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Will Continue to Do It... Juvederm and Botox Make Me Look and Feel Younger

I have had juvederm and botox done for years now...

I have had juvederm and botox done for years now and I love it. I bruise easy so that is the only bummer. I don't want to go around looking like someone punched me but that is the price we pay!

I had juvederm in my lips and it has lasted a long time. I usually go every six months for botox. It is true...the longer you use it, the less you need it!


I love Botox and Juevederm, Dr Mobley and his office are awesome. I go every six months and I'm always thrilled with the results. Like having a face lift without the major commitment. I do my forehead (deep wrinkles), crows feet, lines about upper lip and Juevederm injections into my lips. Yes it's expensive. I'm 46 and to me, it's worth it. The person doing it makes a huge difference. Sarasota has several board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Mobley is by far the best.
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Question: $1100 for BOTOX??????

Is the $1100 for both the BOTOX......and the JUVEDERM?

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