#TeamYily..new pics- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hello ladies, I'm 22 years old, 5'2 and I weigh...

Hello ladies, I'm 22 years old, 5'2 and I weigh about 175lbs. I think it was December when I first signed up for this site and I was only going to use it to help me pick my doctor and find out any extra information I needed to know. Yesterday I finally decided that I should write a review for new girls that would like to see more of Yilys work and also I feel the support many if you ladies give is much needed and would be greatly appreciated. Ok so I haven't ever really felt comfortable abt my weight/body and b/c of this I haven't really been enjoying my life like I should.

When I go shopping and see little cute things I rarely ever buy them and cant buy certain things b/c when I try them on they look a hot mess. First off my #1 problem is my very huge breast . When I shop for shirts most shirts dnt fit and sometimes I even have to purchase a men's shirt if its a button up.(smh!) My #2 problem is my ass! I have no ass at all!! When I buy my jeans everything fits but the ass part is always saggy and I can't stand it!

Honestly since I was about 18 I would always say I was gonna do this procedure( bbl/lipo/breast reduction) but I never thought it would come to reality so soon. I'm scheduled for my procedure with Yily on March 27th with my co-worker queenstel01. I was originally scheduled for the 30th, purchased my plane ticket and everything and then get an email from Yily saying she will be out of town. I was so upset and then fear and my nerves started kicking in and I thought maybe tht was a sign not to go through with the procedure. Thanks to the support from my bbl sisters I quickly got over tht thought and now I officially have 17 more days left until my turn and this seems so unreal. I'm sooo excited!! So I pretty much have everything including the most important which is my passport.
Here is a list of the supplies I purchased:
1. femnine wipes
2. Pads
3. wet ones
4. Deodorant
5. Dail soap
6. Bio oil
7. Large band aids
8. gauze
9. Chux
10. Benedryl itch cream
11. Toiletries
12. Cotton
13. Loose sweats, wife beaters, sports bra
I'm gonna buy some socks, Haynes panties, bacitracin, comfortable footwear, bottled water, and some snacks
I also ordered some things from the Internet:
1. Water pills for swelling
2. Funnel
3. Boppy pillow
4. Thigh high compression socks
5. Arnica cream for bruising
6. Compression sleeves
7. Lil foam/ board
8. Chin compression garment
I want to thank most of my fellow yily girls for helping me out so much through their reviews and especially superflygurl87 b/c I chose my doc based on her review.

P.s- I really hope Yily doesn't say I need a tummy tuck b/c I refuse to get tht. I have no kids and I do want kids in the future

Queenstel01 is my friend also! :)

Queenstel01 is my friend also! :)

Ok so I'm so excited! Ladies Im at my 12 day...

Ok so I'm so excited! Ladies Im at my 12 day countdown!! This all seems so unreal.. I can wait for this so I can finally be happy and look great when I start going out(finally)..anyway, Im headed to the mall now so Ima keep this one short.. :)

Yayyyy.. 6 more days to work and 11 more days...

Yayyyy.. 6 more days to work and 11 more days until I'm on the plane headed to DR!! I'm so excited and can't wait for my new body. I really might cry tears of joy when I see my post op reselts. I'm praying for the best for me and all my other bbl sis.. God bless :)

So I'm at my 8 day countdown and I'm more excited...

So I'm at my 8 day countdown and I'm more excited than ever! I'm gonna be deleting my before pictures tho b/c I dnt want anyone stealing them..later loves

Damn I'm so nervous , I have came so far and been...

Damn I'm so nervous , I have came so far and been waiting to do this so long and now it seems like Yily is getting a few bad reviews. Idk if I should just go forward with my journey with Yily, try nd see abt getting a date with Duran for the same date or just canceling the sx :(

Damn I'm so nervous , I have came so far and been...

Damn I'm so nervous , I have came so far and been waiting to do this so long and now it seems like Yily is getting a few bad reviews. Idk if I should just go forward with my journey with Yily, try nd see abt getting a date with Duran for the same date or just canceling the sx :( This is sooo upsetting!!

Yes I'm still # Team Yily!!!

Yes I'm still # Team Yily!!!

Girls in on my way to the airport.. Weather is...

Girls in on my way to the airport.. Weather is nice so hopefully no delays.. Wish me luck :) love y'all!

