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Mommy Makeover - Sarasota, FL

Hi All! I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck Dec....

Hi All! I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck Dec. 22nd. Mine is more of an age issue- I'm 54-never had children-have worked out for years-kickboxing, spinning, weights & yet belly needs help! Apparently I will need to have a small vertical incision as well in order to pull everything tight & to keep my bb in same location... should be interesting!

I've really enjoyed reading all the posts on here the support & tips are wonderful! Getting a little nervous-I'm the world's biggest wimp when it comes to pain & really going to be hard not being able to work out for awhile-But I'm going to think positive & hope I bounce back quickly-guess I'm about to find out lol

Yay! I survived!! What a relief it is just to wake...

Yay! I survived!! What a relief it is just to wake up-until the pain kicks in! LOL No, it really was manageable-first 2-3 nights definitely were the hardest-major factor for me was the mucus in chest & the 'coughing' trying to clear it-Good Lord THAT hurt!! But at least it wouldn't last that long :)- The only other 'suprise' for me (and I knew there were commonly issues with bm's) was just WHAT an issue that was-maybe because I have never in my 54 years even been constipated? Or because I had taken everything from A-Z to prevent it? Or that my 1st one was actually OK-so I figured not a problem? 11 HOURS of what I'm sure had to be LABOR - I'm sorry to be sooo descriptive- but to date that was probably the worst part honestly...Other than that on a lighter note-I TRULY am doing GREAT-I was almost upright day 3 PO -had 1st drain removed day 4 PO- 2nd drain removed today day 6 PO. PS said things healing great & so far ahead of schedule! Have f/u appt. at 2 wks PO for suture removal. Going back to work Mon 1/2
So far so good! Thank you God & Dr.S!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! And thanks soo much for the support/ info. - you're the best!

1/5/12-HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! Just had my 2...

1/5/12-HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!! Just had my 2 week f/u visit-all sutures removed-steri-strips that will fall off in about a week. PS said he wishes he could clone me!! LOL!!! He said I heal REALLY fast-kind of like a lizard I guess :)Cleared for all cardio-have to wait on the weights prob 3-4 weeks-the much hated TED hose off!(Again Thank You God!) I can do any type of compression garment I want- but should wear for another month-feel AMAZING! soo happy. So far scar really really thin-hope it stays that way:p I can start scar therapy in a week after steri-strips off-he recommends kelo-cote-which is a gel you put on twice a day & kind of massage it in (dries quickly) you can get it otc at pharmacy or on-line-don't know $ yet. Next appt. 1 mo-which will be 6wk f/u...Life is good!! :)

6 wks po! PS says 0 restrictions! Have taken a...

6 wks po! PS says 0 restrictions! Have taken a couple of spin classes already-did pretty good probably 80% of normal- took my first muscle works class yesterday 2/4 and my Good Lord am I feeling it today -and I went LIGHT! I was going to attempt a kickboxing class after (that was the plan pre muscle works!) well that didn't happen-but did get on the treadmill for an hour & walked with a decent incline at 4.2-4.5 mph- I was sweating pretty good that's for sure! Feel great- go back for 3 mo. f/u & pic.'s. Still some swelling but I think maybe slightly better--ps says it will go down & is normal-so that's what I'm going with lol!
J. Scott M.D.

I can't say enough GOOD about my ps-I feel VERY fortunate to have found him! An excellent Surgeon & a Gentleman to boot-quite a combo! :)

