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Ok, so i am going to go and fo this again. I want...

Ok, so i am going to go and fo this again. I want liposculpture on full back, full abdomen, flanks, waist, undersarms area, chin, inner thigh, arm, breast lift and brzilian butt lift. I have been seeing the results i want here so i am going to take my shot and go over seas too. From what i see, what i want is different, but seems ok with it. I am ready to do this again.

count down to correction

I am so ready for my corrective surgery. July cant get her fast enough.

My wish pix

My wish pix. After this i will b beach ready.

Time is flying.

I am getting butterflies. I am so excited that I will have the body that I want. I can't wait. My surgery is July 17, and I fly out on the 14th. So ready.

Time is winding down.

It's about that time. I got my flight just need to pack. I need to check out a list so that I get every thing I need prior to headed over. I am ready. July 15 here I come!


Ready to get this started


I am now at Cecip, time for labs.


I feel like I an getting more already than in the states. They check weight, blood pressure, keg and labs prior to surgery. The State don't require as much. ALMOST MY TURN!


I c change already. Just got to wait for swelling g to decrease.

Looks good.

My body looks good even with swelling. Can't to c how small I become in next months. Wow, what a difference in everything, care, price, treatment and outcome. Thank you guys, I couldn't have done this without u.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

She is awesome, with a nice bed manner. I am glad I went to let her help me.

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Glad ur happy with your results
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Good luck. Hope all goes as planned. What sx did you have before and who did it ?
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I paid for, back, abd, flank, inner thigh and bbl from Dr. Kirk out of Jacksonville, Fl. I few results and she never touched my back. So I came to DR
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Ok. Hope you are very pleased this time round and you're recovering well.
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I am, very. Just need this swelling to go away.
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Ok great.
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Good luck Sassy
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Good luck doll! also going to Almonte in July! I hope to see new pics soon
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U will.
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good choice
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Have u had a procedure with her?
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Just had my procedure 3 days ago
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With which doctor?
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Do u have any pictures
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing with us!

Are you all prepared for your trip? Are you taking someone with you for support, or travelling alone?
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Not sure yet, still working it all out.
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