I Want a Mommy Makeover - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hello Ladies I´m a 26 almost 27 year old mom...

Hello Ladies

I´m a 26 almost 27 year old mom of 3 kids 11, 5 and almost 2 years. I´m done having kids and after loosing 35 kg I´m ready for a mommy makeover because i don´t like the way i look. So I joined Realself for some information of the procedure. AltroughI live in the netherlands I want the surgery in Santo Domingo because i like the way the sculpe the body ;) I´m looking forward to find a lot of info on this website.

Hi Ladies I have a question for my all those...

Hi Ladies

I have a question for my all those who have had their procedure in Santo Domingo.
How did u bring the amount of money for your procedure? In cash or on your card? I want to now yhis because if you have alot of money on you. The people working on the airport will ask you what you going to do with all that money. Did u ladies had a problem with this? What can i expect.

XX Lagatamorena

Hello ladies I have a question to the ladies...

Hello ladies

I have a question to the ladies that have had their surgery with Dr Robles.
What brand of implants does Dr Robles use? And did she used the gummy bear type of implant or the liquid one?
Did u guy´s received a passport of the implant, whit the brand, amount of cc ect ect on it?
Thank u

La gagtamorena
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Hey Hun are you still considering your procedure?
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Hey Girl. Just wanted to know are you still up for an sx with yily?? I just paid my deposit today for sx on Oct 29. Let me know if your still thinking about Yily our Robles
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Hello Im going to DR to have my surgery in March I have been there before, but you are allowed to carry up to $10,000 in cash on you without having any problems you should be fine with carring the cash. Good luck
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Ok thank you for your answer Sasha30 ;)
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Just fyi I've read stories where they do want to know what's up with the cash, I'm planning to carry travelers checks for the doctor and half will have already been deposited into Drs acct. Some people pay the whole thing before they leave, but personally I'm afraid they'll raise my price or add-ons or something else may go wrong who knows, so I'm following the masses with the half and half theory. I'm looking at approximately March of 2014 also, hmu if you are still going around that time :-) Also, best answer to customs I've heard is SHOPPING LOL. For clothes, and vacation fun money (drinks, night life..). Assuming the half and half payment I mean, and travelers cheques help. Customs likes those, they are expensive to purchase but you have to have id to use them and they're traceable
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Congrats on losing that weight and completing your family! There are many ladies on the site going to the DR for their mommy makeovers, so you shouldn't be at a loss for stories to read.

Please keep us posted. Do you have plans for 'virtual' consultation with any doctors?

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Hey! Im going to Dr Robles in Santo Domingo D.R on Feb 26 2013 im getting TT,BA Lipo! she is amazing>:) when are you thinking of getting your mommy makeover done?
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Hi Busymomof4 I don´t now yet i´m saving money for my procedure and do my homework so i´m well prepared when the day comes ;P Sorry my english is not so well. Wow your going in Feb i wish you good luck and i´m looking forward to your pictures. x Lagatamorena
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I'll be getting surgery with dr Robles on the 26th as well,n so is another girl I'm talking to..hmm, wondering how many she has in one day
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Can I plz have dr.robles info really looking forward on doing a mommy make over thnx u
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Good luck. Most mommy's going for makeovers in the Dominican republic have been using Dr Robles.
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Yes thats right Dr Robles does good work ;) i looked to your Pic WOW gurl you look amazing x Lagatamorena
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Thanks and good luck on your journey.
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