Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck at 49 - So Excited!!! - Bradenton, FL

I am so thankful for this website!! I have been...

I am so thankful for this website!! I have been reading all of the reviews here on RS and they are so helpful in calming my nerves. My story is similar to many. I started developing early and have always had large breasts. Right now I am a 38DDD. As for my tummy, one pregnancy at 22 and it was never flat again!! My weight has always fluctuated; I gain and lose repeatedly. The last time I lost weight my boobs were left sagging, so I started tightening the straps on my bra to hold them up and then the neck pain started. I did have date set for breast reduction in 2013 which was supposed to be covered by insurance, but as it turned out the doctor said (12 days before surgery) he could not remove enough tissue to meet the insurance's criteria. I will spare the details but I was completely devastated! I had the pity party to end all pity parties!!

Fast forward. I'm shopping for bras last weekend and I decided I'm ready to try this again. I really need to have the BR done to alleviate my neck pain but I very badly want a tummy tuck too!! I didn't think I could afford both but I decided to at least check it out. I had my mommy makeover consultation on April 23 with
Dr. Lacerna. I was so thrilled when I found out I could afford both!! I scheduled my surgery for July seems so long to wait but I know it will be worth it!!!
Thanks for taking time to read this and best wishes to all of you! = )
Pictures are coming.

Recent Pics

Uh oh, not sure about surgical facility!

Okay, so I think I should have checked this information out before scheduling surgery but it appears the surgery will be done in a very small private facility which doubles as the physician's office in the next town over! I'm having serious second thoughts about this. I still have a consultation scheduled with another local PS and I'm going to keep that appointment. This could prove to be an expensive mistake since I had to put a $500 non-refundable deposit. Ouch!!! To all of you ladies who haven't scheduled your surgery yet, I would recommend checking out the surgical facility and its accreditation before scheduling. My bad! = (

Everything Happens For A Reason and If We're Lucky, We Get To Find Out What That Reason Is

I had a consultation this week with Dr. Jeffrey Scott of Bradenton, FL. I am soooo glad things didn't work out with the previous PS because I am very impressed with Dr. Scott and I have no doubt whatsoever that he is the PS I want doing my surgery! In hindsight I realize that when you find the right doctor, you won't have to wonder if you're making the right choice. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that I can afford to have the BR and the TT! I am scheduled for July 8th. Now I just need to believe this is really going to happen this time!! The countdown timer on my phone is set...51 days to go!!!

Waiting, Waiting, and More Waiting!!!

Hi Ladies!
I decided to give a little more detail as I go through my journey since I have gained so much in reading others' stories. I've become obsessed with thinking about my MM! I'm so relieved to have made a decision on a PS and I am super comfortable in my choice of Dr. Scott. I had a lot of questions at my consultation and he listened so patiently. I never once felt rushed. He explained both procedures, and his examination included checking for lumps in the breasts, and for hernia in the tummy (which I don't have). We discussed the fact that I take a blood thinner and that I will need to come off of it before surgery and take Lovenox instead. I'll get all of the details at pre-op, which by the way is June 17th.

Dr. Scott asked what bra size I hope to be and I said a small C. He explained that there is a limit to how small I can go because of the length of the pedicle. He thinks I may end up a big C to a small D. I searched through a lot of before and after breast reduction photos and I think that will fit my body frame better anyway. I just don't want to feel too big anymore. I am so looking forward to shopping for cute clothes and small bras! Larger size bras rarely come in pretty colors or styles. I can't wait to go braless and like how I look, even if it is just around the house!

Oh, and the tummy tuck!!! The recovery part scares me to death but I want a flat tummy soooo badly! Sadly, I can't remember what it even feels like to have a flat tummy. I think when I first see it I won't believe it's mine! = )

Well, that's all for tonight since tomorrow is work and my husband and I have been waking up at 5:30 am to go for a morning walk before work! I love the energy it gives me and I'm hoping to build my strength for recovery. More later...

16 days to Mommy Makeover Part 1...Tummy Tuck Time!

Hi Ladies!
It has been a while since I have updated. After having breast reduction surgery cancelled last year 12 days before surgery, I have been keeping a low profile until I believed this was really going to happen this time.

