Torn Between Baez and Almonte - Dominican Republic

After getting a $10,000+ quote from yily ...YES...

After getting a $10,000+ quote from yily ...YES over $10,000. That's another story, I actually tried writing a post about that but apparently it wasn't approved for whatever reasons anyway... I've also tried getting a quote from Duran, it's been 5 months and nothing. I've received a quote from Diaz for $6,000...Which to me I thought was ridiculous because it didn't include a TT and mind you that was without the recovery house, if I wanted to include it..the total cost would have been $7,000. Yeah...right. Baez quoted me $4,500 for everything lipo, bbl, breast lift, a tt and an arm lift. Almontes quote was $5450 excluding the breast lift BUT it includes the recovery house which I thought was amazing because you have no idea (well some might lol) how stressful it is to find a RH. So regardless if you may find a RH cheaper on your own, I like the fact that the doctor is affiliated with the RH and so they recommend the best ones I'm sure because what doctor would want to ruin their reputation. I for one was so disgusted by the negative reviews from RH's...things from neglected patients, to patients getting infections from dirty and un sanitized equipment. It's crazy. But anyway... I love both of their work...I think Almontes work might slightly be better than Baez. But who knows because I'm just going by the pictures from her website. Baez work is great as well and has more reviews with actual pictures here. I just don't know....!!! -__- I only have 2 months left to decide on a doctor wth :-/

Recovery house 101

•Real recovery armonia $85 twin beds (double occupancy) /$95 single occupancy
•Upscale recovery house $85 twin beds (double occupancy) /$100 single occupancy
•Tropical recovery house $85 doesn't specify I'm sure it's twin but don't quote me lol
•Daisy recovery $85 single occupancy/ $75 double occupancy
•Healing haven- $75 with 2 beds it says but it says single occupancy (can we say confusing) $60 for double occupancy (only visiting nurses not 24hour nurse services)
•Jdm Jacqueline spa- $75 to $90 to $120 (there's 3 different packages)
•Dream Barbie recovery house- still waiting even though I saw someone say and which also looked like a snap shot of their website it was $55 hmmm. I'll post an update when they reply back to confirm!
•Relax recovery- $80 double occupancy...transportation is extra
•Silhoutte Recovery house- $85 double occupancy...transportation extra for $40 each way.


*If massages are located in the facility which is more convenient PLUS cheaper if whatever recovery house you choose doesn't include transportation.

* If ALL 3 meals are included. Snacks is a plus lol. That doesn't really matter to me just because people tend to be nauseous from sx or so I've heard from a lot of people from taking medication also which is why I choose to bring ensure shakes recommended by so many people just in case. FYI healing haven only included breakfast.

*If they have nurses/assistance available 24 hours. SOME do not.

*Make sure they have hot water, electricity and air conditioning. We all wanna be comfortable after surgery, not taking cold baths, sweaty and bloody in the dark! Lol I'm just saying!

Anything to me is extra but might be a necessity to others like a translator. Some like tropical recovery has English speakers. Just for non Spanish speakers to feel more comfortable and at ease.

Tv would be extra. I really don't care for it now. All I need is laptop. Which comes next on the list wifi! Some includes it free of charge.

Laundry also would be extra. I'm throwing out everything I've worn just because I'm sure things would have blood stains on them.

I've narrowed mine to Daisys recovery house, tropical recovery house and Barbie dream recovery even though I don't know the price I'm sure it's around $85 and if it is...I'm going with that one.

**Real recovery is still an option. Thing I like about them is it costs $25 for massage not $30-$35 like every where else in santo Domingo.

-As far as upscale...ehhh I've seen better.
-Healing a HELL NO. Everything cost extra. Meals are $25 daily and massages are $35 each.
-Jacqueline's spa, it's more expensive than others with less included.
-Relax recovery and Silhoutte recovery ...Transportation isn't included.

As far as Yasmin's and all those others...I've personally emailed then on airbnb. I did not like the vibes I got from Dominga or from Yasmin's recovery house. Yasmin is such a scam artist in my opinion having like 20 different pages and prices from $14 a night to $75 beware, she tries to trick you just like Dominga. On her page she has a special but once you inquire, she changes her story how it's old. If it's old, delete it. Point blank. Plus I've heard and read numerous stories. I don't wanna take the risk!

LADIES, if I missed any recovery house that you have info on please let me know. I still haven't decided 100% on a RH. And also I'm open to a buddy. :)

Hopefully I covered a lot to help you guys find a recovery house that suits your needs.

