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Going to Dr. Walkiris Robles for Tummy Tuck Review...

Going to Dr. Walkiris Robles for Tummy Tuck Review , Need to fix my TT. and under arm. was recommended to me by a friend and I was totally satisfied by the wonderful staff. All my question have been answer. I just cant wait to be there and done I have been before with another DR. but i have Dr Robles because there is a better communication. I want a smaller wist!!!
Hi I am also having surgery with dr Robles on April 28 th. And I am also assigned to stay at the queens house. I hope it is only the two of us schuduled that day. Do you arrive on the Sunday the 27 th for pre testing?
Sunday the clinic is close. ?/ That is way i I getting there on Monday. I been there before this is my second time going for me but i have taken my GF before like 5 time there and this Queen RH i don't now I what somebody to tell me where it is my be the change the name to an old place??/My is April 29
I texted laura about the 27 of April she said it would not be a problem because I can have my pretest on Sunday. I am going to email her again Tommorow. I am also going to ask her to change me to Virginia's house.

Just can't wait to look like This again !

are going with Robles or Camilo? if Robles you can have Real Self change your PS on here....
but it doesnt let me change it
you have to send an email to Real Self to change it for you...I don't know why they don't let us!

Great News on my journey! Soon ROBLES BARBIE yes!!!!

Blood test back my hemoglobin levels 14 gm/ dl. Now I feel more better but with change of this weather it look like a cold is starting...better now than later. Well it is what it is....
hey i have a question i just got my test result for my hemoglobin level and its 12.9 i had stop taking my iron for a week due to i ran out and never got a chance to go to the store. but today i just buy more and my surgery isn't until 04/30/2014 is there any suggestion for making my hemoglobin level shoot back up?
What are the Causes for low Hemoglobin count Hemoglobin is protein based component.It is located in red blood cells which gives blood red appearance.Normal hemoglobin vales are: (roughly not exactly) Adult(males):13.5-17g/dl Females:12-15g/dl Pregnancy :11-12g/dl Children :11-16g/dl How to increase Hemoglobin level naturally ? It is always advisable to increase hemoglobin naturally.There are many fruits and vegetables available for us to increase hemoglobin naturally. Pomegranate. A part from being healthy Pomegranate is delicious too.The fruit contains three times of antioxidants of green tea.It contains vitamins A,C,E,folic acid Iron. By taking this fruit in any form supplies iron to blood and thus,reduce the symptoms caused due to lower hemoglobin.Diabetic patients can also take this fruit. Dates. Dates or dried dates are considered as nutritious.Along with iron they contain Potassium,Calcium,Magnesium and vitamins A and B.Dates can boost your energy level. Watermelon. This fruit provides Iron along with high levels of Proteins, Carbohydrates,Potassium,Vitamin C and vitamin B.As the Iron content in watermelon is high it boosts the level of stamina and energy. Berries. All berries(Blackberries,Blueberries,Cranberries,Strawberries) contains Iron.These fruits along with Iron contains lots of Antioxidants,Vitamin A and E. Iron Deficiency Anemia: Recommended Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection, and Management Among U.S. Children and Women of Childbearing Age Iron Deficiency Anemia: Recommended Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection, and Management Among U.S. Children and Women of Childbearing Age Amazon Price: $25.99 List Price: $42.00 Foods That Heal Foods That Heal Amazon Price: $5.83 List Price: $19.95 An Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Foods for Health and Healing An Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Foods for Health and Healing Amazon Price: $34.20 List Price: $18.95 Legumes Legumes Green leafy vegetables Green leafy vegetables Pumpkin seeds Pumpkin seeds Iron rich vegetables Legumes. All types of Legumes are best plant based food enriched with Iron. (Legumes include-Soya nuts,Red kidney beans,Lima beans,Lentils,Fava beans,Edamame,Chickpeas,Black-eyed peas,Black beans,Anasazi beans,Adzuki beans) Green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals.Green leafy vegetables contains vitamin A,C,K,Calcium and Iron.One cup of Spinach have nearly 6mg of Iron. Pumpkin Seeds. There are many reasons to eat Pumpkin seeds.They are good sources of Iron,Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc.1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds contain 8.6mg.The better way to eat them is as they are.One more simple way is to add them to a salad and eat. Comparatively Vegetarian sources of Iron is less readily absorbed.So,vegetarians at specially pre-menopausal females should take slightly higher iron intake.It is advisable to take these foods along with foods which contain vitamin C it will be more helpful for curing Iron deficiency Take care see you soon hope this help!!!
Hello thank you.. what items did you buy and use when you went to dr

OMG * 8 day to Be a Robles Barbie....

Tic...tac...time is almost there ...ready to go...God is in control!!! Just can't wait so everything is over i know the pain been there before training myself to be strong for me and my friend that is going with me. I will try to keep u girls posted.

4 day in the count down...

OMG... just cant wait final blood test 14.4 ...hope that is good enough to be a Robles Barbie all I need is a confirmation where I am going to Stay cous Laura just text my girl that is going with me Virginia RH is full and Told her from the beginning that is where I wanted to stay that is way I did the VIP package... there is always something!!!I just us Karma...and more Karma....Prayer !!!!
hope everything went well i will be down there 4/29/14 can't wait to see you.
Not as happy....as we think too much to say at least i know my way around here ...I haven't seen Dr Robles yet got here this afternoon running doing test OMG Filling out papers..bla blabla....Big day tomorrow....well let see...
Good luck

Robles suppress me knocking at my hotel door!!!

Dr Robles ..just drop by check on me....I feel great cous of all the running with the delay fight...my blood pressure went up and for my history of asthma I rest today and wait till wednesday to make sure i am ok... rest tomorrow do some shopping 30 big day!!! I feel secure meet some girl from RS in person stay same hotel it good to meet other that don't now the country or language we went for dinner they are having surgery tomorrow. At 5 am...I will go and visit them at hospital
Good luck honey. Praying for ya.

My big day tomorrow ...

I'm so glad I have met in person the Girls from RS. who said would be here with Dr Robles . Each one has support with each other but if they have to recordales wagging that tail has to go work hard and strong and some pain pain and more pain. It is not easy but I finally got the nod for them. My big day tomorrow and see how my TT, arms pit, neck .

No TT. no arm pit no BBL

Dr. Told tells me good diet, good strip and everything falls into place a little bit of sacrifice ... I have my shape on my waist as you can see on the picture. My blood pressure remains high. And I have a sinus infection. I think that I been a patient Dr.Roble that all her patients met this week. But them she has been watching me very carefully that's my positive. I do not feel bad on the contrary I'm glad I'm with a doctor who cares for me. I have seen the Dr ike 4 time a day.
Hey lady...it's Trea...the 1 that had breakfast with u, ur friend, n my nurse at the hotel.....how did u n ur friends experience turn out??? I hope u finally got SNATCHED n sexy....u don't have any post-op pix so I'm hope all went well
GLAD ALL IS WELL...there's no post op pic...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Walkiris Robles, will be my Dr for ever she (Dr ROBLES), don't play I had my date on april 29 but got some stuffy nose this women in the airplane kept putting some RED DOOR perfume!!!! on by the time I got to see DR Robles. I had Nasal discharge she send me to the Pneumonologist ... diagnostic with Sinusitis I so need some antibiotic reschedule me for today May 3 this morning and them my BP went up. She will not work on me...SO she is very caring for you ....I will be sad but happy she care for my life... you will be checked oven and over by different Doctor before you are ready for you new figure....and it is worth it... I recommend here any time...

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