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Weight Loss of 60+ = Saggy Skin; 66 Years Young. Sarasota, FL

I have been saving for years to do a facelift. I...

I have been saving for years to do a facelift. I am ready - Weight loss of nearly 70 lbs. contributed to sagging and loose skin on face. Also wrinkles. Will have fat injections around eyes and cheek and mouth, neck and face lift. I am very comfortable with the doc and facilities of where I am going.


Thinking of you MKWillie & wishing you all the very best
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Thanks. It is getting close. Excited and apprehensive both. Any last minute advice?
I'm so glad you're here and have started your story! Here's a list of Facelift tips that might come in handy for you. Please keep us updated!
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Countdown to the Day!

Only 10 days before it is my turn. Had a check up with my opthomologist to tell him what I had planned. He was supportive and willing to help try and get the upper eyelid skin excision covered under my insurance. Would go toward out of network deductible since the PS is not a provider and I am not on medicare. I have read and read all instructions - called to make sure I had purchased the correct items; Aquafor for babies which was fine (had picked it up before) and antibacterial body wash. The nurse told me I was over-thinking things. Well, nervous Nelly here wants to follow the instructions to a "T" so I am willing to check and recheck. Cheers all.


Good luck, I'll be thinking of you. It is scary but so worth it. Saw my "ladies wot lunch" on Thursday. These are old colleagues of mine and we meet up once or twice a year for lunch. I hadn't seen them for nearly a year and they kept saying how young I looked with my weight loss and new hairstyle. I think it really funny that not one person has realised that it was surgery. I owned up to them about the fl as I trust them to keep a secret and was really surprised that they all now want cosmetic surgery. Goes to show it really is worth it. once again good luck.
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Thanks for the reassuring words and I am soooo glad to hear of your positive outcome. I am very ready and just want to get it behind me at this ponit. Still excited to be taking this step at this point and somewhat apprehensive. I have the utmost of faith in my doc. and know all will be fine. Cheers, Mary in Florida
Monday's the big day!!!! I'm sure you're excited and nervous at the same time, I know I was. It'll be over before you know it and you're going to look gorgeous!!!!! My thoughts are with you.
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Final updates before surgical date on Monday June 23, 2014

O.K. I am ready. I will attempt to post one "before" photo and a little video clip I did a couple of weeks ago. I think I will take one of my few precious xainex the doc gave me for anxiety. Not really too nervous yet, just excited and ready to move on. This board has been very helpful, if not a bit encompassing, never the less worth my time since the is about all I have been able to think abut the last few days.
Can not seem to get the video to load - incompatible with Realself but I will keep working on it.

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Photo ??


Thinking of you today! Send me a personal message if you'd like help uploading your video. Is it on YouTube?
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Angie, Off the subject here, but when a review has the green check mark "Verified Account", how is the account verified to ensure that a reviewer is legit? Thanks
Sending wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery! See you on the other side.
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Day one post op

Make it through just fine. Minimal discomfort really. Here is a photo of first day. I go back to doc and have head dress (sounds better than bandages) removed. I look worse than I feel. Cheers, all.


Hi mkwillie, glad to hear you are on the recovery side. This is going to be so exciting for you, can't wait to see you blossom. Rest and heal :)
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Glad to hear you are feeling well. it must be exciting to see the little changes each day. You will look amazing x
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Yes, I am feeling pretty well considering..... :-)

Day 4

This is Thursday. Had surgery on Monday. Making progress. Will go tomorrow and get stitches out of eyelids and on Monday the remainder of stitches and staples. I have been faithful with following instructions, and have been sleeping in recliner. Walking around the house more and trying to move. My eyes are the most sensitive at this point - well, maybe my neck too. Oh, well, still all of my face is sensitive now that I think of it. LOL

Question. Did I see something about massaging the tissue around the cheeks and jaws or is that my imagination?


You are coming along great mkWillie - just a bit of a waiting game till everything healed & you see final results :-) well done
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Thanks. Just a tad concerned about the brown discoloration around my mouth where the laser was done but hopefully it is just part of the bruising process and will clear up.
Don't worry about the skin turning brown, it's supposed to. In a couple of days you'll start peeling like you got a sunburn and new, beautiful skin will emerge. Look at my pic's, I looked like a burn victim....lol

Outing to have eyelid stitches removed

Day 4, had eyelid stitches removed. Found a way to go 'incognito" thanks to this message board and seeing someone else use a scarf and big sunglasses. Doc is very happy with my progress. All is well he says. I have had no problems. Had anti-nausea meds, antibiotics during surgery and no issues. Only tiny problem is constipation. And, I have only had one or two pain pills so I don't think it is that. Oh, and some itching with the eyelids especially. After today, I start using products he gave me - a bar moisturizing soap, moisturizing cream and sun screen. I am grateful and feel very blessed. Dr. Graham is the best!