Recovery house update

I found a recovery house from an email I received from yily today with her quote of $6,800. Apparently the other quote was wrong but she's still crazy. Idk what's up with these doctors. I know their in high demand but damn...for that we stay in the us lol.

Anyway...the recovery house is called luxury recovery house and it's $85 for double occupancy and $100 for single. To me it's similar to my top choices and will very consider this RH.

For those of you using Mega Food Blood Builder just an FYI

It's better to take your vitamins separate. The blood builder includes iron, b12, vitamin c and Folic acid but it's in very low doses. I just checked...mind you, buying then separate is cheaper. For about $15 dollars you only get 30 tablets. I paid about $20 and have more than 2 months worth of the vitamins. I've uploaded a picture of the label. I bought vitamin c with 1,000 mg as opposed to 15 mg. Folic acid I'm taking 800 mcg ....blood builder is only 400 mcg. Vitamin b12 is 1000 mg, blood builders is 30 mg. Iron is 65 mg, blood builders is 26 mg. the brand I'm using is spring valley and I bought it from walmart. I'm sure you can find it cheaper at the dollar store, I see many people buying their supplies even vitamins from there. Hope this helps!

Just a little update

The day after I submitted my last update I received a quote from duran of 4,900 for bbl and tt. Although her price wasn't so bad, still on the pricey side given that it didn't include a ba even though Im not sure if I will have one. Anyway she was extremely responsive, responding within 10 minutes each email. I used the hotmail one, even though before I had trouble...I would get a return email saying it was incorrect. That didn't matter, I'm still set on Baez!

I also sent a $50 deposit to Daisys recovery. But ended up getting a refund of $25, because I asked for one since I now have 3 sx buddies! They seem so nice! So now we are staying at Armonias recovery house. They upgraded and are under new management, new website and all. For a quad room it's $55 all inclusive. 24 nurse, transportation and 3 meals with snacks and laundry amongst other things. Can't beat that! Plus it's $25 per massage! Yaaaaaas lol I'll be sending in my deposit either today or tomorrow. Only thing left is my passport which I'm actually on the line woot woot...just FYI I'm 5'6 and 200lbs. Only have about 5 weeks and hopefully I'll loose 20 lbs. *crosses fingers* I wanted to be 180 just because I want TONS of fat transferred to my booty! I'll also be posting pics, don't wanna look through my gallery now cause of the people next to me lol

Info on Armonia

So ummmm apparently there's 2 real recovery Armonia houses. O.o remember when I said they've updates and now included transportation and whatever? Well that was because one of them does and the other does not. I've spoken to both parties claiming to be real recovery armonia. One has a website, the other has a Facebook and a website with the ending .wix. There's just a whole bunch of he said she said I don't even know where to begin... Mayra Checho is the owner of real recovery house armonia and she's not able to on her Facebook because 2 previous employees (Mayra de Los santos and her sister Anna) is now in control of the Facebook. I'm unsure who left the original recovery but who ever did , did so because they started getting into some beef basically. I guess even though Mayra Checho was the owner, the other 2 felt like they had some type of ownership since they worked for real recovery house armonia and therefore stood with the name as well. There has been so much confusion that people would get upset because once they book into the recovery house it's not the same as the pictures. That's because one on a floor in a building the other is a house which is Mayra Checho. They both have the same prices except Mayra de Los santos includes transportation which is real recovery armonia in the building. Now Jazzlyn has nothing to do with real recovery armonia, she actually works for Bella vita but some how got in the mix because she refers recovery houses and referred armonia but has received complaints for the very same issue and because traveling buddies would find themselves in the different RH. Crazy right?!

I went to the doctors to get a full blood count done

I'm just a little confused...has anyone has had a hemo of 13 or around there but a low red blood count?? I'm confused...idk how I can have a low red blood count, isn't that part of your hemo. Has anyone had this problem?

I'm hereeeeeee

OMG I can't believe I'm here. Time has gone super fast. Anyway. Everything went great. Did all my labs and tests. Dra Baez was more beautiful in person than in pictures just like everyone else says. Tomorrow I go in for surgery at 6am....but I'll be seeing the anesthesiologist first. I'm kinda scared :-/ I'll post pictures as soon as I can. And before pictures as well. I'm super embarrassed so I want to wait until I was nice and felt better to post them. Lol any questions just ask, I'll be happy to answer any

Photo timeeee lol

I'm 90% happy with my results. I'll be happy if my arms were a little smaller tho. But boy did Baez snatch the shiiii out of my waist lol. She took of 10lbs of fat on my abdomen alone!!!! And lipo 4 liters, wasn't that much after taking out so much from my stomach which was okay anyway because she was able to put over 1,000 cc in each butt. Idk the exact number she was talking in Spanish she said mil something which mil in Spanish is 1,000 and she added hips but idk the number either. I'll text her later and find

