I am mommy of two kids 3,3 years old girl Zara and...

I am mommy of two kids 3,3 years old girl Zara and 20 month son David. I never be skinny but after two pregnancy my body looks terrible! I am 195-200 lb, I am 30, I am think about tummy tuck after first delivery my baby girl. And now I am completely sure that I need it! after I read a lot of review, I decide go to DR. Because is much cheaper than in US, and I like results on photo what I see at DR doctors. I find 3 doctors from there, they all professionals in what they do, but I stop at one. So I send a letter to her, and receive a quote to my surgery. I booked my surgery at December 4, at DR with Dra. Walkiris Robles. Send a deposit already. Today I will buy a tickets to Santo Domingo DR. Wait a letter from Laura about my next step. I have TT, lipo of full back and lipotransfer, but I still think need me the last one or not, my ass is one I am satisfied with. So maybe change my mind and will do full body lipo, I have time a little to think about it. I will go alone to DR, I prefer that my family see my happy face on skype, but didn't see how exactly I feel in real, I don't want make them upset about my pain. I am strong girl, and I am sure that I could handle it. Russian girl are very strong, believe me;) by the way I am originally Russian:) and now I need your help, ladies - I am confused what I need to have with me?)) is the main question up today:)) Maybe who already have a surgery at DR can help me with my question. If Ill do it at home, I pretty sure that I need nothing, because they have everything, and I am not sure about did they have it to help my with my recovery or not.
Good luck it would be good to see before pics hun

Finally I make a pre-op photo of me

When I see it I am to much upset. But I hope November is my last month, when these is a the cause of my frustration.

Welcome to RealSelf! Here's a list of supplies that might come in handy if you're traveling for your mommy makeover. Let us know when you schedule your surgery and please keep us updated throughout your journey. I'll be looking forward to your updates! :)

Thank you! I have already date of my surgery at December 4, its preatty close, but times go slow whan you wait something:) a lot of thanks for the list, its exectly what I need!!!
It will be all gone soon and it will be like a weight lifted off you.. Positive thinking it won't be long Hun

I am confused!

Oh, so hard to deside... I booked my tickets already, send 100$ deposit to Dr. Robles and secure the date December 4 she give me quote 5,200 for tummy tuck, lipo of full back, waist, flanks, armpits and if I want inner things I need pay extra 300$ so it is 5,500 total with recovery room. But after I get a letter from Dra Almonte with price quote I am confused, she give me quote for tummy tuck, lipo of full back, waist, armpits, arms, flanks, plus inner and outer things 4600$, so I had a quote with 2 more zones ( arms and outer things) 900 $ chipper that Dra Robles give me. And even if I lose my 100$ deposit it will be cheaper for 800$ And make 2 more zones lipo. And Dra. Almonte have available date December 4, so I can change a doctor and I dont need change a tickets. They both a good Doctors, and have good before& after pics, and good reviews. What Doctor to chose?!
It is so hard to pick a doctor, good luck with your decision and I will be following your journey.

My wishes:)

I just watch pics here on RS site in before& after and find some before pics which aproximately shape like I have now, and I like results what thay have after:)) so I add them in my wish pics:)) just shape, not breast)

Wish pics

So I talk about these pics
Hey girl , did you decide on December 4th with Robles ? I have that same surgery date.

Hubby Birthday:)

My hubby have a Birthday at November 19, and I am verry happy that his gift came in time!! I am very afraid that it came late, but thanks God that it delivered today:)

Hubby Birthday:)

My hubby have a Birthday at November 19 and today his gift was devivered! I am very afraid that it came late but thanks God it came in time! I am very happy!!!

Change a PS

So I decide to change my plastic surgeon to Dra Fatima Almonte. She have great pics before/after, she quote me for less money, but more lipo zones. Dra Robles give me quote for TT, lipo of full back, waist, inner thighs, outer thinghs, flanks, upper abdromen and armpits is 5500, Dra Almonte give me on the same plus arms and knees 4,600, so its 900 $ diference, and I can make 2 more zones for less money. Thats price for all in inclusive for both doctors. its not a not a big money, but if I can save it, why not? Even if I lost my 100$ deposit wich I send to Dra Robles I am save 800$ in total and still will have two more zones. Its a big bonus. So I send a deposit for Dr Almonte 350$, and booked the same day December 4. Because how I said before I buy tickets already on December 3 ( 1 day before for test, xray, cardiologist etc). I hope I will never regret about my decision at that choise.

