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I'm starting this post a little late since I...

I'm starting this post a little late since I picked a doctor a few months ago and the surgery date is around corner.
I'm 26 yrs old, no kids. I lost about 30lbs and I'm now In great shape and never felt better. Theres only one small thing that doesn't make me feel so great... My BOOBS! They deflated and don't look or feel very nice. So I decided to go for it! I was born in the DR so the thought of getting work done there doesn't scare me. In fact I have a few cousins back home who have gotten work done so I began asking them questions about their doctors and prices. One of them recommended Dr. Daniel Rodriguez, I didn't really find much info on him or pictures of his work so he was disqualified. Another cousin recommended Dr. Jose Gilberto Guerra, I found a lot of info on this doctor but I wasn't sold on his work. Shortly after, a friend of mine flew to DR and got work done with Dr. Diaz and she looked amazing! I was sold after looking at her work. I reached out to Dr. Diaz and he quoted me $6000 the following- breast Aug, BBL, Lipo, bloodwork, EKG, X rays, cardiovascular evaluation, surgery, anesthesiologist, one night stay at he clinic, bra, massages and post op consults. I will also be staying an extra 10 nights (total 11 nights- 1 free night) at the clinic which includes meals and around the clock care. My boyfriend will also be staying with me at no extra cost.

This is where I'm at as of today. 12 days until surgery. I will try to update you guys on my journey once the surgery date approaches. Pictures to come as well! :)


Congrats on ur decision! How much do you weigh now?
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Thank you! I used to weigh 187lbs, now I'm at 149lbs.
Yayyyy I will b following you along your journey mama..I pray that everything goes the way you want it to..I will see him in July
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Iron deficiency!

About a month or so ago I asked Dr. Diaz if there was anything that I needed to do in order to prep for the surgery. He recommended that I get a CBC done. I decided to get a physical done since they check everything and do bloodwork. My results came back. My doctor here did not mention that anything was wrong so I went ahead and sent a copy of the results to Dr. Diaz. He reviewed them and told me that I'm a little bit anemic so he prescribed two iron pills per day and recommended that I eat lots of meat, eggs and vegetables.
Now I'm on a mission to get my levels up. So, I will be ODing on iron all this week and next.
10 days till surgery! Hopefully :/


Hoping you get your levels up
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Hop on it girl!!


Has anyone stayed at CIPLA for their recovery after surgery? That's where I'll be staying and I want to know how your experience was or if you know of anyone that's stayed there. All type of feedback will be appreciated. :)


Iron Deficiency start taking 325mg of Sulfate Ferrous Iron Pills 2x per day, Drink Pur-Absorb with a alil shot of apple, orange, or juice just NOT grape, eat some form of red meat per day preferably steak....YOU CAN DO IT my sister went from a 10.4 (low) to a 11.7(mid range) within 2 weeks. and you might want to look into Gertitol Liquid....IT WORKS
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I have been taking the two iron pills, eating lots of meat and eggs. I have also been drinking beet and carrot juice to get my vitamin intake. I looked at my results and I'm at 11.9 which is borderline anemic. I also realized that my result could have been affected by my period. I was on my period at the time that I got the blood drawn so I'm sure that caused my levels to be super low. My mom seems to think the same.
I'm staying at Cipla now. I have no complaints, just bring snacks and towels
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Supply haul

Went to target yesterday and bought my sx/recovery supplies. Here's what I bought.
Super thick maxi pads
Arnicare gel
Antibacterial wipes
Antibacterial soap
Hand sanitizer
Tank tops
Body lotion (I love the J&J night time lotion... Don't judge me)
Sleeping aid
I perviously bought maxi dresses, flip flips, sleeping gowns and robes. Ohh and bed pads.
I think I have the essentials, I don't want to bring too much. My bf will be my errand boy so if there's anything I need while I'm down there he will get for me.
6 days until surgery.. Oy!


Who did you go with and do you have their number
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Hey. Just wanted to know how did you get in contact with him? Did you use whatsapp? Congrats on your journey and happy healing!!
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