Mary...Being able to drive this soon~ did you have a long incision under your chin with internal mid-line neck work? Just wondered if turning you head was uncomfortable at all. And the incisions around the ear~did they extend into the scalp above the ear and into the nape of the neck behind the ear? All these incisions placements vary so much among PS and their techniques. Sounds like you are coping very very well...grace
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Sounds like you are have a great recovery! I'm anxious to see more pics!! So happy you are feeling well!
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Thanks. Looks like you have had a great result too. So happy for you.

Views of sutures

Here are a couple of photos of my sutures. Grace had inquired about them. Yes, PS's are all a bit different. I am well pleased with my doc. I go back on Monday and have all sutures removed. I did have incisions along the nape of my neck. Neck was a tad stiff but not bad enough to prevent me from being able to drive. In front of the ear, the incisions went up to my lower temple. Of course, no pain pills in order to drive. I was not up for going anywhere else. Just there and straight home. Am doing gentle walking around the house. Have done about 3500 steps today. This was one of the easiest surgeries I have experienced and believe me, over the years, I have had some that I thought I had bit off more than I could chew. One was a gall bladder removal that was supposed to be a piece of cake - NOT! It was awful. Bilateral knee surgeries - NOT. So I was about due for a gentler time. LOL


Hi Linda, congrats on your progress and I hope you are recovering well. I am into my 9th day Post Op. I actually made a very quick but decisive decision to get a MACS lift, lower and less avasive. (45 yrs). I had major surgery on my feet 5 weeks ago and had two titanium rods placed in my big toes and cannot start walking to up to 6 weeks. So After the first week I thought what better time while sitting at home but to recover from an elective surgery, that I knew I wanted one day. So within 10 days I was booked in for the operation to remove the jowls that was creeping in. I imagine you are also eager to see the final results. Sleeping is hard for me and one side of my neck down to my collarbone is very bruised. Next Tuesday I expect all my stitches to be out. I just bought some Arnica cream to assist in reducing the brusing. To be able to frock up put some makeup on, and for me, hopefully be able to wear my high heals will be a day for a special champagne celebration. Enjoy your permanent refresher!
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I know what you mean. I had a gall bladder operation that was supposed to be keyhole but wasn't, then got a blood clot, had a tumour removed from my bowel (benign but didn't know that for weeks) and before this 2 caesarean sections. The fl was a doddle, but the worry before hand was worse than other operations as it was my FACE. So glad to hear things are going well for you. Won't be long now until you feel relatively a new and improved Normal you. Best wishes.
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So know what your saying Linda :-) the stress I put myself thru b4 hand was unbelievable lol The op was nothing at all - but think I underestimated the the actual true recovery time like here I am thinking 2 weeks & basically good to go Yeah Right !!

Post op one week today

Had remainder of stitches and staples removed this morning. Doc is pleased with my progress. He says I will have a good result. I can do most things now, and can begin sleeping in bed but still elevated. My honey once home from a trip slept with me in our double recliner for two nights. LOL I feel good, neck still pretty tight and I feel like I still look like the dickens but getting to do my hair and have a little make-up on will make a world of difference. Still swollen too. Overall, I am pleased with the way things are progressing. I can see a huge improvement in my neck with the "waddle" skin gone! Cheers all. More in a few days.

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One week post op photo


Mkwillie, it feels wonderful to get the stitches out. It looks like you healing well and I love the flower in your hair. Your skin looks nice and smooth.
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It really feels good to get the staples and stitches out. You're looking wonderful!!!!
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Thanks Joanne. Each day is so much better, even from the morning 'till evening. Just took my second shower and fluffed up my hair a bit, I look better than I did this morning. Everyone on this blog has been great and we are so supportive of one another. Thanks for your accolades of praise. And, you have done marvelously well too!!

Evening photo one week.

One more set of photos that are lighter views. Bruises and swelling are better.


Fantastic, evening light certainly does you justice. Can see that you are swollen but already your face is taking shape. :-)
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Can't believe how fast you healing :-) awesome
Thank you. Hope you are doing well .

July 4th, 2014 - update, Day 11 post-op and overview of costs and reasoning.

Today is day 11. Healing continues but I am having some discomfort with my neck. I have "horizontal bands" that are swollen and uncomfortable. Perhaps someone could tell me if this is pretty typical. Will wait a few more days for updated photos, but bruises continue to lighten. Only issue is my neck.... But in the meantime, here are some thoughts for anyone who may find this useful.

