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Coca cola bottle n e 1 :) - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Hello there, I am new to this who review thing,...

Hello there,
I am new to this who review thing, but here goes. I am a 26 year old female with a 6yr old and a 2 year old. I have been slightly overweight for the most part of my life. After having my son I weighed in at 180pds. Then I slowly gained weight and weighed in at a whopping 230pds in May 2013 and oh yea I'm 5'3". I have lost 30pds in the last 6 months so now I weigh 200pds. Which she said I should lose 25pds prior to surgery. My goal weight is between 145-160. I know that's still considered "obese" but to me it's just right. I had recently contacted dr. Walkiris, well her assistant Laura. I told her I wanted to get a BBL, TT and Lipo which she quoted me $5350. I only wanted the BBL because I wanted it to get rid of my cellulite. Because my butt is pretty big already I just wanted to even it out a little. But I then decided not to do the BBL and just deal with cellulite for now and just exercise. So I contacted Laura again and told her I just wanted TT, Lipo upper under arms, back and waist when she them quoted the price of $4800. I am pleased with the price but more frightened being that I have never flown anywhere before. Laura also informed me to send a $100 deposit in order to confirm an appointment. It's non refundable but it goes towards your surgery when you arrive for surgery. I am planning to schedule my appointment on March 4th 2014. Sorry if I left anything out but I will follow up with you all. :)


My surgery is also march 4!Wishing you the best of luck!!!
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Thanks. And where are you going for your surgery?
Good luck to you its tge the best thing inhave ever done
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Ok well I decided to go ahead and put a few things on layaway for this trip. And man do I thank God and Kmart for layaway...lol. The things I put on layaway were:

*Draw string pants
*Pack of tshirts
*Pack of wife beaters,
*Backpack (I have to do my homework while I'm there)
*Passport wallet
*Pillow and blanket (I always carry one wherever I go)
*U shape pillow
*Button up gown one long sleeve & one short
*Brita filter water bottle (can't carry too much water and don't plan on buying any)
*5 set luggage ( cheaper to get 5pc for $90 then get one PC for $60 )
*Jacket (have no idea what the weather will be like but I just bought a light jacket just incase)
*Small purse (I have mostly large purses and I don't want to have to worry about someone stealing out my large purse at airport or on the plane verses me having a small with long straps to put it in front of me at all times and on my flight back home I don't want to have to carry to many heavy things after surgery.)
*sports bras (there just more comfortable to me)
* makeup bag (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, mouthwash, deodorant and etc)

I have way more to get but that was just a few things I could out on layaway the other things I will buy as time gets near.

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Oh yea

If there's anyone that would like to see about buddying up then let me know. I'm from NC and I plan on doing my surgery in March


How far are you going from where you live? And thank you today I was really excited to receive an email from dr Campos office because I been waiting on my pic evaluation nd quote ! She told me I have to wait 3 months post partum before he can evaluate me which I agree but I told her its been 4 months already and she hasn't replied =(
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I'm going to santo Domingo overseas. The flight altogether is about 5hrs. Not including the layover the airport may have in between flights. I contacted dr. Walkiris's office and the responded within a few hours and telling me what pics to take and then a couple days later she gave me a quote. They are very quick and prompt with answering emails, so far from what I have seen. The quote they give you last up to 6 months. Her email is info@drawalkirisrobles.com and her website is www.drawalkirisrobles.com/ Just incase you want to check them out to give you another option. Hope this helps :)


Going to Dr. Walkiris's Robles in Santo Domingo. From Mar 4th-15th.

2days at the hospital and 10 days at the recovery house. From what I've heard men can't stay there, but that's a question I will have to ask them because I'm not sure. But I do know for any extra person you bring they have to pay $55 a night food not included. These are a few things that I thought to mentioned since the crossed my mind.


