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I have "thought" about having a tummy tuck and...

I have "thought" about having a tummy tuck and breast reduction for many years. Finally, at the age of 51, and an empty nester, it's time for me!

I am nervous about the surgery, as I've never had any type of abdominal surgery.
I also want breast reduction done and am hoping for both to be completed the same day.

Would love to hear from former patients!


Hey time4me, This is islegurl. I have to change my name to "theflatsideoflife" my old acc.wont let me sign in. Anyway, how are recovering and how r u liking/loving ur new stomach and new BB? I'm 6days po today and doing well. Will be able to shower on Friday :D
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Poffmommy - Have you had your tt? or other consults? I'm in Sarasota too and am interested in three surgeons - Mobley, Kreithen & Adamson. Did you consult with more than one? Would love to hear from others in our area as I don't know anyone personally that has had a tt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...such a huge decision!!
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Out of these 3 surgeons,which one did u pick?
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon


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