I am posting an overview of what I had done and costs. I was very pleased with my price of $12,300 for what I had done. I had been saving for probably 10 years here and there for the "just in case I really do decide to do it" scenario. I had not one iota of nausea or problem of any kind. The twilight sleep was fine for what was done. My doc has been great and I am pleased at this point. I do look "different" but am attributing it to swelling and just things rearranging themselves. Here is what was included in the pricing.

I had the face lift which included the neck ($8,700), fat injections (taken from my hip) under the eyes in the tear trough, chin area, cheeks, upper skin incision of eyelids, FX laser on upper and lower lips, shave and cauterized Bert-Hoag-Dubee syndrome larger bumps on nose and cheek areas, and botox. This included the anesthesia fees, operating room, products (not make-up or medical grade Arnica for bruising and swelling), consultation and all follow-up. And, he guaranteed his work, meaning if there were a problem he would fix it. This group is the premier group in Sarasota. Actually there are several really good groups, but I kept hearing the names of this one more often and both my family doc and dermatologist commended their work.

Why did I do it? I don't part with my limited dollars easily! I feel doing it will help me to stay on course with my weight management. Several years ago I had a lap band which helped the first couple of years, but then I gained most of the weight back. At my highest, I weighed 223 pounds! When I started the loss in 2012 I think it was, I was 203 again. At 5'1" that was pretty high. Never had a weight issue until I quit smoking and started menopause about the same time. Aarrggg. I just can not go back there ever. After all this, I believe my facework will help me to remain vigil about my food choices.

I hated looking in the mirror and seeing especially, the jowls and turkey waddle neck. I work out and try hard to take care of myself and my sagging skin did not match my "herculean" efforts at getting healthy. So, right or wrong, good or bad, that is why I made the choice. In the end, I hope to still look like "me" just a revised and refreshed version of me. Happy July 4th all!


Thanks for posting such a detailed overview of your surgery. It sounds like you really did your homework and the results are beautiful! So happy for you!
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What a great summary, Mary! Congrats on the new you! Sounds like your weight loss has been quite a journey, and your accomplishment definitely deserved a reward. You must be very proud of yourself! You already look fabulous, but it is only going to get better! Happy 4th to you and yours!
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Two week updaate

Here are a few photos front and side. Progress. I have not had any problems. Just some discomfort in my neck area mostly. Make up is doing a pretty good job covering bruising. Still have some swelling in neck and face. Overall, I am pleased - I think. :-)


wow, Looking wonderful... You look like a new person!!!!
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Thanks. With make-up my bruises are barely noticeable. I am still pretty tender and my neck still bothers me. I go back to the doc next week. Overall I think I will be happy with my results. I love all the feedback and supportive comments for one another on here. Everyone is great. We are all on this journey together.
Thanks KKAD. Yo have done well too.

Wed. 16 days post op

Have some make up on. Bruises barely show. Mostly under eyes still.


Congrats. Good for you, i read you review and you deserve this. Great progress. Happy Healing
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Thanks, Bella. Your arms look great too. Nice result.
Thank You!

Three weeks post-op yesterday

Doc released me today to return to all normal activities. I go see him once more in one month. He told be to be more "aggressive" in massaging the dis-solvable stitches behind my ears when I shampooed my hair. Ouch, but I wish they would leave. They are sore and itchy. I am afraid to try putting in my ear rings. Neck still sore, but he says that is normal. Told me to massage it and my entire face with moisturizer. Said the dryness in face I am experiencing would subside in another week or 10 days. My face sucks the moisturizer right up and sunscreen or anything else. I am thinking my neck has a tad of droopy skin but maybe he got it as tight as he felt he could. He seemed to think it was fine.... Onward and upward. No one has asked if I had anything done, nor has anyone I knew noticed the bruises I had. Yipee. I may not tell anyone I have had work done. I did see one friend who told another that I, "looked good." So I guess something looks a bit different. I would hate to think I don't look some better. LOL


Great natural look, I know where you are coming from with the behind ear sutures. I started putting organic rosehip oil on mine (nothing happening yet except wiping dry scabby skin off) and got hubby to cut one off my lip, that was a relief. It's a catch 22 with people noticing isn't it. I know I would like to hear 'god you look 20 yrs younger', alas I'm still waiting lol. I had some fat put into an indentation on my forehead, think that was a mistake as I now look like a Klingon. Hubby laughed and said, 'what are you going to do if it doesn't go down? I said I would Mold it to spell 'Available' lol. Got to smile. :)
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You Look Great amazing results, keeps on getting better...Xo
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Us women! Never satisfied! LOL! You had great results. You still look like yourself - only refreshed, better, and younger. You are still early in the process and still trying to adjust to the look and feel of your new face. You look very natural and have reason to be very happy!