Thanks for all your prayers and support girls..I...

Thanks for all your prayers and support girls..I just wanna let you all know tht I had my sx and everything is ok.. Yily is sooo sweet!!

I'm still swollen so I don't see much of a...

I'm still swollen so I don't see much of a difference in my ass but I know my hips are on point.. I started out with a pancake in the ass dept. and if u ask me it still looks like a pancake but maybe ill see a difference in a few days

Hey girls I'm still here.. Thanks for the support....

Hey girls I'm still here.. Thanks for the support.. All I can say is I'm not doing any updates for a min b/c I need A LOT of time for me for healing.. I ended up having the worst experience ever sick in the hospital for a whole week with some of the most rude nurses ever! It was awful but I just need some time for me.. Thanks :)

14 weeks

This will be week 14 for me.. Posting up a few pics.. Think I will consider going for a round 2 for my ass b/c I dnt like the way it looks when I dnt have on the faja. Bought some cream Thts suppose to "enhance" Ur butt.. Hope it doesn't effect my result negatively
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Haven't seen my results yet so right now I'm just rating her on how caring and extremely sweet she was

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How much would you say it cost you? (All expenses) Is 10,000 enough?
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Let me say bodunkikong! That butty is out there!!! Looking dangerous girl!!!
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Lol.. Thanks.. It looks do nice with the garment but I hate it w/o the garment.. Considering round 2 just for tht
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You look better than your second wish pic!! Congrats you look awesome!!
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Lol.. Thank you so much Hun
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hey Glam17.. can you plz upload some before and after pic please.. i'm not sure if the default pic is u or not.. if so, your body is lookin good ma! happy healing.
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hope your recovering well...best wishes
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Lovin da Shape... Mama
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Thank u boo
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I just hope everyone recovers be a beautifully, it's so sad to see sick and injured people arguing like this d'yall know how much energy it takes for that... Please just take the time to make sure yall eat right. Sleep well, just recover and f*uck all the b*llshit. Remember what anyone eats don't make you sh*t. So don't let anyones words affect your recovery and YOUR experience.
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Wow. This dispute is going nowhere nd all of u all are n recovery and hav heightened emotions so its probably best to agree to disagree. There r plenty of mixed reviews on jmspa nd we kno those reviews honestly have to do with how much patients r willing to help themselves, whether or not thy r rlly physically able to help themselves, nd the BIGGEST factor involved is wht ur expectations are of the recovery home. These factors will vary from person to person as no 2 people, surgeries, and recoveries will b the same. Anyway I wish all three of u ladies the best of luck n ur healing nd recovery.
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Thank you.. U make so much sense!!
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people need to sit the fuck back and mind their fucking business damn it! i never talked shit about her all i said was that she we both didnt feel good and needed help and most importantly her cuz she was throwing up and everything... and that lady is a fucking liar noone threw away our bed cuz i had a roomate sleeping on it in the room and where the fuck she was that shes talking sooooo much shit... this lady had left wayyyy before us so she needs to go somewhere else and worry about her healing process... i dont understand how people can be so annoying this is your blog your experience so you have all your right to say what wasnt right... and i totally agree with you the nurses at cipla werent never there, and also at the spa when she were screaming for help they took there sweet time before they come and help her. and we dont need no argument over here so go somewhere else please... #DONE lmao at bitches nowadays
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lol.....@ queenstel01 girl plz re read my statement i didnt day u was talking shit about yeah girl wat i said was that when she left u started coming out the room and walking and talking to us and said that u was trying to tell yeah friend she should come out and walk and move she might feel better! THAT'S WAT U SAID TO US! not that, that's clear on to the next as for jackie its 15 girls there with ups sweetie at the time i know for a FACT... and now that u said something ima just put it out there u and glam like i said and ima SAY IT AGAIN WAS TRYING TO SLAVE ANNA THEM LIKE IT WAS NOBODY ELSE IN THE HOUSE THAT NEED THERE HELP... we the one upstairs had to KEEP asking over and over for help do to u QUEEN and glam acttin like yall was the only 2 to in the RC and why im at it let me DFINE RECOVERY HOUSE FOR U: anna and jackie is there to AIDE in your recovery to HELP YOU!(alone with the rest of the girls) but you have to help your self also sweetie NOW I'M END IT LIKE THIS IM NOT GONNA CALL U OUT YOUR NAME THAT NOT MY STYLE..... BUT SINCE U WANNA TAKE IT THERE AND ACT LIKE A REALSELF GANGSTER.... WEAR WAS ALL THAT WHEN U AND YEAH FRIEND WAS AT JACKIE"S WHEN YALL WAS LAYING IN BED WITH A BATHROOM 2 FEET AWAY PEEING ON YEAH SELF........SMMFH u cant be that weak that u cant walk to 2 to the bathroom and u lay up and just pee on yeah self and jackie NEVER had girls to pee on them self! she thew the mattress in the trash when yall left NOW #DONE.. LMAO....