I called my PS's office the week before my pre-op to find out if there was anything I needed to provide to the office before surgery and the nurse looked at my file and said just a copy of my last mammogram, and she said the doctor would be getting in touch with my primary care doctor and a hematologist I saw a few years ago. Did I mention I take a blood thinner? Later that day, I got a call from Dr. Scott and he said he had called the hematologist but since it had been 4 years since I'd seen him, it was decided I should have another appointment. He also asked if he had mentioned at my consult that he thought my surgery should be done in stages. I said we hadn't discussed that but at that time I wasn't sure I could afford to do both at the same time anyway. He said since I had a prior blood clot in my leg (back in 2010), he didn't think it was a good idea to have me under anesthesia for 6-7 hours since the longer you're under, the more chance of developing a DVT. I was disappointed, and still am really, but I know he is looking out for my safety which is another reason I know he is the right PS for me. He asked me which area bothered me most and would I want done first. I opted for the tummy tuck first since I want a flat tummy sooo much. Also, my sister is available to help me right now and I expect this surgery to be the toughest recovery. So there you have it, Mommy Makeover Part I.

I saw the hematologist on Monday June 16 and we went over how I would come off of my blood thinner and do Lovenox injections several days before surgery. He said he would fax his clearance over to Dr. Scott's office.

The next day, June 17, was my pre-op appointment. First I met with the person who takes care of the financial side of things and we discussed how I would be paying since payment was due that day.

Then I met with Sam, Dr. Scott's nurse, and she went over the list of things I would need to pick up before surgery, including peroxide, Bacitracin, alcohol wipes and Band-Aids (for the belly button). Oh, and I also need to pick up some thigh-high anti-embolism stockings. I was going to pick them up today but the medical supply store closes at 1p.m. on Saturdays. While picking up the other items, I found a 'dry shampoo' put out by Tres Semme. It can be sprayed on the hair and states it will absorb oil between hair washes and no water is needed. I was told I will not be able to shower until the drains come out and that could be 5 days or more. Omg, yuk! Did I mention I live in Florida and it's like a terrarium at this time of year? So, back to pre-op, Sam went over all of the medications I need to avoid for 2 weeks before surgery, and no vitamins either. She recommended to wear a button up shirt the day of surgery to make getting dressed easier. She also told me I would be coming for my first follow up the day after surgery and they would change the dressing and I could see my tummy for the first time. The unveiling...can't wait for that! = ) I was told by Dr. Scott at my consult, and reminded by Sam at my pre-op, that they expect all of their tummy tuck patients to be standing up straight by post op day 3, otherwise my back would be killing me. They said it will feel very tight but it would not tear since there are 3 layers of stitches. Then I paid for the surgery. Apparently, the surgical center gets paid separately so they should be calling me for their share. My follow up appointment was made for the day after surgery at 11:30a.m. and I scheduled Mommy Makeover, Part 2, breast reduction, for September 9.

Time Off From Work

Originally I was going to take one weeks vacation and work from home the second week. That's a common thing where I work but today I found out my request to work from home has been denied. Guess I will be using more vacation time although I was trying to save some time for breast reduction in September. Seems like so many setbacks and I'm already a little more emotional than normal right now. Has anyone else had a setback or two while waiting for surgery? I'm really just ready to get the show on the road here. Less than 2 weeks to go now. Hope the disappointments are all out of the way now. Hugs to those recovering (and those who are waiting their turn too because that's not always easy either). = )

Excited but oh so nervous!

Hi All!
I had pre-op last week and suddenly it became very clear to me that this was really going to happen, and soon! I have been feeling pretty emotional this week. Not crying or anything but just overly conscientious of how I'm feeling. The anticipation is overwhelming sometimes!
I called my PS office this week with a question and was told they would find out the answer for me. Dr. Scott called me back personally to answer my question. I'm sure his days are extremely busy so I was impressed that he took the time to call me.
I was hoping to drop a few pounds before surgery but anxiety makes me hungry! Darn, I hate that!! LOL. Still walking every morning at 5:30 a.m though, and I've cut out diet soda and have been mainly drinking water (and coffee in the mornings). I want to be nice and hydrated for surgery.
My husband and I decided to get away July 4th weekend. I will be thankful for the distraction!! After that I will be going back to work for just one day, July 7, and then it's surgery on the 8th!
I have a few items left to pick up like the compression stockings my PS ordered and maybe a few extra soft pillows to have around. My prescriptions are being called in next week so I will be picking those up as well. I have a hair appointment tomorrow for a color and trim. So many things to think about. LOL
Restful healing to all who are post-op, and peaceful waiting to all who are pre-op! = )

Surgery is 8 days away!!