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Hi Airbus! Small world indeed!! North Port is very close maybe 30 min. south-are you going to be moving to the area?? I LOVE Sarasota-really beautiful place to live & we do have some EXCELLENT Dr.s-I'm just sayin'... SMH is a top rated hospital-be a nice spot for you-LOL!! Re:tt- I have been SOO lucky & have had just a 'textbook' recovery-I think I had an unbelievable surgeon that was a huge factor too! You are so far doing great too-just that 'little' constipation problem-Lord that did psychological damage to me lol! Never would have dreamed...Anyway, I'll look forward to your updates & maybe someday we'll be neighbors! :)
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Hey bellanocha so glad I came to your page I have property in south sarasota county! Technically within North Port city limits but there is no city there. It's near Venice, 20 acre horse farm. I will not be riding anytime soon!
Small small world. I am not familiar with the docs there but it sounds like everything is going well for you.
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Liddysue that sounds like a plan that should work great!
Sounds like things are pretty flexible for you as well :)
And you're welcome-just telling the truth-you've got to be soo happy! :)
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Hi Liddysue!!
I was soo lucky in the recovery department! I was off 10 days also & did FINE going back-I'm a bookkeeper for a roofing company so not exactly a physical job lol! I did fine but would start to poop out in the pm's around 2-3. We start early like 7:30 & boss was wonderful-the first week back I could leave like 2 instead of 3 since I was all caught up-great boss! :) Is your work physical?? You're also doing amazing yourself & looking amazing as well!! :)
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Hey Bella, thanks for all of that good info. I have a similar job, managing a construction company. I develop plans, do marketing and sales from my desk so I think it should be easy enough. I'm going to take a small bed or cot and put it in the back room to rest when I get tired. Thank you for the compliments!
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You had an amazing recovery! How many days were you out of work? I'm planning to return on March 12th, just as much as I can. That will be 10 days. What do you think?
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Hey bellanocha... I just read Ur post. U really recovered well. Do u not have any pics for us to see? Woo! I just stopped a sneeze! Lol!
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Yes just email them to yourself from a smartphone. My only followup is in March but I sure want to know about these hips today! Another swim this morning and maybe run later but I have three houses to clean first an it's supercold here. Better get on the trainer so I can get back to Miami for my April 1 triathlon and more FL sun!
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Lindy Congrats on the run/swim !! Sounds like you're back for sure! Your hips are just fine! I'm still sore from muscle works last sat. LOL! Spinning is going really well though-kickboxing Sat.!! (my personal favorite! :) ) From what I understand -correct me if I'm wrong-you can't download pic's from a cell phone (?) That's like all I have-may be able to get pic's from ps-he's going to take afters at my next appt. in March! I'll be looking forward to yours as well!
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great to hear your back at it, post some pics would love to see your progress! I had another 3000 yd swim this morning and 4 mi run tonight and I am zapped! Wishing the hips were removed, don't think they were, they still show up in the mirror in my post swim core session in the mirror - genetics.
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Glad to hear you are doing well - keep up the good healing. Keep on posting to let us know how you are doing.
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Hey Bella - thanks for checking out my review and posting a comment. I am very pleased and my recovery has been good - takingout antibiotics making me sick and BM issues like you - once mine kicked in I went like 10 times in a few hours (lol, so many times I lost count). MOM definately worked over night for me. Keep up the rest in the recovery process.
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Hi there NC! Wasn't that just the worst! But also when it was over the absolute BEST feeling of relief (I think that I just survived it! LOL!!)I had to use everything from a-z- now I'm taking 1 stool softener a day & I'm kind of afraid to stop-but I think I will before going back to work for sure lol...
I hope you continue to do great as well & wishing you a great FLAT new year! :)
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Congrats Bella!! Yes the BM can be quite the challenge but I so overdosed on everything I could to induce it (cuz I do have problems) that it wasn't an issue but I could so see how it would be painful! Sounds like ur recovery is coming along good. Are u liking your results so far?
