Plan to Get my Sexy Back! :-) - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

January 21,2013 cannot come fast enough for me....

January 21,2013 cannot come fast enough for me. For years I've wanted to do this transformation but never went through with it. Now is the time and I can't wait to see the new me. This site has really helped me emotionally and get a full understanding on what to expect post-op. My friend and I are traveling to the Dominican Republic to get a TT/BL/Lipo performed by Dr. Raphael Lluberes. I am so glad to have someone doing this with me, we will help each other pull through.

Update - I am now adding BBL to my list. I figured...

Update - I am now adding BBL to my list. I figured I might as well go all the way. Can't wait ...16 days to go!!

14 days to go and all I can do is think about my...

14 days to go and all I can do is think about my upcoming surgeries. I'm on this site almost all day educating myself. Since I am having my surgery done oversees, I wonder should I find a local PS for post-op care. Do y'all think its a good idea?

Excited and anxious. I did my blood work today....

Excited and anxious. I did my blood work today. Next week can't come fast enough. WooHoo

So I had my surgery today and the pain is a 4 on a...

So I had my surgery today and the pain is a 4 on a scale from 1-10. Uncomfortable is a 10!!! I can't take being unable to move. Ughh but I'm going to follow the doctor's orders. I will continue to update as I progress.

Day 2 P.O. - I am getting stronger daily. I can...

Day 2 P.O. - I am getting stronger daily. I can walk straight to the bathroom by myself. The pain is almost non existence. However, I don't have an appetite , I am forcing myself to eat. I was moved to the recovery house. It is so comfortable.

Day 3 PO - today I was able to stand in the tub...

Day 3 PO - today I was able to stand in the tub while the nurse washed me down. I don't know if I have a high tolerance for pain, but I don't feel any. Only when I get out of the bed. Also since I wore girdles all of the time, the compression garment isn't bothering so much. My doctor did an amazing job, but the only issue I have is not being able to speak Spanish. And he doesn't have anyone on his staff that speaks Englih fluently. So there was a lot of miscommunication regarding expenses. But overall it wasn't that big of an issue. My friend and I have three nurses and one translator caring for us in the RH. It is so much better. I will post pics very soon.

So It's day 4 PO and I'm feeling the same. I...

So It's day 4 PO and I'm feeling the same. I stepped on a scale and my weight hasn't changed. It was a shock but I know that this is a long and slow process. I am very happy that I had the surgery done oversees because the nurses are very helpful. I think they are the reason why I'm not in a lot of pain. As each day passes, I am satisfied with my decision. I keep looking at my Brest. I love them, they are so perky. LOL my appetite isn't as big as it was pre-op, which I am happy with. Now I'm getting a little home sick. I know it's the boredom, so I will not let it get me down. Happy healing to everyone undergoing surgeries this week. And best of luck to future patients.

So here is a funny story. My first day PO I looked...

So here is a funny story. My first day PO I looked at my scars and was upset. I said do I have two belly buttons. And the nurse who doesn't speak English said "Si". So now I am livid, I'm thinking about all of the horror stories I read about when you have an international medical surgery, and I am close to tears. My friend who is in and out of consciousness says that it doesn't look like I have two belly buttons. So I touch both of them, one feels like a belly button, and the other a scar. Now my mind is all over the place, I think that the doctor started to put my belly button one place, but put it somewhere else. My friend tells me to ask the doctor when he comes. While I am waiting I look at one of my Pre-ops pics, and lord and behold that mark is clear as day on my belly. LOL Fours years ago I gave my husband a kidney. This is the scar from that surgery. I never paid attention to it or took care of it because I hated my stomach. I put on my girdle and kept it moving, never inspecting it. Now that I'm post-ops and want the world to see my body, I will care for this scar like I'm caring for the new ones. My friend keeps teasing me saying how you had a WHOLE scar and didnt know. LMAO

After reading other posts, I realized through all...

After reading other posts, I realized through all of my excitement I never really introduced myself. LOL I am a 35 years old African-American female from Brooklyn, NY. I have 3 lovely, pain in the asses children, ages 12, 15, and 18. I've been happily married for 12 going on 13 yeas in April, and all I've ever wanted was to be completely satisfied with my body with or without clothes. The last two years I was at the biggest that I've ever been, the weight I was when I was close to labor. But I'm proportioned out and wear my girdles faithfully, you could never tell with close on. After earning my Masters last year, starting a new job, and becoming a homeowner, I decided that it is time to be completely happy. Now that I have gone through with the makeover I am more ecstatic than ever. I'm going to Jamaica in April with hubby and I already see me in my outfits. LOL The summer of 2013, is about to be a problem. I can't wait. Anyway, that's a little background about me. I hope that you enjoyed it, and I wish everyone successful surgeries!!

Hello Ladies, it has been awhile from my last post...