My anxiety level is a little less today as I am just looking forward to getting this over with and having a new flat tummy.
I picked up the thigh-high anti-embolism stockings yesterday that my PS requires for surgery. They are very thick and fit really snug. I figure once the TT compression garment is added I'm going to feel pretty restricted but I will do whatever my PS tells me to do seeing he's the expert. Next months air conditioning bill is going to be sky high since it will be a challenge to stay cool!
I spent the whole day today cleaning since we're going away next weekend and then it will be TT time! This wasn't just everyday cleaning, this was I-might-not-get-to-this-for-a-little-while cleaning. Even washed the dog! LOL!
I'm thoroughly exhausted but my house is clean (doggie included) and it was a welcome distraction!!
Best wishes to all who are healing or waiting! = )

ONLY 4 days to go!!!

Hi ladies! Hope you are doing well whether you're recovering or waiting Impatiently like me!! =
Just want to say hi since I've been hanging out at the July TTers blog a lot lately. I'm at work today for another 4 hours then I'm going home to get ready for my weekend getaway with my husband. I've been pretty nervous all week but suddenly I feel much calmer. (The calm before the storm? Lol). I realized today that I'll be able to wear my shirts tucked in! Been a long time since I've done that!
Hope you all have a great 4th!!

Freaking Out Right Now

I remembered tonight I was supposed to call the surgery center to pay their fee if I didn't hear from them first. They have not contacted me at all. My surgery is Tuesday and tomorrow is a holiday so I'm sure their closed. I'm going to call first thing Monday so I hope that's okay.

I started the Lovenox injections today. It stings and I don't like having to do it but I know it will be worth it.

I hope I can relax and enjoy my weekend getaway now that I have the surgery center to worry about. Sorry to be a downer tonight. = (

First post op appt today

Went for first post op appt today and had a fresh compression garment put on. That gave me a chance to see my new tummy and get a picture! I'm feeling pretty good for one day post op. Getting in/out of the recliner is challenging. Looking forward to feeling a little better every day!

Feeling Amazingly Good 2 Days Post- Op

Wow, I put myself through such anxiety waiting for the pain of recovery but it really hasn't been that bad! My PS uses a pain medication directly to the abdomen via tiny tubes for the first 3 days post op. I had some burning in my upper abdomen from using those muscles to sit and recline the first 2 days but I have worked out a good routine now so that isn't even so bad. I had my first follow up yesterday and I got to see my tummy! It's amazing!! I can't believe I get to keep it, LOL!! My belly button is perfect too!! I expected it to be encircled by sutures but it isn't. The nurse took a picture for me and I posted it yesterday. I had liposuction of the hips too and that's looking awesome!! I got a fresh CG so now I have one to wear while I wash the other. So far this needs to be changed out daily. I have another follow up appt tomorrow and the tiny tubes attached to the pain pump will be removed. The drains will stay until the output is 20 cc ' s or less for 48 hours. More later!

2nd Follow Up Appt Today

I just went for my second follow up appt and the tiny tubes connected to the pain pump were removed. It didn't hurt at all! The nurse Samantha also changed the dressings again. So nice to feel fresh, especially while I'm waiting to take a shower!! I did a mini hair wash today - just my bangs and the sides where it gets dirty fastest. I did it over the sink using shampoo and a washcloth. Not great but better than nothing! Happy healing to those recovering and best wishes to those waiting!! = )

Recovery - So Far So Good!

