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Hello everyone. My name is Gabby. I am 25 years...

Hello everyone. My name is Gabby. I am 25 years young with a beautiful 1 year old daughter. I have been more than blessed with her, but as most of you know, child bearing can definately take a toll on your body. I am 5'1 & 120 lbs. I was left with stretch marks on my tummy. They arent horrible, but they are there. As far as more children go, who knows what the future will bring. As of now, I definately dont desire anymore, but that may change down the road. I dont want to put so much money into something that will ultimately need to be redone or make my stomach look even worse after another baby. I have discussed this with my doctor and he says that he feels that since I am unsure about future children, he would prefer that I did not get a mini (he said I didnt need a full tummy tuck) He did also explain that I may have a little bit of excess skin due to the stretch marks. I am ok with that as long as it doesnt look like a deflated balloon....Has anyone else had similar concerns???? Has anyone who has had the procedure opt out on tummy tuck even with stretch marks. Pictures would be greeattttly appreciated. Thank you all for sharing your stories - its great inspiration!

P.S. I will finish updating more body pics when Im not at work. HAHA


Just read you're only 25. Of it! Enjoy your body and if you do ever have more kids, then have another TT when you're really finished.
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I would do a mini tuck if you're done having kids.
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Thanks for your response. I have decided to put...

Thanks for your response. I have decided to put the mini tt on hold until I am positive no more babies. My doc said that if I do decide to have a baby after a mini tt, it may make my stomach even worse, so I will go with doctors orders. Uggghhh I am starting to get the pre-surg jitters now.


There is another BBL sister on here (i cant remember her name)and she had kids but she had it done without a TT. Her stomach was flat but it was really wrinkly around her belly button, She didnt care because she said she wasnt planning on wearing belly tops or showing her stomach much. Im not saying do the TT but if you want that flat-ness with or without a shirt then get one. But that is totally YOUR decision! I am having a TT with my BBL because I have 2 kids and my second child destroyed my body lol! I was scared to have the TT too but if ima spend thousands to get this done then I want it done right! But like I said only YOU can make that decision and enjoy your body~
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Thanks for your response...Ive seem some a cple good pics without a TT...I don't mind the stretch marks..oh well they're there, but the loose skin at the bottom is what scares me...but what if I get mini TT and I want baby later...its a hard decision...??
Hey girlie - thx for the response - if you remember her name, let me know. I know the stretch marks will still be there. Its ok - theyre my war scars...haha, but I just want to feel nice in tight fitting clothing without that lil mommy pouch or without having to wear a damn "faja" spanx type thing. I cant wait till this is all done in over with! I figured I will wait to see results and how satisfied I am before I decide on that. Yours is coming up too soon! Keep in touch.

So ladies.. doc said at my consult last month that...

So ladies.. doc said at my consult last month that I cold gain 5-10 lbs if I want..of course the more fat the bigger the booty...wat has helped some of u ladies who were told to gain weight? I'm 120 now...I'd like to get to 130 before surgery... ugghhhh Feb.21st cldnt come soon enough!


R I still getting ur surgery on feb 21?
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Hey love! I'm #TeamJimerson as well and my date is Feb 14th. I am SO excited, so nervous, and SO unprepared! I have to get my stuff together because there isn't much time left. Have you decided where you will be staying yet? I will be there until Feb 28th or Mar 1st.
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Question: would you like to switch your Feb 21st date to Feb. 8th. I'm trying to get a later date due to $$ issues. I know it's a week diffrence but at this point I might lose my date and Have to wait a year.. PLEASE let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
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Hello beautiful ladies - hope all is well. So Feb...

Hello beautiful ladies - hope all is well. So Feb 21st was procedure day. Everything went great up until the time I woke up from surgery. Haha. I would say that was the worst part (right after surgery - between anestestia wearing off and first pain pill). I must say that I was in pretty horriffic pain for the first few hours after surgery, but once the medication kicked in, it was all gravy. I doubled up on the medication the first two days, but after that, the pain was much more tolerable. I had a total of 1300 cc's of fat taken from my abdomen, flanks, and lower back. I had 650 cc's of fat put into one cheek and 480 injected into the other. I had uneven booty cheeks - hehe...(I injured my leg a few years ago, so I was compensating weight on one side more than the other.) It is amazing how these doctors work wonders on the body. I now have an hourglass shape and nice full booty. It isnt nicki-minaj big, but perfect for my size. The amount of confidence that comes after makes it all worth it! I am exactly two weeks post-op and feel about 90% back to normal. I am still swollen especially in back area and driving is a pain in the butt (literally). Question for those who have had the procedure. I have some swelling and lipo bumps on tummy from liposuction. Did massages help? And about how long before they subside?


Hi galz! Hope everyone is happy and healthy....for the bbls ladies who have been thought the procedure...I have a ?... have any of you began a routine of butt exercises? I do not want to lose weight, just stay in shape...I really wild like to focus on legs and even getting it bigger with squats, lunges, etc.
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Thank you gals so much. I tried on a bathing suit for first time in a whiiillle today and it felt great.
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Hey sis your looing good!! glad ur recovery is coming along smoothly!
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