40 Wanted my 25 figure Back I Got It and Much More -santo domingo

Having three kids my last a year ago I was unhappy...

Having three kids my last a year ago I was unhappy with my shape had implants in Ireland and left for unhappy and no after car at all. Me and my sister go this done I highly recommend DR Rafael Hernandez his team surgery time and after care they are perfections in every are am at thanks to you all we have decided while we are here to Monday for face work we wail being using this doctor forever he is a miracle man now both size 8 uk perky bums for lipo fat grafting from tummy and legs to back ten body massage at hotel after and all meds no hidden charges any woarld wise us him much better that Harley street and I have been there me and my twin love this doctors work :) see u Monday

3 days post

Bit bruise very little pain and ready party in the dr and show off our assets

Twins get it all done

Me and my twin sister love our new looks 30 hours post op and feeling fine

40year Old Wanted my Figure Back After Havin a Baby

All pro at this stage 30 hours post op and feeling fab, the best surgery I have went on. He fully explain and give me complety the look I wanted me and my twin got the procedure and being a nurse myself I had high expections DR Rafael exceed this and more highly recommend this doctor if ur coming from the uk their professional here was unbeleivable and life changing. Coming back for face lifts and we get Botox on money also he sends a therapist to ur hotel to do massage for days day to reduce swelling both done to uk 6 with 500 cc implants perky not big bums and flat Tummys

Before pics we have none on this iPad but will uplift when we get home

Fours days post op feeling fab xxx

7days after lipo but lift breast implants doctor said I'm still swell I'm delighted with these results omg can't wait to get the

7 days

Seven days post up feeling great already happy with shape

Seven days after

Delight already

Amazing Doctor

I'm the other twin I had Botox,face plasma,breasts implants and lift,a tummy tuck,liposuction to my back,my inner arms and my inner thighs and a bbl.This man is a miracle surgeon and my results are amazing.i am two weeks post and am an American size 0 or a UK size 6 and still have swelling to go down.I recommend him to the world he is a perfectionist in his field and am so glad we found him,he has changed my life forever...Thank You so much DR Rafael and all your team and hospital staff.I call you the miracle man and want the world to know I good you are in your work and profession.
The rest of my family are all planning to see you in the near future.Thank You from our hearts the Irish twins we will never forget you.

nearly 3 weeks in

wow is all my hubby can say, im a uk size 6 size G cup and feeling great all the swelling is away and im back to work still mild tenderness but just uncomfortable nothing that needs pain releif dr rafael get them pictures up we have a lot of people in ireland wanting to see the before and after lol :)

Nearly 3 weeks post op

TT BBL BL(with implants) lipo arms legs and back

before pictures of cody

before pictures of morganmcc

implants changed 500cc put in full body lipo conture small BBL and very happy little irish girl, no complications out my fija suit and into soft support within 3 weeks


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

God when it comes to being a perfection answer all questions and perform what we wanted and more excellent in his field

