Abdomen and Flanks Lipo - Sao Paulo, BR

Hi girls! I will be posting about my liposuction...

Hi girls! I will be posting about my liposuction experience. Surgery is set up for june 20, wich is next thursday! I'll have 4 days off work (desk job) but hope to get some more days, to reach at least a week to rest.
I'm 5ft 6 inches, weight 136 pounds and my lipo will be in the abdomen and flanks region. I try to keep a healthy life style, work out several times a week but for now I don't really think I wanna be thinner... If I lose weight, my now long legs will be even thinner than they are (even though im not that thin lol) and I even have shoulder and rib bones showing in my chest, but belly fat neve goes away completely. I lost some weight a couple years ago (almost 27 lbs) and still have fat deposits in belly and flanks, so I'll submit to liposucition. Hope to heal soon and get the best results :)

pre op pics :)


Sorry about the colorful figures on the pictures but I didn't wanted to expose my lady parts LOL

Its coming!

Surgery it tomorrow and I'm scared as hell. Really afraid of death. REALLY. Hope everything will be okay. Also, I dont wanna spend the night on the clinic, but my surgery it is only 5 pm :( just hope i can go home the same day. Wish me luck!


So that is it. In just under a couple of hours i'll go to the clinic and hope for the best

it's done!

So it is all done. Went to surgery around 5 pm and back to my room around 7 pm. All the time I was awake, wich helped me not fear a little less. The doctor was absolutely caring an loving, made me feel really secure and all. After the anestesia kicked in I just felt the movements and a little burning feeling, but no pain. Came back home the same day, spent around 3 hours on recovery and after anesthesia wore off I was released to go home. Talking about pain, so far I'm not painful. Just a feeling as if I had worked out pretty hard, and a little afraid of sitting because I don't want any creases in my stomach. I'm pretty swollen so even with the compression garment I still don't see any difference :/ but I had surgery yesterday and put the cg only when ot was already time to go home, 3 hours after surgery so I guess my body had the time to swole pretty bad. Let's see for the next few days and hope for the swelling subside. Will be really upset if it doesn't make any difference :/ gotta be patient!

swollen bitch

So, second day after and I'm swollen as hell. My girl stuff looks all puffed and it's the only thing bruised so far. I still haven't taken my compression garment off, will do today. Today is also the day I'll have the joy of a shower! Just can't wait, hate not being able to take a proper shower. Hopefully. I'll be feeling okay, since the surgery I haven't felt light headed, so I hope it doesn't happen today. Again I'm sorry for my bad English, it is not my first language so I may or may not have written something wrong LOL :D


Felling better but tired!

Today I felt a little better, but always pretty tired. Had to go to college to do some tests wich was pretty bad but once a came back home felt a little better. I still have tomorrow off work and thursday I'll be back to work... been using my foam board to keep belly straight and smooth, hope to see some more improvemente on swelling after my first massage, wich I'll set up tomorrow too.

day 9

Feeling nica but sore anyway. Went back to work yesterday and it was a little bitchy Lol. Swelling and bruising are subsiding but the person who does the massages at the doctor office said I will still get a lot better. My love handles has pretty much gone and I'm starting to overpass the pain and post op depression and start in to get excited about the results :)

New pre op pic

This pic is is from pre op. Taken around 1 year ago, but a havent changed much until day of surgery. Are the same panties, and you can really see diferrence.
Obviously I would like to have love handles even more reduced, but im happy with my outcome.
Will post new post op pics tuesday, after my second massage.

Nothing too new

Im 19 days post op and so far, i feel good. Hate the compression garment and the foam board LOL but just gotta use it!. Last week i started to feel like I was losing my results, bloated and all but I had my period today, so I just hope it was pms swelling. Had a massage today, hope the next days I'll be feeling a little smaller.
Still sore thought!

Waiting some more changes!

I guess liposuction is is very under rated, but the recovery it is long. After 23 days I can see I still have lots of swelling (and if ou want to test if you are swelling, just use something that has an elastic band around the area you had it treated. If after 30-60 minutes you see a deep dent, not just a mark from the elastic on your skin, it means you are stll swelling as hell!!)
The swelling it not that noticeable like the first days in wich you''ll look like a balloon, but it is definetely there! This is the reason why I'm not posting pics, just waiting for it to get better.
Also I can really feel the bumps, bulges and adherences on the skin... I though it would be easier, doctors says it is easy but this is no joke girls!
I still have lots of soreness, it hurts when I strech, ussing the foam board all day itches like hell.
Results are coming, and I dont regret doing it, but it is a slow pace, not as fast as I thougt it woul be. If you had liposuction, hang in there! Time is your best friend ;)

New pics

New recent pics from my surgery.

New pics

Reached 1 month mark!

1 month post op and freaking hate my compression garment! Had a massage today to release the scar tissue under skin and look smoother. The massage made me really swollen so I'm posting pics from a few days ago :). 1 month post op pic feeling HOT! Love this feeling !!

1 month po

1 month po

1 month po

1 month po

Not much to tell

Still sore and all. Have not much new to tell and dont wanna take pictures because im feeling big and bloated these days...Coming back now from time off from college, hope I can keep up with my gym schedule and lose a few more pounds!

