New Boobies in November! Sarasota, FL

Hey guys, so I am new to this site but have found...

Hey guys, so I am new to this site but have found so much valuable information already! I decided to create an account and share my journey to my new boobies! I am 23 years old, 5'5", 130 pounds (I've put on about 5-7 in the last 8 months so I'm aiming to be back down to 123/125 by surgery) and currently wear a small C bra (although I haven't been fitted properly in quite some time.) I used to have very large breasts, a whopping size DD-- natural too! That was when I was on one specific birth control pill. All of the other negative side effects of the pill led me to the decision to take myself off of BC.....and led to my breasts decreasing in size and fullness, and I feel like they look deflated. Over the past two years, I have toyed with the idea of getting a BA to get back to my glorious previous size, and after two good friends of mine went under the knife, I was sold! I had my consultation July 31st,2014 with Dr. Schmidt from Sarasota, FL and set my date for November 3rd, 2014! My doctor and I decided on 533 cc silicone implants, submuscular, for the most natural look. I have slightly wider hips and wider shoulders with a smaller waist, so when I tried on the implant with the bra, it looked amazing and natural. I do want to say that I like the shape and contour of my breasts currently, just want them fuller and to fill out all of my clothes and bras like I used to! I am absolutely ecstatic and can't wait to have my nice, full boobies back again...for good!


Hey Welcome to RealSelf! I just wanted to say I'm getting 533cc's (most likely) cohesive gel unders too! On top of that I have wide hips and broad shoulders, I'm 5'5 and 138lbs. Our stats are really close! I have my pre op on Wednesday, the 13th and my surgery is on the 8/27. Looking forward to your updates, keep us posted!
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I can see where you are coming from, but as a third party, I would be ecstatic if I had your breasts and wouldn't even think about having surgery
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Forgot to add my "wish" pics!

I didn't share my wish pics with my doctor, I am going to at my pre-op appointment if necessary, but my doctor knows what I want and how I want them to look au naturale!


You have beautifully shaped breasts now which will give you beautiful results once you have the BA :) so happy for you. I think you will be very happy with your results!
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Just my two cents worth- DON'T DO IT. You look lovely now, you are scar-free and have no ill side effects to worry about. Remember- implants are temporary. You'll be replacing them over and over for the rest of your life. Scar after scar, surgery after surgery. Just sayin'.
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Crazy news!

I just recently started a new job and I have a very flexible schedule. With that being said, I was scheduled 7 days off in a row... And my surgeon had an open date in that time frame!! I have absolutely no reservations about going through with the BA and I financially was able to move my appointment. Surgery is now scheduled for August 27th! Can't even wait!!!!!! Any suggestions on what to start buying now? My preop appt is on Monday the 18th so any other questions I will ask there.


Wow, your surgery date really was moved up. How exciting! Here is a list of helpful recovery items you may want to have on hand prior to your surgery. Let us know how your appointment goes tomorrow!
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Good news! So exciting for you!!!! Things to start buying (also check out my profile) up/button up shirts, baggy/comfy sweat pants, Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Bendy straws, lots of pillows, healthy food, dial complete soap, spray deodorant, dry hair shampoo spray, neck roll (the one you use in the plane), wet wipes/baby wipes....
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Pre-op appointment!

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment with my doctor and it made me even more excited!!!! I went over the instructions for my antibiotics, what to do after surgery, etc. My boyfriend came with me so he could listen in on how to take care of me post-op :) I tried on the sizers with the bra again and loved the 533 ccs on my body, once again! My boyfriend told me I looked really proportional with them in too, so I can't wait!! I filled my pain pill, my antibiotic, and a medication for nausea because I've experienced N/V with pain medication in the past. I also picked up a magic bullet (I've been wanting one for a while) so I can have my guy make me smoothies and goodies with it.

The nurse advised me to not pick up any other bras then the one they give me post-op for about a week. So I may just wait to go ahead and pick up some comfortable sports bras or compression bras this week so I can wear them 1 week post-op. Any suggestions for comfortable 'bras' post-op? Something not too expensive because I know I will be getting all new bras when I drop and fluff!