Its strange, but I didnt worry at all, I am very exited and can't wait. But the time go slow when you wait something. By the way it's 9 days for my flights and 10 days for new birthday of my body!
Hey hun, I decide to change my PS on Dra Almonte, but who knows, maybe we will in the same RH, coz Fatima use the same RH as Walkiris

4 days left!

Ohhh I can't believe! And I still didnt nervous, I am very exiting and can't wait already!!!
Time is getting closer. :-)

One bothers me...

How I can be without my angels 10 days!? I will really miss them a lot!!! I never be without my kids even one day before, and it really upset me when I think about it.
Have a safe trip, God be with you,
I'm changing from Dra Robles to Dra Almonte also

On my way...

Wait for my flight at the Terminal 4 JFK. I can't beleive that I will be in DR 5 hours after.... And can't beleive that tomorrow my dreams come true and my new body will be mine:))
Good luck love!
Good look and keep us posted
Have a safe trip

I am in love...

To Dra Almonte and Lesley Maria! I can't even tell how much. They both just give me a lot confidence in my choice! Tomorrow I will be first , my surgery schedule at 7! And after I will be on a flat side!
You are going to look amazing! I plan to go to Dra. Almonte end of March!
Best of luck tomorrow!
Good luck tomorrow. Hope all goes as planned :)

Congrads myslf!

I am on a flat side!)) See my new body and already in love!))
The photos at the day of surgery, 5 hours after)
Wow you look super!! I bet your on cloud nine Hun Rest now xx

One day after surgery...

Today Ill go to RR, but first I need make some oxygen treatment because I am a smoker. Last two weeks I quit but it's not enough for my organism to be fill up by oxygen, so my Dra give me advice that these procedure will be good for me, and I decide to make it. I need make it twice. I am not sure what exactly is, but will see. Still in pain and drain a lot of bloody fluids, but my results give me some power and patience.
also want to know if you she included BBL on 4600. I ask because i have a quote of 5200 from robles with TT, lipo and BBL with the vip package.
Its without BBL, I dont want it. The price without extras, blood transfusions paid separate if needed, for example for me it unnecessary because my hemoglobin was high before surgery, and was 11.9 after. But my PS give me advice to make oxygen therapy, each session is 100$, its unnecessary to but its good for my body because I am a smoker
I read that she was surgery assistant of Robles now is operating? That is why she is less expensive?

4 day

The pain day by day is better. Now paining the scar and armpits after lipo only. I still walking not straight but pretty good. Take my vitamins and arnica cream, no pain killers at all. Still swelling but take water flow capsules and it's help. Have a one drain already, at Monday have appointment with Dra and hope that these last drain is gone.

I stay at Soraya's Recovery house- these is small pretty apartment with two bedrooms and two beds at each bedroom, here very clean and a lot of attention to you. But here is the one problem - now here constructed adjacent building and a lot of noise from it, starts at 6 in the morning, its killing me. So if you plan go there after your surgery earplug is a must.

5th day...

Everything is good, pain little less that before thanks God. Today I sneezed and was very scared. I felt like something snapped inside, it was pretty scared, because first what I think it is my seam was opened, I go to the mirror to check but see that everything is good. But decide try to keep sneezed somehow. When I sneezed after c-cesarean was pain but I don't feel these strange snapped feeling. Bruises are quietly yellow just where was very dark still purple. I hope by December 14 it will be much better. Somebody knows when I can try stay straight? And if I will try walking more straight doesn't hurt it to my incision?

By the way...

I forgot to tell- my Dra call today and tell that she came to see me in a afternoon. I love her, she is the best PS ever!!!

New photos

Just see my Dra. She said that everything looks perfect the scar healing well, the bruise goes down, just very swelling but its normal for now. My next appointment with fer in Thursday and who knows maybe we take off last drain. Oh I wish!!! Add a few more photos which I make now
Thank You for sharing your story.
Your PS did a great job. Happy healing :)

day 6 New photo

Healing well, no pain of my belly almost already. Only back pain and armpits stay buy I hope it's gone too soon.
U look great
Thnx you will too soon! I am sure!
I'm going with Dra Fatima also I'm so excited Lesley have been doing a good job with keeping in touch

Today see my favorit Dra.

