NOT Happy with the Results by Dr. Yily!

Hi Everyone, I really need your help! I’m...

Hi Everyone,

I really need your help! I’m confused as to who to select (Dr. Manuel Espalliat or Yily De los Santos) to have Liposculpture (Stomach/back/arms) and fat transfer to my buttocks and hips.

I’ve heard that both doctors are reputable. Has anyone heard and/or seen of these doctors body contouring work. I know Yily has pictures up and they are great (hopefully they are not Photoshop, LOL) but non for Dr. Espalliat. He mentioned to me that he does not post patients pictures up because he believes in patient privacy.

PLEASE ADVISE ASAP as I will be going in March 2013. (Ticket booked)

Thanks a Mil.

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Not confused anymore! :-) After reading all these...

Not confused anymore! :-) After reading all these great reviews. I have decided on Dr. Yily. TEAM Yily!

Also, I'm 5'3" , 160 lbs. Not sure if I should loose weight (10-15 lbs) or stay as is because I'm planning to t transfer fat to by buttocks and hips. I'm waiting for Dr. Yily (or assistant) to reply.

What do you guys think and have you heard it is better to be 20lbs overweight before the surgery or not?


Thank you for your replies. After spending hours reading all these reviews. I have decided on Yily. I would like to schedule my surgery date for March 12 or 13th as I will only be in DR for 10 days and would like to recover as much as possible. Just waiting to confirm the dates with DR. Yily. @ Ensure Addict- When are you planning on going? And are you staying in a recover house?
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Readybutconfused - my surgery is scheduled for March 2nd although my deposit has not been sent. Yily and I have been corresponding the past few weeks and she is aware I have selected this date do hope it's still mine!!! I'm staying quite a while (14 days) but Ill only bee in the recovery house for about a week.. Maybe a few more days after that.. If you can get in earlier we could be buddies :)
Ensure Addict- I already booked my ticket for March 10-March 23 bec I had plan to have surgery (surgery date was set and all) with Dr. Espalliat but later changed my mine. Glad I didn't send my deposit. I'm waiting for Dr. Yily's office to confirm my date for March 12 or 13th. I heard she is booked for March from other girls. Hopefully she can squeeze me in. But if anything changes I will definitely let you know. I don't mind changing my ticket to an earlier date and maybe we can be buddies. I would like to share this experience with someone that is also going through the same pain. :-)

Date confirmed! March 12th is my Surgery Date! Is...

Date confirmed! March 12th is my Surgery Date! Is anyone going around that date? If so, let me know. I need a buddy!


Hey I haven't booked yet but i wanna go around that date too and it's funny that I'm 5 3 and 163 pounds and i want the same thing you want I'm excited and nervous because you hear so much about the danger of going out the country to do surgery but I also hear a lot of positive things too.. May I ask what was your quote and does that come with?
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Hey Ksumlin, there is danger in having surgery in and out of the country. There's a lot of factors that come into play. How a person reacts to the medicine, heals,etc.. and the doctor you choose of course...My quote is $3,000 and it includes liposuction of abdomen, arm, and back fat transfer to the buttocks and hips. One girdle, preoperative tests, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, and clinical expenses (one day at the clinic). Hope this helps.
Yes it helps Alot thanks

Just in case anyone was looking for the Recover...

Just in case anyone was looking for the Recover House info:

Spa Jacqueline Marrero "recovery house":

$90/day/per person Single occupancy .
$75/day/per person Double Occupancy.

Transportation, Pick-up and drop-off to airport, 3 meals, 24 hour nurse, Wifi, Security.

Telephone #:
809-412-8239 / 829 - 966-8878.


You must go through the website to make reservations.


Thanks for the spa info!
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Wow that is a good price! I guess in Canada it is so much more expensive. 3x that amount. I just had a lot of lipo done in Cancun and I agree you have to do your research. Also you need to schedule enough time if there is complications. I had my 1 week checkup in Cancun and besides swelling and bruising I had a seroma he had to drain. Very common as he also uses stitches so there was less scarring. Now home 3 weeks the results are amazing. Good luck and it sounds great! I was 5'5" and 158lbs now I am 150lbs...neato
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Thank you and congrats on the new you!

Deposit sent. Surgery Confirmed for March 12th....

Deposit sent. Surgery Confirmed for March 12th. Flight and Recovery House booked! Is anyone looking to Buddy up for that Date? Let me know and we can get a discount!


I have a March 8 Yily date available
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i arrive march 12th and have surg on the 13th, see u there!! u are the closest to my date so far.
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I'm so Excited for everyone because I am excited I know everyone here feels the same way I am ready to get this journey on the road I am getting married soon and this is a Great gift from my Fiance even though he thinks Im fine the way I am lol so cliche any ways let me tell yall how retarded I am lmao I got a email fromYily and she quoted me 3800 for TT, BBL and Lipo so she says send your date your flight information and deposit ill mark you down for the date I have never cancelled any one so dont worry so me being excited send her a reply with date and 500 bucks Lawd ol well will see what happens lol all I can do is laugh at myself glad I have bought ticket yet I'm 5'1 165 and ready to be like badaaaaa anyways if she hits me back with the dates of March 6-8 if any one wants to buddy up Im down
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Does anyone know whey they do the blood work? Is...