Hi all! I'm 5 days post op today and feeling good. I actually considered asking my PS if I could go back to work this Wednesday. My work says I have to have a doctor's note. I'd like to save some of my time off for my breast reduction in September. I've already set the countdown timer on my phone...57 days! Pretty sure the drains will be coming out tomorrow and then I'll be able to take a glorious shower!!! Oh, how I am longing to have a real shower and wash my hair!! Going for a ride with hubby now to get out and have some lunch. More later...take care. = )

Hubby Picked These In The Yard This Morning

Yep, he's a keeper!!! = )

Back To Work Tomorrow!

I drove for the first time since TT today. Went to the doctor's and only ended up having one drain removed. Guess I miscalculated the other one and it's not quite ready. Boo, no shower yet. After that news I went and had my hair washed at a walk in hair place. That was a well spent $3.00!!! I also got my blood tested at my primary doctor's office since I take a blood thinner. I was so completely exhausted when I got home I felt like I had just run a marathon!!! I slept for an hour and a half! I'm going back to work tomorrow. Just half days for this week. Like I could do a full day, hahaha! I have a desk job so it shouldn't be too bad. Gotta save some PTO for breast reduction in September!! Take care!

Um, I think that's MY bed mister!

My miniature pincher has been in the recliner with me constantly since surgery. He's adorable = )

Made It Through Day One Back At Work

After getting ready for work this morning, including emptying the lone drain and putting on a clean CG, I already felt like I had worked a half day!! (I still need hubbies help putting on the CG. I may never be able to do it myself!) Got to work 20 minutes late and an hour later I wasn't sure I could hang in there, but after getting up and walking a little, I made it through 4 hours. I had not told anyone at work what I was having done except one good friend so today I decided to tell my manager and it turns out she had a TT done last year! (She wasn't with my company at that time). Of course she had to one-up me by saying she had gone back to work full time at 4 days post op, LOL!! Well, at least I know she understands!

I have an appt to get my stitches out in 2 days and hopefully the lone drain will be ready too! Speedy healing to those post op and best wishes to those waiting their turn! = D

Bye Bye Sutures

I had my 3rd follow up today and I got my stitches out. I thought I had a whole row of stitches where the incision is but it turns out most of those are dissolving stitches. So just the knots on each end of the incision and the stitches in my bb had to be removed. The lone drain was still not ready to be removed and the nurse told me I could even call on the weekend to have it removed if it's ready. I'd hate to bother Dr. Scott on the weekend but the thought of an actual shower might just make me do it Lol!!

Pre-Op set for Breast Reduction

August 19 is Pre-Op with surgery on September 9th. Wish it was sooner! Crazy or what?! = D

Worked 16 Hours This Week

I went back to work half days on post op day 7. Today is Friday and I feel as though I ran a marathon this week! I am so drained. And speaking of drains, I still have one stubborn drain left and I wonder if it's taking longer because I pushed myself to go back to work. My boss said she returned to work 4 days after tummy tuck. Hard to imagine that!! I plan on taking it really easy this weekend since I go back full time Monday.

Comparison Pics 11 Days Post Op - So Happy!!!

Finally more post op pics! This morning I was changing my garment and I saw my bare tummy for the first time while standing up. It has been covered with gauze but now that the sutures are gone, no more gauze. I got excited all over again! New pics are attached. Ignore the thighs - they're a family gift, hahaha!!! Need I say more?!! = D

Finally, I'm Drainless!!

Today I finally got my second drain out. Woohoo!!! I actually feel a sense of freedom after 13 days. The first one was removed at 6 days post op and I didn't feel a thing. This one was a little different. Didn't hurt exactly but took me by surprise as it felt strange. I could feel it moving through me, and it was longer than the first one. The nurse said the surgeon always makes one longer than the other due to the female anatomy. Well, maybe that explains why one was ready to be removed sooner than the other. But they're both gone now and I am a happy girl!!! = D

Finally got to take a shower!

I finally took a shower last night! I waited so long but I could hardly enjoy it because I had a lot of anxiety being without my garment for that long. I've been wearing it 24/7 since surgery and I have to say I do feel a sense of security having it on. I feel vulnerable without the protection. I made my husband stay with me while I showered and Tuesday nights he shoots pool so he kept asking 'do you still need me' ' can I go now' and I kept saying not yet. He's been so patient lol! I moved my stuff back to the upstairs bathroom and took my shower up there. That was the first time I saw myself naked in a full length mirror and wow!! I just love, love, love my flat tummy and my hips look awesome where I had lipo! = D

I'm also back to a 40 hour work week and by noon I'm tired but by the end of each day I feel totally wiped out!! Would have been nice to have been able to take like 3 or 4 weeks off to recover! Bring on the weekend!!!

