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Hey Ladies, like most women here I have been...

Hey Ladies, like most women here I have been searching and searching for a Dr. Do do his/her thing at returning my body back to its pre-pregnancy form! STRAIGHT SADNESS BOO the way my body looks! I mean I love my babies but dammit mama needs to fix the damage. I asked my oldest yesterday if she had any Money to put towards my surgery, an you know what this little girl said, she said mom it's not my fault I'm here, it's yours and dads!! I almost died from laughter! I suppose she is right! I am 25 years old with a gross ads body that I refuse to pUt up with any longer. I AM 199 pounds and gave birth to my last child, thank God 15 months ago. I have been busting my ads at the gym now for 8 months a nd have lost a total of 25 inches and 30 pounds!! Yay me! Hard work!! But I love doing it! I plan on going to the Dominican Republic to have the famous and well liked Dra. Yily preform a Tummy Tuck with Lipo to my back, Flanks and waist. Those are my only areas that I can't seem to fix without surgery! I'll fix everything else with working out and toning and lots of activity, once winter is over. My hubby wants to go with me, but in order for us to save money I'll have to go alone probably :( I'm ok with going on the plane alone and stuff, but I would really like to have a roommate so I have someone to talk to. If there is anyone that would like to room with me give me holla at Oh and I'm flying from MInnesota. I pray that every lady and man going through their transformation has God on their side!! Have Blessed and safe journeys!!

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So last night ladies I told my hubby that I would...

So last night ladies I told my hubby that I would give him a complete total for how much my trip including surgery and things needed would cost! OMG he freaked out I exptected him to do so a little bit but I think he wasn't prepared to hear what I had to tell him! So I calcuated 5800 for my entire process of going through surgery and after surgery! I have a lot of the things already just around my house to bring or to stay at home! I feel no need for me to buy baggy clothes, have enough fat ppl clothes to last me a life time! However tank tops and under armor and biker shorts and vitamines and a robe and things like that I will purchase but to go crazy and start buyingg stuff will just send my hubby into a craze! Lol but I just wanted to post my total for my trip! Have fun ladies!!


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Thank you Kimmers25, I appreciate it!
Hi Chocolatebaby, did you send in your deposit? Was your appt confirmed?

I'm really getting upset here with this whole...

I'm really getting upset here with this whole process of making the deposit. PayPal gave me a tuck in run for my patience ans now it's saying that her email is unregistered ans my money is unclaimed yet. I sent her an email ans I know she's busy but Damon man come on if u have ttwo assistants then what the he'll is the problem. I have sent like 3 just to ask if she had received my payment and to confirm my date. I hear other ladies r not having problems with PayPal but this chick over here is. If there is anyone out there that can help me let me know please. Oh and I heard she got a new office number what the he'll!! Ugh sheer frustration.


Yes he will be staying there with me! I asked Jaqueline about it in my very first email to her back in December, and she confirmed that he can stay there with me!! Unless they changed something in the last month or so I'm under the impression he still can! I emailed her today reminding her that he was coming and to ask if his food would be included in his stay because we would be paying for the whole room and her package includes meals.
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Hopefully she responds Monday! I will for sure call them Monday!! Did you send your deposit?
I did, but am retrieving it from Western Union so I can try to send it via Pay pal. Hopefully, I'll get lucky this time.

Hey Ladies I finally got my date confirmed yay!!!!...

Hey Ladies I finally got my date confirmed yay!!!! April 12th is my day. It has been a roller coaster of things happening in my life causing so much stress and this surgery is a big stress but worth it. Me and my man have been going at it for days now, cuz he's insecure about my surgery, like I'm a leave him or some stupid shut like that. Man I'M NOT GOING NO WHERE can't no one handle this TAURUS like he can. Ugh we set up therapy so we can talk about this LIFE CHANGING experience for the whole family not just me. In due time. Got my confirmation email and I'm a bout to buy our tickets today yay!! Last thing we gotta get is our passports and the apps will be turned in on Monday. It's really happening, after 9 long ass years!! KEEP POSITIVE LADIES!! Take care of yourselves.


