I've decided on Duran...i think??

Okay I'm new to real self and the world of bbl and...

Okay I'm new to real self and the world of bbl and I'm amazed. I originally just needed a breast reduction to relieve my back and shoulders of pain so I can have the physical and emotional encouragement to get back in shape. But now I'm convinced that a bbl is also a need lol. I lovE love love what jimerson does work aflat ass but I just can't afford his bbl and a breast reduction at the same time especial if I plan on buying a house sub and taking my trip to Jamaica to show off my new body. Now I'm considering going out the country to santo Domingo to see dr yily. But here's the problems 1. I'm scared as fuck to go to another country and to be sold into a sex trafficking operation. 2. If something goes wrong with the surgery I'm not protected under any laws (at least I don't think I am) 3.I don't see any yily donkey bootys and I want a donk. 4. And last but not least you get what you pay for SO LADIES AND ESPECIALLY PLUS SIZED LADIES PLEASE LET ME KNOW ABOUT YOUR REAL TRUE EXPERIENCES WITH YILY OR if you know any other doctors within the the 3k to 6k range for bbl, breast reduction and Lipo. I PLAN ON GOING before August..thanks! And also how the hell do I contact yily!

I forgot to mention that I'm 22 from houston Texas...

I forgot to mention that I'm 22 from houston Texas 5ft 1in and 215 lbs. And also I'm black so will the language barrier be a . Problem with yily

What's up with dr. Duran...is she supposedly...

What's up with dr. Duran...is she supposedly better than yily?? Ppl please share your personal experiences.. or send usernames of ppl on RS who have post op pics of her work...because I really can't find much

Also is yily or duran board certified plastic surgeons? I haven't found info saying that they are nor have I found any saying that they aren't so that s just a concern..Will keep researching. Honest answers only please..it's just a question.

Does yily offer to correct her work for free if say for instance my nipple falls off our my but check s are who sided?

Ok good morning everyone this post is kinda in...

Ok good morning everyone this post is kinda in response to ICE CREAM. I know that I my weight is out of control that's why I'm being realistic about my procedure date (August) so I have time to try to get my weight down. have have been on a weight last struggle for over a year gaining and losing some. The biggest issue is that my breast are size 42K which is huge for my height (5ft) and I have severe back,neck, shoulder problems, and migraine. My posture is a big problem and working out is honestly a nightmare. I still haven't find a sports bra in my size to work in that supports. Usually wear two or three bra daily including when working out which is a pain. It makes me very self conscious because I know I'm not supported well. But anyway if the doctors aren't able to perform Lipo or bbl because of my weight then I will only get the breast reduction which is most important. I know that alone will give me the confidence and mind set I need to lose weight and finally keep it off. It will be like a weight lifted off my shoulders...Literally! I CAN'T WAIT

I decided to add more pics so u can see how big my...

I decided to add more pics so u can see how big my breast really are to get an idea of misproportioned they are to my body..so ladies brace yourselves..you have been warned

So I contacted dr yily about four days ago and she...

So I contacted dr yily about four days ago and she c responded today. In short, this is what the most important part of the email said:

The price of fat grafting of the buttocks, BBL, liposuction of abdomen, armpits, back, flanks, waist, breasts, arms and thighs lipo reduction is US$ 4,200. Also includes 1 sash compression, pre-surgery tests (TTP, HIV, Hb, HCV, basal glucose, glucose, urea, creatinine in serum, complete blood count, VDRL, blood type and RH), cardiologist (ECG), anesthesiologist (continuous epidural block), clinical expenses (room, room operations, nurses, sera, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

The procedures will depend on their hemoglobin levels.


Lymph massages cost $31 USD each session (10 meetings)

If you want a second strip price is $ 140 USD

If you need a blood transfusion, the price is $250 USD

Compression sleeves cost $80 USD

-HEPARIN-40 MG: prevent thromboembolism

Clavulin 1GR: antibiotic

-Diclofenac 50mg: for pain

-OMEPRAZOLE 20 MG is a gastric protector

-Vitamin C 500 mg, ferrous sulfate and folic acid 10 mg: vitamins

-TROMBOCIL cream: relief of superficial bruising

Dose of medication

If you want to buy the drugs in your country here I leave you the dose:

-40 Mg heparin: 1 subcutaneous injection per day for 8 days.

-Clavulin 1GR: take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days.

-DICLOFENAC 50MG: take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours and then to 4th day, take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days.

-OMEPRAZOLE 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days.

-Vitamin C 500 MG: take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.

-Ferrous sulfate: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.

And folic acid 10 mg: take two tablets a day for 15 days.

-TROMBOCIL cream: Apply on the area operated twice a day for 10 days.

Ok here is the good and the bad.

The good - the price is really low and . It seems to include everything except meds after care and housing.Also she didn't ask me to lose weight!!! Which I will do anyway but it feels good not too be under any pressure.

The bad-i CLEARLY told her that I needed a breast reduction and Lipo (in Spanish) and wanted the price for that and how much extra for a bbl. Here email didnt even address the breast reduction I asked for nor extra areas for Lipo. So I know the language barrier will definitely be a problem if she can't even communicate to me in her own language. I'm thinking that maybe yily has a default auto mated email that she sends out to everyone that email she get because she definitely didn't answer any of my questions. I could've said "hey yily I want you to chop my legs off and make me shorter with a bbl" she would've sent me the same response with a quote for $4200usd SMH..So what's a girl to do. I'm still waiting to get back from duran. I thought she responds faster than yily?