Mommy Makeover Part 2: Breast Reduction is Scheduled For September 9th!

I'm 7 weeks post tummy tuck and now I'm ready for breast reduction! 13 days to go! I had a mammogram yesterday and hoping beyond all hope that all is normal so surgery can go as planned. I'm really excited to have smaller breasts and I have total confidence in Dr. Scott. He did such awesome work with my tummy tuck! I don't even feel nervous. Just excited!

Mammogram Results

Results are normal!!! YAY! So happy!!!!! = D
Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

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Sweet! And fast results! You are good to go! Can't wait to hear more.
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The suspense is so hard! When is your surgery DC?
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TT with MR, flank Lipo and BL is on Sept 2th! 2 weeks after your surgery. Am soooo excited, can barely stand it. Will follow your surgery journey!
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So excited for you!! And glad you decided to have your surgery in the states. It's comforting to know your surgeon is close by if needed. I'll be following your journey too! = )
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How exciting! Your tummy looks great, so am sure your BR will come out perfect also. Congratulations, and your day will be here soon. Keep us posted!
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Looking fabulous!! What a nice result!! You are my hero for being able to be back to work. Take care! All the best!
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Thank u bravingit!
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Happy for you about your drains! I am 16 days post-op and still have BOTH my is making crazy to say the least!
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Thanks! Wow newbelly, I thought mine were in long at 13 days!! Your gonna feel so free when you get them out!! Suddenly you'll be able to move around without worrying about tugging on them. Hope it happens soon for you! = )
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Freedom! Congrats on becoming drainless! I can't imagine having a drain in for almost 2 weeks! You're a trooper! And you're looking wonderful! Happy healing!
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Thank you so much!!
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You look amazing, and to be drain less also! Way to go!
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Thanks DC!! = )
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Yea! Enjoy the freedom of being drainless!!
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What a transformation! I honestly can't believe you went back to work so soon, especially with the drain in! I am 5 weeks post op and still out of work, although I have a job where I can work part-time from home. I'm still very tight and walking gingerly. I have worked full-time pretty much since I was 17 and have never really had this much time away from work, so I have to say I'm milking it. LOL! You will be doubly happy when you get the BR. That's when you will really "feel" the difference and your clothes will fit so much better. You will actually see more of your waist area. Even my significant other told me the other day he wants to have a bra burning ceremony! Glad you didn't experience much pain. Triple
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Thank u so much Triple! I'm super happy! I don't blame you for milking your time off from work. I would have done the same if I could have lol! I am totally ready for my reduction now. I like the idea of the bra burning ceremony! First I want to put it back on and get a picture of it being way too big to fit though! = D
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WOW! Beautiful results, love the new tummy! Thanks for sharing your journey, and the pics!
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Thank u dreamcruiser! This site has been a real godsend for me during this process. Thank u for your support and for following my progress!!! It means a lot to me! = D
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I said it early... But I will say it again!....You look amazing!!!!! My scar goes straight across.... I'm wondering if you got up at them so quick because of the up down cut.... When I was interviewing PSs only one did it this way like yours , she was a female PS. I asked her why she did this shape and she said bc the female body pulls from two places and if you cut straight across it has no give to be able to stretch the little bit you need to heal and stand back up after.... I'm so intrigued if this could one of the reasons your body healed so fast! Either way, awesome and so happy for you!
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Wow that's really interesting. I kind of assumed it was done this way because of the way my tummy was shaped. (I mean the flabby part). You may have something there jlynn! Thank you again! = D
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I think you look truly WONDERFUL! Congratulations!!!!!!
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Thank u mvpt!!! I am very happy! = D
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You look great!! Nice transformation.
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You look amazing! Congrats!
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Thank you so much newlvgirl and halfbakedchica!! = D
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