Yili De Los Santos,BBL,TT,BL W/ Implants,lipo on Back and Arms,arm Lift,fat Graft to Face and Vaginal Labia. - DO

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c...

I'm 39 years old married with three children,one c section.After being overweight all my life and obese the last few years,(221 lbs) and lost 51pounds through diet and regular exercise and weight training .It's been about four years since I lost the weight and some parts of my body were not looking as I expected after all the hard work,my butt shrunk after all the squats (unevenly) my left cheek was flat ,stomach pouch was still there after a mini tummy tuck, and breast lift with implants that were too small and too low and still saggy,my left implant was loose in the pocket and it hurted and bother me. When I bent over it would flip around causing a stabbing pain,this was done a year ago in Colombia.My arms dispise of al te muscle I gained were saggy and lost volume on my face and vagina labia but still had some fat in my back arms and flanks that would not go away no matter what.Like many other ladies here started my search and came across Real Self and i too stalked the site for a long time looking for info and I picked my doctor.I had realistic expectations for my body type but I was real thin so I dropped the exercise routine and started eating junk food hoping that I would gain enough fat to transfer to my butt and make it look full, not a huge but I wanted to fill my jeans.Well I didn't gain that much weight at all.still decided to go forward with this and called Yilis office on March because I wanted to do thing ahead of time,I wanted to make the app for the end of june.My email was not answered so I call the office constantly and did most of it over the phone,I sent my deposit in April and waited for the confirmation ,I ended up calling because I didn't get it after a month,I learned that they were moving to the fifth floor and maybe thats why they didn't answer my emails.After a month after my deposit and no response I freaked out because the date was near and called the office I was asked to take a pic at the bank deposit statement and send it to Yili it took a long time and I had to call again ,at that point it was three months since I first called and explained it to them again.I was told that the Dr. would respond in a day and she did.we set up the app and constant communication was kept regarding questions and procedures that I wanted to get done I was told that it all depended on my hemoglobin levels and I was worried abut that because I suffer from chronic fatigue.Anyway I was taking my vitamins as I always do,I decided to get BBl,TT,BA (i was not thinking of a breast lift but I had to get it done) lipo on back,flanks and arms,arm lift and fat graft to cheeks and vaginal labia.I flew in a Sunday and had the app on monday,the office was full of girls and me and the other girl I was with was seen late in the after noon,I told the doctor what I wanted and she said that I didn't had enough fat for a bbl.I told her that I just wanted to even out my butt and add some fullness,I was not expecting a huge ass nor did I wanted hips, I spent most of my life getting rid of them.she looked at me and marked me we discusded the breast and I was given options, I decided to go ahead and have a breast lift too for my breast would not improve much without it and the implants were under the muscle.Later were sent to a room the girl I was with went first and then after a while they gave me the blue pill and I was off to surgery...

Sorry for the typos and bad grammar

Sorry for the typos and bad grammar ladies,it's hard to write when my kids are winning for their computer time,besides my arms are still hurting from the lipo and the lift.I thought that I was going to be able to edit the review later, now I see that I can't.

My experience during surgery.