See you there girl! My friend and I arrive the same day.
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How is planning your trip??? Are you finding any good tickets for the two of you?? I have been looking and looking and keep coming up with the same ol things!! Are you both staying at the Recovery House??? Im crazy excited and for sure more excited that my man is for sure coming!! yayayayaya!!!

So last night we (me and my hubby) bought out...

So last night we (me and my hubby) bought out tickets to the Dominican!! Whoo, took long enough. We tried to find the best way to do it all. We tried looking into how much one-way tickets would cost versus a round-trip ticket and it all turned out to be the same when you add all the fees on top of it all!! So we just bought two round-trip ticekts that cost an arm and a leg, 1,240.95 on Spirit Airlines!! the cheapest we found and for the baggae fees and stuff!! ugh, im happy that part is over. If anyone needs help let me know cuz you dont have t opay all the ridiclous fees if someone can help you look close at it!! :)



We are both leaving from Nwk on business class: its about $880.00. I've been monitoring for the past 2 months and it hasn't change much. Yes, we are both staying at the recovery house. My bf wanted to come with my as well, but someone has to stay with my son while I'm gone.I'm too excited as we have less than 56 days left.
Ahh, that's a lot of money!! lol!! Heck yes though if you can afford it you might as well fly in comfort!! lol on our flights back we have nicer seats then going!! I have been shearching and searching for flights and so true that they havent changed much at all!! Maybe by a couple dollars here and there!! My huby is only coming because I would be going alone other wise and he WILL not let me go to another place alone!! His parents are gonna take care of the kids while we are gone!! My hubby is the only child, so his mom and dad have no problem taking care of their only 2 grandkids, yay!! A mini vacation kinda, well at least for him!! Will you Ladies be having surgery also on the 12th? I hope that Im not the last one!! I sent my deposit early enough I hope to snag a good spot!! She deosnt do more than 4 on fridays!! Im sop excited for all of us ladies going through this!! Its unreal that its actually happeneing for us!! I never thought in a million years that it would actually happen!! YAY for us!!

OMG, so Yily just sent me an email talking about...

OMG, so Yily just sent me an email talking about me cancelling my deposit and cancelling my surgery with her!! WTF is she talking about!! I had to canel my first payment to her because I sent it to the wrong email on Feb 6th, like a lot of ladies have, and then turned around and sent her another two deposit on the 9th of Feb cuz paypal wont let you send more than 200 at a time if its a new account, learned that the hard way the first time GGGGRRRRRRR. I got a comfirmation email from PayPal stating that she had recieved my two 200 dollar deposits. AND now today, Saturday Feb 17th, I get an email from here saying that I cancelled my shit with her when I didnt. I even called Yira on the 8th of Feb because Yily is being super damn slow at replying to her emails to confirm with here that my date was saved becuase I talked to Yily on the 20th of Jan to make sure that the 12th of April was open. OMFGOSH am I having a rough time with this doctor!! I bought my flight and all that other stuff and she wants to email me that!! ugh she better get her stuff together before I freak out!! sorry ladies IM HAVING A REALLY ROUGH TIME HERE LATELY WITH LIFE!! sorry for the venting!! HAVE A BLESSED DAY EVERYONE!! PRAY FOR ME!!


U havent posted. Did u get everything squared away nd hsv ur sx on the 12th?? If so i hope ur doing well nd feeling as great as possible. Take care
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Hey, I may want to sell my spot to Yily for April 16, 2013. I don't know if you want it. I put down a 500 deposit and if I can get that back I can certainly cancel my surgery with her. If you are interest pls let me know. I just don't know if i will get my money back from her
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I'm soooo SORRY for the mishaps...OMG! I hope you get the day you was scheduled for esp since you bought your plane ticket...its COST to have that changed! SMDH @your mishap!
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