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Enhancing my body has been something that I have...

Enhancing my body has been something that I have been thinking about for years and finally I'm getting the opportunity to do it. How ever I'm a bit nervous. I hope I get the natural results I am looking for. With my surgey only 1 month away I cannot help but be excited. I decided to go with Dr. Almonte I have two friends that had surgery done with her and I love the results. Is anyone else going in March with Dr. almonte?


March 6th
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Good luck
im going in march are you from nj
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Just received my new passport!!

Just received my new passport !! Can't Believe this is really happening. I have thought about this for years and now I'm leaving in 1 month...????????????????????????????


awesome I am going march 15th but im staying extra long to aviod complications with drains and what not. I will be there through april2nd
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That's great and staying a but longer sounds good. I wish I could stay longer my self but I can't. But I will be there from March 25--April 4th. Are you going to Dr. Almonte? And which rh your staying in?
yes dr almonte!! I am going to the tropicals recovery house. I am curious what its like I cant find any reviews or pictures on it. which rh are you going to?

Just received my passport!!!!!

So I am 100% ready to go just counting down my days I have my flight?? I have my passport??I'm fully paid up for surgery?? Can't wait for this summer!! I will be able to wear anything I want cannot wait!!!! I have dreamed of this days for years but didn't do it cause I was too busy being a mom and wife now my kids are old enough that I can do me and that's excatly wat I'm going to do this summer !! Yaayyyyyy


@shaegebert Lesley also has me schedule for tropical recovery house. Keep us updated on how it goes there becuz I was also tryin to get info on the place
@shaegebert I just spoke with Lesley I will also be at the Tropical Recovery house I will be there from March 25 - April 4th hope to meet u there and good luck with everything!
She also send me a link the house is gorge!!!

Almost done

I'm so glad to have this forum to be able to express my excitement with other ladies that are going to have these procedures done. I'm halfway packed with the list of things Dr. Almonte says I will need. Again I'm sooooo excited I can't deal .... #allsmiles

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This journey

I will try and keep everyone updated and will post pre & post op pics as soon as I am able too.


Congrats and good luck
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Awesome!! I will see you for sure! :)

1 month 'till the day of surgery

Today is exactly one month until the date of my surgery with Dr. Almonte I cannot wait. I am a lil worried about the pain everyone is talking about. I am going to bring my own Pain medication with me. And I'm also bringing some sleep aids and antibiotics a girl can't never be too prepared.


Yes I have heard about the infamous pain so it's good to bring your own meds.
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You are right you can't never be too prepared Good Luck girl
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My wish list


Good luck girlie !
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Hey there Melyssa I will be there from March 21 to April 4 same RH same dr
Oh cool!!! Good luck!!!

21 days left

So in 21 days I will be having my bbl and tummy tuck done and I'm crazy excited, however I'm having a hard time with stopping smoking ciggeratte's I'm defitnetly trying but it's very hard. Did anyone else have this same problem? And if so any tips?


Are any of you almonte dolls on fb? I'm wondering how tropical rh will work out! That place is a mystery. ..
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Yes Lesley mentioned that it's a new place Dr.Almonte is working with I'm also staying there March 25-april4th super excited

17 days left

Anxiously waitting for my surgery day. 17 more days to go!!!!


ill be there at that time
Are u excited?

12 more days

12 more days still struggling with the cigarettes. But down to only 3 per day. I'm still super excited for my new body.


woww you day is coming
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5 more days!!!

Omg 5 more days to go I'm super excited!!! I will post before and after pics as soon as I can... Stay tuned !!!


I will be praying all is well, cant wait for my turn still waiting on quotes smh
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Yes I'm super excited
Thank you all prayers are welcomed.

Taking care of last minute things

Packing last minute items I'm so nervou. But I cannot wait for my new body.


Dear all who has stayed at the tropical recovery house. Please let me know how your star was. Thanks
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Hi Doll, hoping your sx went well... When u can please update. Ty:-)
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Good luck and speedy recovery. Please continue to keep us posted on your journey:-)
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