Well ,I woke up when they sat me up for the epidural block and my gosh they poked my spine in three different places,It hurt like hell! They put me on the table and next time I woke up was when they flipped me on my stomach because I could not breathe! No matter how hard I tried I couldn't move or talk, I thought that I was going to die.I guess it was the adrenaline but I started moving my left arm and trying to pull the blue medical cloth that they put over my head and started babbling until I could frantically scream that I couldn't breathe!!! Somebody kept putting the cloth over my head again and again, I heard a male voice that said "yes you can". I kept yelling that I couldn't and somebody shoved something in my mouth real hard and I heard"oxygen".It hurted my throat and I try to fix it three times and they kept pushing it in,finally I could breath again.It all went white and bright and then I was in another place,I must have been tripping.Next time that I woke up I was getting my left upper back and arm lipoed aggressively and it was hurting.Somebody stuck their hand underneath the cloth and slapped my face and shushed me! I got mad and said don't you slap me again you cannot touch my face again don't you dare!I told them a few times,(they were three guys) they were making fun of the incident, I don't remember very well what they said but I remember what I said,I cursed them out for being rude and told them that they were very unprofessional .BTW Im sure that it was a guy that was doing the lipo because he was talking the whole time and he was close to my ear.I heard Yily's voice saying "why the bad language?".I babbled some more,didn't feel no more pain and then I was out again,they must have put more anesthesia.Later I felt pressure on my butt they were doing the fat graft,I took the plastic oxygen thingy out of my mouth because it was digging on the roof of my mouth and it hurt,somebody pushed it in again and I kept taking it out until I wasn't bothered no more also took the cloth from my face I had a sore throat for three days. I got flipped on my back very briskly.I felt the pressure from the tummy tuck and then my breast where being worked on,I felt mild pain on the right breast and I let them know again,but boy did I feel her working on my left breast,I asked them if they could not take the old implant out or if they could not put the new implant in,I didn't hear an answer to that.Later after the surgery Yili told me that my breast gave her a hard time and that my nipple was going to be irregular due to that :( After that I didn't hear nothing for a while and I called Yily twice to make sure that she was doing the surgery because I heard some rumors.I heard her voice saying "I'm working on your arm" it was my left arm.When she was done with my arm ,she started fat grafting my lips and it hurted so much,the needle going in the bottom lip first and then the top lip real quick! And then my right cheek and then the left super fast and I told her that I didn't want it on the lip,she said where I pointed the upper cheek,she said "It's already done" but I didn't feel anything.Next and last thing done was the vaginal fat grafting,it was just as fast as the face and she was done.they took the blue cloth off of my face and I could see the three guys doing the clean up. I open my eyes as wide as I could as I pointed and looked at each one of them telling them that their behavior was very unprofessional and inappropriate,because when I asked Yili during surgery if she fat grafted my butt(she previously told me that I didn't have enough fat) she replied "it's done" I heard one of her assistants saying " we left you looking like J-LO" and also after the vaginal fat grafting I heard one of them saying "your husband is going to go crazy for that thing". After I scolded them they all looked stunned and their faces got all serious,they finished in silence and one of them took me to my room with a different demeanor this time,he spoke to me with respect and told me don't worry you'll be fine.I was taken to my room, it was after midnight and I was the last patient of the day.Next morning I woke up with a jurassic appetite!The other girl I was with was having a very bad time,she had complications and was very sick throwing up poor thing,she got a blood transfusion, I was sent to the recovery home,I stayed at Dominga's.I felt as expected like I got hit by a truck,but I had so many things done at once,the doctor told me to get some doe first and then come back in six months to get the rest done but Is not an option for me,since I didn't have to get a lot of lipo done and my Hemoglobin was good she agreed.However after a few days I had complications...

Cabral's patient I met died a couple of days later.

I'm trying to find the review that I read of the girl that had similar experience in the operating room but I cant find it,if anyone finds it post it on the comment section tvm.I found another review on another girl that had a similar experience to mine with the drain but that will come later...I guess some people like me had this tolerance to anesthesia,I've had procedures done in the past and I was awake most of the time ,I experience some pain and discomfort so I already expected to wake up during surgery,is normal for me and everybody is different.Epidural block is safer than general anesthesia.Some people have complications during general anesthesia and don't tolerate it well, and they died because of it especially if you have a condition that you didnt mention or that you don't know about.This is not related to my story but it happened while I was there so I need to report it. I was there getting the blood work done I met a girl she was Cabral's patient and swore by him.I was telling her about the pending lawsuits against him and all the deaths and the girls with horrific scars on their torsos.Here in NY he was caught giving consultations in apartments and going to beauty salons,massage spas etc. to get clients, telling people what they need to get done.he was interviewed and contradicted himself when he said that he doesn't do laser lipo before and by the end of the interview when he was asked the same question he said that he used it in some patients.He is not allowed back in the country.Anyway I'm not here to bash Cabral but thats was part of my conversation with the girl.She told me that she trusted him blindly,and thats was her surgeon and those girls must have done something wrong and that was their fault they didn't follow instructions,funny thing to say as you'll later find out why.She told me she got a TT six months ago and she was back to fix an umbilical hernia discovered after the TT ?!?!? I thought that they'll fix those with the tt,anyhow she showed me her stomach she was concerned with not having enough skin for the tt and she was right her stomach was tight!!! and kind of lumpy.She had really bad scars on her belly button and it was the size of a nickel and flat, no depth.I didnt think that the doctor would take her in,well I was wrong.She struck me as not being all there to tell you the truth ,not a bad person doug I'm not saying that.While I was recuperating in the hospital room I heard that her and her friend got dressed and left the hospital and went to have a few drinks.Very reckless I say especially when you're not suppose to drink for two weeks prior to surgery,and later came back smelling like alcohol and visibly drunk.She told the nurse to open the door to her room because it was locked.A couple of days passed and I heard that one of Cabral's patient died of complications due to a heart condition and then I was told that the girl that died was drinking the night before.What kind of doctor would operate on somebody like that? Chances are that it was her and remember that comment that she made about Cabrals patients not taking care of themselves post op and blaming him for the complications later? Oh the irony! I'm not trying to make fun of her or being insensitive in any way shape or form,I'm just reporting my experiences during those two weeks and my question is why the hell he would operate on her knowing that she had alcohol in her blood,it is not just her fault.Do I hear lawsuit?The other girl that I was with wanted to get lipo,tt,bbl and breast lift.,Dr. Yily told her since she had to get a lot of lipo that it was best for her to wait six months and go back and get the breast lift because she'll was going to lose a lot of fluid. She still got a blood transfusion because of loss of fluid and blood, Yily was right and she knew what was best for her.Yilys very professional,she has a flare to her very elegant and refined.She's very good looking woman and hast presence when she walks into a room,very confident woman.Very firm and honest and may strike some people as rude but she's not.She doesn't sugar coat things, she tells it like it is, straight up.Just the way I like it,i'm like that too.I got to see her and talk to her little more than the other patients due to my complications and she did follow up thoroughly,she is very caring although she's not the kind of person that shows her emotions.I hear people complaining that she doesn't follow up but if you're doing fine and have no complications you go to the appointments the nurses will see you,if you have questions of concerns she's right there she'll answer them.Many times she asked me if I had any questions.I have no complaints in that department.