I am going to Dr. Robles on the 27th of January..I am getting so nervous. I want something to "youthenize" my butt lol. I really don't want alot of projections. I have a wide butt already. Good luck on your surgery... I will let you know how everything goes with me later this month.. How is your iron? I hear Dr Robles is strict on the numbers for surgery.
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O yea I heard that also about the iron. I was going to start taking my iron 2 months in advance because it's usually low. But it doesn't take but a couple days to get it up. So I am going to start my vitamins next month. I thought about BBL but I want to make it rounder. So I think I might look into a body shaper, because it's big already I just need it shaped how I want it. But I thought the BBL she does looks awesome. I rather have a breast reduction but she said its best I do the tummy tuck separate rather than at the same time. So I can deal with big breast over a big stomach...lol... I look forward to hearing about your journey :)
I want my butt shaped too..I will talk to the doctor when I get there..I will also keep u posted..

A few more pics


Ok. And I'm sure it will all sharpen up with the fat transfer. :)
Shape up not sharpen...lol

Wishing and hoping

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying....lol...well I told my boy friend about me having going through with my surgery and he completly fine with it. But why wouldn't he be? Now I am definitely not telling my family because they can be so negative and cruel about me doing something with my body. Shoot they didn't even want me to get my nose pierced. Wth??? So I'm not telling anyone, I want as little negativity as possible and I will let my Beyoncé body speak for itself when they see me around 4th of July. :) and plus I think everything I tell someone in my family something then I jinx myself and it doesn't happen. Soooooooo I rather keep it to myself and my real-self familia :)


I had to tell my sister because she will call 911 if she doesn't know where I am at.lol, Hubby ang my grown kids are fine with it. I did not tell my mother. She will freak about me goin out of the country.. She is lookin to do a tt herself at age 74.. She is in good health and if it makes her feel good, why not..most people know at work they just don't know where. Best place to get support is here. We all understand each other. You just have to deal with the occasional pettiness and jealously..
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Yea I think telling your immediate family is cool. Especially if they understand. Because a lot of them don't understand what a tummy tuck is. I told my friend a couple years ago I wanted one and he was like "oh I wouldn't do that, I mean you wouldn't be able to eat for months and you can't hold your food down". I was like huh? Um I think your talking about gastric bypass....lol. But it's great to have people who support you such as your sister, mom and kids. And that's awesome that your mom wants one at 74!! That's more support you can get from her because she knows why you want to go through with this procedure. And your husband is probably thinking man o man she fine now but wait til she get back from this trip....lol. I think I may tell everybody that I'm going to the beach or small vacation. Just so they won't get to worried :)
Yes that's correct keep your life changing secret with us Hun! You will be so happy with your results
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C section

Can some tell me if a tummy tuck feels like a c section or is it worst. I'm asking because I went to school a week after I had my baby due to the fact that I couldn't miss too many more days. So I'm asking now because I want to know when it would be safe for me to go to work. I am standing for the most part. And if I tell them about my surgery then I won't do anything strenuous. I really don't want to miss too many days because I love my money. And then I'm trying to get my CNA II which I need gas to get back and fourth to school. Which starts 4 weeks after my surgery. Any donations...lol...jk. Just an answer would be helpful :)


Where in santa domjngo exactly are yall going and how did you hear of the doctor?
CECIP CLINIC IN SANTO DOMINGO. I just did research on real self. Looking at prices then narrow it down to who after I find price range :)
Look at prices, pics and who the doc is. Then compare :)

New Years

Hello real self familia,
I just wanted to wish you all a happy New Years and be safe :)

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Taking someone with me

Can anyone tell me what I need to do if I bring my boyfriend with me to dr. Robles. I don't think he can stay at virginias recovery house. Where can we stay together so that he could stay with me if I bring him?


