Getting Salamafied 10/18/13 - Dominican Republic, DO

I've always had a smaller waste and thighs,...

I've always had a smaller waste and thighs, hips, and booty it's genetic. But I've also struggled with my weight a lot to. After having my daughter in 2005 body just hasn't been the same. I notice that my oh so fat booty is turning into a oh so flat booty.

I recently found out about a doctor in DR and decided that maybe surgery can be affordable. I started a diet at 196 and am now at 169. I am getting a tummy tuck and butt injections. I spoke to my doctor total cost surgery, assistant, accommodation $5000. Which is awesome I just have to book my flight.

So tomorrow i I book my flight for March 7, and call my DR to confirm. I have posted some before current pics and will keep you guys updated.

Flight is booked for March 7th so excited! Bout...

Flight is booked for March 7th so excited! Bout three weeks away. And Im getting a TT in addition to my bbl. I am starting to purchase things for my trip so I would like any feedback from those that traveled on what I should back.

I am also posting before pics. Currently I weigh 169 am 5'7" I buy measuring tape.

8 days to go! I'm excited not so nervous yet....

8 days to go! I'm excited not so nervous yet. Trying to get all the neccessities together.

Ugh, this is not good, coming down with Strep...

Ugh, this is not good, coming down with Strep throat only 7 days away.Hopefully I can get this taken care of and be ready for my surgery. If anyone has any tips or advice on what to bring or that can help me post op please leave a comment. Since my surgery is in DR I want to make sure I have everything I need to make recovery more comfortable.

Ok ladies, so its getting closer five more days to...

ok ladies, so its getting closer five more days to go! Im getting nervous, but more so about my results then the actually surgery. I have this ideal imagine in my head of what I want and Im kinda scared I wont get the same results. I've never had any surgery in my life before so this is a first and Im going all the way to DR so that makes me nervous too. I've been addicted to this site and looking at before and after pics trying to find a body type similar to mine and compare the results but I know each doctore work gives a different outcome. I just hope that I am really happy in the end.

Any suggestions on where and what type of garments are the best?

Ok guys, its now day 7 since my surgery. I got...

Ok guys, its now day 7 since my surgery. I got here on Thursday, but had to do all my labs, cardio work, and see the psychologist so I didn't have my surgery until 2 days later. My recovery has been great, I had no pain other then the 2nd day my lower back hurt from not being able to stand straight.I was able to stand straight by day 3. The worst of the recovery was sleeping since I couldn't sleep on my stomach or my back I had to sleep on my side. So every hour or so I had to get up and swtich side from the discomfort. Ive already had 3 massages not so bad. Im not quite sure how I feel about my results. During my consult my doctor said that I had alot of loose skin even in the booty area but that I had some what of a booty just all at the bottom so he would inject the fat into the top area. I told him I wanted big and round. He said the most he can do is 1000cc and that the fat would fill the skin first. He said he gave me 1000cc but I barely notice a difference. My butt doesnt look that much bigger or rounder for that matter. It seems that the top is a lil fuller but then at the bottom looks flatter now, I am praying that my butt rounds out and shapes after the swelling goes down I mean at this point I cant do anything anyway its already what it is. Even looking in the mirror at my tummy tuck I don't feel like I am tremendous small so I think I just really swollen. I took best pics possible.

Didn't really think they were worth posting but...

Didn't really think they were worth posting but since some of you guys wanted to see here they are

Hey ladies, Im returning back to my doctor Nov 12...

Hey ladies, Im returning back to my doctor Nov 12 for round 2 of my BBL and also a BL/BA. I hoping this time I get more projection and a better shape.

Hey ladies, finally got a chance to load the pics....

Hey ladies, finally got a chance to load the pics. I am very pleased with my revised TT especially my scar, its been 1 month and it looks better than it did at 8 months. My booty is not exactly how I wanted it but it is bigger. Although I have alot of cellulite still. I am still working on slimming down the thunder thighs as you can see they are huge. But overall I am very much more happy with my body.

Is the wait time for consultation Dr Jimmerson really a year?