Some complications and a blood transfusion...

The day after surgery I started having a headache and it moved from the front of the head to the back of my head the third day and it was getting stronger and really painful.My hears would buzz and throb,the back of my head too.I was thirsty all the time and I wasn't hungry at all,I wanted to sleep all the time and I didn't get out of the room.Cesarina ,domingas sister called me to have breakfast downstairs and I told her I was not hungry.She told me that i needed to walk a little and that I had to try to eat something,the body needs nourishment to recuperate.she asked me what I wanted to eat and I said pineapple.I hesitantly walked downstairs with my shades on because couldn't stand the light.I greeted everybody and sat down,looking at the fruit and feeling nauseous I tried to take a bite when I almost puked I was so nauseous.I told her that I couldn't eat and excuse myself from the table and went upstairs to lay down.At this point the headache was blinding,I was nauseous and thirstier ,this was three days po.In the evening the masseuse came by and I let her do her thing although I didn't feel like it and the night before I told her that I didn't feel like it and didn't get it done.It was not as bad as I expected although the headache was horrible and I had to keep my head high all the time.When she finished I felt better I was so tired but still sick,they took the temperature and I had a fever.They squeezed me in the faja and all those pads hurt like hell,I felt like I was sleeping on rocks!!! But I fell asleep next morning feeling no better,i kept waking up at night cesarina called Yily and spoke to and explained all of my symptoms to her,Yily told her that I had to go to the ER right away and get and hemogram done.I got ready and Cesarina ,my husband and I went off to the ER.I got there was taken to a room immediately and got my blood drawn ,they did the test and my hemo was low and I was dehydrated.I needed and IV, iron and a blood transfusion but there was a problem...my type of blood A+,I was told it was hard to find so it took a long time to get it. Three IV bags plus iron was administered in the meantime(loooong time.)Boy are those beds uncomfortable! They are hard and covered in thick vinyl,mind you I had a bbl, my ass hurt and all of my back was hot and sweaty,my bum and legs were numb.I kept sliding down and I could not move ,my neck was killing me,I was so uncomfortable and miserable ugh! As soon as I felt pain I called the nurse and she gave me a painkiller.Yili and another Dr that works with her came in to the room,I'm allergic to Morphine so Yili told the doctor not to give me anything with opiates. Yili had to go somewhere else to get my blood and like I said before she told me that it was hard to get that type of blood,she sat there and she asked me how I was feeling and what my symptoms were.She told me that I had an encephalitic migraine headache,and I remember having that a few years back when I got a very bad throat infection for six days that landed me in the hospital for three days.Yili asked me how was I able to take the pain,I told her that I'm use to that.I have fibromyalgia, I live with pain everyday.Anyway to bags of blood went sloooow down my vein and all I kept thinking was the recovery house bed.At this point my husband was upset I got there around ten in the morning and i got out of there around eight,but I was feeling a lot better,Yili came in a few times to make sure that I was getting better,we talked , she shared a story or two.I mention the lip again I figure it was a misunderstanding, but it's ok no big whoop, I trusted her on that and it's ok.My lips are back to normal you can't tell that I had anything done a little fullness.Although it took a long time for the swelling on the bottom left lip to go down and she had to do something for that,I'll explain later.The fourth day po that was a Friday I got a migraine headache came back and I still wasn't hungry,though I ate a little bit I was still nauseous,I didn't want to get out of my room. Zaida the masseuse came and I didn't feel like getting a massage,I was not feeling good.They took my temp and I had a little fever,Cesarina called Yili again and she said that I had to go to the ER again.I threw a tantrum and cried just like a child,just thinking of that uncomfortable bed and told them that I didn't want to go,not very mature of me lol.I told her that this time it was a migraine headache,Yili asked me where did it hurt and I told her the front lobe and eyes,she recommended an over the counter med for migraine and something for the nausea,which Cesa got me from the drugstore and I promise Yili that if by Saturday morning I didn't feel better I Would go to the ER.Saturday I was ok,no more headache.I must say that the ladies in the ER,nurses and Doctors ,most of them are very sweet and caring they try to confort you, they are amazing! I was in awe, how good with the patients they are.No complaints there either.My next appointment was on Monday and boy was I in for a nasty surprise...