She drain my back manually coz there was little liquid inside. We laugh a lot with her about " watch now will be little pinch". Come on I had a 2 c-Cesarian already, tummy tuck, a lot of lipo, a pinch is nothing for me already!:) If you chose her, be sure your body in the best hands!

Todays night was scared for me:)

I had a panic attack. I wake up to go to the restroom, and feel how something warm flows by my leg. I completely wake up at these moment. I check my drain and see how liquid from my hole at my skin was flow, but the tubule from drain was empty. I push tubule little inside my tummy and licking stops. So I put on that place women pad,posted on top surgical tape and go sleep. In a morning pad was clean and dry but tubule still empty. So I decide to call my Dra to tell about it and she answering me that it's normal, mostly it can means that my body ready to take off the drains or that drain was move little and can't take fluid from tummy. So I wait until driver pick me up and we go to clinic to change what heppend. Oh it was scared.
Looking good hun
You look fab!!

Day 7

Sad but I still have a lot of fluid at my lower back and abdomen, I am upset because only 2,5 days left for my trip home. Probably at least one drain will stay, and I will go at home with it. So need out it myself or ask someone from family members to hep me with it. It's sacks. But I have a good news too - with all my swellings and a lot of fluid 6 lb of my weight is gone after surgery. i check my weight today on a scales at the doctor's office. I am sure that after full body recovery will much bigger weight lost because my Dra lipoed me 7,5 litters of fat and almost 4 lb of belly skin so in total must be around 20 lb. So will see.

Feel myself perfect, just my back little paining and tummy itching, but it's ok:)
Hey sweetie u will have excellent results after swelling u alrdy look like a diva I'm excited I'm also going to Dra.Almonte in feb with my friend ms.nina who also is going to Almonte n we can't wait well hope u have a speedy recovery and thx for updating will continue to follow ur blog
I see excellent results and a big difference even now, with a lot of swellings and bruises, and exiting to see the final results. You are in a good hands don't worry at all about you body! These magic hands make miracles!
How was the operating room ? Was it fully equipped?

Day 9

Tomorrow Ill go home, thanks God! DR was affable with me, any negative memory in my traveling, but I am miss my family a lot! Today I am -10lb at the scales and it's perfect:) And in new fajate M size, just need adapt how go to restroom with it, to undress it very complicated... or rather difficult to wear it back ))
I tipping nursing girls which be with me all that time by 20$ each, think it's enough, they make good job for me.
You look so fantastic! I am getting same surgery next Wednesday and just can't wait to be on the flat side! Thank you for posting your story.

At home))

Came today at home and very very happy!!!! All my family with me, my kids hugs me every moment and even when my daughter go sleep with me and hold my hand while she sleep, it's so sweet. And hubby can't move far away from me. Always hugs and kiss me. My breast seems like a few size bigger after these surgery, because I lose a lot of fat from my tummy and sides. Hubby jokes - I can't understand what are you fixed, your tummy or make breast bigger ;) Can't wait until my last drain gone, and I can have sex....rrrr... In my back fly I was with girl who has a surgery with other Doctor in DR, and stay in Armonia RH, so she tell me that somebody at RH stole 400$ from her. And while she was alone there as a patient, it's mean that it's somebody from personal. I's disgusting be thieved in such a hurt moment.

I hope these info help somebody when selecting RH at DR.

Update photos soon, just give me couple of days to enjoy my happy return.

Happy healing to all of you.
Thanks for the comment I am thinking of going with her I talked over the phone and she seems so nice waiting for my quote to make my decision

Now few words about the hospital and Santo Domingo.

If you people like me, you definitely think about medicine at DR at all.
At the 2012 I was at Punta Cana ant out of resort it was terrible - dirty and poor. Mostly out of tourist zones is exactly true. Probably I am not first and not last who worry about it and make research. And first what you think about there it's- how it's possible to have good medicine at the country like DR. But I was very surprised when I get SD, I see beautiful city, with a lot of high-rise buildings and modern malls.
The hospital was very nice, beautiful and modern, and maybe is not so big as in US, but is very clean, friendly and compact. The stuff was very helpful and attentive, and the meals was not bed at all. But I believe a few photos is better that hundreds words.

The photoes of SD and CECIP clinic

Two weeks after surgery.

I still with one drain, it killing me, hate it, but I produce a lot of liquid- 100 ml per day, and it should be yet. Hope one week from now I take it off. My incision looks good, not licking and healing perfect. Just worry about BB, its looks weird. I was in a MedSpa and other PS check my incision, drain, BB, he said that everything looks good and my Dra make a perfect job, but I still worry about BB. Hope it will healing faster.

