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I have been interesting in the Brazilian Butt Lift...

I have been interesting in the Brazilian Butt Lift for the last few years but I have always been underwhelmed by the results of the procedure. The end results always seem to look a little odd. The change would usually be a large booty but little else on the body changed making the booty look fake or disproportional.

Recently I came across pictures of Dra. Yily de los Santos patients and was blown away. Not only was she giving her patients larger backsides but she was giving them all lovely hourglass shapes and making it look so natural. I believe she produces timeless bodies that will be appealing regardless of the thread.

So after falling in love (lol) I just knew I couldn't afford her. BBLs are outrageously priced. But low and behold, after reading testimonials from her patients I learned that she is one of the most affordable doctors out there.

She wins on all counts in my book. She got me hook, line and sinker. She is absolutely my doctor of choice.

So a little about me: Height: 5'5 Current...

So a little about me:

Height: 5'5
Current Weight: 124lbs
Measurements: 34-26-36

I am a small girl. I wear a size 4. I have a very lean athletic build so I have very little body fat. I will definitely have to gain weight. Lucky for me if I gain it goes to my stomach and then to my butt. I am hoping to gain at least 10lbs. It shouldn't be too ruff. I gain and lose very easily. I was 128lbs for a long time until I became vegan. My frame is small so hopefully that will be enough to give me the results I want. My dream measurements would be 34-24-39.

Just posted my wish pictures

Just posted my wish pictures

So I have decided to keep my BBL a secret from my...

So I have decided to keep my BBL a secret from my friends and family.

I had a breast augmentation about 4 years ago (maybe 5) which I absolutely LOVE. The doctor did an amazing job. I think I will write a review of her. I've also had PRK on my eyes. Anyway, I got so much backlash from both procedures. I just hate telling people who are not open minded about something that they have no experience with. They are usually negative and can be down right mean. You know they comments...

"But you are fine the way you are."
Yes yes I know I am fine but I want to be FINER! lol

"OMG what else are you going to do to yourself"
Whatever the hell I want

"You don't love yourself"
I am the healthiest person I know. I'm in great shape and eat very well. I actively love myself every day.

So I just don't want to hear the shit. Not sure when I will tell them. I figure after I get back from the DR. lol

The only one person I am worried about telling is this guy I am seeing. He's Dominican which I think is a little ironic. We have been friends for about 6 month. At this point we both really like one another but it is not sexual or official. It's really amazing because I have never had a relationship with a man (a beautiful one at that) who respects me enough to only want to be intimate if he is in the position to given me his all. But at the same time just enjoys my presents solely from the pleasure of my company. It's lovely.

I digress. Anyway, in the next few months l am pretty sure things are going to change and we may be getting more serious. I am not worried about him liking the results (he is Dominican after all) but its really not something up for discussion. If I was having my sx sooner then I would leave him in the dark with everyone else and he would just have to deal with it. But, if we get more serious I will have to tell him and then he'll want to talk about it. *sigh* And I am sure he won't approve. And like I said previously, I am just not trying to hear that.

But, it may happen or it may not. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. In the mean time I'll keep it to myself. I don't have time for other people's negativity. My decision is my own and not something up for discussion.

Hello all. I am posting my before pictures to see...

Hello all. I am posting my before pictures to see if my goals are realistic. I have very little body fat but I am confident that I can gain more before my sx.

My issue is not that I don't like the look of my body but more so how I gain weight. As long as I don't gain anything I look great but if I gain a pound or 2 it goes right to my stomach which I hate. I also have this little love handles that never go away no matter how small I am.

I am thinking that I would like her to give me that nice gap by doing lipo on my inner thighs. I am also thinking she could give me that wonderful "high hip" look she is very good at to achieve an hourglass shape. I was also thinking that I should probably gain about 10lbs before my sx. What do you think?

All thoughts and opinions are welcome.

Hey Ladies. I will be leaving for the DR in...

Hey Ladies. I will be leaving for the DR in exactly 120 days. I'm confirmed, I booked my flight and reserved my hotel. I was eyeing the flight I wanted for $471 but the price dropped down to $355 so scooped it up right away. I will be staying in a bed and breakfast which has really helped reduce my cost. I'm super excited.

My only real concern at this point is the weight I will have to gain. I'm a dancer so everyone will see me getting bigger. Ahhhh. I hate the idea of having a tummy. Usually my weight goes to my stomach and then to my hip/butt. But, I've never weighed more than 130lbs and that was when I was weight lifting so I hope the weight doesn't look too bad. What is the latest I can start trying to gain 10 to 15? Everyone will probably think I'm pregnant because I'm going to get big and then disappear for a month. I have been trying to think of an excuse but I can't come up with any. Not that I care what they think but you know people always what to be in your business. I am sure I can come up with creative clothing options. Other girls who have tummies where corsets. I think I will try that.

I haven't told anyone except one friend of mine. I am going to try to get her to coming with me so I can have some company. She is so confused by the whole process. I showed her LBP pictures and she keeps asking me "But, where do they get it (ass) from?" LOL

Other than that everything is going great. I probably won't be worried about supplies until the date gets closer. I plan to bring one carry-on and as little as possible.