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hey....where are you babes....you ok....give me a holla pliiiz....just a word of how you doing.....ope you fine though and its SUMMER....flaunt it gals..... miss you
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hi babes....you ok???? ope so...don't go so quiet....wanna know how you doing....
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Hi gal.... ope getting there day by day... by the way did i ask you...did you use epidural or general???? had epidural with both of my boys...backache!!!!! not sure that was the cause though....general..?????...really scary...got memory issues and worried might affect more...OOOOH God...
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Wao ....am stalking your every move coz i wanna see you again and again....you look awesome.....did, i see Morgan's before photos??? kody., yes, but i believe its a 90° turn for you both
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Am so happy for you both....after such a transformation....id be tempted to almost walk to town half naked i swear.....wao...amazing....thax babes and good luck all the way....
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Thanks Tiki he is a very good Surgeon.
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I believe you....am in!!!!! he's great.....thumbs up coz you both look awesome.....
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What amazing transformations you ladies experienced! You both look freaking awesome!
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glad you doing well gals....happy for you..how much did you pay for your tickets from Ireland.....going in August n flying from Ireland...
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we paid all in for 2 £3,000 but hunt about the holiday place is good and stay the whole trip in the city we stayed at the BQ HOTEL very good and will be a better price for you to be honest e went to dreams on day six waste of money cause we didnt eat that much and no drinking so it wasnt really worth the money we have a really good tour guide who can lift you at the airport and make your trip fab his name was hosta he looked after us non stop jeccy highly recommended if you need to travel round the doimincian, you can get deals for about 1,000 all in xx
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Thanks babes....you so nice......God.....am really confused.....two doctors....Estevez and Dr Disla.....maybe even Robles.....whoever the doctor whats the name of the hotel and how much per night and did you do massages ??? if so where n who....plz help....wanna have a mummy makeover.....
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Reread your posts....had massages in the hotel....and am glad that you did all i wanna do....maybe will stick with Estevez....advice me....how much was your ticket + hotel + makeover + massages plz....anything i need to know.....what method of lipo does he use??? thx lovy
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would love to see your tummy tuck scar and before photos plllliiiiizzzzz....you can send me privately if you prefer that way....Pliiiiiiizzzzzz....for me to be 100% with Estevez
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DR Rafael will send a massage therapist to a hotel for 10 nights...we stayed at the bq hotel which was great extremely clean and helpful and a taxi at the hotel will cost you $12 to get to the hospital ask for taximan Frank...I think the hotel was $42 per night but we had spilt our holiday going there for 7 nights and then relaxing in Puna Canta the remainder of our two weeks although would recommend staying at bq as long as you can as DR Rafael is near by.....you will not regret going to him his work is amazing I am 3 weeks post tomorrow with no pain whatsoever.i had breasts and lift 500cc high profile a tummy tuck lipo to back inner arms and thighs,BBL and Botox and plasma I look amazing and feel great....you would be happy with your results.
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I don't know how to get them on computer I will get my sister to help me...scare minimal and fading already I'm now about an American size 2 waist and 32G before I was size 8-10 with 34DD and still have fluid so will be tiny when I'm healed with big boobs and perky bum which is exactly what I wanted xx
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I'm the one with the tummy tuck il get Lesa to take pictures when she visists next my name is Lynn.we are identical twins xx
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wao.....you had alot done babe.....looking to have TT,BBL,BL and lipo....scared to death but you make me feel at ease......would really love to see your tummy tuck scar and before before photos......plz dear....wanna know how much you had transfered in your bum.....scared of going so big....am a size maybe 10/12 UK...thanks for your help.... was it a double room....will be going with my hubby and a friend....two rooms would do us good.... I've read and read so much one needs to buy....what do you recommend necessary.... he does provide first faja????medicine????? Am intending to be there for atleast 12 days.... thanks babes
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sorry..Lynn....hadn't seen the other text....thanks...whenever you ready with the photos...I'll appreciate.... OOOOH am happy for you both...glad all went well and you happy....will check the hotel out and Frank.....here i come....thanks gal....i really appreciate your support.... one more thing....you flew from Ireland....how many hours and how much...scary....
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32G !!!!!! great....am 34D....not sure if i just want them up or a size bigger....you look awesome.....beautiful....a perky bum....i want!!!!!Now!!!!!
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Go for it girlfriend you won't regret it,nothing to be afraid off it was a breeze I'd had five precious c sections and breasts implants.....so wanted them replaced and tummy tidied up as NHS had not left it tidy.me and my sister shared the same room as we both had surgery.i don't no how much fat he removed from my back and put in my butt I just told him I wanted small and perky and that's what I got.i was a Uk12 but am only 4ft 9in so looked heavy I'm now a 6 and still swelled so hopefully il disappear when all is settled lol...I reckon il b a 4...tiny yeeehaaa...he will give you one suit and buy an extra one so you can change each day around $120 but very good suits make sure you get extra small suits as they will fit you snug...I just were fatty pants from peacocks over the top for extra compression.r u in the North r South of Ireland....we r North so had to fly to Gatwick one hour then connect to DR it was a 9 hour flight we arrived in the DR on Tuesday night at ten got all blood tests done return to hospital next day for surgery.we had a mammogram done went to a cardolist and a doc to check lungs because we both used to smoke...All the doctors done their tests then sent us back to DR Rafael certified for surgery.I was down 9 hours and came back a quarter of my size....he is a fantastic doctor.
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I recommend an uplift very little scaring and more headlights lol...Lesa didn't get lift and needs really good supporting bras I can let mine out every now and again lol
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I put pis up of tummy tuck scaring will get before pics off other computer up ASAP xxx
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Phone the holiday shop and ask for Tony he will sort out all flights,transfers and hotel for you jeccey ul find it online
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Iv now joined jeccey I'm kody 19
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I'm now kody19
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