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Hello Ladies, I m a 29 years old mom and can...

Hello Ladies,

I m a 29 years old mom and can t wait to get the body i could only dream of. I have been on research mode for as long as i can remember.

I first wanted to go to Campos but his prices are not for me specially when he tend not to lipo the upper back. Then i was ready to go to Colombia with dr Luis fernando Mejia from cuerpo figura y armonia but found it to be too far from home so i decided to settle for DR because their shaping skills is truly amazing and their prices are still affordable .

Now where could i find someone who is aggressive with lipo and not Conservative with the fat grafting? Cabral was my answer until he starts slipping up again then i decided to go to Yily not to be part of any bandwagon but because her lipo is great but i am not feeling her fat grafting, she doesn't put in the maximum .

Back to the SODOCIPRE website again looking up every surgeon on facebook . i found some of the surgeons and like their work but the one that truly caught my attention was Dr Hilario Duran transformations . I decided to send her an email for a quote and ask a bunch of questions . Her answer was fast and honest she told me i needed a tummy tuck for me to get a small waist with no loose skin.

She also told me that the maximum amount of CC she was able to inject so far was 1400 cc but it s going to depend on my skin elasticity .

She seems really humble and offers an all inclusive package at Spa medical ( Jacqueline rh) so i believe my search is over.

Now time to get physically fit , eat better, take my supplements and save for surgery. I am giving shopping and eating out a little break .
until next time! :)


Hey girl, does she inject hips too? Because I love love love Yily's lipo but I haven't seen any of her patients with the butt I would like. I know one girl on MMH had 1200ccs with Yily in each cheek but I can't see her pics :(
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I believe she does hips ( from the past patient pictures i ve seen but i can t post here). send me your email inbox. Do you have a link for the lady that got 1200 cc so i have an idea of what that look like?
I can't see her pics, I think she might have taken them down. Her name is jcox on MMH. Will inbox you now. Duran's results look exactly like what I want! Her lipo is on point and big hips and butts!

Our bbl sister Betterbodynyc is having surgery...

Our bbl sister Betterbodynyc is having surgery today with Dra hilario Duran, please let us pray an wish her a great experience and an easy recovery.


Hello thanks for the info. Check out her site and she does great work!
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you welcome hun! :)
Witty, you were so right about her work, heck I didn't think there was another woman badder than yily. She gives big juicy bootays. Lol

I have been hearing some not so cool situations...

I have been hearing some not so cool situations that happened at a Recovery house in DR so i have decided to look for a rental or a hotel . I do not want to deal with all the cat fights . I really want to recover in peace. Some of my friends think it s not a good idea for safety purpose but we will see. If anybody has information on nurses i can hire for help please let me know.
Thanks in advance


I'm going to santo Domingo best work ever ...here in Chicago a dr mesd me up. My time iff 1 whole month ifg my job. My healung etc.etc.etc plus 7200 dollars later for nothing
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When are you going?
My cuota with duran 4800 and yiley 4700
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So i sent Duran a message expressing my concern with the RH. She told me not to worry about it if i decide to go to a hotel she will be referring a nurse to take care of me and my friend.

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