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I had a fat transfer to my nasolabial folds,...

I had a fat transfer to my nasolabial folds, corners of my mouth and two areas on my chin. I had this procedure done in conjunction with facial laser resurfacing. The results from the fat transfer are very positive. The folds by my nose and mouth are softened, the corners of my mouth lifted and my chin fuller where it was beginning to sag. The fat is supossed to be permanent which means I won't have the expense of injectable fillers in the future.

This is the way to go if you are considering fillers which have amazing results. Just be sure your physician is experienced.


Hello, Can you please tell me the name of the physician that did your procedure? What did the sites look like that the fat was taken from? Were they lumpy or smooth? Did you need stitches at the sites the fat was taken from? Thank you for your answers. (Also, I understand not wanting to post photos on a public site.) Wishing you the very best.
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The price of $1000 seems amazingly low for fat transfer to so many areas. Where was the fat harvested? Was this done under a local or general anesthesia? I had fat transfer to my under eye area and nasal folds and it was absorbed after one year. I paid a lot more, too.
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I think the RealSelf doctor contributors are divided over the amount of fat that is permanent. Some suggest the source of fat (abdominal versus suprapubic) is important as well as how the fat is spun and preserved. Overfilling seems to be routine and contributes, along with swelling, to the distorted image during the three month period post-op; but, this seems to smooth out with time. I haven't read of any plastic surgeon that even suggests remotely that 100% of the fat is retained in the injected recipient area. Maybe that's a good thing. After 1 year I have about 15% remaining under my eyes. Hey, that's still better than my starting point! Some docs say that the fat continues to be absorbed for up to 2 years. Others say that after 6 months the fat is stabilized. There's a wide range of doctor opinions on this site.
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Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center

This group is the best around. Recommended to me by patients of theirs as well as local physicians I talked to before my procedure.

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