My wardrobe is completely sorted. Donate to Lupus more than three quarters of it. So now I need fully renew my closing. Of course close to my final result will be 2-3 month after. But now I can approximately see what size ant type of closing I can wear. So I buy few dresses, yoga pants and few juice tanks, but it was hard to stop myself buy more, I love that girl in e mirror and how closing fit on her new body. Maybe few days more I make a photo with closing, and now few more my healing process.
I enjoyed reading your journey. You look great.. Did you get fat injections?
Thank you a lot! No, I dont have fat transfer, my as was not small before))

New photoes, in clothing

As I promised, in-clothing photos. Before my surgery I NEVER wear the dresses like it, all my dresses was not stretched me. And now I can wear everything what I want!

And 'mi Doctora favorito' today delivered a baby, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I decide to send a compliment Christmas gifts to her, her assistant Lesley and little baby. I will all my life to thank her and her team for my new body and my new LIFE!

And one more news.

I can sneezing, coughing and laughing without pain almost, it's a plus!
Your story has really helped me feel more comfortable to go with Dra. Almonte. How do You feel about your BB now? Did it heal the way You wanted it to heal?
Dra delivered a baby today)) My BB healing little slowly that my incision but as I understand it's normal. Important to keep it clean and dry, and I try to do it.


42-32-42 I love it! Almost model :)))
You look awesome!! So how many, inches have you lost!! from then till now!
Thanks, its true I was 46-42-44 and now 42-32-42 and its with a lot of swelling. Can't wait for my final result but I already love my body)
Hey have you been applying an antibiotic to your belly button, normally yellow and redness around it means infection. Your scar looks great , your looking fabulous

21 days after surgery.

Today I had appointment with other PS here in NJ. Actually I make appointment because my drain was blocked by some clots inside me and I have no idea how to clean it, so I make appointment at Samra plastic surgery in Holmdel, NJ. The doctor check everything and tell me that incision looks good, BB need time to healing but it's still looks good and I don't need to worry about it. He try to unblock drain by syringe, but it was still blocked and he tell me that we have few options:
1) pull out the drain and see, maybe my body will absorb the fluid by self, if I will have a seroma ( I have high risk because day before it was blocked I have 80ml of fluid) he take out the fluid by syringe. but I need drain it myself until the hole is open. I need lay down at the drain side and push my tummy and massage it to wait until the fluid go out.
2) Left drain in my incision and wait that drain will unblocked by self
3) Go to hospital, rent the operating room and reinsert the new drain.

The safest way is of course the last one, but it's most expensive way too. But he tell me that we can pull out, wait next week appointment, check the fluid, if I will have, we drain it by syringe, if I will have a lot of fluid inside then we can go to hospital and reinsert the drain. So we decide do it. He pull out the drain, I didn't feel nothing, just little ticklish. The part of drain inside me was all with clots of blood and fat, it was disgusting, fie =)

So now I am without drain and hope I don't need go to hospital to reinsert the drain. I wish my body will reabsorb a fluid.

Upset after doctor's appointment I go to shopping to buy something for me, and find gorgeous hot pink dress to feel myself happier =)

Feliz Navidad, best wishes to you and your family. You look beautifull, Sexy mami. Lol
Thank you hun! Merry Christmas you too!
Do you know how much fat did she removed cause those are a lot of inches

Merry Christmas girls!

Wish you fast healing and all the best!

My Christmas dress in these year :)
I know your blog, will give great inspiration to those looking to go to Dr Almonte. She was my 1st choice but didn't see much reviews on her. If I would have seen your reviews & blog I would have probly been booked with her! But I'm scheduled with dr yily in February You look amazing keep us posted on your journey doll!!! Congratulations
I didnt see to, thats why first my doctor was Dra Robles, but when I speak first with Fatima by phone she make me trust her right away. Even didnt see her. And I was not mistaken, i am glad that I make these choice! I think is the main choice in my life after the choice what I make about men spending my life with , and names of my kids!
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Love, love, love shopping!!!

I never had so many dresses in my life!!! And now I am crazy about dresses!!!
Awesome dresses! Thank you for your great updates, too. It's so helpful reading about your whole journey from beginning to now!
Thank you! And always welcome!
I really have enjoyed reading about your journey, and I am now reconsidering going to the DR for surgery. Your results look fantastic. How are you doing without the drain? Keep us posted, and thank you for your feedback it really helps others.

