....But your boobies look amazing! I can totally see a difference in your pics you only don't notice a change because you see yourself everyday:) when your feeling good and your hubby is home go for a shopping day you'll see the difference!!
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Awe thanks girl! I am my own worst enemy. Yesterday it was great to wear jeans for the first time in forever. Haha I think I even got checked out! I can't wait to go shopping.
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You look so amazing!
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Awe thank you so much! I wore jeans today for the first time in forever and it felt wonderful!!
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Excited Momma, you look great! Thanks for sharing. Quick question, my hubby brought me back the Under Armour bra like yours in a LG and it seems to almost fit now and I'm a 38B. What cup size are you now and what size wear you before? How do you like the feel of the bra, is it too tight? I go in on Oct29
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Hi ttkk97 thank you so much! I am wearing the lg as well and I am about a 36-38 and a D. I love the bra I have tried so many sports bras and this one totally rocks. I love how it zippers in the front, it was awesome for recovery. How excited are you the 29th is coming so quickly
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I am all over the place to be honest :), one minute I'm super excited, the next minute I'm very nervous and I still think maybe it won;t happen. I have to meet with anesthesiologist to make sure he is okay with my high blood pressure I have had for 2 years but its under control so it should be an issue but you know how we think as women..Your pics look great! I did one of those reviews but haven't seem it, I need to add pics
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Thats very normal girl friend! just before my surgery I could go from 0 to total psycho in under 60 seconds lol. It sucked then my nerves kicked in and the night prior to my surgery I was up most the night, lol I think I slept a total of 3 hrs going into surgery. I will tell you that the worst part for me was the wait prior to having the surgery. I am sure everything will be good once you speak to the anesthesiologist, I had the same fear ( I have epilesy) I think it is because we want the surgery so badly. I cant wait to see pics and hear about your journey! xoxo
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Thanks Excited Momma! I will keep you post..Going to see PS tomorrow, lol. Just walking in to get final instruction and hopefully prescriptions.
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You do look amazing! Very encouraging to hear how quickly you are recovering I hope the same for myself :)
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Thank you Motheroffour!! lol I actually asked my dr if everything was ok cause I seemed to be recovering to quickly. The best thing the drs told me was "you went in to the surgery so positive and therefore you had nothing but a positive recovery". lol I seriously thought something was wrong because I felt great. I am hoping you have a wonderful recovery time :)
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Your pictures look amazing!! Congratulations on a wonderful outcome and it a nice recovery! We are all entitled to our bitchy moments! It will pass...for me it's usually those damn hormones! Happy Healing EM!
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thanks girl, I am hoping my bitchy moments have passed lol! Hope all is well socalmm
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You are looking goooooooood!
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Thank you so much!!! How are you doing?
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Dang! Looking good there Hottie!
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