I wanted that darn drain out.Be careful what you wish for!

My mistake it was the second appointment 14 days po it was Friday july fourth and the office was full of girls, everybody was strutting their small waists and big butts, sharing stories and most of the girls were standing up,they didn't want to ruin their booties.I was called in,her two assistants began changing the dressings and cleaning the wounds and I was asked when was I leaving, I told the nurse that it was next Saturday, at that time I was not draining that much. I barely had fat to lipo so I didn't loose so much fluid.So the nurse finished putting new dressings in all the wounds and grabbed a blade and cut the stitches that held the drain,I didn't have time to react...Now I have to say that dispise all of the other girls that told me that the removal of the drain didn't hurt at all that they barely felt it I was concerned because I know my body and the base of the spine is my most sensitive spot where I feel pleasure when stimulated and also pain.I felt the labor pains there and also during my time of the month,all those nerve endings are very sensitive and they connect directly with my reproductive system, and my lady parts and I was right.the nurse looked at me and while glanced at her for one second pulled that thing and the pain I felt was so strong that I screamed while she continued pulling it two more times OMG I was shaking and almost passed out,they left me alone and I was laid me down,it was a burning pain,the other nurse fanned me when I could get up again they put the faja on and as I waked out everybody was staring at me.That night the massage was painful around that area, it was at the base of my spine to the left.I was so scared that I expressed my concern to Cesarina,Dominga's sister and ask her to speak to Yily,she did and Yily agreed to give me something next time before they take the drain out.I wanted to be put to sleep or at least be given something to numb the pain,I could not stop thinking about it I didn't want to go through that pain again. Was I in for a rude awakening.Since I was leaving on Saturday my next app was that Friday the eleventh.I got to the office that morning and was visibly nervous,the recovery house nurse Carolina and my husband where there with me.it was not ong whe I got called in and my heart was beating hard! The nurse began the cleaning no dressings this time, it was so fast,and I see her going for the drain and told her not to pull it because it hurt so much last time and was about to tell her that Yily agreed to give me something for the pain before they pull it out when she looked at me and pulled the damn thing!!! My gosh I can not describe that pain accurately for it was beyond words.I screamed so hard and begged her to stop,the pain was thru the roof the most painful thing that I've ever experienced in my life after childbirth which until this moment I thought that was the most painful thing ever.I was shaking,hyperventilating and I could not breath,I went blind ,I could not see and I almost passed out,I could not speak and I couldn't stop crying ,I was in shock.boy for some reason I could relate to torture victims with all do respect,no joke. At this point Yily got up and told her to stop pulling it,the nurse say that she was just cleaning it total BS,she pulled it and the doctor saw her,she just didn't want to admit it.i told them that I couldn't see and the other nurse had a concerned look on her face and grabbed me,.yily asked me "what's the matter?'' tears and mucus were flowing and Yili grabbed a napkin and wiped my nose,I told her the pain was unbearable and the she told me "you were the one that Cesarina called about."She also looked at my lip that was still super swollen eleven days later and told me she was going to do something to make it go down.At this point they helped me to get up I could barely walk,my knees were not responding and Yily told the nurse to take me to the ER and get me a room,and she also told the nurse in a low voice "give her the blue pill."When I came out there was a silence and everybody sitting there looked stunned and scared.I was taken to the ER and was placed in the room,the other doctor, I forgot her name she's a sweetheart she works with Yily's patients,told the nurse not to give me anything because she needed to do a hemogram .After the results came they gave me the blue pill,I tried to calm down because even though some time has passed since the traumatic experience I was still crying.Next thing I remember I was waking up and asked my husband what had happened,he told me that the doctor pulled the drain and that I moved and moaned but it came out easily,she also took the some of the stitches out and squeezed the shit out of my fat bottom lip,he said that I screamed loud!according to my husband I also spoke to them and asked to go to the bathroom,the nurse walked me to the bathroom, I went,came back and layed down again, none of which I have any recollection of.Hey im not complaining that I didn't feel a thing,I was relieved.I went back to the recovery and slept the whole day,I got up later on because I wanted to go to the mall an do some shopping ,which we did but I didn't find what I was looking for and I got tired.Called the taxi and came back to the recovery,ate something and began packing and getting everything ready for the trip.The flight was on Saturday morning at 10:25. I got my last massage,and organized the room a bit,clean the bathroom mess,I manage to shave my legs,no shower though.the Dr. said that I could shower at three weeks,only with distilled water and to use gauze to dry my wounds.I slept all the trip mind you that I always get sick and nauseous at take off,during turbulence (we had some) and landing.When I got up ,my ankles hurt and they were swollen I could barely walk. and boy did I walked.it's harder to get back in the country that to leave!I forgot to mention that you have to ask Yily for a letter stating that you had surgery two days before you leave,because they have to frisk you at the airport.the lady fro security asked me if I had a faja and I said yes, for some reason when I showed my letter I was told to wait and sit,few minutes later another lady from security took me to an office where she met a guy and another lady and I was taken to a back room with a huge Xray machine.They asked me what did I get done and they both try to figure out how to deal with me,I showed her my arm lift scar because it was easier than taking off my faja and one of them said "she had surgery" and I was let go.When I got home we ordered Chinese food and I stuffed my face with steamed veggies and layed down to rest i was pooped!

