My overall goal is a smaller waist and perky butt. - BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

I have decided to go with Yily. I have based this...

I have decided to go with Yily. I have based this on a few things. 1. I have a butt and feel that an aggressive stomach and back lipo will make it look bigger. 2. It seems that the dissatisfied reviews of the more popular Docs are starting to increase. 3. cost of course is a factor. 4. Why not recover and vacation in 70 degree weather.

My quote for BBL is $3100, plus Recovery House at $100 per day for 12 days ( this includes 3 meals, Wifi, transportation to and from airport), Flights are around $500 round trip. Based on previous Yily reviews I don't think I will need to stay for 12 days. I have requested dates Dec 11th or 12th. I sent the request today and it normally takes her office 3 days to respond. I will update once the date is confirmed.

I received an email back from Dr. Yily and I am...

I received an email back from Dr. Yily and I am doing to Santo Domingo on December 11 and surgery on December 12.

After reviewing Lipo and my butt as it is I...

After reviewing Lipo and my butt as it is I thought I may not want the BBL just aggressive Lipo. So I decided to request for Lipo only and......Well, I received the quote back from Dr. Yily for Lipo only and it was $100 less than Lipo with BBL. Doesnt seem to make a whole lot of sense to me. In this case It would be less expensive for me to stay in the states and have Lipo. Little dissapointed! If anyone knows a PS that does aggressive lipo in the states please advise. Thanks!

My overall goal is a smaller waist and perky butt...

My overall goal is a smaller waist and perky butt.
Height - 5'7
Weight - 175 (Goal - 165lbs)
Waist- 36 inches (Goal- 28 inches)
Butt - 44 inches ( Goal - 46 inches)

I looking for a buddy to help past the time while...

I looking for a buddy to help past the time while in DR. I am scheduled for surgery on January 10th. I had to change dates due to passport. I am staying in DR from January 9th to January 17th, My plan is to stay at Jacqueline spa for 1 night then move to hotel. I I have found some really great rates on hotels as low as $24 per night, Please PM if you are interested.

Day 1 Requirements 1 - Passport 2 - $10 for...

Day 1

1 - Passport
2 - $10 for Tourist card they only accept US dollars or Euros as a form of payment for the Tourist card.
3 - Cash for hotel stay in full

Airport- Arrived in DR at 4:30pm took about 1 hour to get tourist card and get through customs. Jacqueline and driver was waiting once I was done to take me to the hotel. They drive really fast here and lane jumping BUT if you like speed you will enjoy the ride.

Hotel- nice, clean and cozy, staff very nice. No hot water in my room.

Hotel payment- bring cash for the full amount of your stay. After settling in at the hotel you will be asked to pay for your stay in advance "CASH ONLY". This can be in US dollars or Peso.

Funds- only get Peso's if you plan to shop or take a taxi somewhere otherwise U.S dollars are fine.

Travelling in- if you are able to get that Jet Blue flight that gets there at 4:30am I would highly recommend taking it. You will be able to have your surgery that day therefore saving time and money in hotel fees.

Food- I had dinner at the hotel which was brought to my room. Chicken (thigh and leg) with mash potatoes. Im not sure if I was starving or the food was really good.

Supplements - took 1 Pien tze Haung
Good for inflammation, pain and swelling.

Surgery tomorrow

Day 2 Arrived at CIPLA around 7:30 got 1. ...

Day 2

Arrived at CIPLA around 7:30 got
1. Blood work
2. X-rays
3. Visit with Cardiologist

I met with Yily she asked what size butt I wanted, I said medium.

Went to surgery around 12:30 there were 2 girls ahead of me.

After surgery- I started having scary hallucinations. I spoke with 3 other girls they had the hallucinations as well. They went away after about 3 hours. If you take any anti- depressants I would encourage letting your doctor and Yily know. A combination of your med and what ever she is giving could go terribly wrong.

Didn't eat all day wasn't hungry.

Only slept 2 hours last night.

Did not need pain meds

Did not take any supplements today

I am in a Butt-In garment

Coparina injections 40mg- this is to prevent blood...

