Back on the Duran train! Final!

Hello ladies! I'm new to real self but I have know...

Hello ladies! I'm new to real self but I have know about this site for a while now. I have always wanted a bigger booty! Im looking forward to getting lipo in abdomen, waist, back, flanks and Brazilian butt lift (fat transfer to butt). My booty is flat since I lost 40lbs. I'm now down to 155. So I really want a nice big booty!! I emailed Dr. Duran 3 weeks ago. I was tired of waiting for her reply so I did more research on other doctors. I love Dr. Duran's work! I'm in a couple of groups on Facebook that Introduced DR Doctors to me. A couple of days ago, one of my group members posted about Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez. She's also located in the DR. Everything they posted about her was a positive. So I took the time out to emailed her with my pictures and what all I wanted done. She replayed that very same night! I sent her my requests and she quoted me $2700. That's super cheap!!! I also asked her can she send me some of her work to my emailed and what is the max cc that she can transfer. She said, the maximum cc transfer to your butt will depend on how much fat i can extract from you, if i can get 4 liters of fat then you may be get at least 1000 cc per cheek or maybe more, this can vary from one patient to another, the maximum i have injected was 1700cc but the patient was obese.
So it all made sense to me! I'm still waiting on Dr. Duran to email me back with quote. But I'm already happy with Dr. Australia! I'll post some pics she sent me.


Congrats on your decsion! Wow never heard of that Doctor. What fb group are you a part of?
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Duran finally emailed me back

So dR. Duran finally emailed me back! She quoted me $3600 for lipo of full back, full stomach, flakes and bbl. price doesn't include medical insurance, or meds for after the surgery. So yes I have came to the Decision that I'm just going to be a Duran Doll!!! Hopefully I can find a roomie for my stay. I want to book a room at the plaza Florida hotel for 10 days. Also I nurse to take care of me and my roomie. I'm pushing to book a room first with a roomie or should I just book my surgery first... Idk I'm new to this. Lol but I'm looking to go next year February or march. Any dolls going that time and would like to room with me? Please inbox me. Can't wait to get my new booty!!!


Hey hun I'm in a couple but they are all Private groups. Let me ask if I can release the names. When are you going to get your work done? Maybe I can add you to one so we can can be supportive and part of your journey with you!

Ok so I was playing around with this app!

... I love this surgery app! I was playing with it to see how my booty would look being big and would I like it on me. I sent my picture that i edited to my boyfriend. He works out if town, so he haven't seen me in a month =( but it was sooooo funny! He thought I went and had ass shots! Lol but he was over excited!! He was like "that ass is fat, what did you went and did?" Lol he said he was flying me out to his job today!! Lol but I had to come clean, it was just an app! He was disappointed but happy that I don't go get ass shots!! He's so supportive of my decision to get it done! But ladies download plastic surgery simulator lite in the App Store!! Your going to love it!! Check out my pics!

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


Phone app bootie

Ok ladies this is my edit booty with the surgery app. I'm in love with it!


Anybody know where I can purchase a good faja from
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Im back n forth from Dra Yvelise Bello to Baez both have good results and good prices. I think im going with Bello I like her results better but Baez is really helpful sweet replied quick and I like her. I think most doctors in the DR are good at shaping the body good anyways.
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Where did you see the pics of Dra Bello. She doesnt have BBL pics on her website.


HEY LADIES! I'm looking for someone to be my roommate in DR. I'm thinking about going in February or March. Would like to stay in a hotel. Maybe hotel plaza Florida suites or anything close by CIPLA. Also i would like to hire a nurse. If your going to get SX around that time and looking for a roomie please pm me! Thanks dolls!


Newboottt89 Did you have surgery yet
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No hun, not yet. Hopefully at the end of this year. If not in feb or march 2014
Is duran located in CIPLA. I thoughtvthat was Yilly.
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Hey ladies! Ok I know, I'm not sure who I want to go to but yesturday I came across a profile on her of yily's work. Damn dn damn that shit had look too dn good!!! I can't remember the profile name but her results was just what I was looking for!!! I know it's a lot going on with Yily right now, but I'm not getting my bbl into next year. Hopefully I can get my quote from her and lock my price in before she goes up even more! OAn: ladies do anyone know of any Facebook pages or groups that have yily's work on it that I can see? If so can someone inbox me fort email address to add me! Thanks a mill dolls!!! Now I'm really thinking Yily!!


Hey im also thinking of going at that time ! Private message me if you lift Im still stuck between duran and baez :( but want to go in feb/march :)
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The app you used did you make your body look like that or does the simulator automatically do it for you because I downloaded an app an it don't make me look good as your pic.....what's the exact name of the app
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Can u tell me Wat app u used
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Going with Yily!!

Ok I made up my mind, I'm going with YILY!! Haven't been on RS in a little minute. I also have me a roomie now and my date is locked in!! I'm so happy!! Now I'm working on getting my hotel info and trip in order!


Never mind! Good luck to you!
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What is Baez contact info thnx
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Best of luck to you :) going to Duran in November :)
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Going with The Barbie King Dr. Hector Augusto Cabral Guerrero

Yes I'm going with Dr. Cabral!! He's amazing at what he does! He gives those tiny waist and big booties just the way I want mines. I'm going March 2014. Can't come fast enough. The reason I'm not going with Baez is because she's not giving out big booties. I really want I nice big booty. I already have thick thighs so it want look crazy on my body. I'm not going to Duran because its just too much problems going on with her. I don't want to take the rust. Well dolls I'm counting down my days!!!! Wish me luck!


im going on march 3.! do u have a buddy?
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Oh yea..
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what did cabral quote you out of curiosity?

Back with Duran!

Hey loves! I know I haven't updated in awhile! I was looking into US doctors but I didn't like the outcome of some of them. So I'm back on the Duran Train! I contacted her via. Facebook and she said she will still honor my quote of $3500 for bbl. I can't wait! All I'm waiting on now is to send my deposit. I'm also looking for a sx buddy! I'm going July 14th, 2014. I don't have my old sx buddy anymore because I wasn't going again but I'm back on it! If any dolls going on that day and would like to buddy up please send me a PM! Thanks dolls! Mauh


Gd luck
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I can't reach Dr Duran. Please help
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Who are you going with ?
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