I need help!

Now I wear fajate but I want to buy waist cincher to wear outside, so I need chose it. Any ideas about brands and models who you have and what can recommend with high compression. Ill be very thankful if you give me a links too.
http://www.hourglassangel.com and go to amazon shapewear
I am interested in the responses for a waist cinched as well. You still look fabulous!

One month after surgery.

Today I have little anniversary for my new body.
I feel good, the pain is almost gone. My incision and BB didn't pain at all, just my back hurts sometimes, especially when I do a lot of home work, or moving a lot, and as you understand with two active kids its not possible to have a lot of rest, especially when you alone with them at home, but I try my best. And when I turn myself sharpy sometimes feel little pain too under arms mostly. My daughter always regret me, pats my head, kiss me and tell that mommy have wound, pure mommy, my 2 year son copy her and pats my head too, oh its funny. I love them. Incision almost heal, just few little pieces not yet, will wait until its completely heal and will use a silicon scar treatment on it. BB still not heal too, I know it's very slow, but I think that because I am smoke before. And can't wait when It's heal and can smoke again, I miss about it, honestly. Still have a lot of swelling at my tummy and sides mostly, especially at the evening, in a morning swelling less. You can see at the pic my different sides, at the morning it's almost didn't see, at the evening it's more difference between them. My all before surgery clothing huge on me, my wardrobe almost empty, just buy some dresses and few Juicy traks. Wait when incision will heal to buy some jeans and pants, and my dreaming high waist skirt I think it will fit perfect on my tiny waist.

By the way I use some treatment ( I make a pic of it) on for my BB and incision, its advise from my NJ Plastic surgeon . With it everything healing better and faster!
Looking great!!! Congrats!!
You are lucky that you found a plastic surgeon to take care of you. I heard that here in NYC no doctor wants to put a finger on patients that had surgery out of the country. I guess they don't want to get suit if something goes wrong.
Do you know how is called the foam you put inside the girdle to protect the scar?

First after surgery sex and quote for my next visit DR.

Today's night we try have a sex with my hubby, oh, I forgot how good it is. With a flat tummy make love more comfortable ;) I sill can't believe that I didnt see my belly when use doggy style ;) I feel myself more sexy and without any complex I can relax better.

Just now I get quote for my next plan surgery. I plan have Breast lift with implants, more lipo of my tummy, sides, inner and outer things, arms, lap and chin at the next December. I think that one year it's enough for heal everything. My quote for these procedures is 4,850. Begin save money for that, I have one year prior the surgery.
Lol, lam laughter like crazy, oh yeah sex is better after do not know is because we feel sexy after the surgery or the time with out making love, lol either way is GOOD. LOL, happy healing lol
First of all after big break sex is better because you miss it!! And second you feel better about your body if you satisfied, you did't need to choose pose where you will most sexy. You didnt need think how you tummy looks smaller etc. thats why you can relax easy.


Speak with my Dra about my BB, and how to help heal it faster, she tell me take of the faja for 3-4 days. So I did it. Just clean my incision and BB by antiseptic and put a Neosporin on it. The BB looks better, it's dry and looks like it's help. Just a lot of swelling, oh. In a morning my waist 34 inch, and at evening is 36, so it means 2 inch of swelling, it's sad. The incision almost heal, just 2 small pieces by 0,5 inch left, wait until it heal and will put silicon strips on it and rosa mosqueta oil.

New Me )

Hm, can't add a photo.

I want to see more pictures :)

Try add again

Wardrobe revision

Today I decide made revision for my wardrobe. So now I have huge , black garbage bag for donation, and a lot of place for new clothing! Before syrgery I buy two pair of 32 size low rise jeans, as motivation, and promise myself that they will fit on me! Today I try it and they fit perfect!!! At the waist even little big! On my waist will good 30, but my hips are big for 30. I still have a lot of swelling at my belly and sides, and I try it without garment, maybe when it gone I will wear size 30. Who knows. But will see, times go fast. My dress size is M. Now I have problem with dresses actually. I can wear only stretched dresses, because regular fit at my breast, but huge at the waist, and what fit at the waist, small on breast.
Hi love, it is always a pleasure to read your updates.. I was wondering how do I get in contact with Dr. Almonte's assistant Leslie? Do you have her email by any chance? Thanks.
Hi hun! Of course I have! dralmonteassistant@gmail.com is her email. I have a US phone number too if you need - 732 476 0069 you can rich her by these number, or by 829-333-9660. She have a Viber and Whatsapp by 829-333-9660 number too)
Thank you soooo much! You have been such an immense help for me and my decision on getting my TT with Dr. Almonte. Thank you so much for being so helpful

Find a waist cincher.

