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Hey ladies! I'm new to the site and I'm looking to...

Hey ladies! I'm new to the site and I'm looking to get a BBL. I've been looking into 3 doctors in the DR. Dra. Yily, Duran, and Baez. I wanted some input from you ladies who have already gone. I want a BIG butt with a small waist. who do you think could give me the best results? If you don't mind sending B&A pics, please let me know!


hey girl well am new on this website to and am looking for almost the same as you but nothing to big well I hurd that dr duran is a good dr baer to but yily she good but I saw a profil and things didn't went well with this patient with doctor yily but its up to you
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I have seen Duran's work in person and it is pretty impressive!
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Does she give u a tiny waist?

(not so) happy endings

Idk what it is, but I've been seeing a lot of bad reviews lately about Yily being overbooked, rude & arrogant. I've also read that people have waken up during surgery. Has anyone had those issues with her?


You can wake up in surgery with any of them as they don't use general anesthesia.. For me my decision was Duran, ill see her n about 2 weeks. I got quotes from Yily and Baez as well, Baez seemed like a sweet heart but I just think she wouldn't have been able to give me what I was looking for. I don't have a large stomach and she does nice TT but I don't need that, Yily is pregnant right now, big pregnant and I want her working on me most of my surgery, and Durans before and after pics, and stories on RS just sold me.
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hey mzdee can you give me a page or site I can see more of duran work???
Yeah I don't need a TT, just the lipo and a bbl. I'm starting to lean more towards Duran based off of reviews and her b&a pics. GOOD LUCK DURING YOUR SURGERY!! :)

what I'm workin with

Ok, so I decided to post some pre op pics. I figured I'd FULLY show the progress from beginning to end, cause this bbl WILL happen lol. I'm 5'4" & weigh 165...I don't like being this size but I want as much fat sucked out as possible. I hate my pooch but I'm not getting a TT considering it goes away when I workout, the cellulite lookin part below my navel is just stretch marks. I had a BA in Dec 2011 (when I was 25lbs lighter) if u ladies want, I'll make a post about my experience with that as well. (Clearly I'm all for self modifications. If you're not happy with something, fix it haha)


Your BA looks great. Do you mind telling the type of implant and how many ccs
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I just wrote a review with more details, so hopefully it'll post soon lol...but mentor, high profile silicone, over the muscle, transaxillary incision, 475L and 500R
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does anyone have any contact information for dr. Duran? I've been trying to get ahold of her via email and I still haven't gotten a response back and everytime I send something it comes back saying that it couldn't be delivered. Does anyone have her correct email address, a contact number and her whatsapp? I've also sent her a couple of messages on Facebook a couple times and still got no response. Also I got an email back from Dr Yily asking for more information so she could send me a better quote.


I think Yily will be your best shoot, coz she will make your waist really small and just let her know you want a huge ass to go with the waist...hopefully you will find a ps your most confident and comfortable with...muax
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BB fail sorry I posted again but hope the whatsapp info helps :)
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By the way I'm 5'5' and now 155 (gained weight 4 bbl) n u look slimmer.. Great pre op body sis :)
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making progress

okay, so I finally got a quote, it was with dr yily(still waiting to hear from dr duran). It's great because she was actually my first choice when I started looking into getting the BBL done. Some comments did scare me off a little bit, but , everyone is different. Its crazy because reading about how long it took her to respond to people's emails and she's actually responded to me rather fast. She sent me an email about 4 days ago and never respond because I got so busy with work and everything else in life and I finally responded back to her yesterday and sent her all the information that she asked me for, and today she responded with a quote which by the way is awesome!

Quote Total: $3700.00 USD
The above quote total includes the following procedures:
·       Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, arms, chin, flanks and waist
·       Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) via fat grafting to the buttock

I'm not completely sold on the chin lipo yet, however I'm not exactly satisfied with the chin fat that I have either. If there was some type of chin crunch that I could do, I would lol

needless to say, I'm rather excited but I got a quote. once I hear back from Dr Duran, if I ever do, then I'll compare and contrast.


Glad u got a response from yily :)
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Me too! Totally unexpected to get a response so fast lol
You got it ;) will continue to follow your journey. Yily is also amazing

impatiently waiting

sooooo 3 weeks later and I still haven't heard from Duran. I get that she's busy, but if she has time to post pictures on IG and tweet on twitter, why is it taking so long for her to respond to any of the emails that I've sent her?! it's so frustrating. at this point, I'm tempted to stick with Yily. She's still an amazing dr and gives great results and that's my main concern...the results.

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Yily keeps getting better...

I know some of y'all have had complaints about the response times from Yily, but I have honestly never had that issue. I sent a message to her right before I posted my last update (not even an hour ago) and I just got a message back. I know Yily will be on Maternity leave until around January 20th, so I was thinking of going around mid February. My birthday is January and I wanna be able to get out and shake my (nonexistent) butt lol. but if there is anyone that would like to try to go around that time, let me know. I've got a friend coming who speaks Spanish and another friend who does massage therapy, so if you don't speak Spanish (I surely don't) and you need some help, she'll be able to help u, and i'm sure if I talked to my friend, she could do the lymphatic massages for a little less than what they charge out there. Anyways, I'm completely excited about getting this body makeover. Eeeeeeek!!

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ok soooo...

I've totally been neglecting y'all, but it wasn't intentional. just been working and dealing with life. So...Duran, I sent her several emails, facebook messages, texted her whatsapp and commented on a few IG pictures telling her I was trying to reach her and still NOTHING, so she's obviously no longer an option. I did however talk to Baez and she gave me a quote of $3000. I wrote her and that exact same day I got a response, we corresponded quite a bit, and she answered every question I had. Best part, she only does 1-2 surgeries a day! I LOVE that simply because to me, I feel like she's not going to overexert herself trying to do too many women in one day, she's more focused and attentive. I wanted to go to Yily and I still may, but the fact that I've heard so many people say that they've woke up during surgery and saw someone other than Yily performing their procedures makes me really iffy about going to her.


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Thanks love, I'll def check him out :)

It's been a long time

but I'm still here and I still want to get my BBL. I still haven't heard from Duran (surprise, surprise) I have talked to Yily a few times, but I think I'm still leaning more towards Baez. Her response times are amazing and I just feel like she's just the better option for me. I have to push my date back because I've got a little bun in the oven. I was wondering...have any of you ladies had surgery after you gave birth and how long did u have to wait?


I've also seen reviews about Durna beeing great but takes time to return emails, Ive emailed her and got response 3hrs later, I e-mailed at hilarioplasticsurg@gmail.com
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Hey msbklyn if u dnt mind what was ur qoute&^ do u love ur results????
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