New Boobs; 325cc or Bigger?

Hi there.. I'm 24, 5'6 and 118lbs. I've always had...

Hi there.. I'm 24, 5'6 and 118lbs. I've always had small boobs when everyone else in my family had DDs. I have always wanted implants but never really thought I would ever get them until recently my boyfriend Told me that if it's something I have always wanted to do, then I should do it. I had my first consultation not long ago where I was asked a lot of questions and given a lot of options. I was told that there was textured or smooth silicone implants and that I should choose texture because there was a lot less chance of contracture... But after doing research, I've read a lot of stories that say it doesn't really make that much difference. Also, I was going for a full B... But the PS said that perhaps I should go for more of a 325cc because I would want them bigger in the future. He also showed me 350cc.. So now I'm torn between the 2.. I've looked at pictures of 325 and they don't look that big. I am just wondering if 350 would be too big for my frame. I was also looking at the High profile implants to get that nice round look. I really excited to have my surgery.. But I still have a lot of questions..

Hello Newboobz....Don't touch them!! They look great the way they are! I Know to each his own, but if I looked like that before I had surgery I would not touch them!! Of course we are going to do want when we want, I just think you look really great. Lol can't you tell I am a mom. I feel like I just fussed at you,omg!! You will look super either way. Best of luck to you :-)
I actually saw 4 different doctors before making my final decision. It's very important to feel 100% comfortable with the PS before surgery! Mine explained everything in precise detail,had amazing reviews and had a very informative website too. Make sure your doctor is board certified and has several before and after photos to provide so you can see his work/results on other patients.
I am going in for my 3rd consultation tomorrow.. So I will ask my PS what he thinks. Has anyone else had to go in more than once for a consult? The first consult was good but I wasn't really sure the direction I wanted to go.. So after going home and doing some research.. I figured out what I wanted.. I went back in last week to book my apt. And get resized.. I thought I was meeting with the PS, but I ended up meeting with his associate. I thought I was really weird considering he wasn't the one doing the surgery. So here I am going in for the 3rd time to get sized.. Seems like a lot of visits

Faced with a dilemma... with the serious nature of...

Faced with a dilemma... with the serious nature of having surgery, I decided to book an extra consult with my prospective surgeon last Friday to discuss final sizes and outcome as well as review pictures with hopes of comforting me with my surgery scheduled for Aug. 30. At that visit, they rushed me.. first by telling me I had to pay the non-refundable fee of $700 in order to book the surgery. I had figured that I would speak with the surgeon himself first to make sure that what I was wanting was realistic and obtainable. They told me that I had to pay first and then I would go in an see him. When I went in, I was met by his associate doctor who I am unfamiliar with and was faced with discussing my concerns with him instead of the actual surgeon. He didn't even have me change into a gown before letting me know my options. I was in there for litterally 5 minutes. When he was writing down what I had wanted and size changes etc. he was writing down COMPLETE oposite of what I had JUST told him. So I had to confirm my wish list with the front desk staff instead. They passed me over my "package" not even letting me know of surgery times, what to do, where to go etc. and to boot, they also wrote down the wrong price as well as implant type in a contract that they wanted me to review and sign prior to the surgery date. That didnt leave a good feeling in my stomach.
So, I called the front desk and spoke to her with regards to the above and made her aware of the price mistake etc. and she said.. "well your implants are $8700 because you're getting textured." (I am getting smooth and made the WELL AWARE of this). Also, I asked her to re-write the contract with the appropriate changes and she said "well you consent to everything the day of the operation anyways". To make a long story short, I had her do up a copy and told her I would be in to pick it up today and was hoping that I would have a chance to sit down with the surgeon himself this time to go over sizes. She then made me an apt. for 10am. I left work this morning at 9:30 to be here early. I arrived at 9:45am and she handed over my package and told me to have a seat that he was running a little behind. An hour and a half later I was still sitting there and had to approach the front desk staff to ask when I was going in. And they told me first that he was in a business merting and then second that he was at the hospital so I would have to reschedule. Meanwhile, patients were coming in and out the whole time I was sitting there.

Anyways, I am confronted with either trusting this guy and his staff with my surgery and expectations or going to search for another surgeon to meet my expectations.

Has anyone ever had this problem or is it just me.. any thoughts or comments would be awesome.
It sounds like your doctor isn't the best! I think it's worth visiting another one to see if the chemistry is any better. I went to two doctors, and although the first one seemed okay, I just felt so much more comfortable with the second one, and liked the feel of the clinic more too. I got 330 cc overs, and although I think they look great, I wouldn't have minded maybe going a little larger. However, 330cc was the largest I could get with moderate profile. As Angiemcc says, there is very little difference between 25-30cc so if you have a choice between those two, then go with the larger one. Good luck! :)
Diamondgirltx, don't get me wrong... I definitely love the shape and look of my breasts now.. But I have a bubble butt, so when I put a bikini on, or a nice fitting dress, my body looks out of proportion :(
Oh I understand. I don't know what that's like, I wish I had a bubble butt. Lol
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