Progress...or not.

So today I took some pics of my progress... or not.It's been 25 days po and I know that is still too soon and I'm looking forward to see how things look in a few months from now.I still have a lot of healing to do but can't help it if I'm not liking what I see, especially when comparing myself to other results I've seen with just a few days post up.My cheeks are uneven and so are my lips,my butt is not looking good, is lumpy and bumpy and have a huge crater on my left buttock thats keeps growing deeper,my left vaginal labia fat graft is gone,my breast are so uneven,nipples too small and my left breast is pointing downward and to the left it looks bigger and lower than my right which hasn't descended much yet.My arm lift scars are uneven,the right arm hasn't healed well,is still red and tight,I can barely move that arm and scar is low,you can see it if from the side and I have a dog ear.The left arm scar is hidden on the crease of the arm and theyre both still flabby,I sure hope that they continue to tighten over time. Although I'm contemplating a future revision to some of this problems, maybe they'll improve over time.I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't want to do this again .

Other experiences with other Doctors

Well ladies,I'm not giving any reviews yet, I still have to wait six month to fully see my results,what ever the outcome is. I just have to be patient, things are not going to look good now it's only been four weeks. I have had other procedures done in the past and had the same experience waking during surgery,it's normal for me that's the way my body is.Sometimes is a bad experience because many times while you're awake your body is still numb and you can't move and that is a scary thing to anybody.I had a breast lift 16 years ago as well as lipo not in the country.I was awake for most of the surgeries (two surgeries) the doctor kept asking me questions and talking to me to make sure I was ok and the anesthesiologist was nice too. I did feel some pain and discomfort in some areas especially when he got too close to the unanesthetized areas and I let him know.He did the bottom part of my body first (lipo) and then the top part with the breast lift on another date.I went to another Dr to get lipo on my arms and he corrected my waist that looked square,I told this doctor my problem with anesthesia and he said "don't worry I'll give you enough anesthetic enough to knock a horse out." Still I woke up during arm lipo and felt the horrible burning pain,he told me to hold on while he counted down from 10 to 1 he was all done and then gave me more anesthetic I don't remember a thing after that.he ended up giving me so much that I wouldn't wake up it was midnight when they finally woke me up.i was not all there and was babbling incoherently.All of this done within a month.By the time I got back home I was fine, the swelling was down and I looked great.The breast took a while to heal,I also got an infection because they got wet.The only bad thing was the scar it was wide, raised and dark,also I had some lumpiness from the lipo but I didn't keep my faja on for three months,as soon as I got here it was so hot that I couldn't bare to wear it.Last year I got breast lift with implants and mini tt around july. I went to a very recommended prestigious high end clinic,huge palace.The doctor came highly recommended,he had done models and such so I was told.His patients were high class people and he was a nice doctor.but the results are what you see in the pre ops pics.He told me that my breast were going to look full and when he grabbed my breast showed me how high they were going to look. At first I didn't want implants but then I budged when he told me that they were not going to look good.He explained that they looked big because the skin but once he cut it it was going to lose volume,so I decided to get moderate sized implants.They looked great at first but as months passed the swelling went down and they looked saggy ,the implants were too low and my breast even lower.The right implant was higher than the other and the left one was loose in the pocket and was irritating my muscle thats why I felt the stabbing pain and discomfort and could not sleep on my stomach.I had to wear bras all the time for support and if I bent over to shave my legs it would turn on its side aghhhh!!! I also had a smart lipo on my thighs,despised of all my efforts to lose weight there are certain areas that refuse slim down,so i decided to have it in Long Island,the doctor is a member here on real self.When I looked in her website as well as her office you see all of her happy patients with awesome results and I was impressed.During the consultation ,she put her hand on my thigh and tighten it telling me that was going to be the result, besides she couples the lipo with some massage suction laser heat thingy that supposedly tightens the skin by stimulating the collagen and bla bla bla,it's called Smooth Shape.Well I was sold!Surgery date I Was given the blue pill and the assistant asked the doctor how many cc of anesthetic to use the doctor stared at her,she was thinking about it.I told her to give me enough because I tend to wake up during surgery and I didn't want to feel the pain and so she did.I doze off...I woke up when I felt her cutting the openings for the cannula and then I felt it go in,the horrible burning pain.I didn't want to scream so I groaned louder and louder with each time that she introduced it underneath my skin I felt it ripping the skin from the fat until I screamed louder,a total of five times until she stopped and told her assistant to leave me there for a few more minutes,they left the room.I kept waking up a few times but no pain this time,every time I looked to see the lipo she would stop and stare at me.Next app time I was to get the smooth shape tightening machine,a total of three sessions,this was supposed to tighten my skin and the results were going to be seen within six months.Well I didn't even bother going to the follow up after six months because my thighs look horrible and lumpy,saggy and ugly.I wrote her two and emails and sent her the after pics months ago,she's yet to answer them,I'm still waiting.I have the feeling that she's not going to.It's been eleven months since the procedure.Her name is Dr. Deborah Marciano from Great Neck Medical Spa.So... Is it me? Do I keep making bad decisions? Am I always picking the wrong doctors? The wrong countries? Or is it that some things you just cant fix? Should I just forget the whole thing ? Should I just let myself go? Im running out of skin,of options and resources.I just want happy ending to this whole thing for one time in my life,I don't want to have to do this again.My heart goes out to all the people that have to go to reconstruction processes due to accidents or diseases for they have to endure all of this pain both mental and physical to try to have a better quality of life and feel normal again.Peace chicas,be good to yourselves and to others. Muaxxx

