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Ok, so i am going to go and fo this again. I want...

Ok, so i am going to go and fo this again. I want liposculpture on full back, full abdomen, flanks, waist, undersarms area, chin, inner thigh, arm, breast lift and brzilian butt lift. I have been seeing the results i want here so i am going to take my shot and go over seas too. From what i see, what i want is different, but seems ok with it. I am ready to do this again.

good choice
Have u had a procedure with her?
Just had my procedure 3 days ago

count down to correction

I am so ready for my corrective surgery. July cant get her fast enough.

My wish pix

My wish pix. After this i will b beach ready.

Time is flying.

I am getting butterflies. I am so excited that I will have the body that I want. I can't wait. My surgery is July 17, and I fly out on the 14th. So ready.
Good luck doll! also going to Almonte in July! I hope to see new pics soon

Time is winding down.

It's about that time. I got my flight just need to pack. I need to check out a list so that I get every thing I need prior to headed over. I am ready. July 15 here I come!


Ready to get this started


I am now at Cecip, time for labs.
Good luck Sassy


I feel like I an getting more already than in the states. They check weight, blood pressure, keg and labs prior to surgery. The State don't require as much. ALMOST MY TURN!
Good luck. Hope all goes as planned. What sx did you have before and who did it ?
I paid for, back, abd, flank, inner thigh and bbl from Dr. Kirk out of Jacksonville, Fl. I few results and she never touched my back. So I came to DR
Ok. Hope you are very pleased this time round and you're recovering well.


I c change already. Just got to wait for swelling g to decrease.
Glad ur happy with your results
Ok great.

Looks good.

My body looks good even with swelling. Can't to c how small I become in next months. Wow, what a difference in everything, care, price, treatment and outcome. Thank you guys, I couldn't have done this without u.
I read that you weren't happy with the results from the local Dr., I'm in duval and I'm looking to having the procedure done also...glad your enjoying your results, can you post some updated pictures pretty please :)
I will try to post more pic in morning. Bit this body is the work of Dr. Almonte.

I am loving it.

I love my results.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is awesome, with a nice bed manner. I am glad I went to let her help me.

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