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Breast Lift. 2 yrs later & huge Disappointment - Bradenton, FL

No amateur. I got referrals. I want to be very...

No amateur. I got referrals. I want to be very careful here. I've had multi-friends attended to by dr. L ... BUT no one else has had a breast lift (much more invasive than just an implant). When I walked in he said "you don't need an implant!" I knew that ... I have had a (pardon me) beautiful, respectable C-cups my entire adult life. :-) I didn't nee ostly, the nipples) to be 3"+higher ...I wanted upper volume. where they were in my late 20s!!! Doc assured me that I would I get the desired results. I have been SOOOOOO disappointed over the last 2 yrs. I take pics regularly (every 2-4 months & will show ~ requestors) and I could've avoided the $10K in cost & scars to have the EXACT same 'titties' 2yrs later!!!! Worse thing is .. I told him, I've had friends come here & I trust you (you know more than me, obviously) .. but guess he wanted $$ more than the multi-referrals my associates have provided. If he would've just told me that he he couldn't come close to guaranteeing desired result, I would've been happier. But he assured me that I wouldn't be able to hold a FULL soda can under one breast after the procedure ... not true. my 'tits' are virtually the SAME as they were 2 yrs ago ...shouldn't have spent $10K or bothered w/ Dr. L!!! Insane..... and when I went back in 6 months later with before/after pics off my own computer he dismissed me like I was a 'crazy' .. SO, insulting after 4 friends have had one or another procedure w/him. But, they won't again!!! They know that I'm not irrational or unrealistic ~ I waited the longest for this type of surgery. Just the inference by him was so rude and accusatory that it was enough to send them to someone else for further procedures.

Wow I hate that happened to you. Doctor's need to be held responsible if they don't deliver the desired results that they promised they would. It already costs so much just for the surgery....that's way too much money to be wasted.

I know there are never guarantees. But I rambled...

I know there are never guarantees. But I rambled in my first review ~ just thinking about it got me upset. The financial 'loss' was exceptional for absolutely no change/gain. I am even more frustrated that Dr. L didn't have any response to my concerns at the 6 mos appt. When I showed him my before & after pictures looking EXACTLY the same ~ EXCEPT for the HUGE ANCHOR SCARS he acted like they looked wonderful. I made it clear that my ONLY desire was to have upper volume w/the nipples back where they belonged, instead of my ski slope shaped breast. And being right back to where I started from is so sad. If I had known then what I know now I would've never let him touch them. I wouldn't have these scars for the rest of my life. Which I was prepared for if my breast were sitting up high & tight. But now to look at them is just depressing and I won't have that type of money to spare for a long, long time.
I too had my breasts done by Dr. L. I had a full lift and implants placed above the muscle. This was only 2 years ago. My breasts are just as awful and low as they were prior to my surgery. I am having revision surgery now on July 1st with another dr. I can empathize with you 100%. I am out thousands of more dollars and will have to go through all of the post surgery stuff again. It is truly disappointing.
Hi cmlesar10. I'm so sorry your procedure did not turn out as you expected. I had a lift with aug 5 weeks ago and so far I'm happy with the results. They have not dropped fully and i have a few superficial scabs that a taking a while to heal but making progress overall. Did you have an implant on top? That is where mine is placed. To give upper volume as you mentioned. If you don't mind I would love to see pics.
I am sorry to hear your story. Though breast lifts has proven to be successful these days there are also many who are dissatisfied with the outcomes. The reason may be the fault of the surgeon or the health condition of the patient. A good and experienced breast surgeon knows well about the surgical procedures as well as the possible risks the patient would encounter. So choose one that have records of many successful surgeries and get the feedbacks of his patients. http://www.cosmeticbreastsurgery.ca/
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i've got pics but only for specific requestors ... either way, the before & 6 months after look almost identical .. got up to 2 yrs out .... so depressing I spent that amount of money!!

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