Ladies this is not a review,is more like a journal...

Ladies this is not a review,is more like a journal of my experiences and healing process.The review will come once everything has healed completely,it will get better I've been through this before I know.There's a reason why doctors tell you to wait six months to a year to see results or revision and even the good high end surgeons have to revise their patient surgeries sometimes.I'm not complaining of anything and some people are under the impression that I'm down or depressed,I assure you that I'm not I'm doing fine :) Most people post the before and after pics,not the in between pics,how things really look while you're healing.I want you to see what to expect right after surgery and the following months and of course everybody heals differently, but you'll get the idea.Im not here to bash, Yily she is a good surgeon and ,she is a reconstructive surgeon ,is it not nice to talk smack about DR or Yily .Everybody is different so expect different results,we get caught up on the wish pics,those airbrushed, photoshopped too damn perfect to be true and when we don't look like that we get upset. I'm seeing good results already and it's only been four weeks po.The only problem that I have is the itchies,they are driving me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but it means that my skin is healing so is good,my lip is almost normal,my belly button is cute I like it,my breast have descended and all the scabs are gone.I'm using mederma for my scars and they'll get lighter it takes a while up to a year,I'll also use hydroquinone when my scars look better to lighten them,and I like my tt so far is still swollen.The dent on my butt was there is more pronounced because either it didn't get filled enough or the fat re absorbed in that area, is hard to tell.I'm hoping that fluffing is real lol.This faja is giving me a rash all over ugh! and my arm lift is the worse,the faja,the arm sleeve and the breast compression band all irritate the heck of my armpit scar!!! Well it is what it is BTW I received an email from Yily today apologizing for the incident with her assistants and asking me for my telephone number.Anyway ladies I'll continue updating whenever I can.

Yily called me...

Yily called me Monday morning and apologized to me for what happened.She also apologized for not replying sooner and told me that she was traveling and that her assistants contacted her through wassap and told her that there was a problem,they sent her the picture of my email.She was surprised,disgusted and upset said he had no idea that this was going on.She could not believe that this happened.I gave her my account of what happened since I enter the operating room until I was taken to my room,the times when I woke up and the order of procedures that were done,a swell as other details about some of the procedures.My questions to her during that time as well as her answers.Also what when the incidents happened and what I said to the assistants,she told me that some patients utter incoherencies during surgery, that's probably what what she thought at that time.I told her that sometimes I tried to speak and I would mumble but that I was coherent, she knew that I was telling her the truth and then she apologized again.I also told her that this often happens to me during other procedures that I had done before.She told me that she was going to call in a meeting and speak with the parties involved about the incident and that she wasn't going to work with them anymore,and that those aren't his assistants that the hospital provides the surgeons with interns.She also said that the one that slapped me was the anesthesiologist,because he was the one standing by me when she heard me screaming, which by the way I knew.We also discussed my concerns about the fat graft and she told me to wait and explained to me what happens with the body and that she had another patient with the same concerns and after six months she called her and told her that she was happy with the results that everything filled up nicely.And also I received a reply from the other doctor here in NY telling me she was sorry that I was unhappy with the smart lipo results.She told me to make an appointment to see what she could do for me, lets see.Update, I have a small infection on my right areola,I'm applying bactroban. Wish me luck chicas.

New York State law lets any doctor perform cosmetic procedures...