Coparina injections 40mg- this is to prevent blood clots.
Clavulin 1 gram - antibiotic
Diclofenac 50mg - Pain reliever
Omeprazol 20mg- for gas
Vitamin C 500mg
Ferrous Sulfate - Iron
Folic Acid 10mg
Trombocil Cream

1. Passport 2. Cash for Surgery or Western Union...

1. Passport
2. Cash for Surgery or Western Union to Dr. Yily.
3. Cash for hotel stay
4. 2 wash cloths, 1 towel
5. I bar of antibacterial soap
6. Robe
7. 1 pair of sweats- rmbr to buy 2 sizes larger than you are now.
8. 2 Sundress
9. Meds- see meds list. Most of those on the list you can bring and save money.
10. Books, Ipad, Kindle
11. Wig or hat( we all sweated our hair out during surgery and im natural do you can imagine how that looked)
12. Download Vonage or Tango this way you can text and talk for free.
13. Flip flops- 1pair
14. Toothbrush, toothpaste
15. Maxi pads or Epi foam to put under your compression garment.
16. 3 Tank Top or Cami's
17. 4 pair Granny panties, buy 2 sizes larger
18. Panty liners
19. Baby wipes or Femine wipes
20. Funnel- you can get 1 from the Auto parts store for less than $2 that has a lip on it so nothing splashes.
21. Deoderant if you are staying over 7 days otherwise you cant use it before then cause Dr Yily goes under arm to Lipo back.

**Travel light, you will be recovering.

I will update by Monday with pics as well. I am...

I will update by Monday with pics as well. I am out of my garment and only wearing during the day. It was causing me to have extreme headaches at night. So far my results look like what I requested which was small waist and medium butt. I have a lot of swelling in my lower back. My first massage is Monday. Thanks for your patience.

I will post more pics on Friday. I asked Dr, Yily...

I will post more pics on Friday. I asked Dr, Yily to keep my look as natural as possible. Didn't want the big Butt, I'm too old for that. I have been sitting on my butt since day 1 and since day 7 only wear my garment at night. The garment was causing me to have headaches, ankles, feet and lower legs swelling. So I guess I am the test dummy to really see if sitting on your butt decreases the fat intake. I will keep y'all posted.

Here are most recent pics. As I mentioned I...

Here are most recent pics. As I mentioned I requested a natural look. I have been sitting on my butt since day 1 and driving once I returned to the states. I no longer wear my garment and I am 16 days PO.

My slacks that I had before surgery still fit, I...

My slacks that I had before surgery still fit, I am having a few challenges with jeans now that Im starting to try 'em on. Thats ok, shopping spree!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Provided low rating on payment process because I was told I could pay with credit card but when I got there was told cash only or if I paid with credit card at the CIPLA it would be an extra 5.3% that's about $164 extra. So I had to call my bank and get the money wired.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Do u mind reporting pics
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anymore pics? pleeeeeeeeze?
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did you stay at a hotel or recovery place the whole time?
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please please please inbox me.... begging for a link or email of at least one pic
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I could've sworn I saw them before. What happened mama ?
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i dont see any pics either..where are they ?
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@Touch up U look good girl, love yo shape. I'm waiting to hear back from Yily, Im scared tho cause its in D.R. Any info or advise u have. Im getting tummy tuck & lipo. Wanna hourglass look
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U c pics? I know I don't wear glasses
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You look great & really inspired me to go for this, im trying to get a date with Dr Yily for march but seems a lot of people trying to get booked at that time too. Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You look amazing! Will you post more pic?
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@Scorpio, posting more pics on tmrw.
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@Touch thanks again u look amazing
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I don't c pics
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@touchup - great posts and pics. I am waiting for my quote from dra yily. Not planning for sx until next summer but getting some great information. You look great. I love that u can still fit ure old clothes but with more umf!
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@pecan, thx! And let me tell u the UMF!! Is there. I can go out n jeans and tshirt and ppl r like u r so beautiful. Funny thing even my closest friend cant figure it out. She was like " U gained weight didnt u".... Lol. Yily really did her thang!!!
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Good to hear!!
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My biggest concerns are money in DR and having everything I need.
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@ Pecan, u will b fine. As long as u have the cost of surgery, cost for meds ( u can bring most if 'em from the States) and if u r staying at Jaq Spa u wont need addl funds. As a percaution I would budget a addl $200 for things u may forget to pack.
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Umf is exactly what I need! A nice round, brown thang to look back every now and then :)) I'm no where near thick, so to get lipo on the front and add to the back will be grand. I'm thinking a 27 waist, had a 29 and it was flat but hell no guts, no glory!! Definitely don't wont no "Judy Booty" I don't have the frame for all that donk, lol
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OmG i like result so much that i asked you the same question twice. lmao... sorry. disregard.
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@Goddess, now thats a compliment. LOL.... Thx!
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U're welcome hun.
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Great review. very helpful hint. Im looking for the exact size Butt. if you dont mind can you plz tell me how much CC's DR Yilly injected in each chicks. BTW u look amazing. thank you
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Really important question!! Was there ever a point before and after your surgery that you stopped taking wheatgrass. I am taking it, but also understand it helps blood to clot somewhat and I know Yily gives heparin injections to prevent blood did u deal with taking the wheatgrass?
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