Does anyone know whey they do the blood work? Is it the day before or the day of the surgery?


I'm waiting to hear back from Yily. Mid march is ideal for me...if she has any openings maybe I can go when you do. I see youre in NY..I'm in upstate NY..planning to stay 10 days as well....
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Cool. Let me know.
Congrats girl!

9 days and counting! Packing and it seems surreal....

9 days and counting! Packing and it seems surreal. I'm not nerves at all. More excited than anything. The hardest thing will be not to see my daughter for 2 weeks but I know she will be in good hands. My mom and sister are amazing. Hey, she raised me. And I turned out pretty darn good. Smartass and all! :-)... Going over my check list and will post it later! Best of luck to all the BBL ladies.

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List of what to take: White tops Stool...

List of what to take:

White tops
Stool Softener
Foampads (From contourmd)
Baby Wipes
Pads (Thin or Maxi)
Bed Pads (Blue Lining Absorbent)
Tooth paste / Tooth Brush/ Scope
Bacitracin Ointment
Antibacterial Soap (Dial)
Tylenol Precise Cream Pain Relieving (Targeted relief for muscle and joint pain)
Arnica Cream (This one can be use on face)
Water Pills (Diurex)
Funnel (Go Girl or disposable urinal like Travel John- Amazon)
Loose Clothing

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White tops =>Meant Wifebeaters

White tops =>Meant Wifebeaters

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And the day is almost here... Flying out tonight,...

And the day is almost here... Flying out tonight, test Monday, Surgery Tuesday!


Anybody goin to Yily in July or aug hit me
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Am a July 15, but thinking of trying to get a eailer date.
What happened to this poster? No word since she flew out for surgery??
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Not Happy with the results!

Hi Ladies, sorry for taking so long to update the profile. I've been going through a few person problems. Hope you all are well. Anyway.... What can I say but disappointed is an understatement. I am not happy with the results. Dr. Yily left me boxy and square. And didn't lipo my lower stomach. I thought it was just me but I met a few girls that went to her and they were not happy with the results as well. If you want a big booty she is not the one to give it to you. And if you want hips. Be ready to get HIGH hips.... I also met a few girls that went to Dr. Cabral's and hands down he is the man to go to. His work is amazing. The ladies look great just 5 days after surgery. I'm going back for round two with Dr. Cabral next year. Wish you all the best of luck!


pics would be helpful ,, did you have lipo in stomach or tt ?
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Ah I found your review! Any pics?
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Yes, pics plsss.. Sorry that you're not happy with the results.. =/
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3 Women die at CIPLA and Clinic closed for violation of health

3 Women die and clinic was closed yesterday 6/17 Where Dr. Yily and Dr. Cabral Work for violation of health! I'm sure they'll re-open in a few weeks . Ladies if you are going to go forward with the surgery please be careful! See link below. It's in spanish.


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Ladies I used google translator... Investigate deaths of three women in cosmetic clinic Written by: Theophilus BONILLA ( t.bonilla @ ) The Public Health Ministry on Tuesday investigating the deaths of three women occurred during surgical procedures in the International Centre for Advanced Plastic Surgery of the capital, closed yesterday by the authorities for not complying with the requirements and standards. The Director of Accreditation and Qualification, Dr. Ramon Lopez, said the center of aesthetic had been notified to present serious faults bio-security breached the agreement made in November 2012, to regularize their situation. However, the aesthetic clinic at Avenida Pedro Henríquez Ureña, Esperilla sector the National District, people kept coming and going without any restrictions. It was reported that in the aesthetic center three women have died, the last a 21 years last Saturday, said to the daughter of a retired colonel, although not obtained the name of the institution. The girl, a source said, lived abroad and had arrived in the country for several weeks to undergo cosmetic surgery, for which it paid a large sum of money, according to relatives seeking justice. Yesterday, Public Health reported aesthetic center closure for failing to meet the requirements and standards set by the General Health Law and Regulations 42-01 Enabling 1138-1103. In addition, closed the X-ray & Medical Clinic "Dr. Mojica", situated at number 278 Las Gaviotas neighborhood Americans, and were closed Duarte Avenue Dental Clinic "San Carlos" and "Dental Center Eddy" that did not meet the minimum conditions for operation. On the aesthetic center, Lopez said that was granted within 48 hours to the owners of the clinic for discharged patients who had been admitted there. He said the center will maintain all administrative services suspended until it catches up with the requirements. He said public health inspectors closed it after verifying and reporting failures in different revisits aesthetic center.
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Where are pics?
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Spa Jacqueline Marrero "recuperación house": 90 $ por día. Si dos personas comparten una habitación el precio sería de $ 75 USD por persona. Incluye: transporte ida y vuelta al aeropuerto, habitación con 2 camas, 3 comidas, enfermería las 24 horas, seguridad, acceso a internet WIFI, Transporte a cirugía.

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