A loophole in New York State law lets any doctor perform cosmetic procedures, even without an anesthesiologist or any nursing help. http://pix11.com/2014/07/29/inside-new-yorks-dangerous-cosmetic-surgery-loophole/

Six week update

Hello chicas tomorrow it will be six weeks po and after a week and a half of my nipple infection is finally healing ,it was an infected suture the clear ones that dissolve.Well I'm having an issue with those they're suppose to dissolve but mines actually push thru the skin and some of them get infected like ingrown hairs.I get the red bumps and I have to pull the sutures with tweezers.One of them was killing me for five weeks and I had to pop it well that one was pretty infected and it was on the right arm scar,the arm sleeve irritated the heck of it and it turned out to be the black suture, the doctor missed that one.She actually left two on each arm but didn't tell me anything ,my hubby help me cut them with a razor and heis squeamish! I had to cut most of them because the scar was healing but the sutures left little holes,I'm still having issues with those.I have a huge hard lump the size of a meat ball in my left arm, it doesn't hurt but I can't stretch my arm because my forearm hurts and when I massage it it kind of burns a bit plus it feels gross.my skin is very sensitive and it burns and stil itches,some days Im very swollen and ohers not so much.I try a new faja Salome size S the girl wanted to sell me XS but it looked like it wouldn't fit my daughter.It's very uncomfortable too tight especially on the waist area it digs in and it hurts,the shoulder straps are too short and the crotch area is too tight,its too small I should have gotten a size M.The scars under the breast stings a little bit and the ones under my arm are very sensitive and the still hurt and the I keep having a burning cramp in the upper right side of my abdomen underneath the ribs,it doesn't go away it gets worse when I'm not wearing the faja.The TT scar looks better and it's very thin.My breast have descended some at this point but one it's higher than the other and so is the nipple,I don't like the side view or the top view either, let's see how the look a few months from now.I'm so tired all the time I can't wait to exercise again,I've lost more muscle mass and I lost for pounds, I'm not trying to lose weight SMH. I need to lift weights that's what I like,I'm so stiff I feel weak and I Don't like it. Well ladies I'll keep you posted whenever I can.

My bad, this is my six week po.

I previously stated that it was my six week po, I made a mistake this is my six week po. Well I woke up three days ago and felt something kind of wet under my right breast where I had the nipple infection and another suture got infected.There was a little hole and it was dripping this yellow fluid ,I drained it,put bacitracin on it and it started healing well.I have another infected suture along my left arm scar it's a boil and I tried to drain it without any success,it's very painful and the compression sleeve irritates it making it worse,It's been there for a few weeks now. Inflammation on my back and flanks have gone down a lot,but it really hurts sometimes it's more like a burning stinging pain and itching and i have a hard time sleeping.My tummy hasn't bothered me much,I get bloated a lot but I didn't get any lipo so it doesn really hurt unless I sneeze.However I need support because of that cramp/burning pain in my upper right abs that won't go away,I Googled it and it's common so nothing to worry about.My right breast is descending a bit and they're less pointy however I still don't like the way they look,I probably would need a revision the left nipple is not straight and kind of saggy ,crooked and smaller.My butt well ...not much improvement there,it lost volume and is still lumpy,bumpy and uneven. Ugh!!! I would hate to have to go through this again sigh but if it needs to be revised well...I started my workout today (YAYYY),I lifted some light weights and did leg work and I'm happy about that.I felt like a potato,I'm addicted to exercise,I need to tone !!!

Irritation on under arm scar

I was cleaning all day yesterday and last night when I took of my garments off I noticed that my armpit scar was bleeding and it burned, I had some serious irritation and chafing due to the arm sleeve rubbing against it.I put some neosporin and slept with my arm up so I could get some ventilation under my arm,I feel better today and I didn't wear the sleeves in the morning.I also included some of my wish pics.

I forgot to post these pics yesterday...

I forgot to post these pics yesterday,you can see that my breasts still saggy,I don't like those skin folds on the sides of my breast thats were the scar ends.I told Yily that I wanted big implants because I wanted to fill in the sides of my breasts like in my wish pic and I didn't get that.My implants are round textured 460 cc high profile which are not so big for me and I don't like what I see.My tummy or my waist are not looking any smaller and the skin is loose and it jiggles.Pre op measurements, chest 38'', waist 30", and hips 38.'' Post op,chest 39'',waist 30'',hips 36.'' And I still have under the arm fat after the lipo and the scar above it and to be frank with all of you I'm very upset.My lip still look bigger on the bottom left side the rest is gone. The fat graft to my vaginal labia is also gone, I dont even want to post a picture of it. I'm not happy.I tried to dowload whatsapp on my phone to speak to Yily but I don't have enough space,ugh!!!

Here are some throw back pics...