I also went ahead and ordered some Arnica Montana to take after my surgery! Working the four days before my surgery so I could have the whole week off. I'll be sleepy, but I have movies downloaded, books to read, and Netflix :) Thank you everyone for your kind words and suggestions! Looking forward to updating everyone come surgery day :)!


I had mine done last year by dr mobley on aug 28 and love them. Best wishes.
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I'm on 8/27/14 also!! I haven't done my review yet....working up the courage. But i'm sure I'll post soon! Looking forward to healing and gaining our girls together! :)
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I can't even hold back the excitement!!! Definitely post so I can follow your healing process and see the new girlies! Good luck!

Day 1 Post-op

Had my surgery yesterday and all went well! I went in at 8 AM, had my pre-op testing done and then went into the OR! The only thing I remember is walking upstairs to my house and feeling so nauseous that I had sit on the cold tile of my kitchen haha :)

I was in and out all day yesterday and in a decent amount of pain. I've been taking Percocet every 4-5 hours as needed, and it takes the edge off, but truthfully I'm still hurting. I also have been taking Arnica tablets, but can't imagine that has helped yet. I slept about 4 whole hours last night so I'm a little out of it today too. Sleeping on your back upright is no joke! Something I read a lot about, but really couldn't anticipate the feeling myself was how tight my skin was going to be. That's been the most uncomfortable part so far. That, and my upper back is killing me from going under my pec muscle with the implants so I'm laying on a heating pad.

I have my post-op day 1 appointment today and get to see the new additions!!! Hoping I can get some rest today and some more pain relief as the day goes on. I'll update in the next few days!!


Congrats - they look great from what I can see under the wrappers LOL!
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Congrats! I've been thinking about you! I'm so happy to hear things went well. But I'm sorry you're in pain. And I agree, sleeping propped up stinks! Keep us posted on your post op appt, I have mine today too! So far you are lookin good girl!
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After I saw the doctor!

Cleared to take a shower and wipe off those outlines :) still super swollen and tight... Will keep updating!!


Well I can already see a whole lot of hour glass on you! And only 1 day post? Jeez, you will be a knockout once they are all the way dropped and softened!
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Thank you so much! I'm feeling really good about it so far. Flying pretty high so far, but I can't wait to soften and drop and fluff!

Day 3 post op

Last night I finally slept 8 whole hours straight through! Feeling the best I have today since surgery on Wednesday.

Finished my antibiotic and have been able to take my pain pill every 6-7 hours now without any problems.

Boobies are still swollen and high! I've been icing on and off today and was able to get out of the house for lunch :) Pain and tightness are finally under control, so I'm very excited for the next few weeks!


Loving your results!!! Congrats!
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Glad to hear you're still doing well! I've been getting good sleep too and it makes a big difference doesn't it? Are you sleeping at an incline?
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A slight incline, yes! My couch reclines and I'm able to sleep on that through the night :)

2 weeks and feeling great!

It's been 2 weeks since my surgery and I'm feeling wonderful! No more pain, tightness, soreness, etc. I'm able to sleep on my side (thankfully!) so I've been sleeping fine. Been back to work and feel fine! No complaints here :)

Finally able to workout next Monday, I'm so antsy to start running and lifting again! My body has gotten fluffy from not working out and kind of eating whatever I want so I'm looking forward to getting into great shape and having the girls look even more amazing.

Currently wearing comfortable bras with no under wire, supportive bralette-type bras from Target and I love them!

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Dr. James Schmidt

Dr. Schmidt is phenomenal. So professional with great bedside manner. He answered all of my questions before I even asked them in the consultation. He has always been on time with appointments, and the staff that work with him in the facility are fantastic. Always smiling, asking how to help, and very knowledgeable. Surgery day was a breeze. OR nurses were so sweet and friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Schmidt called me personally the night of surgery to see how I was doing. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my choice to get my breast augmentation done by Dr. Schmidt. 10/10, would highly recommend!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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