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Hello everybody i just join i have never done this...

Hello everybody i just join i have never done this before but i would like to includeyou on my journey to improve myself i am 20yrs old i have no kids but you couldnt tell from all the stretch marks lol and i believe i am "so so" healthy (because i love junk food) want to get lipo to arms, upper and lower stomach, full back, waist, inner legs, flanks with butt lift and hip injections also a breast liftw/silicone implants im5'8 about 190 i have to get a scale i already know what i want i want to go to D.R. I had my eye on some doctors i read a extensive amount of research on dr.duran, dr. yily and dr.baez. i have my heart kinda set on dr. baez not only cuz she's cheaper but i hear good things about her. I was gonna go with yily but to skeptical about infections and dr.duran a lil pricey i mean not as much as u.s docs by all means but now that i see how extremely affordable it is and i been waiting so long i just wanna save my coins and get it done and be happy with my life but i dont know if baez email is full i been recieving a delivery failure msg and tried every which way to email her and i know its not me so hopefully she can give me a quote soon and i can lock in my date i really want june or late may i will be posting pics as i go along if anybody wants to ask me something feel free or if you have any advice i open to it
here is my wish pics for now.... lata

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quote for everything

Dr,Baez emailed me with a quote of $5000 for breast lift and implants, liposculture to abdomen, arms, waist, back, flanks plus Brazilian butt lift (including hips) and also
-Airport pick up
-evaluation by plastic surgeon
-Chest X-ray
-Cardiovascular evaluation
- Laboratory exams
-Overnight stay in the clinic
-First compressive garment
-Free of charge follow ups
-Medication post-surgery (antibiotics and analgesics)
im excited now im going to be taking my vitamins soon and working out im on a 20lb a month plan
ill let u guys know what the progress is
heres my b4 body


So you have decided on Baez?  Or are you still shopping around?
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yes i want baez i have confidence in her she will give me the body i want

booked for july

i emailed baez i told her i wanted july 22 i guess theres no confirmation she just told me i can have it on that day i call in in couples a week to see if reserved the date for me.


Good luck Hun I'm dieing to do my body but I just got gastric bypass so I can't do nothing yet till my weight is stabled :( but hope everything turns out great for u !'
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Baez, I did a lot of research also myself and found one at strax rejuveniation my total for tickle lipo abdominal, franks, back and upper back is $2200 and fat transfert to buttock is $800 more check them out and see.
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im confused

i knew this was gonna happen i been lookin at other docs in DR and its yily she sent me a quote today for $4500 for everything so i might be leaning in that directions gonna do some more research

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group date???

Does anyone want to group or buddy up for DR i live in nyc send me a message leaving july

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baez updated

i ask baez a few simple questions about me and the surgery i think im having second thoughts everything sounds very impersonal idk if she is writing it or her staff but it sounds like no on has even it look at my pics here are my questions i attatched the pics i did with the email

1.i would like a large volume lipo do you do this? possibly 8-9 liters of fat
i dont think you have 8 liters of fat and fr a very large volume lipo you need to have your hemoglobin very high or get transfusions

2.Is it possible to get full lipo w/butt lift and breast lift w/implants done all at once
yes it is possible, cardiologist have the last word about it

3. I do not want the anchor breast lift i would like the donut lift is this possible? i attacted a pic
final scar can only be determined after evaluation of pictures

4.can you give me my wish pics?
i dont think you can get the same look


She is honest that's what I like about her.
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Those r some great questions! Idk these ps r soooo overwhelmed with all the contracts oversees idk. I'm still liking Baez bc she only does 1 surgery daily. So I believe she will take the time to do a non-rushed job with ur body plus her breast looks great
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Hey there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Have you decided to stick with Baez, or are you looking around still?
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duran finally

finally i got thru to duran she gave me quote for 5,800 for breast and lipo w/bbl so my total for
everything is probably gonna be 7,000 i now want to try to get a date for november i heard thats the earliest openings she has but hoping i can switch with someone on realself for earlier like sept or october


Wat is her email
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Wat is her email?
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i am SSSSOOOO f-ing excited i FINALLY got in touch w/duran not only through email but on the first call as well i thought it would be a harder process but i was grateful i spoke to elizabeth a got a date for oct.6.2014 YAY!!!!!! i should have told her in the middle of the month so i wouldnt have to fish for coins so hard lol but now to get this body together i plan to lose at least 20lbs before surgery with a veggie and fruit diet hopefully it works wish me luck!!!!!!!! her email is hilarioplasticsurg@hotmail.com,


How is the weight loss coming? Your surgery is just days away. Super happy for you. I was thinking that you dont need to lose any weight. Your stomach is pretty much flat and your bbl results will be better if you stay as you are. Any new updates? Thanks for sharing.
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Baez is awesome.. I went to here and you can see the transformation of my body. I'm goin again for a round 2 touch up and then I'll be finished. I picked because she's honest and she won't compromise your safety for a few dollars. Great choice.. Baez again and again
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I contacted her on a different email address. I contacted her on Whatsapp
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quick update

life has been stressful i had to reschedule my date to dec 8 omg because of financial issuses but still optimistic but good news is i lost 15lbs im now 165lbs and i hope lose another 15 by december


Hey doll are you still going to Duran or Baez?
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Keep your eye on the prize Doll, it will all work out.
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