Good luck! Team robles!
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Thanks Shug
what made u decide to choose Robles please? Im curious...UMMMMMMMM. Could it be her nice precise fine tt incision? If I may add u have a great foundation to start with...
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Change of Plans

I was recently going to try to do my surgery in March. But now i have decided to do my surgery in May. I have been trying to get into the LPN program and have since failed to get in not knowing that i was missing a Math. But its all good because i am not going to let that stop me so i am now going to just go and do CNA II until i get this Math out of the way. Well i was told that i cant' miss any days, which is fine. So i am going to do my surgery after the class is over on April 24. I wanted to give myself a little time to prepare before i did my surgery so i will be going on April 28th or May 5th. Im not quite sure yet. I want to do this surgery sooner but i prefer my education first, so i will have to put my surgery on hold for a couple of months. Well that is all, wish me luck with passing this class. And i will still keep you all updated with everything. :)


Cna class is a breeze hun. U will see what I mean. As far as lpn entrance exam math. It could be a bit challenging but only if u let it. If I remember right(unless things have changed) pre algebra and fractions is all u need for that particular exam as far as the math is concerned, with the exception of addition, subtraction,and multiplication. Correct me if im wrong, things may have change. But im telling u remain calm, study hard and u got this...
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I have my CNA I and Phlebotomy so im praying the CNA II isnt too bad. and I wish I would've known sooner about my math because I could've had it already but the lady said I didnt need anything else....but o well hopefully I can get in next semester. thanks Ms. dukes217 :)
I never heard of cna 2 whats that hun......

patiently waiting

Man o man how time is flying by already. this new year isn't wasting any time. I am so ready to pass these classes and go and take this trip of a lifetime. I am so excited it doesn't make sense how much i daydream about what I will look like in a few months. I have a boyfriend and i am a jealous person (which my jealousy mostly came after i had my second child and gained almost 60 pounds) I hate seeing girls with these perfect bodies and the porn-stars with their humongous booties...lol g wiz. I know i wasn't too sure about having a BBL but if my boyfriend doesn't go (because my little girl is in first grade and i don't want her to miss two or more weeks of school) Im going to ask him to give me the extra money for me to get a BBL too. :) im sure he might want to get married after that, because Im sure he dont want to pay for my butt and i leave him....LOL...just kidding. But now i am considering doing that. I am going to start my iron next month because i want it to be a good as it can get so i can get the BBL, TT, Lipo on back, waist and maybe hips. i thought about getting it on my arms but i figured i can work my arms out instead of working out my butt and not getting the BBL. I also have the implanon birth control which is implanted in my upper left arm. so i don't want to have to take that out just so i can get lipo on my arms, then get pregnant and waste my money...LOL. that would be so pointless. Soooooooooo I can just do tricep and bicep exercises for the most part. Well i have to do some homework so i will Talk To You All Later :)


hey boo stopping bye to show some love.... Were getting closer and closer...
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Aww thanks. And yes we are ready to get errrr done!! Lol :)
I think you should do the butt lift, if only to raise and and shape it more. I am getting it but no donk..lol I kept going back and forth on it. Since they are lipoing and there is plenty of fat why not. I am coming back in the summer for round 2 but I might not have enough then for what I want. And if I want to pump it up some more I can do that too. Good luck in your classes. It is good you are doing the iron now. I really should have started along time ago when I was even thinking about doing this...
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Been a while

Well for the simple fact that I change my date until April I haven't had much to really say on realself. I am in the process of losing weight right now. Mostly working in my arms, butt and thighs. I want my body to pretty much be complete when I get this tummy tuck done. I was curious if anyone knew that if I do sit up and ab exercises will my abs show up better after tummy tuck or would ab exercises be pointless until I get my surgery. I just became a fan of Buffy the body when I watch her Bodynomics workout videos. She has the body I want. I don't think I want my butt to be as big as hers but for the most part that what I want. :)


How did it turn out any pictures???? How are you feeling?? Did you need or use everything you packed? What about the drains, how did that work out for you
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Hey! Getting closer! Were you able to find out how similar to a C-section a tummy tuck feels?
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good luck hunn I wish you the best
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