Here are some throw back pics from before I lost weight (71 lbs,) and after I lost all the weight(150 lbs) right before I gained a few pounds pre op.I gained about six pounds for the procedure I really tried hard but I couldn't gain more ,it sure looks in the pics that I gained more but since I lost all muscle mass because I was not working out I was flabby.After I came back I weighed 146 lbs,lost 10 pounds and decided to gain four pounds to be back at 150 (current weight) I didn't want to loose the fat graft to my butt all that effort for nothing.My waist was really small and my belly pretty much flat minus the mommy pouch. I sure hope that when the swelling from the tt goes down I look better than in the pic.I started working out again my muscles are gone now and is a sloooow process,I need to fill in and tone again. No ab work ,shoulder or back work yet just arms ,legs and glutes with light weights, I'm not going medieval on my own heiney or anything.I have to work my way up again,nice and slow.I don't like that whenever I lift my arm (still painful) or flex my chest my implants move up and down,gross.That's exactly what I didn't want and I told Yily my concerns about that because I lift weight and I know that happens. And thats also why I told Yily that I wanted over the muscle implants she said that I had unders and thats why she had to put the new implants under again but during our conversation over the phone after the incident she said that I wanted unders and that mine were over WTF?!?!? I told her that was not true and that I had the email that I sent her requesting overs to prove it ,so either she has a bad memory or she does whatever she feels like and then blame the patient and the same happened with my lips I never asked for fat graft,she still insists that I said that I wanted it yet there's no proof of that on any of my Emails or the office forms.Ladies if you still going with her make sure and I cant stress this enough have it in emails and mention it to her clearly, exactly what you want and show her pics. I even showed her pics and videos on my Emails asking if she could do the procedures she can say whatever she want but you'll have proof of what you asked for.This is all for now... peace.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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I'm so sorry as I read your review. It actually brings tears to my eyes. I to went to Yily and had bad results. There's actually quite a few of us in here. I'm in the DR now recovering from my revision by Dr Lima. I wish you the best whatever you decide.
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Thank you Hym8nce. I'm reading a lot of bad reviews lately,when I was doing research I couldn't find any.It seems that we got the end of the short stick.I look forward to read your review and see your pics.I wish you the best too!
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Hi i just finished reading your review, i am soooo sorry you had to go through that!!!! I cannot believe someone violated you and slapped you! Im in shock right now!!! Thats very scary especially when youre so vulnerable. I hope when you go back you get what youre looking for! You shouldn't have had to go through your previous surgeries:( for you not to be satisfied
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I'm reading this and thinking What a horrific experience my heart goes out to you I think your result could haven better she did a sloppy job with you maybe cause you were the last one of the day and by then she was tire I will not recommend you getting a revision with her she did not do you right and if someone slapped you while she is doing surgery she should have said something to stop it I work for Drs and the is an called for and the BS she said to you about getting them fire is BS she allowed this behavior I'm planning on having surgery on January with Dra Almonte Or Dra Tania Medina only cause I see. Lot of their work and many of my family gone to them they also have support group the you can joing talk to the girls the had surgery with them see the before and after i have so much respect for you for stain so strong Dr mess up here and in DR but the way you were treated was not right also Cipla has been close for bacteria infection so if you plan to have your revision there go to Cecilip or cepi don't get discourage stay strong God bless and good luck.
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I planned to have my sx with yili after I read to many bad reviews change her for almonte ,that no the first time I hear somebody get slapped from her staff,and girl those things have to stop and don't think she going to fire them mmmmm what she didn't do that the first time a gilr complaint about that ,
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I agreed with you tuchula82 you are goint to love Dr Almonte she is so sweet and carring love her
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Thank you girls ,I'll research her.I contacted three other doctors and the only response I got was Yily's.Is still too soon I don't want to think about going through this again :(
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Your arms, tummy, breast
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Well for arm lift,tummy tuck and breast lift they have to cut your excess skin so, yeah of course thats what I wanted.
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neosporin is a life saver! you look good!
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Yes it is,it took a while to heal and I had to clean the wound well and after that I got better really quickly.
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Read pretty_lady review
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Omg! I remember her blog smh everything she put about the different doctors are on point now that I been to yily for a tt an bbl then went to dra. Beaz for my breast and shes a BEAST! They are sexy lol
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I'm sure glad to hear that there are success stories.Im so tired of getting revisions and not getting results SMH! I wanted to look and feel good for my B-day in November.I ran out of money and I'm not getting any younger lol
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Thanks, I wish that I Have seen these and other bad reviews that I been reading before' SMH!!!
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Wow I wish I would have seen this before. SMH!!!
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Why did she cut you open that way? With that type of procedure they you a very fine needle that sucks all the fat out with you being a smaller women then most who get lipo she shouldn't of had to cut you open like that did you know she was going to do that to you?
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What are you refering to,the tummy tuck?
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What are you referring to,the tummy tuck?
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Not all countries are the same,I spoke to the doctor and i sure hope that she will do as she says its her reputation that's at stake.I have had problems here in NY too with doctors and procedures,I cannot blame a Country, shit happens everywhere.
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Are those ur breast results
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Yes, seven weeks post op next Monday.
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Are those your pictures of your actual body after the procedure?
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Yep thats me,almost seven weeks post op.
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It's crazy because I've heard the the doctor you went to actually does good work. Sorry you had to go through something so horrible :( I see you are considering going to get the procedure done again your not going to the same doctor are you? I would hope not.
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