*Got my confirmation email! Sx on May 3rd w/ yily!!!!

Hello everyone! I finally got ahold of dr yilys...

Hello everyone! I finally got ahold of dr yilys secretary and she gave me the Paypal information so I sent my deposit! I feel like things are coming together slowly and I'm super excited! Well a little info out me I'm 24 mother of 3, I weight 120 And 4ft 11in. I'm petite but just need this work done to get back to the prebaby body. I am Hoping to see yily in early May. I'm also looking to book a cheap flight from Indiana so if anyone has any ideas I would greatly Appreciate the help. I also need to make my list for the trip so Any tips on that would be great thanx ladies !!

I'm so excited! I am booked for may 3rd with dr...

I'm so excited! I am booked for may 3rd with dr yily. I'm still looking for a travel buddy as well I will leaving from Ohio.

ended up choosing a doctor close to home

Hi everyone its been a while !I ended up going with a doctor that was near my home I was to scared to travel to D.R. Today I am 6 days post op and I am doing awesome. I am getting ready to get my staples removed and im very excited.I can walk about 95% upright and have not had to take any pain medicine for 2 days now. Sleeping is still a bit uncomfortable but once i get in a good positionim good. I had my surgery 3/4/14 the first three days were hell all i really did was sleep. But now im up moving and all is well.
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