I finally decided that I want to go bigger and get a breast lift. I contacted Dr J office today they schedule a consultation for March 2014. Has anyone else try to schedule a consultation and had a long wait time?

Looking for Roomate for Dr. Salama 10/14/2013

Hey ladies, I have made the decision to go with Dr. S for my procedure. working out the final details of my payment (financing) but I am looking to see if anyone having their procedure within this time range would like to share a room and care taker. Please let me know!

Just booked my surgery 10/18/13

So excited just booked my surgery. I got approved for my loan!!!! Now I have to gain 10-12 lbs in a month that shouldn't be to hard lol.
Dr. Yuseff Serulle

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Did you have your surgery with Salama?
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hey hun I was looking at Dr yuseff as well, I want to go to Hector Cabral but I need an arm lift and Dr Yuseff arm lift is great I've seen a pic of it. How was it there I'm on Fb but there r no groups of his work and I've never heard of anyone talking about going to him only on RS.
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Who did you have surgery with? Was it Dr. Serulle? You look great by the way. I am looking into getting my rd 2 with him, but cant really find any pics of his work.
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Thanks. I had my surgery with Dr Yusseff. He was great, very friendly the staff was great. I met a girl down there when I stayed at the house and she had a TT. We remained friends and she is happy with her TT she just wished he did more lipo. She has a small scar near her belly button but that was due to the garment being to tight.
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Im kinda confused i will like to get a tt with serulle next month but did he do ur first tt or the 2nd ?
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He did my first TT then he had to do a revision to fix a crease that I had on the side as a result of my first TT.
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Your Time is near get ready this is life Changing it's been crazy since I got salamafied
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I'm so happy for you Oct is near and you'll have that bodacious booty girlie I can't wait to see your results your body will be a masterpiece I pray all goes well and you have a happy and speedy recovery :)
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Ty, hopefully this will be my last time. Lol
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Hey Phatty, i think you look great alreadyI just booked a house for my stay, Oct 10 -20. If you are still looking for a surgery buddy/house mate let me know. I'm going in on the 11th for my procedure. I'll inbox you some more info of the house I booked on
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Hey Phatty thanks my experience was upsetting at first but atleast bc of Dr. Cabral I found out I have a severe anemia issue and I know what to do about it. To date I have been on iron pills 3x's a day and using other supplemtns such as making and drinking smoothies or juice made out of beets and kale greens. Yes it sounds yukie ladies but Im following what is called the Green Juice Diet. You can purchase the books on Amazon but I didn't I just researched on internet and put it together. Why those 2 nasty ingridients u say bc they are very high in iron. I went from iron levels of 7-8 which is not good for ur health to 11-12 striving for 15 to get back to DR for Dr. Cabral as they challenged me to get my iron levels up. Im determined to get that phat booty and that barbie look his patients are walking around with Lol. So ladies make sure...make sure you first get ur iron levels checked before u take flight for ur surgeries other wise u maybe faced w a wasted trip if the Dr. Decides not to do surgery. Or some may do it for the money and then tell u that u need a blood transfusion and that should be a NO-NO in any surgery outside the USA especially. Good luck in ur journeys Barbies.
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You look fabulous!
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TY, those are old pics. I will be posting up current pics as I have to gain some weight for my bbl
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Ok surely your going to have wondrous results...
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Ok ladies I have not been on here for a while but figured I should update since I last posted months ago. So my decision was to go with Yilly I was told by her assistance to travel down to see Yilly. First let me say that I did not send/wire my deposit before going and as you will learn glad I didn't. So I travel to DR and we get to the clinic and there is so much going on but what was more shocking in the closet like waiting area in Yilly's office (literally). Anyways myself and other girls were there waiting...we waited all day to see Yilly. Some girls as myself were there to be seen by Yilly for suregry and others were there to be seen for check ups after surgery. There was a lot of disorganization but I will say that i got to see One of the girls she did work on and it looked I dont know what her before looked like but she looked really nice. I'm not being negative about Yilly but Im sharing my experience so others can prepare and make good decisions. Now, while we were there the wait time was ridicoulous and as I said it seemed crazy what was going on but we were informed by Yilly's assistant that some lady died after waking up from