Hello all I hope all is well. I am just getting...

Hello all I hope all is well. I am just getting more and more excited as my sx draws closer. I have a coutdown app on my phone and I currently have 116 days 15 hours and 46 mintues until I see Yily. So stoke!

I asked me friend to come with me and I think she was so excited about the idea she almost cried. I asked her Sunday and she contacted me Thursday and asked for my flight information. She really deserves a vacation and I am so happy to provide her with an outlet. I am double happy now that I booked with Dominga and her B&B b/c we can explore the city.

I am also kinda looking forward to gaining weight too. I've never seen myself with weight on me and I am so curious to see how I will look. I hope I get some more hips.

I think that's all for now. Just super happy everything is working out so well.

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-:- Message from RealSelf staff -:-

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So it's official, I canceled with Yily, and I am...

So it's official, I canceled with Yily, and I am scheduled with Duran for the same date.

Although I really love Yily's sculping the butts are not there and after SO MANY of her patients have said that she can not produces large butts I have to face the facts and move on. It is a Brazilain BUTT lift after all and if I don't come out with a butt then I am not going to be happy.

Duran patients have shown amazing results. With the great results and wonderful communication I am feel very confident in my decison and my new doctor.

Duran quoted me only $400 more than Yily and said that I should be able to get close to what I want which is a great comfort.

Yily refunded me very quickly. I just emailed her and provided her with my PayPal transaction number. She refunded me a day or 2 later.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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Dont know if you are even still a member of RS but I was just cheking on your results AND more importantly how are things progressing with the relationship? ;-)
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Thanks for sharing your story...good luck on your surgery! I will be seeing Duran in August. i have so much to do before then...i want to gain 10-15 pounds..im sure that wont be a problem for me...please let us know how everything goes when ur well enough to write..are you ready?
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Awesome!!!! Good luck girl!!!
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So your date is around the corner. Have you packed yet?
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You are very thin, I am as well and scheduled for Sept. 19 in Miami. If your doctor thinks he can get close to the result you want that is amazing! May I ask, where are they going to harvest your fat from? I don't want the same results as you do but I am amazed that the amount of volume they expect to give you is doable with your athletic, low fat body! I also want you to know, I too am keeping this a secret from EVERYONE! I get the same "shit" as you do. I truly just want to strive for my best! You only live once...why not love the body you're in! Especially when you take such good care of yourself...I feel like I work very hard to be healthy and fit and would really like the body I WANT after all this work! My job involves running/walking for 2.5-4 hours per day (5 day per week) and my plan is to tell people that I am having an ingrown toenail operated on to explain my inability to run for at least 2 weeks. Just a thought. ;-)
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My doctor told me that based on the pictures that she would probably not get the exact results from the wish pictures but that she would absolutly improve my shape. However, I have gained 13lbs that has pretty much gained all over but I do have a little tummy now. My butt/hips have gone up an 1 1/2." My goal is to gain another 7lbs making my total weight gain 20lbs. That should hopefully give me more than enough to harvest from my belly, sides, flanks and back. I have seen Duran do some pretty amazing shaping and with the extra I am giving her to work with I think she will get me to where I want to be.
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Thank for the wish pics.
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Omg that girl in the video is getting it! Time for me to start practicing! Lol!
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Yily returned my money back pretty quick also! Btw, the girl on that video looks like there is a midget in her butt fighting to get out! I wanna learn to move my booty like that
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I'm pretty sure Yily is happy to have a few less people especially since her friend/doctor will benefit from it. She returned my $$ faster than she ever responded to my emails.
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Wishing u the best! Summer needs to hurry up! Lol :)
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Yes it does! I'm dying over here. lol
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Lol! Me too! Cant even sleep so anxious! Lol hows ur preparing going??
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HI SIS! YOU SAID YOU FEEL YILY GIVES TIMELESS RESULTS.... (she's one of my top choices), can you please tell me if this means you've found BBL RESULTS AT LEAST A YEAR OR MORE OUT? I CAN'T FIND ANY RESULTS THAT ARE OVER 12 MONTHS POST-OP help!
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Sorry by timeless I meant that she gives shapes that will transcend trends of feminine beauty ie the big booty/exaggerated shape that is currently popular. I have not seen results from her over a year old but in my blog I mentioned Amber Rose who I believe had the procedure and has had lovely long term results. HTH
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Congrats!! I cant wait i plan on going to Yily this summer :) super geeked..good luck!
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Thank you. The time is going by soooo slow. It's killing me.
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Hey how much did Yily quote you?? pls reply
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$2900 for lipo to back, stomach, flanks and armpit and BBL.
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What airline did you use? I looked at JetBlue and they had decent prices, but the layover was ridiculous.
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Jet Blue. The going time is pretty decent but coming back I have a 4 hour layover. But it was the best of any airline and I checked flights from 3 different airports.
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I'm to confirm that I am the first patient of the day!! Thank goodness!
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*happy to confirm
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