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This is my first blog, so im new to this my...

This is my first blog, so im new to this my purpose here is to share my journey as I reach my dream body. Im 25 yrs old 2 beautiful daughters 5yrs & 7 moths. Since I can remember I have always been obese.. My all time high weight ranking 343lbs.. & that's when I decided to get gastric bypass in 2009. Now. 2013 I'm still struggling w. weight and image. Weighing 222lbs! Thus my choice too continue to loose weight and get plastic surgery. My doctor of choice is Dra. Yvelise Bello in DR. Y I choose her after the death scandal is bc I was in her office back in Dec 2011 and I was ready to get plastic surgery or so I thought. Dra. Bello did not operate me bc I resulted to have anemia after begging and begging her to operate me she did not and told me to go back home take treatment and come back. Since then I had my 7 month old baby and now want to go back and fulfill my dream. I plan to get a TT BBL and Lipo on May 30th 2013 I need my whole body done bc of the dramatic weight loss I have more loose skin than you can imagine... But will take it step by step


She is one of the most caring person, and understandable, humble lady, her staff is amazing. I want to return and get more work done. I traveled to DR by myself I don't speak the language, they picked me up from the airport, i stayed for 21 days, The food was so so good I tasted the love in each meal.I was able to communicate with my family from the U.S. at anytime for free via facility phone and the wifi service they have throughout the building.The center is so beutiful I found myself just walking around and relaxing all over the center , I even visit the spa which was very nice. the prices was so affordable , The Dr even called my family and told them my status after the surgery. The staff encourage you to walk and communicate with the other patient to share our experiences ,I meet a lovely lady that I still speak to to this day.
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I thought da RH was separate from da clinical area? Your review makes me feel even better about my decision. Thank you Ms. Tusheika. I inboxed u as well.
I love this Dr. already. I'm schedule to have a BBL and Breast Lift w/no implants April 29th 2014. Thank You, in advance Dr. for caring. Real-Self family I scheduled with Dr. Dra. Yvelise Bello, today. Yes, I'm so happy I did!!!!
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I've meet her in person and isn't want she has been portrayed in the media. She is not money hungry cause if that was the case she could of operated me when I asked her considering she allready had the money!! She gave it back and told me to be patient

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