Buy a Ann Charry brand, S size, try at evening on a first hook fit perfect, I belive in a morning will close at 2 hook. Very soft and comfortable.
Does it roll up when you sit? I have an office job.
I dont know what will be in a morning when I am less swelling, but at the evening no at all. I but it only for out, because regular faja with panties not comfortable when you go out. At home I wear faja by Fajate only.
Ok. Thank you.

Fajate S size

My new garment S size delivered! Fit good, very soft and comfortable. But I think one more week and I need XS. Probably I will not buy another one, because its not cheap 80$, I will bankrupt soon with new garment every week. I am 20 lb down now after my surgery, I think I will down more, but these holidays and a lot of food killing me. I start dieting now to loose more weight.
You look great, did you also get a bbl? And how much do you weigh now? How is the Tt scar??

New photos

Today I decide buy a gift for my hubby for his patience with me. "Give" it to him at the night when kids will sleep. And make the photos with first in my life skinny jeans. 32 size, but as I said before in my blog my waist is smaller size, just my hips is 32)
U look great !
You go Girl. I love this journey and you look great. I am sure you and your husband are having a blast

My Healing process

Everything is good, my lipo zones, incision, muscles not pain at all. Feel myself as before surgery just feel swelling at the evening, and feel happy without my tummy which was with me last 10 years, but I didn't miss about it at all! BB almost heal, I think one more week and it will heal completely. My incision very dark, but thin, as every scar on my body it will lighter with time. Start my scar treatment with silicon sheets on my incision, and when BB will ok I will do it to. At a right side of my hips I have little hump, I think it's not swelling, but I dont know why it is. That's why I have asymmetry at my sides. Will fix it when Ill go to my Dra again. Have little dog ears at both sides of my incision, will fix it too with hump. I am not worry about it, I understand that results of plastic surgery is not predictable. Ask my Dra how much will cost to fix it and if it possible to fix it when I will do my breast and more lipo at the next time. Wait for reply, when will know it I update in my review. A couple photo of my healing process.
I absolutely love reading about your journey...you are funny. I am now considering Dr. Almonte because of your results. You look so fantastic...and the garter belt outfit, well no wonder your husband wants so much sex!! I can only pray for results at least close to yours. In my opinion you do not need anything else done...you look great.
Oh thank you very much! But I need to fix a little more, the dog ears at both sides of my incision, the hump at my right side of hips, Almonte tell she will fix it for free. And I need more lipo on tummy, inner and outer things, arms. And of course make my breast to be ideal! And I am sure that she make my body gorgeous at full, I trust her, she is the best!!
Check out "Pharmsales" her tummy tuck scar look great. Her scar care is one you may want to consider. I plan on using her recommended gels when I go to DR with Walkiris Robles. Fatima did a nice job on you. Congrats and happy healing.

Shopping photos))

Before my surgery I hate shopping because I always have problem to choose something for my to hide my limitations, which I have a lot, and show my accomplishments which I have not a lot! I always been frustated when I try something what I realy like, but it didnt fit for me good. Shopping was the most dificult thing for me after sex, and beach, because I was shying my body! And now I luv, luv, luv shopping!! I can do it all day long! Because I love my body now!! And can wear whatewer I want!! I want people see my tiny waist, I want my hubby see my gorgeous ass, and slim back, I want women envious how I look! I wait when I can finish my full transformation! Yersturday I speek with my Dra about problem zones what I have, she will fix my dog ears and hump if its not a swelling, for free! Will see little later maybe hump its about swelling and will down by self, and maybe I need nothing to fix. Because now early to tell it's swelling or not, I have almost one year for estimate my full results, and decide what I need to do. For now I am sure that I want do my breas augm. With implants, lipo of my tummy, inner and outer things, arms, chin, and armpits. Scare? Not at all!!! Exited only! And I want to stay at other RH, Sorayas RH was good but to small, and without company, I was there alone and feel bored.

