CO2 Laser: Worth It But DON'T DO BOTOX/DYSPORT at the Same Time - Sarasota, FL

I had a CO2 laser treatment under my eyes to firm...

I had a CO2 laser treatment under my eyes to firm and smooth my skin and reduce crow's feet. I felt some pain/discomfort during the treatment (especially the multiple shots for the local anesthetic - OMG! Not fun!) but the laser part was tolerable. My face stung pretty badly for several hours afterward and I was very swollen and red/bruised for the first several days. The skin sloughed off by day 6 and revealed wonderfully smooth (though raw) new skin in the treated area. I still see some swelling (it's been a month) but the worst was over at about two weeks. I am very happy with how my eyes look. BUT...(There is a but...) I now realize I should not have agreed to my PS’s recommendation to use Dysport to help maintain the smoothness where there used to be crow’s feet. I could kick myself! In my case, the swelling from the laser treatment has apparently caused the Dysport to migrate to the muscles that control my smile/upper lip. I woke up on Day 7, and I literally could not smile or make any expression with my middle or lower face. I normally have a very expressive face and I’m a friendly, happy person but you would never know it. I do not look like myself and I absolutely hate that I can’t smile. It is extremely disconcerting to know that I am going to look like this for two or three more months until the Dysport wears off. Bottom line, my eyes look 10 years younger and that portion was well worth it – but I would NEVER recommend doing to the two procedures at once. I desperately want my smile back.

who was your surgeon? I've been looking for one in Sarasota.

Oh goodness the shots do sound painful:(

Did they say this was a normal reaction with the Dysport?   I am sorry you are experiencing this.  Hang in there and keep us up to date.

Hi Kimmers25. Thank you for the reply. My PS (who came highly recommended, btw) said he had never seen anything like it before and couldn't explain it. I have since read (including several stories on here) that although it is somewhat rare, it does happen. The recommendation by several of the docs here is to allow at least 7 days between botox/dysport and any procedure that causes swelling to reduce the chances of migration. Wish I had researched it more. Praying that I return to "normal" at some point. This is very difficult for me, though in trying to look at the positive side, the fractional laser took years off my eyes. They do look great!

It's now been 9 weeks and though I finally started...

It's now been 9 weeks and though I finally started to see very minor changes in my lower facial movement a week or two ago, I still cannot smile normally. My face contorts and my upper teeth still don't show as the muscles aren't yet working well enough to lift my upper lip. I'd say the improvement to date is maybe 10%, so I still have a long way to go.

There are times I find it seriously distressing (and depressing) but I try to stay hopeful things will continue to improve in the coming months. Normally a strong extrovert who laughs easily, I have definitely not felt (or looked) like myself. I am beginning to come back out of my shell but let me tell you, this has been a long couple of months.

I am satisfied with the laser work under my eyes. They still look smooth and I am completely free of the redness now -- to the point where I could easily go without makeup.

This site is a great source of information -- I wish I'd have investigated this particular combination of procedures here before giving the green light. Live and learn, huh?
Hi Ronita - Thought I replied days ago, but it didn't go through. Sorry. I'd rather not throw the PS who did this under the bus as I am happy with the laser part of the procedure...but because I'm still very unhappy about the stone face look and he seemed kind of nonchalant about the side effects, I would hesitate to recommend him. I would, however, recommend my previous PS, John Leikensohn. I loved him! Very competent - knows his stuff, excellent surgeon and though he tends to be quick/short during office visits, it's because he's busy and focused. Hope you find (or found?) someone!
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