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Hey everyone! I am schedule for lipo and bbl on...

Hey everyone! I am schedule for lipo and bbl on April 14 with Dr. Cabral! Is anyone going to DR around this date. Please inbox me if you are. Maybe we can meet up and even schedule to stay in the same recovery house. I am aware of his history. I have seen reviews from Dr. salamas patients with burns so with that being said every doctor has an incident. Pray for me bc I'm praying for you :)
Good luck mama
Good luck and congrats doll.


Cipla now requires all patients to have a companion with them. If you are traveling alone they will provide you with a nurse/ companion. Lol for $50.

Recovery house...

I'm thinking about staying at real recovery armonia. It's $85 a night all inclusive. I'm waiting to book a recovery house bc Sheraton is opening up a hotel so I'm waiting to see what their prices are like. If you are from NYC and are traveling around April 14 Pm me :)
Congrats and good luck
Hey girlie my buddy and I are having sux with Cabral the 9th and 10th. If you can push it back, you can buddy up with us, we are leaving from JFK. If not good luck doll, and we will see you out there!
Hey! Thanks! I don't know if my friend will be able to come with me anymore. I will call Monday and try to push it back. I will keep in contact with you.

More About Myself...

I am 24 years old and I'm a 180 pounds. I am trying to lose 15-20 pounds before the surgery. I know I can with a proper diet and working out everyday. I am schedule for a physical on March 7 to make sure I'm in good before the surgery. I will definitely have a follow up with my primary care provider a week before surgery. For most of my life I struggled with my weight and body image. My family is from the South so they plumped me up as a kid. Lol. Unfortunately I was not blessed with a country booty , just big boobs. I love my boobs they are not perky triple Ds but they are not sagging , they sit just right. In the past I have considered a breast reduction but I do not need anymore scars. My stomach is already stretch marks galore and I don't have any kids. I use Palmar's I don't know if it prevented any but it has definitely helped with the appearance of ones I do have. I do believe my weight is caused by genetics.


My how things are adding up. Today I went to target and I bought...
Large and small band aids
Surgery tape
I still need to buy arnica oil, poise pads, no rinse wipes and arnica tablets

Ladies a must!!

Recovery Support Program!!

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Let the work speak for itself...

Yes his work looks good. Good luck mamacita and stay prayed up
Ok just keep in touch. We are staying for 8-9 days three days at a recovery house and the rest at the Barcelo hotel
Ok I will. What recovery house are you staying at? I'm waiting to see if I book the Sheraton bc I can get a family discount . Currently they are under renovations and are not taking any reservations. Hopefully by March 1 they will be accepting reservations.

Message from Real Recovery...

Idk if they require $50 for a companion or if cipla require $50
Good luck girl, Im going with Cabral in Aug
How much did he quote you?
$3,900, not including garments, meds, pre-op test, and insurance !


Insurance, medications, tests, consultation, and garments are not included in Cabral quotes. So save an extra $500 for these things.
Thank you! Blessings and good luck !
Is that like health insurance?
Thank you! Indeed I will! Blessings and good luck!

Travelers Medical Insurance...

wow thanks for the update i didn't even know real recovery prices went up i thought it was 85 for a price wow, no wonder they kept tilling me they'll have availability they must have really expanded


I told my mom I am having surgery and she asked me where and I responded "Miami!" She said "no people get messed up down there! I will give you the rest of the money to have it done in NYC. Well damn that's how she feels about Miami so I can only imagine how she will feel when I tell her I'm going to DR. I don't want to keep this from my mom but she will not allow me to go DR if I tell her. Yes allow me! She is very protective and I am the baby. So I'm thinking about telling her when I return or not tell her at all. I feel bad bc I don't want to keep this from her. She understands how bad I want this surgery. I am insecure and feel like my insecurities are unhealthy. My cousin knows that I'm going to DR.

Arnica Tablets Info...


Im leaving to have SX with cabral april 22nd
I have surgery april 16th we can buddy together if ud like, to save me
Real recovery how is it there? last year I stayed at Barcelo Hotel

Cabral Additional Fees...

Compression socks-$30
Lab work-$135
Blood Transfusion-$250


I went to the doctor yesterday and had a complete physical. I weigh a 185 pounds...damn I had no I idea I weighed this much. I need to lose at least 15-20 pounds before the surgery. If you're over 180 pounds you are consider a high risk patient. Damn I'm devastated.
did Cabral say you had to be below 180lbs? I'd think as long as you are under 200 he would be fine? Am I wrong? B/c I'm in the same boat.
No but you want to have a BMI of 28 or below to avoid complications and to ensure you have the best results.
April 8


I was quoted $3,900 because I want a bbl with fat transfer to my hips and thighs. Yes my thighs I want thunder thighs lol! I don't want them to rub but I want them fuller. Also check out dollfaceangel blog she went to Cabral and her results are amazing.


Massages are important if you want the best results and especially to drain fluids. Josephine's Spa in Washington Heights offer drainage massages for $45. Which is way cheaper than spas in the city.


Yes I a extremely nervous and anxious ! After adding everything up I am expecting to spend around $6500 to have this surgery. Now I am a shopaholic and love food so it has been mind boggling for me not to buy whatever I want. Damn I want a new chanel bag and I have to pay for school! But I keep telling myself save your money for the surgery and buy everything after (if I can). I need a booty bad!!!!!
28??? I heard it was 35. it keeps getting lower and lower. thanks!


My friend told me dried apricots are rich in iron! Of course I did my research and I discovered apricots helps with the production of red bloods cells. Read the link below!

Semi Wish Pic

I like her body. It's just right. I came across her instigram and funny thing was she had a tshirt on that read "fat ass no ass shots" but clearly she had work done.
I will be there the 13 I want to have sx on the 15 but he gave me the 16
Are you still goin the 14 I'm going that same day but haven't heard back from cabral I would love to go with someone I'm going alone
Lol, that is Brianna Bette.

Free nursing pillow/ butt pillow lol
Use coupon code ENBABY

Cipla !

A patient of Yily passed away this week from sepsis. I'm praying for her family. Sepsis is a condition when you develop an infection and your blood system becomes poison, clots form and your organs begin to shut down. WTH?
Apparently no autopsy was done bc Yily coherence the family by telling them if they request an autopsy they will be responsible for $30,000 the patient accumulated while hospitalized.
I seen a company that will actually travel to DR with you and provide everything for you. S.Queens Travel Services, they will book a vacation home and all you have to do is bring yourself and clothes they will handle the rest.
I hope you're okay doll. Did u go to DR for round 2 yet????? Please respond!
A big thank you for that nursing pillow post! I just ordered mine and the $12.95 shipping is cheaper than any pillow I have found. How is your healing going?
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