Yoga pants photoshot.

You know, before I hate make a photos of me! I love make photoes of everyone, and everything, but I only as photographer, not as a model. I have a lot of photos of my kids, my family, my friends, but with me I have only couples of it. Now, I cant came thru the mirror without photoshot of me. Before it I am turn around coyple time, to see my body, I still cant believe that it is me, it is my body! And after I believe at these, I make a photos dont metter what I wear, dress, panty with t-short, or something else. Now I consider to studio make some boudoir photoshot, some sexy photos. I never even think about it before! These surgery dont change my body only, these surgery change my mind, change all my life!

Healing Apdate: my BB complitely heal, so now I start to use silicon stripes on it too for minimize my scar look.
I absolutely loveeeee ur story and i can't believe how SEXY AMAZING AND GOOD you look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!! U are sooooo brave to have gone alone to DR! plz keep us posted and put ur pics...I am thinkin about going there now.....with my sister or hubby....omg! and the price!!!!! its just unbelievable like a DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you! As for me go alone more easy then go with someone who worry about me. I know that there will people who have a job help after recovery. I pay money for that. And people who love me will worry because they will see me in pain. For example for me very difficult to see someone I love in pain. I dont need to think how I look, that my bed mood or feel pain hurt someone etc. By the way at the next time Ill go to DR to make my breast and more lipo and have plans to stay in hospital first night, at RH 4 days no more, and after go to hotel. Because I think TT more serious surgery then breast augm. and I was in pain first 4 days. After I can manage without help. Obsession help was burden for me, as I used to make everything myself. I used to woke up when I want, go where I want and do what I want. I just think about it, but who knows, now to early decide.


Something goes wrong and I cant attach photos, so I fix it
Hey what was ur hemo levels b4 sx
My surgeru was at Dec 4, I check my hemo lvl at The middle of November it was 14,6 but after it I have periods and it Drop a little. So the day before surgery I had 14,2 and two days after it drop to 12.1. So I didnt need a blood. tran. Two month before surgery I start eat 1 grapefruit and one pormegranate per day, and plus vitamins C,iron, and folic acid. I read somewhere that pormegranate and grapefruits can help to increase the hemo lvl
Ook we'll I leave on the 16 I want to raise it

2 month Aniversary today!

Everything is healed, my incision very low and covered by bikini and I am happy about it! Scar at the incision and BB are dark now, as every scar at my body, it will lighter with time. I start my scar treatment and it help, I see the difference, a little but see it. Will wait few more month to see the final result. Cant wait when swelling go down. at the morning its low, but at the evening a lot, especially sides, lower back and lower tummy. Weight still -17 lb from before surgery weight, so now I am 180 +\- few lb from swelling. But I plan to get 160-170 to my step 2c surgery, I have almost a year for it.

Conclusion: The pain, money, recovery time, it everything worth for these result! I luv luv luv my new body, and even more luv my new life with it!
No response from Dr A:-( just read postings on Duran beast in bbl:-) So confused...
Just need a little wait, I know that Jan, Feb and March is very busy month for them. And very I mean Very :) on what email you send a letter?
Use the One on this website. Do you have an email for her? I want to go by this summer... Desperately need a makeover


Girls, maybe who knows what is mean these status? What +\-? And how to get it?
Hey Kalu! I just read your story and it's amazing and your results are gorgeous! I hope my results are as good as yours once my swelling disappears, everything is taking a long time with me! You are amazing! x PS - your children are adorable x
Thank youhun! I am proud of my kids, and the body now! I have a long recovery too usually, espetially with scars. Need wait one year minimum to be light, now I have too dark, but will wait, coz I still have a lot of swelling too.
The swelling is so heavy though it's driving me mad! xx

10 weeks photo Apdate

Today is 10 weeks after surgery which change my life. Nothing new, swelling, measuring, feelings- everything the same. Wait till scars on my incision and bb will be lighter, hope it will be soon. Love my low scar location, it cover almost all type of panties.
Ur final results looks great
You look awesome, I finally got the figures from Dr Almonte but I can't confirm until I return back home. Thank you so much for your honesty, your pics and your help. Have a wonderful Valentine weekend.
Love your posts! I always get excited when I see you've posted something new- You look great! My surgery is this Tuesday!

my new monokini swimsuit.