surgery but it was not under Yilly's care. This young lady died bc as she woke up from annestesia she had difficutly breathing as she did not disclose to the doctors that she had asthma. This incident caused a lot to be grounded at the clinic as the government came in to investigate...I did not see Yilly that day. So I left and returned the next day to see signs posted at the clinic that it was closed down. But they relocated to another building temporarily. We ended up going to the other building where we were met and greeted by doctor Cabral. He met w me and my hubby and explained what was going on in the facility to ease our minds...I thought that was very nice of him...Cabral is the one that owns the facility. My curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see his work so we stuck atound for a while. The woman walking in to see him LOOKED amazing and not one if them had anything negative to say about him. One woman I metshe had her butt, boobs, stomach and nose done by him. I was impressed so I wanted Cabral and he was willing to do the surgery that day...but, my iron levels were too low. Here is where I felt they really cared about there patients. They gave me iron treatments and vitamins but my levels did not go up enough. They sat me down and explained the risks of doing surgery with such low levels and challenged me to go to my doctors in the US and get medicated to help my iron levels to go up and then return to them for surgery. So I did I came back and have been taking Iron supplements in DR my levels were ranging between 7-8 and now I am 12 and now saving up and preparing to go see Dr. Cabral. Now this doctor has a huge and clean office...very beautiful facility. I experienced all this in June 2013. So ladies this is not to discourage but to assist you in preparing for your trips. That is why I said that I was glad I did not wire my deposit first there was too much chaos with what had happen. Good luck ladies will keep you posted on my return to Dr. Cabral.
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Oh wow... I am glad that they gave you great treatment down there. When I went to DR with Dr. Yusseff they were really good as well took exceptional care of me. Hopefully you can get your iron up and get your big ole booty. Good luck!
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Hey I went through the same thing with Dr j so I canceled and decided to go with Salama last night as I was browsing through I saw one of Salama patients and OMG she gotta lot of assets I must admit she should b his walking model check her out tribecca is her name that's my new wish pic :)
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I'd go ahead and schedule it then callback and ask if you can get in on the next webinar they do..... I ended up canceling everything and just going with Salama. Good luck on your journey !!
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What is the webinar? I actually contact Salama and Perry's office as well. I want to get my surgery early next year but Dr J's wait time is a bit much.
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It's for ppl who already have a consult that's a ridiculous date and so it's a group discussion where he addresses all the important info that you need to know. Even then your surgery date would probably still be a later in 2014
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I just decided to go with Salama bc Dr J seems to have a few bad reviews on RS lately.
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I can see how that can happen. He has been in high demand lately and if bookings are being schedule well into 2 years from now that could result in some of the reviews. Dr S is my second choice. I've had a TT and BBL in DR but they don't quite get into the art of sculpting the booty. Im looking for a better shape and projection.
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Hi Phatty your results look great the second time around. I have been thinking about going to the DR to get my procedures done but was not sure where to go. I have had the fat transfer and a second round in the USA but did not get the results I was looking for. Therefore at this point dont feel this is the procedure for me to get what im looking for. I am now looking at implants or injections not sure if Dr. Yuseff specializes in this area. Your postings have def been helpful in my decision to go to DR.
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hey sharon before i knew about fat grafting i did so much research on butt implants and alot of the girls at the clubs i worked at have them. 3 ppl r good with implants and i will say them in order from number being the best to number 3 being third. dr.jaime campos in mexico his implants look so natural and he does this thing wear they look so nice not all fake like!! second dr.yily hers r also good and she will sculpt u so good and fg to hips and the third most expensive Dr.chugay in california he is the it butt implant doc in cali!!! but if i had to choose one from the ones i seen dr. campos r so nice and natural looking but yet still looking like donk!! but not freakish looking!!
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Thanks so much for the info ive already spent so much in the USA for the fat transfer and got no results so now im looking to go the less expenssive way but w the results I want. Since I have family in DR i figured it would be easier to have someone around I know. You guys have been so helpful on here I will def research those doctors you mentioned. Thank you
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