Pictures don't do it justice

Just like everyone says!! I actually got to see my shape without the faja and I love my results already!! Mind you, we're still swollen especially only 1 day post op. She removed 10lbs alone from my abdomen!! And 4 liters everywhere else. Don't sleep on Baez!! Lol I'll keep updating but let me tell you about the pain, boy does this hurt. It bothers more than anything tho, cause the drains wraps around your whole body. I wish I could update some more but recovering is no joke. I now understand why it takes a few weeks or even months for people to come back. But again, if any one has any questions I'll be happy to answer.

I love my new shape

Today makes 10 days post op. The burning sensation has gone down to a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. The only pain I do have now is just soreness. Feels like I've been going hard in the gym and sh**. Feels worse actually...cause I feel sore literally everywhere even my neck. But anyway, I'm able to stand up straight! And I can sleep on my stomach finally. The only thing that I hate are my arms. I also had an arm lift but really do not see much of a difference. I hope it's just because I'm still swollen, because my arms even my hards are still. I mean I still see hanging skin tho, I'm not too happy with my arms. But Luckily I'm so in love with my stomach that I over look my damn arms. But whatever I don't wanna dwell on the negativity. I just have to wait and see until Baez sends me my pre op pics. I forgot I deleted all mine on my phone. Anyway. Today I also tried on pants for the first time! My ass looks so big and it's starting to round out so is my hips. I'm in desperate need of a new faja. I needed a new faja within less than a week of surgery! As of right now I've been stuffing my faja to make it tighter and using my waist crincher which is now small as well -___- I was using the second row of clamps and within 2 days everything starting getting loose even my faja. Tomorrow I'm gonna get a new one. I guess it is a good thing that everything is becoming big, when I went to my last post op pics, baez told me I didn't have a lot of fluid build up some women tend to get and need a syringe to drain it out sometimes. I do still have a few knots tho. Massages should fix that. I'll keep you guys posted/updated. It's just extremely hard cause I'm still very tired....even for something as simple as taking pics and writing a review :(


The waist crincher is big I meant!! And my hands are swollen as well. Oops

Massages in DR

You will not regret coming here! The cost is $23 each massage and it lasts for an hour! Not 30 minutes like some or even 15 minutes. This one girl Yenny did my massage that lasted 15 minutes smh. Anyway the number is ?18093832116? her name is Heydi and she has what's app. I promise you won't regret it!! She's the best!

Who says Baez don't give nice booties!?!

OMG! Baez just emailed me my pre op pics and I just wanted to cry!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe I allowed myself to get that way! Mind you those pics were AFTER a 60 lbs weight loss . You could only imagine what 60 lbs of fat on top of that already gross looking body looked like! Jesus Christ I'm so ashamed to even post these pics but thank God I don't look like that anymore. Back to the booty part. Did you look at that a**? Whaaa keep in mind I'm only 12 days post op! I just took those butt pics today! I can't wait until the fluffing phase. It's already starting to soften and drop. All you guys saw how retarded my butt looked 1st day post op...I was scared it was gonna stay that way but it's just the swelling and look how much it has gone down and starting to round out even more. I'm super happy...I was even doubting my doctor just a little I'm not gonna lie! Maybe just a tad bit cause there was a moment where I was like damn maybe she won't give me a nice butt like....but man did she deliver! She removed my side tit and all.

Just to give you more of an idea of how crazy my butt looked after surgery!

Umm yeah. So don't be pissed or scared that it's gonna stay that way. I know I was. But hopefully this can give you some type of reassurance that everything will be okay and even though your butt may not look the way it does right after surgery just give it some time! One of my surgery buddies came out banging RIGHT after surgery. I on the other hand did not. Lol but that's okay!

Damnnn typossss!!!!!

May not look the way you WANT IT TO right after surgery***

Arm lift pics

I noticed a difference in my arms immediately although as stated before that in kinda not 100% happy with them for many reasons. I told her I didn't want the huge scar and she told me off rip that my arms weren't gonna look the way I wanted them too. BUT looking at the before and after picture totally changed my mind. I wish I took better before pictures, I mean I did but I deleted them all from my phone because I was counting on her pics for the review but to me they didn't capture how much skin and fat I had on my arms. Anyway, I'm satisfied with my arms and I can not tell you how good the scar looks already, in some areas it's 100% invisible like there's stitches but in between you can't see nothing!! I'll show a close up soon, I just finished putting on my arm compression and forgot to take a close up of the incision. Keep in mind my arms are swollen still, the garment I have on, I just started wearing about a week and a half post op just because it couldn't fit lol but now it does.
Australia Fragoso Baez