Time an update cuz I can't sleep from thinking...

Time an update cuz I can't sleep from thinking about ass ass ass ass...so last I told you I got a dry ass response from yily (not answering my exact question about a breast reduction) So I replied back to her (in Spanish) asking her to clarify and I'm currently awaiting her response. In the mean time I have had about four emails exchanged with duran. I sent her the same email asking the price for breast reduction and Liposuction of the stomach and arms. And how much extra for a bbl if I decided on one. She replied the next day asking my age, do I smoke, any children, past surgeries, and would I rather add a TT....NOW I SEE WHAT PPL ON REALSELF MEAN BOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YILY AND DURAN. But I'm still waiting to come to my full conclusion. Anywho I answered duran s questions and explained that I don't want a TT and that the breast reduction and Liposuction was the most important to me and she replied with "De acuerdo contigo Entonces sólo mama us3,000 Saludos" when I translate it says "According to you then just breast us3, 000 Greetings" The "just" in the sentence is killing me. And Google translator it's not that reliable because it can jack up your sentence. So to all my Spanish speakers. Do she mean "just" the breast are 3000? (Not including Lipo) Or she will only do the breast and Lipo and its "just" 3000 (not including TT) maybe I'm over thinking it but I just wanna be sure because if that's my final price then I'll be on a boat to santo Domingo tomorrow. So now I'm waiting on a response from them both.
agustin hilario duran


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Girl you must check for Dr Horndesky in Sugar Land Texas. He is the best in the country for the ULTIMATE BREAST LIFT with no visible scars. He operate on women bigger than you and I. After all these procedures the last one im getting is breast lift with Dr Horndesky. I love my babies but i dont want to look at them with those nasty looking lateral scars.
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I checked him out, like his work. I had a breast reduc when I was 18 and it left scars... wish I had know about him first. Still I'm hoping to see him for another reduc.
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Dra Duran has been getting swarmed with new patients & a ton of emails. She is also on vacation right now & apologized in advanced if doesn't get to answer emails this week (on our FB group page).
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Hi. Can I please get the link of fb group. I look for her Facebook but she has no pictures of surgery only of herself
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LMBO!!! That was too funny! Im sorry she didn't answer your questions though.
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LMAO!! Chopped legs!! Like ur humor! I would email her again and try calling her early!! Morning!
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As far as ur boobies, dr pantoja does good breast lift, and his scar not too bad. but im sure other RS sistas can help u with that. Look at some of his clients on here. But I understand how u feel about ur boobies, Those darn genetics!! Of course I need me some boobies!! Any way, don't get discourage, we all have a dream of looking Hot n sexy again !! That's y we are here gurl!! It's gonna Happen!
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Hey hun im also living in Houston originally from Austin I love your review since we are currently on similar paths see I am leaning towards duran because she seems to be more personable idk but yily also told me to lose 30 pounds grr but it was expected !!! what part of Houston are you in?
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Humble area
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When u plan on doing your ad..I'm hoping for before October..let me know if you wanna buddy up because I'm doing this completely alone...can't tell family or friends and my man can't take off work
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Oh ok I live in westchase but I wanted to do December because Id have some time off from school and work but I might do mid or end of august depending on my money have you decided on a surgeon?
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omg I'm from Houston, and just recently moved to Dallas :( I use to live on 1960 going towards Humble.. Anyways! I'm going with Duran and have Nov. 22nd as my SX date but trying to change it to Dec. 23rd because I'll have more time off... PM me ladies. Glad to see people from my area considering Dra Duran :)
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perfection im also considering duran for the same time def. will be keeping up with you!!!
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Okay that's cool but December is a little too late for me..I gotta be sexy for Jesus bday. :) but v of anything changes I will let y'all know...so you both are definitely going with duran?
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Where you able to change the date... I'm from texas as well looking for November date
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LOL! I love your review! I am also a Plus Size girl, and Yily told me to lose about 45 lbs before surgery. I'm 5'8" and currently 240. She explained that I would get better results if I lost the weight first, and I have to agree. Oh yeah, Im getting a BBL,TT and Breast reduction, but Im splitting them up into two procedures. She (or any other Dr. for that matter) can perform all of those at once. Just a note! But GOOD LUCK on ur journey! :-)
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Im getting the same thing done but why are u splittibg the procedures and how long would u wait . and what will u get done 1st
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Omg lose 45 lbs? And you're much taller than me so I'll probably have to lose much more. But I hope you make it I want to see your results.
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Hell, I hope I make it too!!!! LOL!! But seriously, Don't get discouraged. It is so easy to lose focus on the bigger picture! You know what u want so go for it, all she can say is yes or no! :-)
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Hey lovingmyskin! When I spoke with Yira (Yily's assistant) She explained that it would be dangerous for me to be under anasthesia for such a long time, and the healing process would be ROUGH. But I'm going to get my lipo BBL and TT first, wait for about 4-6 months then go back for the reduction and more lipo to help with the sculpting. :-)
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That sound bout right. i been wait for someone that was getting all that like me and the doctor never told me to wait or anything that was dr camilo i put my deposit down which was 500 but lately i be getting a bad feeling about getting all that at once
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I guess im just gone lose out on 500
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did u have ye surgery
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Also it's gonna be hard work fo sho! But you can do it Gurl!! Plus at your height and weight most doctors won't perform surgery on you due to risk. If they are a good/caring doctor that is. I'm just concerned that's all, no prejudice.
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