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Okay, so I'm in the medical spa industry and...

Okay, so I'm in the medical spa industry and I'm fortunate to have nurse practitioners as friends. I was asked to be a model for a Palomar Lux 1540 laser resurfacing training. I've been haunted for years by classic ice pick acne scarring on my chin from cystic acne and thought what the hell. I was numbed for 45 minutes and taken back to do the procedure. The pain wasn't bad at all!! They did 6 passes on my chin in two different directions and three passes on my cheeks. After the procedure my face was extremely HOT like a bad sunburn. I did cool compresses every hour for 15 minutes. At the end of night # 1 my face was swollen like a balloon and very RED!

DAY#2- Still very hot, red, and swollen. Scars seem a little fainter!? However, may be due to swelling. Can't wear any makeup and have to go to work. (Yuck) SPF 50 Vi-Derm and sunglasses and a Kentucky derby hat today. LOL.

DAY#3- Now face is warm, red and swollen. Scars are very red and have a imprint from laser all over! That means it's working and it penetrated. Yay!! Still doing compresses every hour and using a very mild cleanser. NO MAKEUP AND WORKING!! SPF 50

DAY#4= Swelling has gone down, but still red. Skin feels like sand paper now still have the imprint. Scars look a bit better, but too soon to tell. The pores on my cheeks have definitely changed! They have vanished!! Woo hoo hope this is what happens to my scars!

DAY#5= Still red, have imprint but now my skin is beginning to peel. It's so itchy in cheek area. Yikes! I was advised by attending physician to incorporate 1% hydro cortisone cream with aloe. It really helps using 2x a day.

Day#6= Still red!! The imprint is fainter in cheek area but not on chin. Scars seem a bit better. Skin still feels like sand paper and peeling. Starting to get red bumps :-( Acne flare-ups are normal after laser, but it sucks!

Day#7- Now i'm a blush color! Yay! The 1% hydrocortisone helps the redness for sure! Okay, the red bumps are awful!! I'm going to call I think I need Valtrex to help the red bumps they are looking more like contact dermatitis ( Small blistering.) Not trying to freak anyone out, but Valtrex is important to Pre-treat before laser to prevent this. I didn't know until now. I'll keep you posted on my results!

Day#8- Still a blush color. I had the Rx Valtrex...

Day#8- Still a blush color. I had the Rx Valtrex called in last night, and on 500 mg x 2. Today being my first day. Skin still seems very rough and blistering has gotten better. I think I just had an acne flare-up, but better safe than sorry with the Valtrex.
Hey Megan,

Yes, I'm wearing make-up! Although I feel I shouldn't until my skin heals more.

Yeah, you are probably right that you should hold off...but I would probably doing the same thing as much as I hate to admit it.

Please keep us updated on how things are going!


Thank you for disclosing that you are in the medical spa industry, we really appreciate that you were upfront about that.

Glad to hear you are well into the healing phase. Have you been able to start to wear makeup yet? I feel your pain on that one - amazing how bare it can make you feel, almost like you are without an article of clothing or something!!


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