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When your getting surgery be mindful of the time...

When your getting surgery be mindful of the time of year. Summertime is the worst time because you will have to wear a faja or compression garment for 3 to 6 months. The cold weather makes the healing process a lot better. Do your research with your surgeon I can't stress this enough. Go with yr gut
Lookin good!! She's my doc !
Thanks for the affirmation of her efficiency, hope your healing well.
wow !!!!!! love how nicely she did your tummy tuck !!!!

Recovery time

This new pics are of my recovery time from 1 month until 6 months. I still wore my faja although my doctor said I'd only have to wear it for 3 months religiously I didn't do that. When I became uncomfortable I took it off. I stopped wearing it to bed. I must say though, when I hadn't worn my garment for 4 days I felt the need to but it back on. Once I did I felt comfortable in it again. Once the comfort stopped I removed it and noticed a huge difference. My abdominal was smaller again. And I even noticed my waist getting smaller. I'm now about to buy a size small just before summer hit just so I will continue to obtain a flat stomach. Faja's work, wear them and the results will be amazing
U look great
Thank you curly, remember to keep wearing your faja a few hours a day
Thank you 30'sDaNew20, I'm already healed. 6 months post op and ready to do it again.

The Itches

OMG!! I forgot a very important thing during your healing process. As you begin to heal you will experience a huge uncomfortable sensation called "The Itch" boy oh boy I cannot stress enough how uncomfortable that's going to be. But there is a temporary relief. There's a spray you can by at a drugstore like Duane Reade, CVS or a plastic surgery supply store. The name of the pain relieving spray is called "Dermoplast" it's for itch and burns. I got mine at a plastic surgery supply store in Brooklyn, NY called Dermer supplies on Flatbush av by Kings plaza. I don't know if they have a website but google them and you'll find them just like I did
I'm doing this same procedure and I'm scared as hell! Wonder how the chest lipo turned out after the six months? Dr. Recommended cutting out the tissue but I didn't want that scare. Nervous,
I totally understand your concern. In my experience the lipo wasn't bad. I was more concerned about having man boobs as to the scare. There will be no feeling for the first few months. I'm now starting to have some feeling in my nipples. They're not as sensitive as they use to be but at least I can wear a tank top or a t shirt and not have to be ashamed. I say go ahead and take care of this. You'll love the results afterwards, I do.
Looks good. How long did you stay in DR?


no more man boobs!! I'm going back in September to get a lift. I had Lipo done to my chest and there's skin forming at the bottom. Dr. Baez told me about this and it came to pass. So now I'm getting it cut around the nipple in order to do a lift and it will be FLAT. that's the number 1 goal, FLAT chest and a FLAT stomach. It will be a while before I'll be updating my profile but please message me if you have questions.
Awesome transformation!
I'm so happy for you
Nice look HAPPY!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Well, I must say that DR. Baez is the real deal. I got a tummy tuck, liposuction on my back, chest and inner thigh. I am now 6 months post op and I just scheduled my second surgery with Dr. Baez once again. I couldn't get everything done my first go around because the anesthesiologist recommended for me not to do all at that time. I also wanted to get my arms done and a chest lift because I had ALOT of fat on my chest aka man boobs. I was under anesthesia for 7 1/2 hrs and Dr. Baez wasn't going to compromise my safety for anything. That's what I got from her when I flew to D.R. for consultation. I got the warm and fuzzy feeling when I met with her and she didn't disappoint. She doesn't speak English fluently but she has an assistant and her husband that does. I was very skeptical about having surgery in D.R. because of the horror stories and photos I've seen throughout my research and being a male I was very skeptical into going through with plastic surgery all together. However, I lost 150lbs and I knew I could look a lot better and #YOLO (you only live once). I feel and look so good I'm going for my 2nd go round to finish off what I've started with the same surgeon. Guys, if your looking for someone to make you look and feel good Dr.Baez is the one for you. She takes no short cuts, and she will not compromise your safety for a buck.

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