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Mama.. Y r u worried abt it.. Is tht your recovery house? Did we pay you over $1000 to stay there.. I really dnt think so.. Yes a had a accident and Thts when I was one day post op and I could not get up on my own so I was calling for help.. You know something I paid for and as usual no one came.. U are a grown as woman and you should have better shit to do then go back and fourth on here with queen and I. The day I saw you at the rh I was very nice to you and when you told me to come out the room I told you I was dirty due to ya girl Anna nd them not washing my faja.. I dnt know abt you but I definitely dnt walk around with bloody shit on .. Thanks :)
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Lady i dont have time to argue with a 50 year old that make no sence to me cuz i am too young for that and i need my recovery to finish well. So i didnt know you were a ghost that keeps jackies spa on the move cuz i remembered you left wayy before we left... or your just mad cuz me and my friend werent as friendly as u guys expected smh aint nobody were talking bad about the spa and babes i dont need no definition about shit. cuz school IM DONE WITH THAT i dont know about you
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Yea.. I didn't come out my room.. I was very weak with a bloody dirty ass faja on! Oh maybe I was so weak b/c I was sick and that's y I got ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL and I was the for the remainder of my time in DR.. Nd I dnt care Wat anyone says... Those nurses were not always in tht room.. Nd did your friend have to stay in the hospital like I did and get poke abt 25 with needles .. I doubt it
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We all know the story bout your hospital stay BLAH,BLAH and your own friend/ roommate came out the room after u went to the hospital and was telling us she was telling you that you have TRY and come out and walk and you will feel better and you just wanna lay down! (P.S it's normal to have fever the 1 1st day out 2 after surgery) thats why u r post to move around jus saying...
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And im gonna end it like this WHEN YOU AND YEAH FRIEND LEFT THEY THEW BOTH BEDS AWAY.......smmfh and you know why Lmao...... girl you need to not trash jackie spa there's good ppl you were trying to treat them like slaves and thats not wat there its all about there to help with recovery but u have to help yourself as well not jus me but other ladys agree with me as well at the spa I WISH you the best frim this point on with your recovery DUCES...
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Listen idc what any of you girls have to say and Idc what my friend said .. Dnt worry abt my experience, worry abt yours.. And obviously if you stay in the hospital for a week something is wrong.. But I'm not abt to keep going back and fourth with you b/c Ur annoying me and its time for my antibiotics..Later Hun
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Annoying! ill b that just don't try and trash jackie spa cuz im not letting it go down thats all im saying.. and mine was GREAT loved it got help when everybody was not down stairs in your room yes! take your pills bye SWEETIE!
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Well it is going down like tht b/c Yily even said I'm not the first person tht complained abt tht spa
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your mad at the nurses when u went back to cipa right!? cuz at jackie's spa EVERYBODY was nice and good to u.....
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Nice.. Yes... Good to me.. Umm idk too much abt tht.. It was very hard to help myself and I had to call these ladies abt 10 times for help while some of them are sitting right outside at the table and also the day I had 103.5 fever they told me I didn't have a fever and one of the nurses said she was going back in the kitchen b/c I was thinking negative and left. If I would have never brought my own thermometer they would have left me laying there sick as hell!
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Well.... from wat i know i was up stairs and i needed help sometime as well and they didn't come cuz they were down stairs wit you and your friend all the time and also part of recovery is also helping yourself with from the out side looking in you did VERY lil of and expected them to do EVERY lil thing for u and up stairs my friend was VERY VERY sick as well and had me! cuz anna them was mostly with you and you friend
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