Omg I love her already. I always receive a response within a day! The longest I've waited was maybe 3 days. The quickest response was an hour lol. All through her email. She answered every email, except one cause I know at that point I was being a pain in the butt lol but you can tell she truly cares about you and not the money. I love how she only has 3 patients a day and doesn't require a deposit. That gave me one thing less to do and stress about. Not only are her prices more reasonable but her results are just as good! To me it shouldn't be about the money anyway because at the end of the day you get that you paid for but not in this case. I've done so much research and compared doctors and she does a lot better than some doctors. I have absolutely nothing negative I can say about her. I honestly can't stop writing about how much I love her already! Lol I can't wait to meet her. I can't stress enough about that feeling of confidence you should have with your doctor and no type of regret or ill feeling that something can go wrong or just any doubts. With Dr Baez I have none! I'll be posting an update in a couple months of course about the experience once I meet her.

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What a transformation! You look amazing! Love everything! Can't believe how cury and tiny u look. I notice u dint do ur boobs ... Why?
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Wow. I'm so glad I ran across your journey. I have been in contact with Dra. Baez and she seems so kind but I was doubting her ability to give me the results I wanted. But after reviewing your post op pics I'm sure she is capable of giving me the 1500 to 1700cc per cheek that she promised. Thanks again
  • Reply
Everyone doubts her especially cause she's not as popular but I took my chances cause there weren't that many reviews as duran it yily but as you can see I'm happy!! Lol 1500 to 1700 is a lot! I don't even think she put that much in mine. I know it was over 1,000 but I couldn't make the whole number but oh well. Lol you're welcome girly and good luck on your bbl journey ;)
  • Reply
My concern mostly with Dra. Baez was that she worked best with smaller frame women and not larger curvy women. But now I see that she works well with women of all shapes and sizes. And that's a plus
  • Reply
I know! Almost every review was patients under 190. When I got there I was like OMG she's gonna turn me down cause I felt as if I was the heaviest patient she's ever had but actually she's had a patient who was like 5'4 and 210! Shocking yes and she came out great! So I think I'm Baez second heaviest...oh well still came out great ! Lol
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Please please please load arm pics! I am going to Baez on Aug 7th for lipo, tt, bbl and arm lift. I have only seen 2 arm lifts she has done! Seeing your will help me decide if I should drop the arm lift! I am amazed at your butt! Looks fantastic!
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Gotcha :)
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Thank you! I just don't want to go with Baez for the arms if she isn't good with them. Arms are such a big scar and visible. Can't wait to see your pics!
  • Reply
How long is your scar? Full length of the arm. I can't really tell from the pics..which is a good thing! It means your scars are very thin!
  • Reply
Nope not full arm length and yes the scar is extremely thin. I wish I would have allowed her to just do the whole arm but I was so concerned about the scar but even now a little over 2 weeks post op you can't even see it smh. Good thing yes but my arm would of came out better because it would allowed her to take more off but it's fine, she took enough to make a difference which is all that matters to me. I promise I'll post more pics! Everytime I say that I have my arm compression lol and it's a biotch taking it on and off by myself because you have the hooks on the back instead of the front
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Oh and the scar itself is maybe about half arm length
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I will definitely get the full arm. I don't mind the scar as long as the bat wings are gone! I'm glad to hear that she will do the full arm scar and that yours is so thin! Excellent. I fly out on the 6th and I am so nervous and excited at the same time!
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Yeah I definitely regret not getting the full arm, I had no idea the scar was going to look this good. But I'm super excited for you!! Your turn is coming!!
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Thank you! You have made me so much more confident. I will be posting before pics before I go. Very soon. Just have to get someone to take them.
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I'm so glad everything worked out for you. I think Dra. Baez did an amazing job and I think you look wonderful. I plan on having similar procedures done come August and I can only pray I come out looking just as great as you. Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you. Your day is right around the corner! Can't wait to see your results :)
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I think she did amazing job.. look good
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Thank you xoxo
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hello you look great! does heydi speak english?
  • Reply
Thanks! & yes she does fluently
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Thanks for the upxates and I can't wait to see your final results. Best of luck to you and happy healing.
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Thanks so much! I remember reading your review as well. Best of luck to your journey as well! Xoxo
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Remember don't give up!!
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Thx for the update, ur looking gr8! Random ? What was ur height/weight before surgery and what's ur weight now? Im trying to have an idea of what the weight difference will be.
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