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Mommy Makeover - Sarasota, FL

Hi All! I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck Dec....

Hi All! I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck Dec. 22nd. Mine is more of an age issue- I'm 54-never had children-have worked out for years-kickboxing, spinning, weights & yet belly needs help! Apparently I will need to have a small vertical incision as well in order to pull everything tight & to keep my bb in same location... should be interesting!

I've really enjoyed reading all the posts on here the support & tips are wonderful! Getting a little nervous-I'm the world's biggest wimp when it comes to pain & really going to be hard not being able to work out for awhile-But I'm going to think positive & hope I bounce back quickly-guess I'm about to find out lol


Awwwhh LG! Thanks soo much! you have no idea how much that means to me- you truly have a way of putting others at ease & are very reassuring!! I so do agree with the power of prayer & the power of your mind & I will remain positive! If I just wasn't such a WIMP in the pain department LOL it's really pathetic but I'll survive... I will definitely use your mantra-can't think of a better one :) AND a big hug to you too-you're an absolute angel and so glad you're doing so well-you're an inspiration to me! :)
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Bella you will do great, and I will be thinking of you. Day 2 is bad because of coming out of the anesthesia, but it was totally manageable with pain meds and lots of rest. I felt great day one and feel great again today. You can do it.
Getting a TT is scary, but totally safe. This site and the ladies are here to support you. A TT will give you self confidence and the beautiful body that you deserve. You will be happy.
Before my surgery I was so nervous waiting for the doc to mark me up that I was "almost" crying. But - I couldn't bring myself to cry because I had a pre-surgery a mantra and it helped me stay focused: "This is what I want. I will be happy. I will be pain free, healthy and safe." I kept saying this to myself, and the power of prayer and positive thinking worked!!
Now I have a new mantra: "I am in control of my recovery. I will not be in unbearable pain. I will be happy with my result. I will stay on track with my diet and exercise. I will be at my goal weight before March 15." For me it helps to have a mantra/prayer, maybe it would help you too? big hug to you.
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Thanks Puggymom!I guess it's that I've never had a major surgery so no real point of reference- but believe me I will not be shy about taking pain meds!
I will have a pain pump & I believe he said it would have enough 'numbing med' in it for 2-3 days-oh how I hope it does! I'm one week today!! I swear it's every day I feel like it's my day already-sooo nervous but ready to go! :) hope you're doing well & happy you sure do look great! :)
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Yay! I survived!! What a relief it is just to wake...

Yay! I survived!! What a relief it is just to wake up-until the pain kicks in! LOL No, it really was manageable-first 2-3 nights definitely were the hardest-major factor for me was the mucus in chest & the 'coughing' trying to clear it-Good Lord THAT hurt!! But at least it wouldn't last that long :)- The only other 'suprise' for me (and I knew there were commonly issues with bm's) was just WHAT an issue that was-maybe because I have never in my 54 years even been constipated? Or because I had taken everything from A-Z to prevent it? Or that my 1st one was actually OK-so I figured not a problem? 11 HOURS of what I'm sure had to be LABOR - I'm sorry to be sooo descriptive- but to date that was probably the worst part honestly...Other than that on a lighter note-I TRULY am doing GREAT-I was almost upright day 3 PO -had 1st drain removed day 4 PO- 2nd drain removed today day 6 PO. PS said things healing great & so far ahead of schedule! Have f/u appt. at 2 wks PO for suture removal. Going back to work Mon 1/2
So far so good! Thank you God & Dr.S!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! And thanks soo much for the support/ info. - you're the best!


Hey Bella - thanks for checking out my review and posting a comment. I am very pleased and my recovery has been good - takingout antibiotics making me sick and BM issues like you - once mine kicked in I went like 10 times in a few hours (lol, so many times I lost count). MOM definately worked over night for me. Keep up the rest in the recovery process.
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Hi there NC! Wasn't that just the worst! But also when it was over the absolute BEST feeling of relief (I think that I just survived it! LOL!!)I had to use everything from a-z- now I'm taking 1 stool softener a day & I'm kind of afraid to stop-but I think I will before going back to work for sure lol...
I hope you continue to do great as well & wishing you a great FLAT new year! :)
Congrats Bella!! Yes the BM can be quite the challenge but I so overdosed on everything I could to induce it (cuz I do have problems) that it wasn't an issue but I could so see how it would be painful! Sounds like ur recovery is coming along good. Are u liking your results so far?
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1/5/12-HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! Just had my 2...

1/5/12-HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! Just had my 2 week f/u visit-all sutures removed-steri-strips that will fall off in about a week. PS said he wishes he could clone me!! LOL!!! He said I heal REALLY fast-kind of like a lizard I guess :)Cleared for all cardio-have to wait on the weights prob 3-4 weeks-the much hated TED hose off!(Again Thank You God!) I can do any type of compression garment I want- but should wear for another month-feel AMAZING! soo happy. So far scar really really thin-hope it stays that way:p I can start scar therapy in a week after steri-strips off-he recommends kelo-cote-which is a gel you put on twice a day & kind of massage it in (dries quickly) you can get it otc at pharmacy or on-line-don't know $ yet. Next appt. 1 mo-which will be 6wk f/u...Life is good!! :)


Glad to hear you are doing well - keep up the good healing. Keep on posting to let us know how you are doing.
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6 wks po! PS says 0 restrictions! Have taken a...

6 wks po! PS says 0 restrictions! Have taken a couple of spin classes already-did pretty good probably 80% of normal- took my first muscle works class yesterday 2/4 and my Good Lord am I feeling it today -and I went LIGHT! I was going to attempt a kickboxing class after (that was the plan pre muscle works!) well that didn't happen-but did get on the treadmill for an hour & walked with a decent incline at 4.2-4.5 mph- I was sweating pretty good that's for sure! Feel great- go back for 3 mo. f/u & pic.'s. Still some swelling but I think maybe slightly better--ps says it will go down & is normal-so that's what I'm going with lol!


Hi Airbus! Small world indeed!! North Port is very close maybe 30 min. south-are you going to be moving to the area?? I LOVE Sarasota-really beautiful place to live & we do have some EXCELLENT Dr.s-I'm just sayin'... SMH is a top rated hospital-be a nice spot for you-LOL!! Re:tt- I have been SOO lucky & have had just a 'textbook' recovery-I think I had an unbelievable surgeon that was a huge factor too! You are so far doing great too-just that 'little' constipation problem-Lord that did psychological damage to me lol! Never would have dreamed...Anyway, I'll look forward to your updates & maybe someday we'll be neighbors! :)
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Hey bellanocha so glad I came to your page I have property in south sarasota county! Technically within North Port city limits but there is no city there. It's near Venice, 20 acre horse farm. I will not be riding anytime soon!
Small small world. I am not familiar with the docs there but it sounds like everything is going well for you.
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Liddysue that sounds like a plan that should work great!
Sounds like things are pretty flexible for you as well :)
And you're welcome-just telling the truth-you've got to be soo happy! :)
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J. Scott M.D.

I can't say enough GOOD about my ps-I feel VERY fortunate to have found him! An excellent Surgeon & a Gentleman to boot-quite a combo! :)

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