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32 Lost Weight and I Have a 14 Year Old.. Its About Time I Look How I Feel (Still Young) - Sarasota, FL

My expectations are pretty easy.. I don't want to...

My expectations are pretty easy.. I don't want to see the flap of skin on my tummy any longer. I am also having a breast lift and receiving implants. I am naturally very large and for my size they have really taken over my body shape and image. I have dents in my shoulders from my bra and the weight of them. They make dress shopping impossible with out alterations. And the best part is now they sag because of my weight loss. My expectations are to have smaller and more lifted boobies with out making me look completely unnatural.

not the best photo's but you get the Idea.. still not comfortable with bra and pantie photo's yet


So Friday I had my pre op and signed my paperwork and got my prescriptions written out. We went over a plan of what we are going to do for my reduction and lift I am having a Mastopexy :& Kinda nervous about the change over the weekend I was really self examining and analyzing my body and how I wanted change but it is scary. Today I am feeling a little better just embracing the fact that in the end it will look better. I have to focus on the many before and after photos that are so telling of bikini heaven, after all I do live in Florida and I want this I really do. I think I just have to get over my gitters of nerves. Anyway so we went over the Mastopexy and what the scare will look like and the laser treatment for scar revision a few weeks after my surgery. Also the tummy tuck and where she is going to lipo and what the expected scar should look like. We went over how I will have to sleep for almost two weeks. :( I am a big time tummy sleeper and I hope the pain meds help me sleep in a recliner on my back. lol I hope to heavens I don't snore. I will have family taking care of me so I can only imagine the razing if I do.
Anyways we went over a lot and it all made sense in the end of coming up with a plan of how they are going to do the surgery and what I should expect in the days following after. So now I just wait till next Friday... holy 11 days away!

4 days away..

I get to pick up my scripts today. I have written out all of my emergency things for my nurse who will have me for the first night and day after. Purchased pineapple and greens for juicing to recover quickly and probiotics to rebalance my body faster. I am taking almost 2 weeks off work and I already miss it and have not even left yet.. "maybe I need to get my head checked while I am at it". Two days and then its FRIDAY the big day!!!!!

One week out and I feel great!

I need to spend time on writing out all the details over the last week but for the time that I do have, I have to say everyone was wonderful during this last week and I have amazing results. I am still a little swollen and I have tenderness in my breast still but over all everything has been extremely manageable. I feel that I was lucky in my tummy tuck Dr.Lacerna did not have to put my stomach muscles back together so I had a shorter recovery time. I will post pic's soon.

One month out already

I can't belive I am a month out this Friday.. I went back to work after one week 1 because I had no muscle tightened so I recovered faster and I really missed it after a week in the recliner and lifetime network. I'am extreammly happy with the results so far.. This has defiantly been a process for me adjusting to resting and my garments pants. GARMENT PANTS agggg for a week or so you hate them and them they are your favorite comfort and don't want to take them off. Might I suggest requesting a seconded one in cream like did a week after I was in mine. Black is hard to hide under my light Florida clothes. Anyway I am posting my photos and you can see my little lines from the garmet. I am currently too getting my scar lasered so far just one time but I will do it every 4 weeks till I can't see it hopefully. I do have to say though with panties it is completely covered and in my bikini .

Dr. Lacerna was very nice and Funny as I originally just wanted my breast done she showed me photo's of the tummy tucks and I was instantly sold. I feel very comfortable with her and she let me ask 10,000,00 questions with out trying to bolt out the door to the next person. ( I have had that happen before) I am nervous because I have never even had stiches but I feel like she is the perfect fit for what I am looking for what I am looking to have done.

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I do feel the same!!!!! Even tho haven't lost all weight yet, but I am planning TT first , later on breast reduction, I am afraid to have 2 procedures same time, I won't manage my little ones:)
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Welcome to the community.  Looking forward to hearing more about your procedure.
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Thank you.. I will try to keep up with all that is happening during the process.
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