Want be prepared for summer fun. Try to find something definatelly different for my new body. Before I wear only one pice swimsuits with skirt, and now I can wear alnost everything. My scar is low to cover by panties , I am happy about it. I order one more bikini swimsuit, but still waiting for it. By the way Price for these swimsuit is 5$, at some chinese website. I know that still a lot of work need for me, but I will wait until my round 2 trip to DR. and now I love what I see at the mirror!

My new monokini swimsuit.

I want to be prepared for summer fun. So I decide to buy some swimsuit. Something different for my new body. Before I wear one piece only, and now I can wear everything what I want! I buy these one for 5$ at some chinise website, and I love it! I know, that I have a lot of work with my body to make it perfect, and cant wait for round 2 surgery! But I love what I see at the mirror now!

Monokini swimsuit pics.

Something go wrond and I cant attach the photoes, so I try do it now.


I just got these status!! Yay!!!
You look great. I have done a lot of research and decided to do with Dra Almonte also.
Thank you. She is the best!
You look fabulous and so happy:-) congrats!!!!

Nothing new.

Everything the same, just a lot of swelling all day long, not only in a evening as before. I dont know why. Try to increase it but unsuccessful. Hope that is gone soon. My incision didnt look good, is still very dark. And little stretched because I have tendency to keloids. Maybe if it will be looks bed I make revision when go to my step 2, will wait and see. But as my previous experience I know that all my scars wAs like it, and after one year it was lighter. So will see.
So happy to see an update from you! I live your review!
Thank you! I just didnt have some news to post it, thats why I am not so active as before.
It seems Lyke my belly button is closing how did u keep urs open

Scar little lighter.

Already 4 month after surgery and my scar looks lighter. Its good. I still use scar treatment on it. Its not invisible but hidden under low waist panties. Wait at bikini season. Spring where are you?!
Wow! What an amazing transformation. Your pictures speak 1000 words. Thank you so much for sharing. Congrats for becoming a RealFriend.
Thank you a lot for the compliments and congratulations!
You look awesome... BTW you take great photos

First thing in a morning

Measuring 41-32-42, 180lb (-20lb pre- surgery weight) , and photos without swelling in a morning. At the evening I gain 1,5 inches at the tummy and breast usually.
U look good as hell
Thank you hun!
Looking gd

Nothing new, but think about scar revision on my tummy, when go to my round 2

My tummy looks good, I love it. But the scar looks to wight, its about my tendency to keloids. Its not about Dra work, its about my skin, I always have problem with that kind of scars. If I will make a revision on scar and dog ears only its must be better looks,because when you do a revision, its not so big pull your skin so scar didnt stretched. So I think about it. Maybe its possible to make my breast lift with implants, plus lipo of my things, arms, upper tummy, chin and plus a revision on my scar. And if its possible to make it once I will do it, and if not, just lipo and breast.

Two more pics

I dont know why they didnt upload.
Totally understand, your success is enough to keep me motivated:-) your tummy has gotten really flat:-) that's always a plus. Hope my experience is as successful.
Oh yes, its a huge plus! And the main reason why I desired to make TT so long time! I live with these dream, I sleep with these dream, I did everything with it.
:-) staying focused and positive helps achieve success. My daughter tells me that I'm obsessed with this site so I totally understand imagining being in a new and improved body.

I can make a photos all day long!

I love my new tummy!! Thank to Almonte!

Nothing new about my body.

But I want to show you my favorite hobby. I find how to make my soul happy:) I make everything myself, from seed beads:) I spend my free time with it and wait for my step2 surgery:)
Still looking great !
Ty a lot!
You look amazing!! Love how your bb looks! your journey really made me more excited and ready for mine!! Thanks for sharing! I'm less then 2 weeks away!! So excited!!

Almost 6 month after surgery.

Nothing change after my last post. I still have the same measurements and weight. Just show you my photos. I have keloids on my scar, but it look not so bad and hiding under low panties. I knew that I have a risk to keloids so it wasnt big surprise for me, I was prepared for it. Maybe that why I am not so upset about it. And it still worth it! Even with these ugly scar my stomach look perfect!I am think I have the best result!
I've been following your journey and i have to say almonte did great work. the last pics you posted you look even more lean and slimmer!
where did u order the fajate from
Hi. I order it on ebay
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I love, love,love my Doctor! She is the best doctor ever! She is very nice, kind, helpful, attentive and sweet! If you choose her and her Team believe me you will be at the best hands! Her hands is a most magical hands ever!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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