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Hey dolls. So I have been reading all your reviews...

Hey dolls. So I have been reading all your reviews and have decided I want to have sx with DR. Cabral at the end of the day we all put ourselves at risk with EVERY procedure no matter what doctor you go to wether it's in the US or not. He has quoted me $5500 for Bbl and breast aug. I sent him my pics and he says I do have enough fat to graft but I am certain I will have to gain more weight. I am about 125lbs at the moment and 5'4.

 I know I have a lot of weight to gain which I plan to do that's why I have chosen to do it in OCT. What recovery houses are the best and how long do you guys recommend staying at the RH's before you can go and do your own thing?

Scheduled for Oct. 28 with Cabral

Just called to sched. Sx with Cabral. $225 for meds though?! Who really feels as if all those meds were necessary? I can possibly get them here. Does anybody know what they are?

How to sleep with BBL and BA?

Double pain? I'm just wondering how you are able to position yourself without squishing your new booty or boobs?!

Wish pic

Ummm draya!

Real recovery armonia?

Seems to be the best RH have not read anything bad so far.

Is it reasonable?

To go to DR for 9 days? I want to spend the rest of the time recovering at home blahhhh

Mandatory vitamins?

Is taking vitamins 2 wks before surgery mandatory even if your hemo level is above 13?

Medellin, Colombia?

So I have now started researching Colombia. I think the bodies are even sicker than the ones created in DR. Plus I am a small girl and I think they are used to dealing with more my size and wow I am impressed. I've been looking in to DR. Liz Vicent so far.

Sticking with my gut

Sticking with Cabral since I just recently learned he did one of my wish pics bodies soooo yeah ;)

Cabrals boobs?

His breast aug. Are just horrible looking. I don't know if I want him touching mine and I want to do everything at once. Now considering Duran who does nice boobs. Does any one know if she'll do both procedures at once? Bbl and BA?! How can I contact her?

Duran have someone an infection? :'(


Serious Infections in DR?

Jesus, this thing is a true gamble. After reading Cathdurandoll and
Cokebottlebarbie85 reviews I am seriously heartbroken and don't know what to do. I won't say it's the doctors faults it's the staff that work there and are just not trained well enough to simply sterilize instruments properly! What a damn shame :/


Ok so I changed my mind yet again but this time I am sticking with my decision! Will be having sz with Edgar Contreras instead...yes there is tons of controversy surrounding him but that has already been a couple of years back. I was looking at the work he did on some petite girls on IG and wow those are the most realistic results I can see and are close to my weight. Also he quoted me bad responded super fast. 1k less than Cabral! Bye Cabral...your boobs were ugly anyway!

Pre-op pics

Contreras clinic number?!

I'm calling this place non stop and all I get is an answering machine...not professional! :-/

Contreras work before and after!!

The pictures speak for themselves. Scheduled for Oct. And super excited :-D

Cabral or Contreras?

Haven't been on here for a while have been taking matters into my own hands by contacting patients of these two doctors. I have been comparing and contrasting both as they are the quote unquote best in the country. If I am having surgery I am only good to do it once and don't feel like going through pain to be unhappy with my results. The only other surgeon besides these two whom I may have a consultation with is yily bc I have personally seen her patients as I have seen Cabral and contreras patients. Now here is the issue...Cabral, consistent results but has deaths (one not too long ago) butttt all his deaths have been people who have gotten multiple procedures and are overweight. I can not in any way compare myself to those people...2 of my friends have also come back from him not too long ago and look great. Now contreras is posting all these Barbie looking girls on his Instagram to lure patients and supposedly not even the one operating on them. I have not seen consistent results from him lately which makes me feel like this is true. Supposedly his license is revoked and he has other people operating for him. I also took matters into my own hands to contact one of the girls with a body like I have never seen before that he posted and confirm if he was her surgeon and she said no that she has never had surgery in her life. Made me very disappointed with him and consider Cabral once again. I will meet with both of them next month as well as yily. I will also have some people I know from over there find out info first hand abt what is going in both clinics before I make my decision. This is truley upsetting!

Contreras out

Lied to me twice. Def. out the picture. Cabral and yily will be meeting both and having the surgery next month instead of October ;) wish me luck y'all!
Dr. Hector Cabral

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Nice wish pics.. Will you be posting yours soon?
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I'm liking her results. I'm so damn confused because like you I'm just a little scared of Cipla and I got a good quote from contreras
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Hi hon i recently had surgery with Contreras. I don't have 1 complain at all and the man performed my surgery to perfection with very minimal scars. I had initially chosen Yily, then because of her lack of communication changed to cabral and then chose Contreras because of previous patients i recently saw. Cabral was charging me almost $6000 and it didn't include my nose. Contreras charged me $1000k less and included my nose which he did an amazing job. Check my pics out. If you like I can send you some pictures that I've not posted. I can't lie though Cabral will make you look like a Barbie!
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Wow thank you so much! Yeah Cabral is charging me $1500 more than Contreras which I don't mind paying but I kind of like the fact that Contreras has his own clinic which is clean and not all the mayhem which is going on at cipla with infections etc. Also, I'm skinny and small just a few areas I want lipo'd and I saw a petite girl contreras did and fell in love so let's see . Ppl r saying contreras doesn't perform his own surgeries like what's thag about?!
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He did mine. I was in the room half awake for both my surgeries. He definitely isn't the one stitching up because when i woke up from my breast job, a lady was sewing me up. And if he didn't perform my lipo or b00b job whoever did is a great magician because I'm ecstatic with my results!
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Did you stay at his recovery house. How is it. I just got a very good quote from him just want to be sure I get good results
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Lol yeah I work with surgeons (not cosmetic) here in the US and most of the time they do not stitch you up it will be a fellow or resident. That's normal, but I'm sure he did your procedure lol. Question: did he do boobs through the under arm and did you need a deposit to set a date with him?
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Oh boy! Was this a recent infection. I'm so confused now. My mind is playing tricks on me. I'm starting to let the negative reviews get to me but I want this bad.
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Girl go read Cathdurandoll Cokebottlebarbie85 reviews
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Damn girl I read it. Thanks. Im so confused right now but think I will just save and stay in the US
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Cabral prices are Hugh but he is the king he trained Yily and Duran and others too so you'll be in good hands girl!
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Thanks Hun!
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Yes it's reasonable. I'm going October 1st and I'm only staying 8 days. She said that's fine but just be prepared to stay longer if need be.
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Hey boo! From what I've read you will be on your back if you do boobs too. So you won't squish new boobs. Lol. See if cabal can give u list of meds because my doctor is going to fill mines here except the heparin shots
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Thank you doll! I plan to sleep with mf butt in mid air between a chair and bed so I don't squish it hhahahah
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I think the meds are neccesary, they are things like antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and anticoagulants. They help prevent infection, blood clots, and other complications...that could be serious and in severe cases or untreated could kill you. I'm not trying to scare you but the after care should be taken as serious as the Sx and instructions followed exactly to get the best result possible.
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Yeah I completely understand just meant maybe I can get them In the states as a prescription from my Doc. Instead of paying $200+ over there but I guess it is worth it
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I thunk if tou bring a list to your doctor he may be able to write some up for you I know thats what a lot of girls are doing
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Defo get your meds in america! So many RS Girls have said the ones in DR arent as strong xx
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Thanks girls! I think I will
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