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Hi I am a 30 yr old mother of 2(boy & girl)...

Hi I am a 30 yr old mother of 2(boy & girl) can say 3 if you include me husband! Lol
My oldest is 5 youngest is 9 months. My weight went down drastically after the 1st delivery but kicked in overtime a few months later! Well long story short, I lost the weight wonderfully over a long period of 3 years. I went from 179lbs to 140!( go me)
Well not even a year after the weight lose I got preggers with the second! (My husbands fault! He couldn't stand to see me slim!) lol
I gave birth to a double cheese burger deluxe!(aka my baby) he weighed 9lbs.
My  with the last baby was 220lbs!(that's pretty big since I'm only 5'6).  The weight dropped off much faster than it did with my first pregnancy, but not where I would like for it to be. And with the weight lose came the saggy skin and more stretch marks! So a few months ago I began to look into getting a tt.  Had a few consultations, did tons of research! And finally made my mind up to have my work done with Dr. Robles in the Dominican Republic. I'm trying to get things in order I have plenty time, my goal is to have my surgery in March.
This is a huge step for me. I have not felt comfortable in my skin for a really long time! I was one of those people that like to walk around (in my home) naked and free, now I'm uncomfortable undressing in front of my husband! He thinks I'm being extra but I don't like how I look! He was against me having surgery, but now he says he will support my decision. I have my reservations on telling some friends and family members, because not everyone that wishes you well means well. So I oped just to tell my immediate friends and family. I was super happy to find this site I've been hooked ever since. I have learned so much. I and going to try my best to document my journey every step of the way, and give any advice or information that I can. I would greatly appreciate any advice given for post & pre op, or anything! Thanks for reading fellow real selffers.

I was trying to post pics (while I have the...

I was trying to post pics (while I have the nerve)! can anyone help??

Ok so I haven't updated in a while.... But in...

Ok so I haven't updated in a while.... But in super excited now that I've booked my flight and my surgery is set for the 13th of March! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy can't wait!!!!
I've been taking my vitamins and shopping for the things I need to take along with me! My journey has officially become more real so to speak!

So I really wanted to get my breastlift with...

So I really wanted to get my breastlift with implants, but because I want backlipo along with some arm Lipo I'm going to have to do the boobs on my next visit! I'm just so hyped up about getting the tt! I want this buldge gone!!!
Question! Is everyone getting the vitamedica package??
Also can anyone give some good weight lost tips and items I'm going to need for surgery? I just don't want to bring or buy a bunch of stuff I'm not going to need:-/!

Ok so I've been a little on the fence about...

Ok so I've been a little on the fence about Robles! I've officially changed my mind! I'm going with Dra. Hilario Duran! I had been searching around about her for a while! And her work is awesome! Plus she is so responsive, and super polite! She's my surgeon!

Ok so passport's here, flight already booked,...

Ok so passport's here, flight already booked, still gathering my much needed items! But I'm soooooo ready for March 4th!!!!! Whoop whoop! Dra Hilario Duran here I come! Ready for my surgeon to work his magic!

Typo ** HER magic!! Lol damn iPhone!

Typo ** HER magic!! Lol damn iPhone!

3 more days until my DR transformation...

3 more days until my DR transformation begins!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy! Lol

Hey real self family! I have crossed over to the...

Hey real self family! I have crossed over to the super flat side! All I can tell you is beauty is pain! But Dra Duran is awesome!!!!!!!! I love her beyond words!!!!! She is a artist!!! And such a beautiful humble person!!!

Swell hell!! Every part if my body is either sore...

Swell hell!! Every part if my body is either sore or knumb! I can't wait until this stage is over!! Thanking god for my husband!! He is such great support! I really appreciate him!!!

Hey real self! If your interested in seeing more...

Hey real self! If your interested in seeing more of my pics, just contact Dra Duran and ask her to send you boots love before and after pics! I'm sorry I don't have any! I'm only a week post op and haven't really gotten a chance to take any! I'm just really trying to get my strength back! This surgery is no walk in the park! But I must say Dra Hilario Duran is the best! She goes above and beyond for her patients! I love her like family! I would recommend her a million times! I have tons of swelling and I already see my shape! I am completely satisfied!

Hey ladies! My surgery wasn't for a bbl. my major...

Hey ladies! My surgery wasn't for a bbl. my major concern was my tummy and boobs, which is why I wanted a mommy makeover. I had a little butt to begin with... I promise to post some ass pics when I'm able to stand straight lol
Dra. Augustina Hilario Duran


5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hey love , how long did u stay in D.R after ur tummy tuck ?
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14 days
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hey doll you look great. do you mind showing some before and after pics and your incision please id appreciate it
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Hi....I am considering a TT with you mind showing me your incision? some pics. I hear her TT are nice. thank you
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You look great! How are you doing?
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I just want to say thank you all the beautiful girl WHO love my work!
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I love your work, and sent you pictures. Still waiting for you to get back to me.
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Dra Hilario! I thank you beyond words!! I love you!! Xoxoxo
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you are an artist xoxoxo
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How can I reach you for a quote?
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Can u add more pics??
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hope you are doing good girl :)
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Do I have to come a day before my surgery date or can I just can in the am
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Not sure, but I'm going on a thurs and hoping for sx on Friday cause I wanna get settled in at the RH
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Thats What im doing TOO , im flying out on may 30 late night and getting my tests and surgery on may 31 with DurĂ¡n ... Im so excited but at the same time nervous , I can't wait to see my new curves , I was quoted $3500 for full front and back lipo plus bbl and lipo of arms
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when you show up the night before you still pay for that night in the RH right?
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How can i contact Dr. Duran?
  • Reply This is her email but it might take some time for her to get back to you. She just came off vacation and just hired 2 assistants to help her out but she is amazing!! I'm going in june
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omg thank you sooooo much!
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Hope you are healing great, I want a TT, BA and BBL. Can you show us a pic of your TT scar and a before shot of your stomach area. No rush.. take your time :D thank you for sharing w/ us! xo
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Happy healing hun
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Hey, I am considering Duran but I don't see many pictures of her. Is it possible that you could upload a picture of your 'butt" AFTER surgery?
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Hey I was wondering if u got a bbl
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Happy healing. Cnt wait to c an ass shot.
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You look amazing!!!! Can't believe it's only 5 days post op!!! I can't wait to see more:-) keep us updated!!!!
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