Photo five weeks out

This was taken on a cruise. A little girl on the ship told me I did not look old enough to be a grandmother. Hee hee. Made my day!!! Still a tad of tightness around neck but feeling good otherwise.


You look great and very Happy :) i might add. Enjoy your weekend.
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Thanks, Bella. Yes, I am pleased. Will post two month photos soon.
thank you for sharing you look so lovely
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Two months today: Surgery date was June 23, 2014

Here are a few close up photos of my changes. I am happy overall. Still some numbness and my neck feels a bit lumpy. Would I do it again? I believe so, especially if this "holds" and defies time or at least slows it down. LOL Most people whom I had not seen in a while think I have lost weight. One person told me I was "glowing." (Of course I was not going to fess up to anything....) and the glow... well, I think it is my moisturizer. Hee, hee.


I have not made the decision yet but have made first step for consult in Nov. I have read that some post op patients are able to sleep in bed, on their back or sleep sitting up in a chair depending on the surgeon. I've been testing the sleeping on back but OMG I just can't sleep like that, doesn't matter how sleepy I am, I lay on my back and am wide awake. Any tips for transitioning from side sleeping to back sleeping? Another concern is having the neck done and the "compression" bandage - I have problems wearing a turtle neck, how tight is the bandage? Thanks so much for your posting - you look so happy.
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Hello there, Imageboomer It looks like you are taking your time and doing thourgh research before making a decision. Having said that, at some point you just need to decide whether or not to jump in. In reviewing some of your posts it looks like you have gotten lots of good info and I applaud you for asking the questions. I too was a bit apprehensive about the neck bandages as I have claustrophobia, which can lead to a sense of feeling of not being able to breath. But, I had no problem. Snug, yes but uncomfortable, not really. Mine was only on for 24 hours so far as the full head dressing. I was happy to get it off. So far as sleeping on one's back, I slept in a recliner for the first week. For me, that was easier than trying to prop up a bunch of pillows and I was able to maneuver my head and neck that way. Once in bed, however, I did not do well either on my back. Even if I managed to fall asleep, I would soon roll over on my side. So.... I don't have any real suggestions for that. I imagine the PS will tell us it is best to not sleep on our faces, but if that is the worst thing I do going forward, I will have to live with it. I can not sleep on my back. Make the decision and interview several docs. Many have seminars that are free. I also asked my general practitioner and my dermatologist before making a final decision. One word of caution from my perspective - if you want to do this, do the real deal, with a surgeon that does the SMAS or similar technique. If you only do the skin, it will be fine for awhile, but some people wind up looking worse in a few years. I am much happier with myself and when I look in the mirror I don't obsess over how awful my jowls and wrinkly neck are - because they are gone!!! I relish the new, refreshed me and am happy with my decision. Best of luck to you.
Well said & I agree totally MK :-)

12 week check in

I have my final doc visit next week. Overall, I am very pleased. My neck is still somewhat sensitive and tender as are areas along the side of my face. I am pleased with my result. However, I do question if I have a bit of looseness in my neck. Do I look 10 years younger? Ummm.. don't know for sure, as it is difficult to be objective. Once I see the doc's before photos, I may be able to judge a bit better. I do definitely look much improved in my opinion, and I hope I look 10 years younger at least. I am thankful for this group and Realself and the wonderful support provided by others. We are all on this journey together. Bless each of you who may read this and enjoy life and each day to its fullest. Tried to upload a video but it would not load. This is the second option to share information. Mary Wms, Sarasota, FL

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12 week without part of head chopped off. LOL


Mary - you look wonderful! You should be so happy with your results. Good for you! Your hubby better look out! Those young boys at school are going to have a crush on their teacher!
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Thanks muddybuggy. You are funny!!! I am thankful we both have had such good results. You look marvelous too.
Mary, you look great! So happy for you!
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Sarasota Plastic Surgeon

I am now five weeks out (8-5-14). And, yes, I am happy with Dr. Graham's handiwork. I have had no problems to speak of and am feeling like I do look younger and very natural. I am only one day out, but I can say right now, my doc has been great. My final look remains to be seen, but I am optimistic of a good outcome. He has done his part, and I just need to do mine by being a good patient and healing quickly. 07-16-14 Three weeks. Very happy with Doc Graham, very kind and an artist. I would recommend him for any procedure. No problems. Smooth as these events go. . .

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