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Hey ladies, I've been reading through many of your...

Hey ladies, I've been reading through many of your stories hoping to get informed a little before I go on with this procedure. I am 20 years old, 5'0 and about 120lbs. This is something I've been wanting for many years.
So this is going to sound I guess a little bad but my boyfriend is giving me the money for the surgery which will take place in the Dominican Republic. I scheduled my appointment with dr.rafael Torres in santo Domingo, since a year ago my mother received breast implants and lipo by this doctor. So I already have an idea of what his work looks like. My problem is that my boyfriend does not want me to get butt implants and its something that I really want so I plan on doing it regardless. I just don't want him or his family to know about it because they are very judgmental (even though his mother and his sisters have all gotten lipo done, but won't admit it). So for the ladies that have gotten this procedure done, what does the butt implant feel like afterwards? How is it when you touch it? Obviously he will touch me when we are sexual but I am hoping since he is a guy he will just think I did fat transfer from the lipo to my butt and not butt implant, since he thinks its a big deal. I will also post up pics of me now and keep you posted after my procedure. And how many cc's will any of you guys recommend since I'm short and I don't want something over the top but I do want some junk in my trunk lol.
Sorry I don't have any advice. But a few questions. What was your price quote and what did it include? What kind of implants will he use and where will he place them? Do you know where your scar will be? Thanks :)
Hi, the price quote is actually a little under $5,000 and I'm doing three procedure done so its a really good price. I'm getting the butt implant the lipo and transferring some of the fat to my hips. I'm not sure what kind of implants yet, I actually plan on calling him this week to ask him a few questions but I do hope he uses the cohesive silicone gel implant instead of the solid silicone. And I do know he places the implant under the muscle, which is really good to me because it gives a more natural look and feel
And about the scar he does it in the area whee your butt crack is at, so you would actually have to open up your butt cheeks a little in order to really see it. My mother has a small thin scar from when she did lipo and then transferred the fat to her butt.

Before surgery

This is me currently
Hi, Im also getting butt Implants in DR but with Dr. Nelson Rosario. I saw his work on his website and it looks pretty good. keep in mind that not all doctors are experienced in this procedure and its good to keep it safe with one that knows what he is doing. I am also concern with the look and the feel of the implants but I have had TWO BBL and the fat just went away leaving me with the flat ass and a empty pocket! :(
Yea you are so right about that. I contacted the doctor today so he can send me some pics on his work when it comes to butt implants. I will def take a look at dr.nelsons website
I've felt lots of booty implants lol. It is not soft. It's hard harder than a muscle. You can't pinch it at all. Fat feels amazing soft and it bounces like crazy. Implants are not rock hArd but don't expect your man to see it bounce or pinch it.

3 more days left!

Ladies I leave on Wednesday and should be getting surgery done Thursday. Wish me luck!

It's today

Right now I'm in my room at the clinic waiting on the doctor. Today is the big day!!,!
does anyone no how dr nelson Rosario is?? please help !!! I have surgery apy with him in may
Hi love, i hope all is well!
Hey luv! How did it go?
Dr.Rafael Torres Acosta

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