Hello Ladies, it has been awhile from my last post. The reason is because I didn't want to be a Negative Nancy. This past week has been a struggle for me and I am continuing the uphill battle. My scar below my belly button has re-opened, and that has slowed my progress. I believe the reason my scar re-opened was due to the lack of my surgeon's attentiveness.

I had to re grade my surgeon. The surgery was successful and he did a great job. However, I feel after the surgery was over he threw me to his nurse for after care, not helpful. Anyway I'm not going to continue to wallow. Today I'm going to see a doctor to close my wound and hopefully everything will start moving upward.
Dr. Raphael Lluberes

I would recommend that my doctor hires someone who speaks very good English, to provide better details.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey girl, I hope everything finishes healing well. By speaking you are not being a negative Nancy. It's good to talk and express your frustrations. I'm leaving in two weeks and trust me I have doubts and thoughts that are crazy. You are in my prayers, happy healing I'm sure your end result will be amazing!
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I hope all is well!
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Hey girlie, all is well on this end. I still haven't gone back to work. I still have the machine to help close my wound. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and hopefully we will remove it. I'm still swollen, this is really a slow process. Also I can't wait to remove this machine so that I can start working out. I walk a little, but the machine gets me short winded quickly. How are you? Any changes to your plan?
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GLAD to hear from you!!! I have decided to go to TJ cause the surgeons there offer unlimited post op visits and I am 3 hrs from San Diego (they pick up in San Diego) I can return to get my drained/stiches removed and if I have any other problems...I just dont want to deal with trying to find someone in the states to help if something does go wrong with my recovery...I have HMO so they are difficult on a normal basis...
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That is a great decision. I'm happy for you and wish you the best of luck.
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You are healing good nd you are looking hot
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Thank you
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I hope all is WELL with you DIVA!!!!
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Girrrlll, so much has happened since the last time I post. The wound on my belly has completely opened and I was admitted into the hospital to fix it. I have not returned to work yet. This is an unfortunate situation but I'm still counting my blessings. I wanted to hit you up to give you some pointers. Since you live in CA, I would recommend that you stay in DR at least 13 days. The reason is it will decrease chances of needing after care when you return home. I stayed 12 days and still had to return with the drain in me. The one thing that I am thankful for is my doctor's connections with other physicians back home. The surgeon from the hospital was a fellow colleague of my DR doctor. But I am in NYC and there is a large population of Dominicans living here. Just something to think about. Overall, even with the set back I am still happy with my body (with clothes on).
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THANK YOU so much for sharing your experience! and, with me being in Cali I don't think I will be able to get after care like most people...I have a HMO and that's madness in itself...but, I know I can't be turned away at ER! I was concerning a doc in Tijuana...he has good reviews and unlimited post op visits...I am in driving it wont be an issue to go back (I have 4 off days)....
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I pray you will HEAL WELL! Thanks for your update!
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I'm sorry to hear about your scar :-( see that's my concern...I'm here in Cali where docs aren't pleased to assist peeps whom go overseas for I'm in a state of CONFUSION NOW!
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Girl, that is my dilemma now. I wasn't able to see the doctor due to a snow storm. I'm planning on going tomorrow. However, I woke up this morning and the scar has worsen. So I'm contemplating going to the ER or waiting until tomorrow.
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oh no...I'm so sorry @ladyjsullins...that sucks big time! so would you recommend this p.s?
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I would only recommend my ps if you are bilingual. As I stated his work is great, but the after care suck. One thing that I am thankful for is that he has a local doctor that cares for his patients.
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Okay...I am happy you are getting taken care of!!
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Your PICS looks AWESOME!!!
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Thank you for the compliment.
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Hi LadyJ your looking good Girlie!!!! Can I ask why you choose Dr. Raphael Lluberes ?
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Hello Joy202, when my friend and I decided to have our surgery, he was reccommended to us by her cousin. A group of people at her job had work performed by him.
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Oh Ok Thanks, I've heard alot about Dr Robles in the Dr, But The Doctor you went to was the first time my hearing about him. Glad to know about other doctors over there .....
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Girl you are gonna look amazing believe me. I wear a garment like yours. Im 5 months PO and I wear it everyday. Wear it like no tomorrow and you will get the maximum results. I told my hubby he is gonna have hell on his hands this summer too. Lol I'm gonna be a hot mess and I can't wait. I too can just see the outfits in my head SMH... take care and keep us updated.
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Thank you for your kind words. Don't worry I will definitely keep y'all updated.
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Congrats!! Sounds like you're healing and feeling good. I'm going to DR too. No way can I go home the same day! That and it costs so much more to have it done here. Take it easy and rest up! Post more pics when you feel up to it. Would love to see your incisions.
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I AM LOVING your PROGRESS!!! sooooooooooo HAPPY for you! I am DEF going overseas...I had a local consulation and a patient came in (barely walking so I knew she had a tummy tuck and I asked yeah I am nosey and she did have a tt)...well, she was sent home 2 hrs after her surgery....hmmmmmm...don't know if it was by choice or not...but, THATS not COOL....
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