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Ok, I'm a 32yo mother of 2 little ones under the...

Ok, I'm a 32yo mother of 2 little ones under the age of 5. Just trying to get my pre-mommy body back. Originally going out of the country was not an option but it seems like they're the ones delivering the results that i seek. Their sculpturing skills are EVERYTHING and the prices Insane! Had a couple of consultations in NY one $8,500 (not ridiculous but high, especially for what i now believe is mediocrity) The other $10,500....just wrong on all levels (again someone who delivers mediocre results) So then to Perry (haven't gotten a response yet & it's been a week) Jimerson (wasn't so crazy about his work after more research. Found biggggg ol' booties but not enough sculpturing, which is primary concern) & then Salama who has no dates until over a yr from now...Ain't Nobody Got Time For That....lol. Then I found Dra Yily & I was like YEEEESSSS HOOONNNEEYY that's what I'm talking about!!! Curves Galore... (Snaps fingers 3 times)...lol. So i emailed her in spanish & got a response the same day, I was NOT expecting that b/c the most consistent thing i read about her other than how tiny her waists are is that she's slow to respond. She gave me quote but it included a TT. Wasn't really feeling that so i responded letting her know that although I've had two pregnancies my skin is still tight & i dont want a TT if it isn't necessary (in spansh again & still waiting on a response....now that's the Yily we've all heard of...lol). Then i heard about her good friend Dra Duran, so I researched her & found out that she does great sculpturing work as well & is a lil less conservative with the booty :-). So I emailed her and got a response within 24hrs, emailed her again & again & each time she responded within a day. She seems very warm & friendly & like an overalll nice person Sooo i set my date for 7/5/13. I can't front, I'm still nervous to do this work out of the country but imma stay prayed up like Kandie...lol. Anywho are there any other Duran Dolls around that time?


Make sure you read a lot of the girls reviews on here about the different doctors and the facilities there in DR. I actually met Dra. Yily in person at CIPLA. I found her down to earth and pleasant. I was going to choose her but, after so many of the reviews here. I've decided to choose Dra. Duran. I am fluent in Spanish and have Family there in DR. But, my husband who is from there refuses to let me go alone. At first I was really upset at him, I felt like because I'm a healthcare professional I can fend for myself, but after reading the stories here. I gotta admit!!! He is right! You are taking a real chance going there Alone. just make sure you all Dot the i's and cross the t's. When you are sick you need someone you can trust with you! The first few days are the worst so if you can get help the first 3-4 days depending on your surgery. You may be able to fend for yourself after that. I'm dying to go but I have to wait for my husband to get his time off, He's from there so he knows the mentality of the person he's dealing with and deals with them accordingly. I'll wait patiently because I don't want to be at anyone's mercy! I'm dying to do my BL :) good luck girls on your journey!
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If anyone planning to go on november let me know
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Hey If I can get in touch with Duran, I will be going in November
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