2 months PO

I complete 2 months PO today! Still have pain in flanks and abdomen, still doing massages.

I like my results. Obviously, we all want to be perfect, but I guess perfect dow not exist! When I see myself in the mirror dont see too much difference, but in comparison to my before pics you can clearly see it.

Be aware that your mind do not see you how you really are.
I see a lot of girls complaning about no results or not being worth the money, but I guess you always have to see if lipo is your best option.
1 - If you are overweight and want to look thinner lipo is not your option.
2 - If you dont excercise, dont take care of your eating habits and think it is a miracle to happen, liposuction is not your option either.
3 - Also not your option if you are not willing to deal with post ops issues - pain, swelling and long recover. Lipo can take 6 months to a year to show up results!
Before submitting a comestic surgery, always think - What I expect from this procedure? Do I expect a miracle? Going in obese and coming out as J. Lo? I was overweight myself and worked har to shed of the extra weight and just a few years later I did my liposuction.

Always think TOO MUCH before putting your body through any distress!

2 months po pics

Four months update!

Hi girls! Its been four months since I had lipo. Some days I feel bigger, some days smaller but overall I really like the results.
When I can drop my weight a few pounds it looks like the flatest belly I ever had!
Really like it!

four months pics

New pics

5 months PO

Feeling thin today, so here's a picture! I never EVER had this belly standing in this position! I love how when I drop a few pounds first thing that get smaller are my waist and belly.
Ps: I'm in my period, and we all know we retain more fluid these days... so I'm like... WOW hahahahaha

Also, sorry for my bad english, is not my first language, thanks to everyone!


8 months pics


8 months po

Hi gals!

After eight months of lipo I feel like I have the best body I never had! I feel do happy that I could walk around naked if it was legal LOL
Lost a few pounds recently and feel even better.

Keep in mind that surgery it is your last option. Take care of your body, eat clean, excercise and results will come.

Remember: This is your body and God only gave you one.

8 months

Forgot to mention my size:

Weight 129lbs 5.4 ft!
58.6 kls 1.66 meters.

Thank you!
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hi you look great hope your in good health and really happy with your results.. im going in june and doing research nd saw your journey and would like a foam board like u have do u mind telling me where I can buy one please. god bless :0)
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Did you wear the same compression garment the whole time or did u buy a second one? U look great btw :)
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I had two compression garments to alternate. During the healing time I also used a waist cincher that I dont show on the pics and also the foam board for the abdomen.
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Great results all over!! I received tt and ba revision jun2013 and the cost is definitely not a comparison to my results:(. Where did you get your tummy board and your breast lift?
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Both my surgeries were made here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where I live. Im comparison of the currency, you really can think that things cost really low here, but considering how much money we make the surgery it is really expensive :/ I got the tummy board here too, but in ther BBL section you can see that girls use it quite a lot, I think you'll find several indications :)
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amazing, you look great!
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Thank you!!
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Looking good!!!!! I want a stomach like that :)
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Thank you!!
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U look amazing! This is the 1st review I hv seen from brazil. I have some questions. So I have sent you a pm
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Received and answered :)
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Thanks for your quick response. Just seen it
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hello! how long did you have to wear your compression garment?
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I wore it for around 2 months!
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Hi I was just wondering who was the doctor that did your lipo? Your results look amazing and can't believe you only paid $1000
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Hi darling the cost its actually wrong, i'm sorry. Im from Sao Paulo, so I messed up a little when I added how much I paid considering the currency, since our money is different.. Even considering that I believe that lipo with my doctor would cost around USD2500. I had BL also, and everything (bl+lipo) costed around USD4.000. xoxo
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I had liposuction of flanks and abdomen its only been 2 days but I have to return work in 3 days from now. I'm very swollen on the stomach. You think the swelling will go down in 3 more days? Enough to show up at work and look normal? Thank you.
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About the garments I got here where I live in Sao Paulo :). I think most people don't pay attention to somethings so I believe that the swelling won't be that noticeable. I got back to work in 6 days and nobody was able to tell anything. Just throw some loose tops and you're good to go :D
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Omg thank you so much for the quick response! It's been 48 hrs I just took off the bandages today and I had alot of mixed emotions. I started crying. Started feeling bad and regretful for doing this to my body. I work on my feet all day. We're you alot less swollen after 5 days? Is there anything I can do for it? I bought arnica Montana tablets and been eating pineapple. I heard alot about the two. I need a garmet like yours! Thank you
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Im so sorry I forgot to answer you! I guess know your swelling must have subsided by now, but you will always have good and bad days, like usual!
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Hi you look great where did you get the garmet? I just had lipo the same as you and been using a shape wear.
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Hi magicaly delicious, I read the comment before they deleted it, probably because it was in portuguese... Thank you, I had surgery with Dr Nelio Watanabe here in Sao Paulo!
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Lol, yeah I figured, but Im loving your results! You look super fit yet super curvy. Best of both worlds! Hopefully my results look as good as like yours...happy healing! Bjs
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