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Hi Lisee! Bless your heart re: BM problems!! I soo feel for anyone that goes through that kind of thing frequently! I never in a million years could have even imagined what it was like!! (I have mentioned several times on here what a WIMP I am-lol!!) But thx I really am doing soo good-8 days & I'm going shopping-cabin fever big time! Back to work Mon. that should be 'interesting' ! Hope you are doing good as well! Can't really tell too much about the results yet as I do have some swelling but it's flat & he did EXCELLENT incision-very low-supposed to have sutures out next thurs. @ 2 wks po- hoping for the best & for you as well! Here's to a wonderful new year!!!! :)
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Oh Bella since I had 1st hand knowledge of the BM prob that was the only thing that wasnt an issue in the early stages. Let's just say I didn't even have to push! LOL but now I'm struggling. At least you'll be off for 2 weeks before going back to work! I still have trouble bending over at times & move awkwardly & I'm 3 1/2 weeks PO. Can't wait for u to truly see ur new tummy! At 1st I was ready try cry b/c it looked like a hit swollen mess but I put on a pair if cute panties that used to accentuate my luggage in the front lol & realized how good it looked at that was really early (like day 5) so I know you'll be thrilled. I still have some swelling in the pubic area as I have a very low incision too. The thought if that area even swelling never crossed my mind so I was shocked to say the least lol! Happy new year to you too!
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Lisee-Oooh yeah-the infamous 'Ken package' I'm sporting one too-quite a look especially with the pre-op shave!! LOL I'm just thankful it's not painful actually- Lord, the things we do....:)
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LOL!! Ken package! I love that! Although mine was really sore the 1st week its just swollen now! I can't believe the things we do sometimes lol
Happy New Year Bella!
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Awwwhh LG! Thanks soo much! you have no idea how much that means to me- you truly have a way of putting others at ease & are very reassuring!! I so do agree with the power of prayer & the power of your mind & I will remain positive! If I just wasn't such a WIMP in the pain department LOL it's really pathetic but I'll survive... I will definitely use your mantra-can't think of a better one :) AND a big hug to you too-you're an absolute angel and so glad you're doing so well-you're an inspiration to me! :)
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Bella you will do great, and I will be thinking of you. Day 2 is bad because of coming out of the anesthesia, but it was totally manageable with pain meds and lots of rest. I felt great day one and feel great again today. You can do it.
Getting a TT is scary, but totally safe. This site and the ladies are here to support you. A TT will give you self confidence and the beautiful body that you deserve. You will be happy.
Before my surgery I was so nervous waiting for the doc to mark me up that I was "almost" crying. But - I couldn't bring myself to cry because I had a pre-surgery a mantra and it helped me stay focused: "This is what I want. I will be happy. I will be pain free, healthy and safe." I kept saying this to myself, and the power of prayer and positive thinking worked!!
Now I have a new mantra: "I am in control of my recovery. I will not be in unbearable pain. I will be happy with my result. I will stay on track with my diet and exercise. I will be at my goal weight before March 15." For me it helps to have a mantra/prayer, maybe it would help you too? big hug to you.
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Thanks Puggymom!I guess it's that I've never had a major surgery so no real point of reference- but believe me I will not be shy about taking pain meds!
I will have a pain pump & I believe he said it would have enough 'numbing med' in it for 2-3 days-oh how I hope it does! I'm one week today!! I swear it's every day I feel like it's my day already-sooo nervous but ready to go! :) hope you're doing well & happy you sure do look great! :)
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Don't worry about being a wimp. You get no prizes for toughing it out through pain. Take your meds round the clock if necessary and you will make it through. Will you have a pain pump? I found that really helped the first few days. Your time is fast approaching :)
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Bellanocha, I see your day is fastly approaching. Are you ready for your big day?
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Hi Brooksie! It sure is-can't believe HOW FAST!! I think I'm about as ready as I can be-waiting to hear on my rental of electric lift chair- for some reason I'm feeling like that's going to be my salvation LOL!
AND got to pick up the pain med (definately don't want to forget that!) and unfortunately the TED hose-oh how I hate the TED hose!! How are you- did you decide on what you want to do for the lumpy area?? :/
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Me again... just checked your pic- doesn't look like you have any looseness/ fat above bb- I have some looseness of the skin right above the bb-that's why I opted for the full tt- I'll still try to get some pic's posted! :)
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