Yily Bomb shell Banging Body from D R To LA just change Me347

Ok we'll I've been looking on this site for a...

Ok we'll I've been looking on this site for a while and I want to go head and star my journey with dra. Yily I spoke with her love her she keeps it Real lol but n E ways I'm going for TT bbl lipo that's it I've been quoted a great price but I just need some one to travel with my fiancé can't kids !!
Hello Doll, well we have the same surgery date and im bringing my own nurse with me. He is my brother and he is a fireman as well as a nurse. So im bringing him for support, security and medical...I should be so lucky. However ive rented a three bedroom house and if you want to you can stay with us you are more then welcomed of course there is a fee but im very fair. Im not trying to make anything from it. Im just offering you an oppertunity to have a travel nurse who VERY professional.
that's an excellent idea. inbox me and let me know the price details... also does he do messages?
Luscious hey boo!!! Can't wait to meet you!!!

Change of plans

So happy that yily sent my comfrimation today its Official flying in that D R on march the 20th but I'm leaving on the 19th I live in cali los Angeles that is yup yup lol..... staying at healing Haven until the 31st them I'm out I will upload pre op but really can't wait till post op pics get here ... I'm having aggressive lipo bbl lipo flanks waist full back abdomen arms that's it I might be having a tummy tuck if my funds right kinda scared of a tummy tuck ive had 3 C sections but I really need it lol ok I will be updating every other day so stay Tuned
I am from La too and schedule with Yily on March 12th leaving on the 11th. I lft a msg in ur inbox if ur interested.
My sx date is march 12 with dr yily. Im travelling alone, have not made my mind up on which RH i want. I will be in dr march 11
Hey ladies we will be there at the same time. Me my buddy and several other Yily dolls will be at real recovery armonia hope to see you there!!!

almost Time !!!!!!!!

Okay im sooo excited to become a yily doll idk what to do im all packed and ready to go just waiting on my passport but it should be in the mail any day now so no biggie well im going to post my 4wk plus 4 day pre op pics in just a sec... but not to much going on but hoping I get a lil raise in the income area so I can get a tt as well I really need it lol got to have that California banging Body for the summer ok dolls pics coming soon

4wk 4 day pre op 3 kids all c-sections by the way

Don't judge me these are up close pics


Passport *plane ticket * surgery supplies* surgery money* March 19th still a waiting cant wait 23 more days then im On My Way I will keep you guys posted on my personal experience with pics video ect ... Stay Tuned
Did she say if you had to lose any weight?
Yup I did that 10 pounds plus my skin is very Firm so im pretty Sure I would love my results not looking to be Skiny minnie just stacked....
Good! I will never be skinny in my life! Never want to be! Lol! If I was the "healthy" bmi for my height, I would look sickly!

17 Day's and counting !!!

I have everything ready to go now can't wait to be back home already I'm going to miss the hell out of my kids and fiance. For those of you don't no I have lost 10 pounds yay to that but I'm not getting this procedure done to look like Beyonce just a regular Thick LA chick like I was before the 3 kids so I no I will love my results .^______ Nothing has really changed just the mist of moving and getting ready for this surgery Thanks for you women of all sizes had this thing done with no regrets see u guys on the big Booty train in a min lol
This typo ish is crazy I was trying to say have u had any surgeries yet . Or are you planning on it if so with who
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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